Halo-Star Wars crossover challenge

Synopsis –

The UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios commence a joint operation fleet to commemorate the end of the Human-Covenant War over the Ark, only for a Slipsace anomaly to pull the installation and the fleet in the Star Wars galaxy, over the planet of Atollon in the year 3 BBY, just before Phoenix Squadron arrives to settle Chopper Base.

Eventually they ally themselves with the growing Alliance to Restore the Republic, through Phoenix Squadron for an exchange: the UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios will aid the Rebellion in fighting against the Galactic Empire, however in return they wish to find a way back to their galaxy.

Plus, seeing the SoS fight to help liberate Mandalore from the Empire, when the time comes is something I'm sure fans of both series would love to see, given their warrior backgrounds fighting to liberate a warrior world.

Please don't use the whole now defunct Star Wars Legends stuff as that is now non-canon, since the new canon was introduced.

Some of the people you see here in the list from Halo, you can create some backstory to explain how they survived the events that got them killed, and the ship numbers are up to you with the list of given below, however the named ships are not to be removed.

The Ark can be moved via Slipspace but through tough means, and can be very difficult to use, but a good advantage they can have over the Empire, being a mobile base of operations. Although the Flood threat has been eliminated for the time being, the barrier around High Charity still exists and can be breached sparking a new Flood threat should it ever occur. The Ark also possess' it's contingent of Prometheans that operate along with Sentinels to provide defense to the Ark, should it be attacked by perceived to be hostile forces.

Don't make this a crac-fic, but throw some humor in there every now and then, as this should be taken as a serious fic.


*UNSC Fleet (composed of the first two singly, while other ship classes are in various numbers) -

1) UNSC Infinity

2) UNSC Eternity (the Infinity's sister ship part of the same class of UNSC supercarrier design)

3) Vindication-class light battleship

4) Poseidon-class light carrier

5) Autumn-class heavy cruiser

6) Marathon-class heavy cruiser

7) Gladius-class heavy corvette

8) Anlace-class frigate

9) Charon-class light frigate

10) Paris-class heavy frigate

11) Strident-class heavy frigate

12) Sahara-class heavy prowler

13) Winter-class prowler

*UNSC Ground Forces -

1) Spartan-II's

2) Spartan-III's

3) Spartan-IV's

4) ODST's

5) Hellbringers

6) Marines

7) Veteran Hellbringers (Hellbringers that have survived the Human-Covenant War, and their battle against the Banished, and have been selected to lead new comers to the Hellbringer division with their experience, and are equipped with superior, more expensive weaponry)

8) Cryo Tropers (These soldiers possess Energy Shields)

9) Wild Hellbringers (Hellbringers that have absolved themselves to commit kamikaze style attacks at the end of their lives in the field of battle to inflict massive damage against their enemys)

10) Extractor Marines (These new Marines are equipped with experimental weaponry to siphon away the energy of vehicles and to deteriorate the infantry's own health to allow for allied follow up attacks)

11) Reactive Marines (Marines that possess new experimental Bubble Shields that reflect some of the damage they receive back at their enemy)

12) Armored Marines (Marines equipped with heavier armor to help protect themselves from heavy damage from infantry and armor, with the former to great success and the latter to a small percentage)

13) Snipers

14) Veteran Snipers (Snipers that specialize in their field, and have survived the Human-Covenant War, and have gone on to train and lead newer recruits in the field, and are excellent in eliminating enemy infantry)

15) Aggresor Senitnels

16) Protector Sentinels

17) Retriever Sentinels

18) Constructor Sentinels

*UNSC Ground Vehicles -

1) M12B Warthog LRV (Chaingun)

2) M12A1 Warthog (Rocket Launcher)

3) M12G1 Warthog (Gauss Gun)

4) M831 Warthog (Transporter)

5) M12R Warthog (Missile Pod Launcher)

6) Flame Warthog

7) Guard Upgraded Armored Warthog (Warthogs with upgraded armor and are sent into battle hot zones to cover nearby allies)

8) Veteran Flame Warthog (1st Generation Flame Warthogs that survived usage with their battle against the Banished on the Ark, and have been upgraded to the new model specs)

9) Sword Needler Warthog (Warthogs codeveloped with the UNSC and the Swords of Sanghelios with Needler turret in place of a Chaingun, along with superior speed, armor and an Energy Shield)

10) Forge's Heavily Modified Warthog

11) Tundra Warthog (Warthog designed for tundra combat zones)

12) Urban Warthog (Warthogs designed for urban combat zones)

13) Woodland Warthog (Warthogs designed for forest combat zones)

14) ONI Warthog (Warthogs upgrade by order of ONI with heavier weapons and superior armor)

15) Rally Warthog (Warthogs upgraded with superior armor, but also possess superior speed compared to other variants)

16) Vespin M12R Warthog (Warthog codeveloped with the UNSC and the Swords of Sanghelios with higher rate of fire, speed and armor, along with an Energy Shield and high velocity Fuel Rod Turret as opposed to the standard Missile Pod Launcher)

17) M121 Jackrabbit

18) Veteran M121 Jackrabbit (1st Generation Jackrabbits that survived their usage in their battle against the Banished on the Ark, and have been upgraded to superior specs)

19) Wild M121 Jackrabbit (Jackrabbit's that have been modified for behind-enemy-lines operations and are set to use kamikaze methods when on its final legs)

20) M290 Mongoose

21) Tundra M290 Mongoose (Mongoose's designed for tundra combat zones)

22) Urban M290 Mongoose (Mongoose's designed for urban combat zones)

