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So the last place we left off was where Naruto decided to make Hana, Kiba's older sister his property. There was less resistance encountered due to Hana wanting similar things from Naruto.

With Hana now Naruto's new cumdump, Naruto sets his sights on a new woman to conquer. And the woman in the crosshairs is none other than Kurenai. Widow of Asuma Sarutobi. And single mother.

What will he do to make her his?


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Chapter 13: It's No Illusion.

Making it to the Hokage Mansion, Naruto knocked on the door. Hearing the slutty Hokage give him the go ahead to come in, Naruto opened the door. Once he was inside, he locked the door as Tsunade put up some privacy seals and closed the curtains to the office.

Naruto was instantly out of his clothes along with Tsunade. Sitting him in her chair, she got to work. Naruto meerly smiled as he watched Tsunade suck him off with so much want and lust.

Pulling the binds for her twin ponytails, Naruto found her beauty to be even more amazing. He prefered his women to have their hair down. The sounds of slurps and moans echoed through the office as Tsunade worked her magic for her tasty prize.

"What a dutiful slut you are." cooed Naruto stroking Tsunade's head as she bobbed her head back and forth.

"I live to serve you in whatever way there is." she purred as she took his cock between her melons.

"You have proven your worth to me. And you shall be rewarded by siring my child." said Naruto as he began to thrust into her mouth.

"Yes, Naruto-sama. I will carry your child regardless." moaned Tsunade as she took the head into her mouth.

A few minutes later, Naruto felt the familiar feeling. Pushing Tsunade's head down, forcing her to remove her jugs and take him down her throat. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she drank the gallons of cum Naruto deposited into her mouth.

Finishing off after a few loads of cum, Naruto released his hold on her head. Tsunade pulled his cock out her mouth and licked it clean. Pushing her work off the desk, she leaned on the desk and shook her ass before Naruto.

"I want it in me. Please Naruto-sama." she begged as she spread her ass cheeks.

"Very well. I'm in a good mood." smirked Naruto as he got up from the chair.

Placing both hands on her ass, Naruto speared all inches into her pussy. Tsunade threw her head back as her back arched. A load moan escaped her lips as she felt Naruto move inside her.

"Oh yes. I've wanted this for so long. I love you." moaned Tsunade as she began to move from the impact of Naruto's thrusts.

"You only love this dick." said Naruto slapping Tsunade's ass as he fucked her silly.

"I love this dick because it's yours. I feel it hitting my womb. I want your children. Give me your seed." she begged as she came from feeling Naruto hit her special spot.

"You're such a slut. Maybe I should call you whore-kage." said Naruto with a smirked as he smacked her ass again.

"You can call me what ever you want. Just fuck me harder." moaned Tsunade.

Grabbing both her arms, Naruto increased his pace. Reaching deeper with each thrust as he mercilessly pounded Tsunade. Smiling deviously as he listened to her slutty moans as she was impaled more and more from Naruto's cock.

"Here it comes. Take it all." grunted Naruto as he picked up the pace more.

"Yes, inside me. I want it inside me. Get me pregnant. Give me your children. I want it so fucking badly." moaned Tsunade as she heard the sounds of cracking from her desk.

At this rate, she may need a new desk.

"Fuck yeah!" shouted Naruto as he fired into Tsunade.

The busty blonde threw her head back as she felt the hot waves of her master's cum fill her pussy. There was no mistaking it now. She was going to be pregnant from this point on.

Pulling out of her and grabbing his clothes, Naruto looked to Tsunade. Laying over the desk, panting hard as she licked the cum that leaked from her pussy, he smiled.

"I'll be back, my slut." said Naruto with Tsunade smiling to him.

"I cannot wait, Naruto-sama." purred Tsunade as she slowly got off the desk and got back into her clothes.

Walking out into the streets, Naruto looked about. Finding his next target. He was right now sizing up his marks on women in the village. All were rather nice. But he was looking for one other thing they seemed to lack. He wanted someone to break. The other women he fucked were rather submissive. He wanted someone to dominate properly.

