No Better Time by Wasabi.

"Behold, I am coming soon," Christ's words printed in red;

I felt my back go rigid as I sat atop my bed.

Then gazed up at the ceiling in a manner clearly pensive,

And wondered why that verse had made me feel so apprehensive.

I shook the notion from my head and went to grab a Coke,

And from the living room, I heard Reporters as they spoke

Of death and hate and war and rape (or violence as a whole,)

The Reporter's words and the Bible verse ran in tandem through my soul.

For both were very similar, both spoke of times like these,

Both spoke in tones attempting to set my mind at ease.

But CNN's assurance is purveyed to me in vain,

They try to tell me mankind will conquer once again.

But society is crumbling, as it has since time began,

It has decayed beyond all reason, and now it seems the end of man

Is just as real as prophesised somewhere within Isaiah;

Yes, every day the sin of man is fuelling a great fire.


Prophecy fulfilled, I see, abounds on News Tonight,

Quite frankly such a notion has a tendency to excite.

The One-World Currency reels its head; and now Israel's a nation,

And how can I watch Scrubs when there's war on every station?

The people on the Internet all say that God's to blame,

(It's interesting to read that these people are the same

ones that turned their backs on Him.) Yes, to that I say, "Oh, well,

I guess you've learnt a Godless world is what's often known as hell."

I close the Window teeming with angry atheist discussion,

and sigh as they push toward a nasty repercussion.

All I can do until the time my Lord will re-appear,

is grit my teeth, obey His word, and calmly persevere.

I down my Coke, I disconnect, I turn off the TV;

Then smile down at the verse once more………they're soothing words to me.

Revelation 22: 20 – "Yes, I am coming soon!"

A/N: Hi, there. I hope that wasn't too hard to follow. And yes, I do expect a lot of annoyance, and I genuinely apologise for any mental anguish you may have suffered because of these writings, which, by the way, are not a direct and aggressive attack on the beliefs of others.

Heh, also, I'm Australian, so I pronounce 'Isaiah' as 'I-zy-ya' and not 'I-zay-ya.' Just so you know how I rhymed it with 'fire!'

I just find it perplexing how so many can't see the ties between scripture and the evening news nowadays. The world cannot support itself on its own sin-infested strength, and He's coming back before all is lost to prove it. I can't wait!

Yours in Christ!