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Lucius' POV

He was pacing back and forth along the carpet in the manor's sitting room. The sixth month anniversary of the Dark Lord's down fall had been today. Harry Potter was supposed to attend the memorial service. To the disappointment of many the boy hadn't shown. What was more worrying was no one had seen or heard from him in days.

His attention was drawn to the fire when it flared green. A familiar brown haired boy stepped through dusting himself off. It was Neville Longbottom who agreed to act as a go between for him and Hermione Granger. The only reason the Gryffindor was as a favor to Harry. The grim look on the boy's face already told him what he needed to know.

Still the boy said," Mr. Malfoy, there is no news on Harry from our end. Hermione said he got an owl about a month ago. He was going back and forth between places though. She said he had been spending more and more time out of country before the owl. She hasn't seen him since he received it."

He disappeared from public eye about two months ago. He's been missing for a month since the owl. What could have been on that owl?

He asked," Did she get a look to see what it said?"

Neville shook his head and said," No. She did say that it had a blue tiger seal on the envelope though. When he saw it his face drained of all color. For a moment she thought he was going to pass out."

Blue tiger symbol? That sounded like one of Murim. The problem with that was officially Murim hadn't existed in 100 years. Could it be that they did exist? If so where were they hiding?

Harry's POV

All eyes had turned to him the moment he arrived. He had never seen so many heads in one spot. Not even the Wizengot had this many people. To think they were all heads of the most powerful clans. Or were powerful in their own right.

He truly didn't belong here. His broken center made him practically useless. Judging by the look on many of their faces they were thinking the same thing. Several faces lit up when they saw him. They were mainly disciples who had followed their masters. Of course Mun Gi Ma sent him a wink.

He shuddered. Sometimes that man was creepy. Still he smiled in acknowledgment. Then he turned his gaze back to the others. Like with the Wizengott where you sat said a lot about your beliefs. Clans with alliances sat close together. Masters that were old friends and held the same beliefs sat together. Disciples sat with their masters.

His eyes fell upon a familiar cold blue eyed dark haired man. Yoochun the Lightning Tiger of Murim. One of five Heavenly Ways Masters. His first master. By the Murim etiquette he should sit next to the man. Then again.

The Phoenix medallion weighed heavily in his pocket. By his own right he should sit with the Sunwoo clan. He was their temporary clan head until Seol returned. Even with his broken ki center it was his right to lead them.

There was an open spot away from everyone that he eyed though. If he sat there he put himself in an separate fraction. He wouldn't be controlled by anybody. So that's where he sat ignoring the intense stares he received.

The scraping of several chairs made him look up. Ha Ill the Lightning heel took his chair and sat it next to him. He was an advanced master. One of the youngest to be invited to the meeting. Next to himself and Sera Nova.

The Lightning Heel wasn't the only one either. Many of the disciples moved their chairs to sit around him. Even Mun Gi Ma and in turn the Torrent clan sat next to him. More than half the Murim masters that had been invited sat close to him. Gyu looked back and forth between him and the glaring Sunwoo clan elders. It didn't take him long to make his decision. He too took a chair and sat next to him.

The room became electrically charged with different levels of killing intent. He didn't even flinch as most of it was directed at him. This was nothing compared to what he had been through.

A ding drew their attention to the elevator. Our stepped Kang Sung stepped out. Their eyes met. A smile played at his lips as he observed the man. The normally stoic man returned the grin with a small smile of his own. So Kang Sung still respected him even after all that had happened.

The man said calmly dispelling the anger that had been growing," Everyone take your seats. We are not here to fight. This is a time where we traditionalists need to come together."

Everyone seemed to lose their anger at that. What had been going on since he left the Murim world? He knew the basics of traditionalists versus the reunion but that was it. He knew Yoochun's best friend was the leader of the Reunion but he was a traditionalist himself.

Once everyone was settled Kang Sung took his seat a little ways away from him. He said brining up pictures on the screen," For those unfamiliar with the Murim's last. I will explain before we move onto what's happening."

Several people sat forward eagerly. It seemed Harry wasn't the only one who didn't know te complete history.

The man continued," While it is said that no one knows when ki masters first appeared that isn't necessarily true. This is what is told to everyone to keep panic from ensuing. Shioon..."

It took him a moment to realize that he was being called. Only Gyu, Chun, and Yoochun knew that his real name was Harry Potter. Maybe he should... no he would wait and see first. He did lift his head in acknowledgment of the elder though.

Kang Sung continued," Shioon being from the magical world you know of the veil of death," Oh that he was very familiar with. Almost three years ago his godfather had gone through. He almost didn't catch the next part," That is in fact where Murim came from. It is a portal to the elemental countries that we once called home."

Now that had everyone's attention. Another world? Why bring this up now?

In answer to the unspoken questions he said tiredly," As most of you know there is a war coming. Between us Traditionalists and the Reunion. While we have more numbers currently more and more fighters are changing sides. This is because Lee Jinyup has created a way to expand ki reserves. Some members have been said to have three levels worth of added ki."

All eyes turned to Yoochun who had once been a good friend of the man. Tiger like gaze flicked to him before returning to the leader.

He said with a sigh," What Kang Sung says is true. Yuri Linus is leading the fraction. Her ki reserves rival that of Goomoonryong's. Soon even i won't be able to keep up with her."

Gasps filled the room. They didn't expect that. Next to Goomoonryong it was widely believed Tiger was the strongest fighter in the traditionalists. If he couldn't beat them could Goomoonryong? Then it wasn't a matter of if. It was a matter of would he? That man hated the alliance because of the death of his master.

