A/N requested by ShadowLady89. A Harry potter Naruto crossover. After speaking with a friend on this particular crossover and many nixed ideas this is what we came up with. This is not in the same timeline as Heaven's Fall or Of Light and Darkness.

Set after the second Wizarding war. Goodish Malfoy's.

Harry's POV

He woke with a scream. It took him several moments to remember where he was. He was not in the forest walking to what should have been his death. He was not at Hogwarts. Still the panic he was feeling would not leave. Maybe he should have listened to Hermione when she said he needed to see a mind healer.

He winced as he sat up. It had only been almost six months since the final battle. So many good people had died during the battle. Many more would have as well if a certain family hadn't had a change of heart. When Lady Malfoy found out he had saved her son they inexplicably changed sides. They ended up saving many students lives while the battle had been raging.

During their trials he had stood up for them. While he didn't approve of what they had done before the battle they had stepped up during it. Even Lucius Malfoy. So in return even though they hadn't asked him to he stood up for them at their trial. They had lost most of their money and they were restricted on their use of magic for several year. At least they stayed out of Azkaban.

He looked around the ratty apartment he was staying in. There was no doubt in his mind that since his disappearance from the public eye people were looking for him. Luckily or unluckily for him he wasn't in England. He was called back to Korea by an old friend.

Yoochun a man he once called his mentor had contacted him. An emergency meeting was called between all the powers of Murim. While his ki center had been destroyed in the final battle he was still asked to attend. The meeting was set for the next morning.

Or that morning he noticed with a flinch. It was two in the morning. Knowing he would be unable to get back to sleep he changed into a sweat shirt and jeans. He reviewed his Murim etiquette. It had been almost two years since he officially did anything for the Murim. He wasn't even supposed to exist.

He was the disciple of a dying man and another who didn't officially exist anymore. Neither had seen for to teach him etiquette for the world he was pushed into. It was funny in his mind he lived in three world none of them he belonged in.

He was an orphan in the muggle world. Hated by his own family. Even after the war they swore they never wanted to see him again.

The Wizarding world again he was an orphan. Every at first saw him for what he couldn't even remember doing. Then they expected him to kill the Dark Lord and come out of it perfectly fine. War didn't work that way. He was scarred physically and mentally. He couldn't sleep most nights because of the horrors he had seen.

Then there was the world of Murim. As a young child at seven years of age Yoochun and found him at the park by his aunt and uncles house. The man had been appalled by their treatment of him. For three years the man trained him to take the mantel of the Fifth Heavenly Ways Master. When he turned ten though he had his first conference with Sein the guardian of the forest.

That ended their relationship. Heavenly Ways Masters and guardians were enemies. So he was once again left at his relatives. He hated the man for that. He disappeared from Murim after that. He continued with his training but never used it again.

Until the summer of his fifth year. After Cedric's death he decided life wasn't worth living. Not even Sein his closest confidant could break him from his suicidal thoughts. The memory of that night was still fresh in his mind.


He stared over the side of the bridge at the murky waters below him. He couldn't swim so if the fall didn't kill him at least the water would. In all honesty he didn't want to live in this world anymore. He had been the reason one of the other champions had died. Then his blood was used to ressurect Voldemort. He couldn't take it anymore between people blaming him for the boy's death and the abuse. He hated his aunt and uncle for what they had done to him.

He felt someone come up next to him. He ignored whoever it was wallowing in his own misery. The person said leaning against the railing," Don't do it, brat. Whatever is going on with you is not worth your life."

Harry didn't even look at the body next to him. It was a man by the voice. He asked," How would you know? Someone died because of me."

He felt the man stiffen next to him but Harry ignored him. That's when he made his decision. With or without this this man here he was going to do it. He would make the jump.

Before the man could do anything he made the jump. He hit the water hard and it was freezing. It took his breath away so that he breathed in water before his head came up above the water. It wasn't long before his head went back under. Soon the whole world went black.

He was honestly surprised when he came to. He was in a hospital room. A little one by the looks of it. When he turned his head to the side he saw an unfamiliar black haired man. Their eyes met and the look in his saviors eyes was one he was very familiar with. Loathing. Great the one that saved him hated him. Why couldn't he do anything right?

The man asked angrily," What the hell were you thinking? Even if it is June the water is not warm enough for you to jump in. Are you trying to die?"

Harry gave the man an odd look as he said," I have no reason to keep living. Why shouldn't I die? I'm just a waste of space. A freak."

The shock overtook the man's anger. Something that Harry was unfamiliar with entered the man's eyes. It was a long silence that neither of them broke. Mainly because Harry was too fearful to. Why couldn't this man have just let him die?

As if hearing his question the man said," If I had just hesitated a moment longer you wouldn't have survived. Why did you try to kill yourself? Don't you have family and friends who care about you?"

He wanted to shout at the man. Scream at him that no one cared. If they cared he wouldn't have been left with the monsters that were his relatives.

