So, this was an idea I had a while ago when Five Nights at Freddy's was young (and by young, I mean this idea came to me after the third game was out) and I was strangely obsessed with Heavy Rain. I got the ingenious (and by ingenious, I mean the stupidest idea I've ever had in my life) to cross the two and write a fanfiction about it. Or it might have been a dream I had. Either way, this was my stupid idea for a cross over. So, have fun with that. I know I will! This is…

Five Nights of Heavy Rain (Shut up about the unimaginative title)

Chapter One – The New Guy (and Rabbit)

It was a dark night, and the rain didn't seem to be letting up as a black car pulled up to the field under the highway. People were gathering quickly, curious despite the police tape and cops that were holding them back. Norman Jayden sat in his black car, reflecting quietly for a moment about how he had ended up here. He let out a sigh and turned off his car before checking to see if he had everything he needed.

Badge? Check. ARI glasses? Check. Triptocaine? …Check… Hopefully he wouldn't be needing that. Maybe he wouldn't be needing the glasses, but to be honest, he wasn't going to be able to survive without either of them.

He waited while a reporter passed by before finally getting out of his car and making his way over to the police barricades. The police standing there guarding them to make sure no one passed gave him a cold stare as he approached. He couldn't help but roll his eyes a bit. Sure, they were going to be those kinds of people. Immediately, he pulled out his badge.

"I'm Norman Jayden, from the FBI," he told one of the cops, holding up his identification. "I'm looking for lieutenant Carter Blake." The man nodded towards a tall, stocky, gruff looking man who was shouting orders at everyone further down the crime scene. Jayden sighed and climbed over the barricades towards him.

The crime scene was crawling with cops, and a lot of sheets were thrown everywhere. Jayden glanced around and saw where the tent over the body was set up. He made a note to check it out later. But at the moment, he had a lieutenant to talk to and hope that he wasn't like the rest of these cops.

Carter Blake barely looked at him as he approached, still barking orders at everyone around him. Only when he had finally given orders to every possible person did he finally turn to look at Jayden with an angry scowl on his face.

"What do you want?" he growled at him. Jayden pulled out his badge again.

"I'm Agent Norman Jayden with the FBI," he introduced himself. "I've been assigned to help assist with the Origami Killer case. I stopped by your office earlier today and they told me you would be here."

"Lieutenant Carter Blake," the other man said without a smile, holding out his hand. "I didn't realize that the big guys in Washington needed to babysit us simple folk down here. I don't think the FBI need to trouble themselves with this case."

Jayden managed not to roll his eyes, but it was a very hard thing to do. He would have loved to point out that the FBI wouldn't need to get involved if the police here were actually good at their jobs, but he had the feeling that he didn't want to get on Blake's bad side this early.

"Well, they do say two heads are better than one," he decided to say instead, shaking the bigger man's hand and almost having his own crushed by him. "I think we'll be able to find this Origami Killer much faster working together. Mind if I take a look around?"

Blake spread his arms out. "Knock yourself out," he said. "We're pretty much done here for the moment, anyways. I'm just waiting on a shipment or something."

Jayden looked at him, confused. "Shipment?" he questioned. Blake sighed.

"Yeah, the FBI's not the only ones offering their services on this case," he said, a hint of an annoyed growl in his voice. "Apparently some company called 'Fazbear Entertainment' is sending over special equipment to help with the investigation."

Jayden knew he had heard the name of that company somewhere, but with all the other cases he had worked on, it wasn't coming into his mind at the moment. He would worry about that later, but for the moment he had other, more pressing issues to attend to.

"So, who was the victim this time?" he asked the lieutenant. Blake gestured towards the small tent that covered the body from the rain.

"Young boy, has the same trademarks as all the other victims of the Origami Killer," Blake explained. "Origami in one hand, orchid on the chest, mud on the face. The kid's name was Jeremy Bowles."

"I'm assuming there were no witnesses," Jayden said mostly to himself.

"I wish," Blake muttered. "That would make our job a hell of a lot easier."

Jayden turned away to finally examine the body, putting on his ARI glasses and glove as he went. The boy seemed to be around the age of ten, which made the death that more tragic. Blake had been right about the trademarks of the Origami Killer, and he wasn't sure what more he was hoping to find, but his glasses did pick up things even the most observant man would miss. He noted that the signs of death were from drowning, like the other victims.

"No signs of struggle," he noted. "That means that either he knew his killer or trusted him. Mud on the face, and the orchid indicate that the killer felt sorry for his victim. Leaving the flower has been a sort of apology." He let out a sigh and stood up. From his glasses, he could see a trail of orchid pollen that was leading towards the fence.

Before he could follow it, however, he heard Blake call his name, and he turned around to see a large truck drive up. Decorated on the side of the truck was a cartoonish picture of a bear with blue eyes, wearing a top hat and surrounded by a circle made up of a sort of checker board pattern. The name "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza" was written over the picture in big, blocky letters. Jayden let out a groan. He remembered why he had heard the name before.

Two men got out of the truck and made their way over to Blake, shaking his hand. Jayden rose from where he had been crouching and slowly strode over to the group as well. Blake sighed and gave the FBI agent a bemused glance when he joined them.

"These are the head honchos down at Fazbear's Entertainment," he told him.

"William Afton," the scrawnier and shorter of the two men introduced himself, holding out his hand to Jayden. "I'm more of the technical manager of the place. You could say I created the characters."

"Norman Jayden, FBI," Jayden said, reluctantly taking his hand.

"So, you said you've been working on something that can help with the investigation," Blake cut in, gruffly, folding his arms. The large, stocky man next to Afton gave him a wicked smile that creeped everyone out.

"You could say that," he said. "You may be aware of this, but Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has had a…complicated past."

"We've cooperated with the police in our own town several times, and it got me thinking of instead selling off the restaurant and company yet again, it was time to set our mascots to more of a good use," Afton added, wringing his hands together.

"Mascots?" Blake repeated, clearly confused. Jayden couldn't help but flinch. This isn't going to go well. Already, he could feel this assignment becoming a joke.

"You can't be serious," he muttered under his breath, quietly enough so that no one else could hear.

The two men proudly went over to the back of the truck and hoisted up the sliding door. Standing inside was a large, purple, rabbit animatronic with pink eyes and sporting a red bowtie and holding a red flying v guitar.

"Gentlemen," Afton said to the gathering crowd of curious policemen (and women), "I give you Bonnie the Bunny 2.0!" And then the rabbit began to move.

Well, that's exactly where I wanted to end the first chapter. With a dramatic introduction to how incredibly ridiculous this all is going to be. I don't know how much of an audience there will be for this, as I'm not familiar with how popular crossovers are on (especially for a cross over like this) but hopefully it still gets a viewing in Archive of Our Own. Anyways, please tell me what you think and whether the Origami Killer should be from the Heavy Rain universe or Five Nights at Freddy's. Oh, did I mention that I'm not making the killer Scott Shelby because that literally made no sense in the original game? I'm not making the killer Scott Shelby. Just so you know.