23) Woodland M290 Mongoose (Mongoose's designed for forest combat zones)

24) ONI M290 Mongoose (Mongoose's upgrade by order of ONI with superior armor)

25) M290-M Gungoose (Machine Gun)

26) M290-M Gungoose (Grenade Launcher)

27) Tundra M290-M Gungoose (Gungoose's designed for tundra combat zones)

28) Urban M290-M Gungoose (Gungoose's designed for urban combat zones)

29) Woodland M290-M Gungoose (Gungoose's designed for forest combat zones)

30) ONI M290-M Gungoose (Gungoose's upgraded by order of ONI with superior armor, and either heavier machine guns with experimental ammunition or grenade launchers with timed delays that allow the grenades to ricochet off solid surfaces)

31) M312 Elephant

32) M313 Elephant

33) M808 Scorpion

34) Lockdown M808 Scorpion (Scorpion tank that possess a battering ram at the front end, and also possess Energy Shields)

35) M820 Scorpion

36) Tundra M820 Scorpion (Scorpions designed for tundra combat zones)

37) Urban M820 Scorpion (Scorpions designed for urban combat zones)

38) Woodland M820 Scorpion (Scorpions designed for forest combat zones)

39) ONI M820 Scorpion (Scorpions upgraded by order of ONI with heavier armor, and experimental ammunition and an upgraded cannon)

40) Hannibal M820 Scorpion (Scorpions upgraded with superior armor and Hannibal Weapons Systems' directed-energy based weapon)

41) M850 Grizzly

42) M145D Rhino

43) M400 Kodiak

44) Vanguard M400 Kodiak (Kodiak's equipped with heavy armor, and are sent directly into battle hot zones)

45) Stealth M400 Kodiak (Kodiak's equipped with active camouflage and are sent into espionage operations)

46) SP42 Cobra

47) M9 Wolverine

48) Vanguard M9 Wolverine (Wolverine's equipped with heavy armor, and are sent directly into battle hot zones)

49) M510 Mammoth

50) Bison (This vehicle possess Energy Shields)

51) XRP12 Gremlin

52) M650 Mastadon

53) Colossus

54) HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I (J) ADS "Green Machine"


56) Veteran HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Mantis (Mantis' that have survived their battles against the Storm Covenant and the Banished and are equipped with better weaponry and armor than the standard, and are given the role of leading others into battle)

57) Command HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Mantis (Mantis' tailored to Spartan field leaders and officers, with upgraded weaponry, additional weapons, and cannot be piloted by anyone other than the Spartan leader)

58) Hannibal HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Mantis (Mantis possessing Hannibal Weapons Systems: rapid-fire gauss cannon, ion field missile warheads that release several submissions, and an EMP stomp attack, but also possessing a heavier Energy Shield, but with less armor)

59) Urban HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Mantis (Mantis' designed for urban battle zones)

60) Tundra HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Mantis (Mantis' designed for tundra battle zones)

61) Woodland HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Mantis (Mantis' designed for forest battle zones)

62) ONI HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Mantis (Mantis' upgraded by order of ONI with upgraded armor, multi-environment homing missiles for infantry and vehciles, and superior heat sinks for heavy machine gun)

63) HRUNTING Mark III Cyclops

64) Reactive HRUNTING Mark III Cyclops (Cyclops mechs that have been equipped with special Bubble Shield that will reflect some of the damage received back at their enemy)

65) Veteran HRUNTING Mark III Cyclops (Cyclops' that have survived usage in the Human-Covenant War, and have been upgraded with new weaponry for multiple situations and lead other Cyclops mechs into battle)

66) Kinsano's Heavily Modified HRUNTING Mark III Cyclops

*UNSC Aerial Vehicles -

1) AC-220 Vulture

2) AV-14 Hornet

3) AV-14 Trooper Hornet (Hornets with Marines that proved support fire for the helicopter, and will continue to fight should it be shot down)

4) AV-22 Sparrowhawk

5) AV-49 Wasp

6) AV-49 ONI Wasp

7) AV-49 Hannibal Wasp

8) D20 Heron

9) D81-LRT Condor Dropship

10) D81WP Condor Weapon Package Dropship

11) G81 Condor Gunship

12) U81 Condor Sub-Prowler

13) D82-EST Darter

14) D96-TCE Albatross

15) D79-TC Pelican Dropship

16) G79H-TC Pelican Gunship

17) EV-44 Nightingale

18) EV-44 Trooper Nightingale (Nightingale's with Marines that provide covering fir from above, and will continue to fight should the helicopter go down)

19) UH-144 Falcon

20) ZAV-48 Frostraven

*UNSC Fighters -

1) B-65 Shortsword Bomber

2) GA-TL1 Longsword Fighter

3) F-41 Broadsword Fighter

4) YSS-1000 Sabre Fighter

5) F-99 Wombat Drone

*UNSC Leaders -

1) Captain Miranda Keyes (captain of the Infinity)

2) Commander Lasky

3) Captain Dare

4) Cortana

5) Roland

6) Dr Halsey

7) Master Sgt Stacker

8) Dr Glassman

9) Captain Cutter (captain of the Eternity)

10) Professor Anders

11) Serina

12) Isabel

13) Lieutenant Colonel Morgan Kinsano

14) Sergeant Allieri

15) Sergeant Forge

16) Major Vaughn

17) Master Chief

18) Commander Jerome

19) Commander Carter

20) Commander Palmer

*UNSC Specialists -

1) Blue Team (Master Chief, Kelly-087, Fred-104, Linda-058)

2) Red Team (Jerome-092, Douglas-042, Alice-130)