:Yuri Linus... Why did that name sound so familiar?: he asked himself. The question was answered a second later. The blond haired woman appeared on the screen. He recognized her from the Quidditch World Cup during his fourth year. She had been there and he had saved her in the attack.


Screams resounded through the camp. He, Ron, Hermione were on their feet in a second. Mr. Weasley rushed in a second later.

He said grabbing Harry's arm," Come on kids. We need to get you three to a safe area."

Safe? What was going? The question was answered a moment later when they had to duck a stunner. Men in black robes and white masks were attacking.

The three soon to be fourth years has their wands out now. Silently thanking Remus Lupin for the shield spells.

Mr. Weasley said pushing them forward," Go kids. Keep your wands out. Don't let them catch you."

Without hesitation they obeyed. As they ran forward though in the corner of his eye he saw someone being yanked along. The person doing the yanking was one of the attackers.

Ignoring the shouting of his friends he ran forward towards them. He focused the ki in his arm. Already he could see the blue lightning sparking off his arm. It grew even bigger the closer he got to the man in black.

The man screamed when Harry's fist connected in a lightning fist attack. He might not be the Tiger's disciple anymore but he didn't forget his teachings. Lightning Fist was a basic technique. The first one taught to him.

It sent the man flying. The attack was enough to knock the man out. He didn't have enough ki to take out the remaining attackers. He and the woman went back to back while Ron and Hermione took the sides. Eventually they fought their way to a safe area guarded by adults.

Once there the woman said holding out her hand," My name is Yuri Linus. May I ask for the name of my rescuers?"

He shook her hand and said," My name is Harry Potter. This is Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger."

Yuri said with a small smile," Thank you, Harry Potter. If you had not come and saved me there is no telling what could have happened. If you ever need help please don't hesitate to contact me."

End of flashback

He hadn't realized then that Yuri was a member of Murim. To think they were enemies in this. He sighed sadly drawing attention to him. Several members of the council raised eyebrows at his in inquiry.

He said tiredly," I knew Yuri Linus once. She had gone to the Quidditch World Cup finals. I can only assume she went with a wizard because otherwise she wouldn't have gotten past the wards. I saved her life that night when the campgrounds were attacked."

Kang Sung asked carefully assessing him," Were you close?"

"No we only met that one night. She might not even remember me," he said wishing once again he wasn't there. It was dredging up memories best left in the past. He didn't miss the worry in Kang Sung eyes. Or the carefully hidden look of concern in Yoochun. If the man cared he wouldn't have abandoned him.

He nodded to say that he was done. After another quick glance at him Kang Sung said," So far two of the five Heavenly Ways Masters support her. Fire Dragon and Earth Beast. Lady Liquid Shark and Lightning Tiger support the traditionalists. The air master is still undecided."

So it was evenly split on the Heavenly Ways side of things. A young man that sat next to an unfamiliar clan elder asked," What about the guardians? Have we been able to contact them?"

The older man shook his head as he said," Every attempt to contact a guardian has failed. The problem is we don't know who or ever what to look for."

Guardians could go toe to toe with the Heavenly ways master. A guardian could call their animal to fight alongside with them. Heavenly Ways could not call their inner beast out to fight. They did have an elemental advantage. Harry was the only guardian to ever learn a heavenly way technique.

He glanced carefully at Yoochun. The only one there that knew he was the guardian of the forest. A quirk of the man's lips hinted at his amusement. Yet the man stayed silent. It ate at him that he knew his secret. Still the man kept it and for that he was grateful.

What was said next though rocked his foundations," We need to send at least one person to the countries. Preferably a set of them but no less than one."

He looked at the aged Martial Arts Alliance leader. He wanted to send someone to a world they hadn't been to in hundreds of years? Had he finally lost it? Apparently he wasn't the only one having such thoughts. All the clan elders were on their feet shouting. The disciples looked at each other wearily. No one wanted to be the one that had to go.

Trying to be the voice of reason he asked loud enough to be heard over the yelling," Why send someone at all? What's the point?"

The shouting had stopped everyone turned back to Kang Sung. He said looking equally weary," The point would be for them to learn new techniques. Our techniques have stayed the same for generations. There hasn't been a truly new technique in over a hundred years. Reunion knows this has planned for this. Spreading our techniques both strengths and weaknesses is their goal. We need new ones to fight back with."

That made sense at least to him. He winced when the elders began to argue again. None of the elders wanted to send any member of their clan to such an unknown place. No one knew how much it had changed since they crossed. It could be a nuclear waste land for all they knew.

Some thought they should send one of the younger disciples. This got the masters into the argument. If the disciples should go the clan should send some as well. It seemed as if they would spend the rest of the day arguing.

It ate at him. They needed to send someone at least one person to do this. If they didn't they could be destroyed. Yet, here they were having a petty argument. If they didn't send someone they would never know. Still no one wanted to go for fear of not being able to return. Almost everyone here had something to come back to. A reason for living. The only exception... his eyes widened with realization. The only exception was him.

Looking over a Kang Sung he saw the exhaustion in his gaze. This man wanted nothing but the best for their world. That was the only reason he brought this up. Knowing the risk that whoever volunteered to go would be facing. This man at one point had been the only one to believe in him. Now may be time to return the favor.

He stood whistling loudly to get everyone's attention. All eyes turned to him. Many were surprised that once again he spoke up. Especially those that believed he didn't deserve to be there.

He said ignoring the questioning glances from those that sat close to him," I'll go. There is only one way to find out if it's safe for others to cross over. I will volunteer. No one will miss me here if I can't return."