"Mirai, it's time to go home." came a voice.

Turning to his left he found Kurenai. The black haired beauty was so tantilising to look at. Her curves, her posture. Everything was wonderful. And apparently, Naruto Junior seemed to agree with him. Licking his lips at how he was going to make that ass his, he approached her.

"Good day, Kurenai-chan." he said sweetly.

"Oh, hello Naruto-kun. How are you?" asked Kurenai smiling to the blonde.

"Wonderful now that I'm here with you." complimented Naruto making her blush.

"Thank you for the comment." she thanked him.

Looking to the little girl, Naruto had a brilliant idea.

"How about some help with the little one." suggested Naruto.

"I'd appreciate that." said Kurenai not knowing what was about to befall her.

Taking Mirai into his arms, he walked with Kurenai to her house. Once inside, Naruto helped Kurenai with everything in the house. Such as cleaning Mirai's toys, getting her cleaned up and getting dinner sorted out. That last one was slightly hard for him, but thanks to a rather horny fox demon inside who wanted to wait until mating season, it helped.

Mirai was sound asleep while Naruto sat on the couch. Kuernai soon came into the room and sat down next to Naruto.

"Thank you for helping me with my daughter." she said with Naruto smiling.

"It must be rather hard for you. Being a single mother." said Naruto with Kurenai nodding her head.

"It is. Ever since Asuma-kun died, I had to raise our daughter. Times I never had any sleep." said Kurenai only for Naruto to place a hand on her shoulder.

"I'll help you." said Naruto.

"I don't want to be a burden." said Kurenai only for Naruto to shake his head.

"It's no trouble." said Naruto.

The next few days, were the best days Kurenai had ever had. Mirai was happy, Naruto played with her while she took care of a few other things while the two played. She even had a few days where she could sleep and not worry about her daughter.

But she felt something missing. Something she needed. Little did she know was that it was this certain something Naruto was after.

And it happened this one night. Finally putting Mirai to bed, Naruto made his way to Kurenai and sat down on the couch. Kurenai fixed themselves some tea while Naruto kept his eyes glued to her wonderful body. Oh how he wanted that body all to himself. Now was a perfect oppotunity to do it.

Kurenai handed Naruto the cup and he took a sip, but faked a sip and messed it on his pants. Kurenai saw this and was instantly between his legs, a cloth in her hands and cleaning the mess.

Watching her, he smiled and grabbed her face. Kurenai was taken back by the kiss and pushed Naruto off her while a blush swept over her cheeks.

"Naruto-kun. We can't." she said.

"Why?" was all he said.

"Because, you're younger than me. We just can't." she replied.

"But that doesn't change how I see you. Kurenai-chan, you're beautiful. You're wonderful. And I love that." said Naruto with Kurenai looking to him.

"You really think so?" she asked.

'Fuck she's so easy.' thought Naruto as he nodded.

"I do." said Naruto.

Kurenai brought her lips back to his and kissed him again.

This moment, it felt to good to be wrong. Could she really do it? Could she really cheat on Asuma? But she hadn't felt the touch of a man for so long. Kami it felt like decades since she was last with a man. Lust clouding her mind. All that mattered now was to fullfil her desire.

Breaking the kiss, she gazed into his blue eyes and smiled to him.

"Let's take this to the bedroom." she purred grabbing his hand and leading him up the stairs.

Following her up, Naruto smiled as he knew he had her right where he wanted her. Just to give her a push and she'd be his for life. The door flew open and both Kurenai and Naruto got out their clothes. Once nude, Naruto gazed upon Kurenai's naked body while she blushed and covered her body.

"You're beautiful." said Naruto as he swiftly moved to her.

"Thank you." she purred as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed her.

Falling onto the bed with Kurenai under, Naruto trailed kisses along her neck to her collar bone. Slowly moving down to her tits. Giving each a kiss, he journeyed further down. Dragging his tongue over her bellybutton, Naruto ventured further and stopped at his prize. Her pussy had already moistened and was ready for the assault it waited for.