3) Omega Team (Leon-011, Robert-025, August-099)

4) Black Team (Margaret-053, Roma-143, Otto-031, Victor-101)

5) Grey Team (Jai-006, Adriana-111, Mike-120)

6) SABER Team (Ash-G009, Olivia-G291, Mark-G313)

7) NOBLE Team (Carter-A259, Kat-B320, Jun-A266, Emile-A239, Jorge-052, Spartan-B312)

8) DEFIANT Team (Naomi-010, Kevin-A282, Rosenda-A344, Lucy-B091, Tom-B292, Spartan-G059)

9) Fireteam Bailey (Paul DeMarco, Hong, Dunn, Jones)

10) Fireteam Castle (Ernst Deming, Estey-Bethel, Lincoln, Dunlap, Casillas, Tashi)

11) Fireteam Majestic (Gabriel Thorne, Tedra Grant, Anthony Madsen, Carlo Hoya, Naiya Ray)

12) Fireteam Osiris (Locke, Tanaka, Vale, Parisa)

13) Fireteam Mombasa (Buck, Dutch, Romeo, Mickey, Rookie)

*UNSC Spartan Fireteams –

1) Fireteam Apex

2) Fireteam Apollo

3) Fireteam Avalanche

4) Fireteam Crimson

5) Fireteam Colossus

6) Fireteam Dagger

7) Fireteam Domino

8) Fireteam Eagle

9) Fireteam Fenrir

10) Fireteam Forest

11) Fireteam Horse

12) Fireteam Ivy

13) Fireteam Kodiak

14) Fireteam Lancer

15) Fireteam Rhino

16) Fireteam Shadow

17) Fireteam Stingray

18) Fireteam Sword

19) Fireteam Switchback

20) Fireteam Sydney

21) Fireteam Talon

22) Fireteam Taurus

23) Fireteam Tower

24) Fireteam Venom

25) Fireteam Wolf

*UNSC Buildings –

1) Firebase

2) Minibase

3) Combat Station

4) Command Center

5) Headquarters

6) Stronghold

7) Airpad

8) Armory

9) Barracks

10) Garage

11) Generator

12) Supply Pad

13) Turret Emplacement (Equipped with Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle and Anti-Air capabilities)

14) Watchtower

15) Siege Turret

16) Reactor

*UNSC Weapons -

1) MA5D Assault Rifle

2) BR85HB Battle Rifle

3) M395 DMR

4) SRS99-S5 AM Sniper Rifle

5) SRS99-S5 AM End of the Line Sniper Rifle (The End of the Line features reduced recoil and a faster rate of fire, but has less stopping power than the base SRS99-S5)

6) SRS99-S5 AM Arrow of Time Sniper Rifle (The Arrow of Time features an extended magazine and heavy-duty cyberlink that prevents descope. However, it does have more recoil than the standard SRS99-S5)

7) Linda's SRS99-S5 AM Nornfang Sniper Rifle (Nornfang does more damage than standard sniper rifles, being capable of an instant kill on an opponent with normal shielding regardless of where the shot lands. Due to the bullets having a proximity explosion effect, this means that even a missed shot can still kill the target as long as they are within range of the bullet's detonation. However, as the increased damage is due to a Damage Boost effect applied to the user while the weapon is active, a wielder of this weapon will appear more visible due to the red particle effects. Unlike other weapons the motion sensor is still visible even when using smart scope)

8) Keyes' M6D Magnum

9) M6H2 Magnum

10) M6H2 Gunfighter Magnum (Lightweight competition pistol carried by Spartan operators who prefer a no-frills backup firearm. Quick draw Magnum with fast-reload magazines. Iron sights only, no Smart-Link module is attached)

11) M6H2 Tactical Magnum (Whisper-quiet tactical pistol loaded with armor-piercing rounds, tailored for Spartan force reconnaissance missions. Match grade Magnum with integral baffle-free suppressor and 2x full-VISR Smart-Link)

12) M6H2 Whispered Truth Magnum (A cut-down M6H2 magnum without a smart scope system, under-barrel flashlight, or forward trigger guard. It also has a custom slide and can mount a suppressor. This variant sports a 18-round magazine. Unlike other pistols Whispered Truth fires in three-round bursts)

13) M20 SMG

14) ARC-920 Railgun

15) ARC-920 Whiplash Railgun (The Whiplash features a faster charge cycle, two rounds per magazine, and projectiles fitted with a proximity airburst fuse)

16) ARC-920 Arclight Railgun (The Arclight fires armor-piercing high-explosive rounds. While it takes longer to charge the weapon the charge can be held indefinitely)

17) M6/E Spartan Laser

18) M6/E Endgame Spartan Laser (Endgame is an improved model of the M6/E variant with more battery capacity and reduced charge time. It has the downside of having less power)

19) M6/E Selene's Lance Spartan Laser (This variant of the M6E model is built using new components from the labs in Seongnam. It has a faster charge time, and a longer beam duration, with additional battery capacity. The targeting laser is also harmful)

20) M41 SPNKR Rocket Launcher

21) M41 SPNKR EM Rocket Launcher (Variant with four rockets per magazine and is able to lock onto ground and air vehicles)

22) M41 SPNKR EX Rocket Launcher (Variant that fires laser-guided cluster warhead rockets that detonate in proximity to enemies, releasing an effect similar to the fields of splinter grenades)

23) M41 SPNKR Prime Rocket Launcher (Variant that fires fast, powerful rockets. Spartans that use the SPNKR Prime also get boosts to movement speed, shield strength, and jump height due to special neural implants)

