The McCracken Sisters

Character details:

Professor Utonium = Professor Peter Tarkovsky, is currently professor of Agricultural Science in a nearby university in New England.

The Powerpuff Girls = Blossom McCracken, Buttercup McCracken, Bubbles McCracken. Imagine their bodies slightly bigger, more of normal kids size, and they used to wear ill-fitting clothes when they have just been brought, then, along the story, they wear overlong shirts and loose white trousers and a black belt, like a cross between long skirts and taekwondo attire.

Bliss Utonium changed to Bliss Gonzales, no longer from the Utonium or McCracken family, now changed to a child from a Hispanic family.

The RowdyRuff Boys = Boomer Ellison, Butch Ellison, Brick Ellison.

Miss Keane = Florence Keane, an Arts teacher in New New Frankfurt primary school.

Stacy = Princess Morbucks, minus the love for money.

Borrowed characters:

Timmy, their parents and Vicky, from Fairly OddParents by Butch Hartman.

Professor Haskell, from Douglas Haskell. This fiction depicts him as a friend of Prof. Peter's while studying architecture before Prof. Peter dropped out and started again with Agricultural Science. They still maintain contact with each other.

Craig McCracken, from Craig McCracken.

Wallace Heatherworth, from Wallace and Gromit by Nick Park. This fiction depicts him as married to Anatolya Tarkovsky, born and lived in United States.

P. E. Mr. Sacks, from Ryan Higa in YouTube video 'Powerpuff Girls Parody'

Story idea by Abdul Qayyum, released to public domain. PowerPuff Girls owned by Cartoon Network, created by Craig McCracken. All borrowed characters created by respective persons.

That Day

9.45 am in New New Frankfurt, New Hampshire, New England, United States

Prof. Peter Tarkovsky was relieved that the bureau has accepted him as the suitable person to adopt children. Now, where was I?, surmise Prof. Peter.

Prof. Peter was checking on the computer, with picture viewer on, out come pictures of kids standing behind a wall, marked with heights in centimetres, and their identifications. The picture was taken from the adoption offer book in the New New Frankfurt Orphanage several days earlier, using his old digital camera.

He panicked at the state of his house. The entire house is not kids-friendly. He goes outside and put out his toolbox. He placed it on the kitchen table, and pull out a lot of tools, and that's it. He got nothing done. He had no experience with home renovation.

He had pasted some notes on the door:


Pasted near the door knob:

'Why did I not take into account their heights before?'

On the chair:

'Gotta buy new shorter table and shorter chair - chair too high, table too high.'

On the table are some more papers and masking tape, to which he had planned to paste all renovation notes all over the house, so that if he chanced on a renovation man, he can tell them what needs to be done, just by reading the notes around the house.

He looked at the notes pasted on the side of the main entrance door.

The notes' headlines:



He looked at the clock, place at the centre of the party wall of the house near the dining table, the one where from both bedroom doors, he can see it directly after opening the door.

It is 10.02 am

Had to go.

He collected his oath, release forms, and his proofs that he is fit to be a guardian.

He rushed to the car, and drive past scenery. He aim for the orphanage, and he had arrived.

He immediately go along with the procedure, and he met the kids. So, he said, "Kids, I'll be your guardian from now on. However, we will have to go back to my home first."

The kids are confused but understanding, so they just go inside the car. Prof. Peter drove them back home.

So, they enter the note-filled house, and tell the kids to sit at the sofa. "Don't worry, this one is note-free.", he said.

He asked the kids, "Do you have a name?"

One of them said "No."

Prof. Peter said, "Alright, let me introduce myself. My name is Peter Tarkovsky. Professor Peter Tarkovsky. You can call me Dad, or Peter, or Professor. Any of these is okay for me."

One of them said, "Can't we just call you Dad? It is simpler that way."

Prof. Peter said, "Okay, Dad is okay. Now, I'd like you to have a name. Now, you can change them later, but this is what I thought of you."

For the one who wears ribbons: Blossom.

For the one who has cowlicks at the back: Buttercup.

For the one who has one ponytail at the back: Bubbles.

Prof. Peter said, "Now, if you'd like to change your name, just come to me and I'll be the witness. Here's your room."

So, he shows them the room with the note 'MY POTENTIAL KIDS' ROOM'

The room was empty.

Prof. Peter thought of the cardboard he had saved. The cardboards were neatly organised and put in a clean and dry space. Prof. Peter took all the cardboards.

He put all the cardboards in the room.

It is among the first furnitures in the room, and they seemed to have fun with it.

The End.

There are more chapters awaiting your readership. Look at above right. See the drop-down menu that says 'NOTICE ON CHARACTERS and C1: The Day'? Click on that and the menu of chapters will drop down. Also, if you want to copy this story (since it's public domain), it's in my DeviantArt profile. Search for deviant 'Qayyum94'. Personally did not have experience in adopting kids, so this chapter is deemed unrealistic by the author. However, the storage of cardboards is from author's personal recollections.