He said sadly," My family drives me to kill myself. I didn't even know my name until I started primary school. I was never shown an ounce of kindness until I was seven. Then he too left me when i was ten. My friends that can't even bother to write me? That abandon me at the first chance they get. They are better off without me. I have no one."

The man seemed to consider him for a moment. He said scratching his cheek," You have a ki center. Do you have a master or a clan you belong to?"

Harry snorted as he said," My master abandoned me when I was ten. I never belonged to any clan. You?"

The man leaned back and said," Like you I have no attachments to this world. In fact my one and only goal is to kill those who killed my master. I never considered taking a student. Until this evening."

Intruiged he asked," What changed your mind?"

The man said solemnly," You did. When i looked at you on that bridge tonight it was like looking into the mirror. Even now when your not about to kill yourself you look like your dead on the inside. You have lost all faith in the world and in yourself."

He turned the man out after that. Did he really look that pathetic? Then why did the man save him? He should have really just let him die.

A hand was suddenly shoved in his face. He looked up as the man said," Two people who have nothing else to live for. Why not become my disciple?"

He stared at the hand in front of his face. Become a man he didn't even know's disciple? His eyes trailed back up to the man's blue eyes. There was no hatred or anger. Just honesty and something he couldn't identify.

He said reaching out his own hand," I reserve the right to leave whenever i want."

There was just a brief nod of acknowledgment. When their hands touched though it felt like nothing either had felt before. A touch between two guardians was said to alert the other to their presence. Neither had expected to come across a guardian. Here of all places. Both of their eyes widened in shock.

End of flashback

Not able to stand sitting still anymore he stood to go make coffee. So his morning went reviewing the etiquette of Murim and drinking more coffee than was healthy.

A seven thirty a knock came at his door. It was time to go meet with the Murim Alliance council. A familiar blond stood in front of him. Gyu Bum Yi stood there in his usual black and white suit.

Gyu said with a faint smile," It is good to see you in good health again, Mr. Potter."

Harry returned it with a tired smile of his own. He said bowing," As it is to see you again Gyu Bum. It's been awhile."

It had veen awhile. Not since the fall of the Alliance's previous leader. A time where they had been on opposite sides of the fight. The man had knocked him through a bloody wall. Not once, not twice but three times in five minutes. Now they were sort of okay. He and the Sunwoo clan confused him greatly. Ever since he had been given the Phoenix medallion things had gone all to hell.

He shook himself from the thoughts. He didn't need to think about that at the moment. Gyu Bum Yi motioned for him to follow him outside. He blinked blearily in the early morning light. A familiar black cat sat outside his apartment building. It took all of his self control not to apparate away. Gyu waited patiently for him to gain control and then opened the car door for him.

The drive to the alliance building was made in complete silence. Their arrival at the building made him renember the last time he was there. How badly it had ended. If it wasn't for the fact he was expected to attend he wouldn't have shown up. He would have continued to hide himself away. Part of him knew deep down that the only reason he was attending because Yoochun was going to be there.

It took him several moments of forcing his breathing to calm down before he could even leave the car. Gyu gave him a knowing look as he finally calmed enough to leave the car. They quickly made their way inside ignoring the incredulous looks they received. The looks were directed to him. Most people believed he shouldn't have been allowed into the meeting.

He acknowledged no one as they went into the elevator. The meeting was on the top floor. There was only one room large enough to hold everyone. He wondered if they would be able to get a table and chairs in there.

He asked for the first time breaking the silence willingly between them," Are you going to be staying for the meeting, Gyu Bum Yi?"

The blond said with a faint smile," I will be as will the other three supernovas. If i remember correctly you have a good standing with the Torrent Clan head, Mun Gi Ma."

If one could call it that. In truth the only reason the man looked out for him was because he saved him from his teacher. Wait teacher?!

He asked frantically," Wait will Sunsengnim be here?"

Gyu stared at him blankly for half a second before he realized who the boy was speaking of. He said calmly," I don't know. As one of the Murim's strongest he was invited. Whether or not he will show up. Why do you ask? Didn't you have a falling out after the attack?"

Falling out was an understatement. The man had tried to kill him after the attack on this very tower. Shiho had been killed and the man blamed him. Hell he blamed himself for her death. If he had never been found out they would have made a clean get away. If he had never been found out Chun and Shiho would never gone to the tower to save him.

Gyu said in his own way trying to comfort him," What happened that night wasn't your fault. We had been after Goomoonryong for years. The chase to capture you was only a means to and end. For someone with a broken ki center you put up an amazing fight. You won the hearts of many disciples within the Murim world. Even if the masters don't follow you they will. The disciples will answer your call."

That was unexpected. Though he had not had much experience with other disciples he thought they were loyal to their masters. Much like he was to his. Even if they had abandoned him.

Further conversation would have to wait through. The ding rang through the elevator indicating they had arrived. When the door opened he squared his shoulder and walked out.