24) M57 Pilum Rocket Launcher

25) M57 Pilum Ad Victorum Rocket Launcher (Fires three laser-guided missiles in a "V" formation. All three missiles feature an airburst proximity fuse. The operator can use smart scope in order to guide the missiles with the reticle, and doing so will fire the missiles in a cluster rather than a "V" formation)

26) M57 Pilum High Five Rocket Launcher (Fires five Hydra MLRS mini-missiles that will lock onto both ground and air targets. Unlike the base model and the Ad Victorum smart scope is not needed for the missiles to lock onto targets)

27) AIE-486H Chaingun

28) M8 Wolf Spider Turret

29) M247H Machine Gun

30) Jorge's M247H Machine Gun (Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052's modified M274H machine gun lacked the shield plate, which was replaced by a heat cover over the barrel and was colored differently from the standard version. He also modified the handles of the gun to be easier on the wrist; Now equipped with a red high-capacity magazine, the weapon grants increased movement speed, damage resistance, and weapon damage due to special neural implant modifications)

31) M3063 Deployable Turret

32) M739 SAW

33) M739 Appetite for Destruction SAW (The Appetite for Destruction features a larger magazine and increased ammo capacity. It features Stabilization Jets)

34) M739 The Answer SAW (While The Answer fires at a slower rate than other M739s, It features projectiles with proximity-fused high explosive warheads. It has also much less recoil and greater accuracy, to the point of minimal reticule bloom even when fired full-auto)

35) M45D Shotgun

36) M45D Lawgiver Shotgun (This variant has increased stopping power, rate of fire, and accuracy compared to the standard smart-scope model)

37) M45 Blaze of Glory Shotgun (This variant has the Kinetic bolts attachment equipped in order to fire hard-light projectiles with more range and anti-materiél effect than the Lawgiver. It is also able to be reload its entire magazine with one shell)

38) Kelly's M45D Oathsworn Shotgun (The weapon has increased damage, accuracy, and rate of fire compared to the normal shotgun, and the user's movement speed is increased while the weapon is equipped, due to special neural implant modifications)

39) M7057 Flamethrower

40) M319 Grenade Launcher

41) M319 Pro Pipe Grenade Launcher (Professional problem-solvers demand proximity fusing and dynamic ballistics. The lovingly-dubbed "Pro Pipe" is an improved Grenade Launcher with rounds that adjust trajectory after ricochets in order to maximize lethality. EMP alt-fire mode is retained within this variant)

42) M363 Sticky Detonator

43) Hydra MLRS

44) Typhoon Hydra MLRS (The Typhon is a variant manufactured by the Office of Naval Intelligence's Watershed Division that features upgraded and improved recoil compensation, warhead damage, and reload speed)

45) Echidna Hydra MLRS (The Echidna is a variant, also produced by the Watershed Division's engineers, that features experimental, non-nuclear warheads capable of generating an electromagnetic pulse. Unlike the base model of Typhon the Echidna is capable of both a 2x and 4x zoom)

46) LAU-65D/SGM-151 Missile Pod

47) M80 Missile Launcher

48) Type 14 Magnetic/Anti-tank Mine

49) C-7 Foaming Device

50) M168 Demolition Charge

51) Det-charge

52) Flashbang Grenade

53) Gas Grenade

54) M9 Frag Grenade

55) Smoke Grenade

56) M555 Gauss Cannon

57) M555 ONI Gauss Cannon (Produces lingering area-of-effect damage)

58) M343A2 Machine Gun

59) M343A2 ONI Machine Gun (A variant used by the Office of Naval Intelligence. Fires explosive rounds with increased damage and does not overheat)

60) M343A2 Needle Machine Gun (A variant that fires blamite)

*UNSC Weapon Mod Attachments –

1) Long Barrel (Battle Rifle, SMG, DMR, Assault Rifle)

2) Laser Aiming Module (SMG, Magnum, Spartan Laser, Battle Rifle, DMR, Assault Rifle)

3) Suppressor (SMG, Magnum, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle, DMR)

4) Sound Dampener (Battle Rifle, SMG, DMR, Assault Rifle)

5) Stabilization Jets (Battle Rifle, SMG, DMR, SAW, Assault Rifle)

6) Kinetic Bolts (Battle Rifle, SMG, DMR, Shotgun, Assault Rifle)

7) Energy Bayonet (Battle Rifle, SMG, DMR, Assault Rifle)

8) Knight Blade (Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, DMR)

9) Extended Mag (Battle Rifle, SMG, Magnum, DMR, Assault Rifle, SAW, Sniper Rifle)

10) Threat Marker (Battle Rifle, SMG, DMR, Assault Rifle)

11) CQB Sights (SMG)

12) Recon Sights (Battle Rifle, SMG, DMR, Assault Rifle)

13) Classic Sights (Battle Rifle)

14) Longshot Sights (Battle Rifle, DMR, Assault Rifle)

15) Sentinel Sights (Battle Rifle, DMR)

16) Holoscope (Battle Rifle, SMG, DMR, Assault Rifle)

17) COG Sights (Battle Rifle, SMG, DMR, Assault Rifle)

18) KFA-2 x2 Scope (Magnum)

19) SLS/V 5B Scope (SMG)

20) Oracle N-variant scope (Sniper Rifle)

21) VnSLS/V 6E Scope (Magnum)

22) Iron Sights (Shotgun, SMG)

23) Flashlight (Assault Rifle, Shotgun)

24) M301 Grenade Launcher (Assault Rifle, Flamethrower, Battle Rifle)

25) Underslung Shotgun (Assault Rifle)

26) Muzzle Brake (Sniper Rifle, Magnum)