"Kurenai-chan, you're so beautiful. And I'll show it to you." said Naruto.

"I'd love that." purred Kurenai.

Diving deep into her warm snatch, Naruto was earned with a loud moan as he swirled his tongue in her warm confinds. Kureani herself latched her hands onto Naruto's hair and began to push him deeper into her pussy, wanting him to explore deeper.

Inserting two fingers to accompany his fingers, Naruto listened to the sweet moans as Kurenai began to grind against his face.

"Oh yeah. Right there. It feels so good. Eat me out. I love it." she moaned as she continued to grind on Naruto's face.

Speeding up his actions, he listened to her moans turn from moans to screams as her walls constricted around his tongue and fingers. He knew what was about to happen. She was going to cum.

Kurenai threw her head back as she cried out her orgasm. Squirting into Naruto's mouth who drank it all. Kurenai smiled as she looked down at Naruto. How was it possible for someone like him to bring her to such a climax? It didn't make sense. Yet it felt so good she wanted more.

Flipping them over for her to be on top, Kurenai grabbed a hold of Naruto's cock and began to rup her unused pussy against it. Feeling the head hitting against her folds sent jolts of pleasure up and down her spine. Licking her lips, she slammed herself onto Naruto's cock.

Throwing her head back as she dug her nails into his skin, she gasped and panted from being filled once more.

"It's inside. You're inside. Oh how I missed this feeling." moaned Kurenai as she looked at naruto who already had his hands on her tits.

"I'm glad you're happy." said Naruto as he began to thrust into her.

Kurenai soon got the message and began to bounce on Naruto's lap. Feeling his cock reach deeper than what Asume ever could. If felt so good. So much she wanted more and more. She never thought such a thrill existed before. That was until she met Naruto.

"You like that? Huh? I will have a wonderful time using this pussy to my liking." groaned Naruto as he bounced Kurenai on his lap.

Funny, the more Naruto talked to her like she was a slut, the more turned on she got. Her body felt hot. She was horny. And Naruto was washing it all away by having his way with her.

"That's right. Fuck me. I am your slut. I am your cumdump. You can even get me pregnant and I wouldn't even worry." moaned Kurenai as she rode the young stud.

"Fuck, here it comes." said Naruto as he increased his speeds.

"Yes, cum for me. Cum in me. I want it so bad." said Kurenai as her walls clenched his cock hard.

Grunting and firing his load into her womb, Naruto watched as Kurenai threw her head back and climaxed then and there. Her womb filled as she savoured the pleasure of having release in such a long time.

But she soon found herself on her back with Naruto ontop of her.

"We're not done yet. I told you I will make this pussy mine." said Naruto with Kurenai licking her lips.

"Then use it however you want." she moaned as she felt him thrust into her again.

The cum inside her sloshing about as she was rocked back and forth. Her eyes rolled back, her body sweaty and her lower body now starting to ache from the sex. But she was hungry for another round.

Pulling Naruto down to her, she threw her arms around his neck as she dug her nails into his back. Feeling him moving in and out of her like an animal. Cum leaking out her pussy and forming a puddle on the bed.

"I am yours. I am your slut. I will always belong to you. Naruto-sama." cried Kurenai as Naruto picked up speed.

"Then take my cum again. Slut." growled Naruto nipping her neck as he thrusted harder and faster.

A few thrusts later, Naruto fired into her once again. Kurenai howled in pleasure as she felt her mind blank out. Never had she been brought to such heights. Asuma was no longer her husband. She was now a slut. A slut to Naruto's cock. Her master. She knew this won't be the end of it. And she would love to have more. From this moment on, she belonged to Naruto.

And scene.

So Kurenai is the newest woman in this long list of women to make Naruto's harem larger. If it means bringing back the Uzumaki clan, then it must be done.

With Kurenai now belonging to Naruto. It's only a matter of time before Mirai has a sibling. Now who shall be next?

Find out next time on Naruto's Sexy Harem.

Chapter 14: The Other Physical.

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