*UNSC Special Tactics –

1) Holo-Decoy

2) Cryogenic Detonator

3) Helldrop

4) Shrapnel Mines

5) Bunker Drop

6) Ice Barrier

7) Seismic Blast

8) Restoration Drones

9) Enduring Salvo

10) ODST Drop

11) Spartan Drop

12) Napalm Missiles

13) Scatter Bomb

14) Archer Missiles

15) Cryo Bomb

16) EMP MAC Blast

17) Turret Drop

18) Sentinel Defense

19) MAC Blast

20) Glacial Storm

21) Close Air Support

22) Ghost in the Machine

23) Inferno

Swords of Sanghelios:

*Swords of Sanghelios Fleet (only one supercarrier is within the fleet with other ship classes in various numbers) -

1) Shadow of Redemption CSO-class supercarrier flagship

2) CAS-class assault carrier

3) Brigantine

4) ORS-class heavy cruiser

5) RCS-class armored cruiser

6) CCS-class battlecruiser

7) CRS-class light cruiser

8) Man O' War

9) Super-destroyer

10) CPV-class heavy destroyer

11) SDV-class heavy corvette

12) Hekar Taa-pattern blockade runner

13) DAS-class storm cutter

14) DSC-class support ship

15) Carrack

16) ADP-class escort

*Swords of Sanghelios Ground Forces -

1) Grunts (Minor, Major, Ultra, Spec Ops, Imperial, Ranger, Bodyguard)

2) Elites (Minor, Major, Stealth, Spec Ops, Commando, Ultra, General, Field Marshall, Commander, Warrior, Storm, Ranger Commander, Officer)

3) Elite Rangers (Special troops that specialize in scouting and detecting unseen things in the battlefield)

4) Elite Enforcers (Special soldiers that specialize in demolishing structures and lead by a heavily armed veteran, but also have special Stasis based weaponry)

5) Heavy Grunts (Special soldiers that are unique in their experience to demolish enemy armor and aircraft, as well as against infantry)

6) Hunters

7) Prowling Grunts (Squads of Grunts led by Elites that specialize in espionage and sabotage operations, that can cloak themselves)

8) Assault Elites (Elites that are given enhancements to eliminate fatigue and are equipped with heavy weaponry and anti-armor weapons, to root out defensive positions)

9) Bloodfuel Grunts (These soldiers utilize new experimental weaponry that siphons off energy from vehicles and siphons away the health of enemy soldiers, making them vulnerable to follow up attacks from other allies)

10) Goliaths

11) Grunt Mobs (Grunts that ignore fatigue due to newly created enhancements, and are primarily to inspire fear into their enemies)

12) Ironclad Hunters (Hunters that have been equipped with greater armor to help cover allies within close proximity, and can deal serious melee damage to enemy armor)

13) Suicide Grunts (Grunts that have modified their tanks to go off very violently, when their lives are about to end, and they rush to the enemy in a kamikaze attack)

14) Scarred Hunters (Hunters that have survived the Human-Covenant War, and are more experienced in combat than most of their brethren colonies)

15) Jackals (Minor, Storm, Major, Heavy, Sniper, Ranger)

16) Skirmishers (Minor, Major, Murmillo, Commando, Champion)

17) Elite Grenadiers (Elites that have adopted Brute-styled explosive weapons as their main armament)

18) Hunter Captains (Hunters that are comprised of two standards bond brothers into a single body, and act as field commanders; they also possess Siphoning weaponry to siphon off energy from enemy vehicles and air units; these Hunters also possess Energy Shields; they also possess a Shock ability to nearby enemy infantry and vehicles)

*Swords of Sanghelios Ground Vehicles -

1) Type-32 Ghost

2) Type-54 Ghost

3) Type-54 Sword Ghost (Upgraded armor of standard Ghost)

4) Type-54 Ultra Ghost (Further upgraded armor, along with superior Plasma Cannons)

5) Type-54 Temple Ghost (Further upgraded armor than the Ultra, along with superior handling and can shoot Plasma Cannons while boosting)

6) Goblin

7) Beam Goblin

8) Marauder

9) Prowling Marauder (Marauders equipped with active camouflage, and are sent into espionage missions)

10) Warchief Marauder (Marauders with superior armor and weaponry to lead others into battle and inspire nearby allies)

11) Reaver

12) Prowling Reaver (Reavers equipped with active camouflage, and are sent into espionage missions)

13) Skitterer

14) Type-25 Chopper

15) Type-25 Terror Chopper (Choppers made specifically to inspire fear in the enemy)

16) Type-46 Spectre

17) Type-48 Revenant

18) Type-52 Prowler

19) Type-26 Wraith

20) Type-26 Honor Guard Wraith (Wraiths used by the Honor Guards and Light of Sanghelios Commando Guardians, with upgraded armor, speed and heavier Plasma Mortar)

21) Type-26 Invader Wraith (Wraiths that carry several more troopers and have traded the Plasma Morter for Plasma Beam instead)

22) Type-26 Ironclad Wraith (Wraiths with superior armor to provide cover for ally infantry)

23) Type-26 Terror Wraith (Wraiths designed to inspire fear into the enemy)

24) Type-52 AA Wraith

25) Type-58 Wraith

26) Type-58 Sword Wraith (Upgraded armor of standard Wraith)

27) Type-58 Ultra Wraith (Further upgraded armor, along with a blanketing Plasma Mortar)

28) Type-58 Temple Wraith (Further upgraded armor along with superior handling, and an improved fire rate for the Plasma Mortar)

29) Type-58 AA Wraith

30) Type-29 Shadow

31) Type-47A Protos Scarab

32) Type-47B Deutoros Scarab

33) Volatile Scarab

34) Type-30 Locust

35) Type-30 Bloodfuel Locust (Locusts' equipped with experimental weaponry to siphon off energy from enemy armor)

36) Type-30 Enduring Locust (Locusts' with troops riding the vehicle to keep fighting should it go down)

37) Type-55 Kraken

38) Type-58 Harvester

39) Methane Wagon

**All Ghosts possess Energy Shields.

**All Reavers possess Energy Shields.

**All Locusts possess Energy Shield.

**All Wraiths possess Energy Shields.

*Swords of Sanghelios Aerial Vehicles -

1) Type-44 Phantom

2) Type-52 Phantom

3) Type-57 Phantom

4) Type-57 Spirit

5) Type-56 Lich

6) Type-26A Banshee

7) Type-26B Banshee

8) Type-26C Banshee

9) Type-54 Banshee

10) Type-54 Sword Banshee

11) Type-54 Ultra Banshee

12) Type-54 Temple Banshee

13) Type-26 Unstable Banshee (Banshees equipped with heavier Plasma Cannons and Fuel Rod guns, but will explode violently as it hits the ground near enemies in a kamikaze attack)

14) Blisterback

15) Ironclad Blisterback (Blisterbacks with superior armor to help provide cover for ally infantry)

16) Enduring Blisterback (Blisterbacks that have troopers to help provide supporting fire, and will continue to fight should the artillery unit go down)

17) Shroud

18) Type-29 Vampire

19) Huragok Engineer (New combat-utilized Engineers can now release special nanobots to heal nearby allies and repair armor, and air units to a smaller degree as it works to repair major damage and improve upon it)

20) Infused Huragok Engineer (Engineer that will drop pools of Infusion to slow down and damage enemy infantry and armor)

*Swords of Sanghelios Fighters -

1) Type-31 Seraph

2) Type-27 Space Banshee

3) Tarasque heavy fighter

4) Type-52 Phantom Gunboat

5) Type-28 Tick

*Swords of Sanghelios Leaders -

1) The Arbiter

2) Fleetmaster Rtas 'Vadum

3) Spec Ops Commander Usze 'Taham

4) Commander N'tho 'Sraom

5) Shipmistress Mahkee 'Chava

6) Captain Tul 'Juran

7) Commander Ranger Stolt

*Swords of Sanghelios Specialists -

1) The Arbiter's Honor Guards

2) The Light of Sanghelios Commando Guardians

3) The New Silent Shadow

4) The Ascetic Order

5) Unggoy Punishment Force

6) Kig-yar Assassins

7) Lekgolo Colony Commandos

*Swords of Sanghelios Buildings –

1) Minibase

2) Outpost

3) Stronghold

4) Fortress

5) Citadel

6) Summit

7) Warehouse

8) Factory

9) Hall

10) Shield Generator

11) Turret Emplacement (Equipped with Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle and Anti-Air upgrades)

12) Cloaking Generator

13) War Council

14) Gravity Lift

15) Sensor Tower

16) Mega Turret

*Swords of Sanghelios Weapons -

1) Type-25 Plasma Pistol

2) Type-54 Plasma Pistol

3) Type-54 Spitfire Plasma Pistol (The Spitfire is a T-54D produced by Kig-Yar armorers that features a faster rate of fire and reduced heat generated per shot)

4) Type-54 Void's Tear Plasma Pistol (The Void's Tear is an advanced T-54D that features overcharged shots that create an unstable gravimetric vortex by superheating exotic nuclear isomers. At the point of impact the overcharged shot pulls in nearby objects and then explodes)

5) Type-52 Mauler

6) Type-25 Plasma Rifle

7) Type-25 Brute Plasma Rifle

8) Type-25 Sorrow of Teash Brute Plasma Rifle (The warlords who control marauding Brute fleets and thrall colonies have the resources to procure the services of expert weapon smiths from across known space. Improved Brute Plasma Rifle with better accuracy and upgraded heat dissipation)

9) Type-25 Scale of Soirapt Brute Plasma Rifle ( Built in the image of the lifeless corpse-moon that orbits Doisac, with secrets that only the most cunning Jiralhanae can unlock. Advanced Brute Plasma Rifle with increased damage, but can also serve as an utterly lethal melee bludgeon)

10) Type-27 Beam Rifle

11) Type-27 Sword of the Faithful Beam Rifle (The Sword of the Faithful is the personalized beam rifle of the Prophet of Regret's majordomo. It features enhanced hipfire accuracy, faster heat dissipation, and a higher rate of fire compared to normal T27 beam rifles)

12) Type-27 Krith's Left Hand Beam Rifle (Krith's Left Hand was reclaimed from the Kig-Yar Pirate Prince's personal vaults by Ripa 'Moramee sometime before the latter became the Arbiter. Unlike other beam rifles, Krith's Left Hand fires in three-round bursts with one pull of the trigger. A single burst will kill a Spartan)

13) Type-50 Beam Rifle

14) Type-50 Alpha Beam Rifle (Kig-Yar snipers assigned the Fleet of Particular Justice displayed uncharacteristic bravery in their valiant defense against the Flood onslaught on Installation 04. This Alpha variant of the T-50 is an improved Beam Rifle with faster rate of fire and increased hipfire accuracy)

15) Type-50 Delta Beam Rifle (The Prophet of Truth employed an elite team armed with powerful master-crafted weapons to hunt down his political enemies during the Great Schism. The T-50 Beam Rifle's Delta variant creates an unstable gravimetric vortex at point of impact)

16) Type-51 Plasma Repeater

17) Type-52 Focus Rifle

18) Type-55 Storm Rifle

19) Type-55 Fury Storm Rifle (Ancient Sangheili script carved on the plasma generator casing is a curse aimed at any wielder without bloodstained hands. Improved Storm Rifle with improved heat dissipation and better accuracy)

20) Type-55 Blissful Slumber Storm Rifle (There is no rest for the weary merchants of death who labor to feed the fires of war on Sanghelios. Advanced Storm Rifle with increased damage and knockback on hit. Each plasma bolt detonates on impact, causing a small secondary explosion)

21) Type-25 Spiker

22) Type-31 Needle Rifle

23) Type-33 Needler

24) Type-56 Needler

25) Type-56 Hailstorm Needler (The Hailstorm is based off of a pre-Covenant Sangheili weapon that was used during the volatile early-interstellar period of Sangheili history. It fires blamite shards at a faster velocity and has superior tracking capabilities)

26) Type-56 Talon of the Lost Needler (The Talon of the Lost fires carefully calibrated shards of blamite that are capable of embedding themselves into the armor of Mgalekgolo and vehicles)

27) Type-51 Carbine

28) Type-57 Carbine

29) Type-57 Rain of Oblivion Carbine (The Rain of Oblivion's grip has been held by a thousand heroes and a hundred villains. Upgraded Carbine with fully automatic action and extended magazine)

30) Type-57 Blood of Suban Carbine (Advanced Carbine that fires armor-piercing blamite shards)

31) Type-1 Energy Sword

32) Arbiter's Type-1 Prophet's Bane Energy Sword

33) Type-2 Gravity Hammer

34) Type-2 Corpsemaker Gravity Hammer (Made of the finest materials its creator could coerce or steal from raider lairs on Warial and Teash. Improved Gravity Hammer with additional energy capacity)

35) Type-2 Grinder Gravity Hammer (The sound of overloading shields, cracking bones, and shattering armor is music to Jiralhanae ears. Improved Gravity Hammer with uncalibrated impellors that generate an unstable gravimetric vortex EMP at the point of impact)

36) Type-2 Gavel Gravity Hammer (Mythic Gravity Hammer that unleashes a linear series of kinetic explosions with each swing that also EMPs vehicles. Equipping the Gavel also boosts movement speed, shield strength, and jump height due to special field surrounding the user)

37) Type-2 Warlord Gravity Hammer (These Gravity Hammers are equipped with a gravity beam to drag targets closer)

38) Type-1 Plasma Grenade

39) Type-2 Spike Grenade

40) Type-3 Firebomb

41) Hunter Assault Cannon

42) Wicked Grasp Hunter Assault Cannon (The Lekgolo that remain in this stolen limb retain a feral vestige of their once-expansive composite mind. The Wicked Grasp fires bursts of tracking plasma shots)

43) Berserker's Claw Hunter Assault Cannon (Spartans are well-versed at sourcing weapons from the remains of their enemies. The Berserker's Claw fires a devastating fuel rod shot after a short charging cycle. This fuel rod will track aerial targets)

44) Type-25 Brute Shot

45) Type-33 Fuel Rod Gun

46) Type-58 Fuel Rod Gun

47) Type-58 Light of Urs Fuel Rod Gun (During the Blooding Years many advances were made in fuel rod technology, the Light of Urs is one of those advances. It fires faster projectiles that do more damage compared to the standard fuel rod cannon)

48) Type-58 Pool of Radiance Fuel Rod Gun (Both the Swords of Sanghelios and Jul 'Mdama's Covenant use once-forbidden, unstable weapons. The Pool of Radiance is one of those weapons. The weapons projectiles leave dangerous residue upon impact)

49) Type-50 Concussion Rifle

50) Type-52 Plasma Launcher

51) Type-53 Plasma Caster

52) Type-53 Scourge of Fire Plasma Caster (The Scourge of Fire fires two plasma bolts at once and does not overheat)

53) Type-53 White Scar Plasma Caster (The White Scar fires modified bolts similar to a Type-56 Needler's blamite shards that are set to proximity detonate if hipfired)

54) Type-42 Plasma Cannon

55) Type-52 Plasma Cannon

56) Type-58 Plasma Cannon

58) Type-25 Brute Plasma Pistol

59) Type-25 Piercer

60) Type-25 Shredder

61) Type-4 Gravity Grenade

62) Type-5 Cluster Grenade

63) Type-6 Stasis Grenade

64) Type-26 Shade

65) Type-27 Shade

66) Type-29 Shade

67) Type-55 Shade

68) Type-27 Mantis

69) Type-38 Tyrant

70) Type-48 Weevil

71) Type-56 Shrike

*Swords of Sanghelios Special Tactics –

1) Living Barrier

2) Infused Mines

3) Scorch Mines

4) Ultra Mines

5) Vehicle Symbiotes

6) Blast Hammer

7) Cloaking Field

8) Enduring Will

9) Invigorating Frenzy

10) Stasis Field

11) Cataclysm

12) Engineer Swarm

13) Rain of Fire

14) Shade Drop

15) Teleport

16) Plasma Bolt

17) Siphon Field

18) Skitterer Mob

19) Spike Turret

20) Gruntdome

21) Infusion Wake

22) Shockwave

23) Vortex

24) Methane Party

25) Spirit Assault

26) Phantom Assault

27) Glassing Beam

28) Eradication

29) Lich Vanguard

30) Mass Cloaking

The Ark's Forerunner Defenses -

1) Aggressor Sentinels

2) Sniper Aggressor Sentinels

3) Gold Aggressor Sentinels

4) Enforcer Sentinels

5) Constructor Sentinels

6) Controller Sentinels

7) Protector Sentinels

8) Super Sentinels

9) Retriever Sentinels

10) Gatherer Sentinels

11) Sentinel Manufacturing Facilities

12) Sentinel Launchers

13) Sentinel Walls

14) Promethean Crawlers

15) Alpha Promethean Crawlers

16) Sniper Promethean Crawlers

17) Promethean Knights

18) Promethean Knight Lancers

19) Promethean Knight Battlewagons

20) Promethean Knight Commanders

21) Promethean Knight Marshals

22) Promethean Knight Strategos

23) Promethean Knight Champions

24) Promethean Knight Luminaries

25) Promethean Knight Dignitaries

26) Promethean Knight Bannermen

27) Promethean Knight Nobles

28) Promethean Soldiers

29) Promethean Soldier Officers

30) Promethean Soldier Snipers

31) Promethean Soldier Commandos

32) Promethean Soldier Enforcers

33) Promethean Soldier Guards

34) Promethean Watchers

35) Forerunner Heavy Turret Emplacements

36) Z-510 Focus Turrets

37) Z-8060 Particle Cannons

38) Z-8250 Heavy Artillery Cannons

39) Z-8250 Light Artillery Cannons

*Confiscated Forerunner Weapons Utilized by both UNSC & SoS Forces and the Ark's Defenses –

1) Aggressor Sentinel Beam

2) Aggressor Sentinel Sniper Beam (While appearing to be a simple version of the standard variant, it fires beams when shot from the hip, similar to a UNSC shotgun, but when it is scoped in it focuses and intensifies the beams into a sniper beam shot)

3) Gold Aggressor Sentinel Beam (A Sentinel beam utilized by the gold Sentinels from Installation 05. It fires a stronger blue beam)

4) Safeguard Sentinel Beam (The sterilization beams of Safeguard Sentinels are highly efficient at containing and cauterizing intrusions into their assigned protectorate. Beam projectors stolen from these Forerunner constructs are still extremely effective, but do suffer from overheating and a limited internal power supply)

5) Z-110 Boltshot

6) Z-110 Closed Fist Boltshot (The left hand of Endurance-of-Will, the Closed Fist has a faster fire rate and larger magazine than standard Boltshots)

7) Z-110 Open Hand Boltshot (The right hand of Endurance-of-Will, the Open Hand fires a swarm of tracking bolts with each press of the trigger)

8) Z-130 Suppressor

9) Z-130 Song of Peace Suppressor (In the chaotic final days of the Forerunner ecumene an unfortunate number of the Librarian's Conservation Measure operations required military intervention to complete. Upgraded Suppressor with both a faster rate of fire and reduced recoil)

10) Z-130 Razor's Edge Suppressor (As extinction loomed, desperation led the Forerunners to experiment with volatile derivations of hard light. Advanced Suppressor firing fast-moving metastable energy shards. If multiple shards strike a target they will create a "supercombine" explosion, similar to blamite, causing targets to disintegrate)

11) Z-180 Scattershot

12) Z-180 Loathsome Thing Scattershot (The Loathsome Thing is stained in the ichor of an unaccountable number of Flood across hundred thousand different hives. It features increased damage, a faster rate of fire, and an increased magazine size)

13) Z-180 Didact's Signet Scattershot (The Didact's Signet was handcrafted by the Ur-Didact to reward his most elite Prometheans. It fires faster moving and longer ranged projectiles compared to normal Scattershots. Its projectiles also have stronger tracking capabilities after ricocheting)

14) Z-250 Lightrifle

15) Z-250 Barbed Lance Lighrifle (The Barbed Lance is an improved Z-250 with faster rate of fire and larger magazine)

16) Z-250 Dying Star Lightrifle (The Dying Star is an advanced Z-250 designed for combat against Flood pure forms. It fires adhesive pulsewave explosives; three nearby explosions will prove fatal to even a shielded Spartan. However, it has a reduced magazine size of 8 rounds as opposed to 12)

17) Z-390 Incineration Cannon

18) Z-390 River of Light Incineration Cannon (The River of Light unleashes long bursts of energy blasts if charged up)

19) Z-390 Heartseeker Incineration Cannon (The Heartseeker fires tracking energy charges)

20) Z-750 Binary Rifle

21) Z-750 Retina of the Mind's Eye Binary Rifle (Retina of the Mind's Eye is an improved model with a larger magazine capacity and contains an shackled ancilla at its core)

22) Z-750 Twin Jewels of Maethrillian Binary Rifle (Twin Jewels of Maethrillian, named in reference to the ecumene Capital, incorporates dual beam emitters that enhance the weapon's anti-armor utility)

23) Z-040 Pulse Grenade

24) Z-400 Splinter Grenade

25) Z-520 Splinter Turret

*Equipment Utilized by both UNSC & SoS Forces -

1) Active Camouflage

2) Overshield

3) Bubble Shield

4) Power Drain

5) Gravity Lift

6) Trip Mine

7) Regenerator

8) Flare

9) Deployable Cover

10) Radar Jammer

11) Auto Turret

12) Invincibility

13) Damage Boost

14) Speed Boost

*Armor Abilties Utilized by Spartans & Elites -

1) Active Camouflage

2) Armor Lock

3) Drop Shield

4) Hologram

5) Jetpack

6) Autosentry

7) Hardlight Shield

8) Promethean Vision

9) Regeneration Field

10) Seeker Drone

11) Stun Blast

12) Repel

13) Teleport

14) Proximity Mine

15) Shock Chain