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Chapter 14: The Other Physical.

It had been several days since Kurenai accepted what had become of her. She accepted it with all her heart. Even though she was in a sense having an affair against her late husband, she didn't care. He was dead, she wasn't just yet. So may as well enjoy your life before you go.

But the way her new lover kept fucking her felt like she was going to die. The last time they had sex was he first time Kurenai had been fucked into unconsceinceness.

She also didn't care if she wound up pregnant again. She felt it was right to give her daughter a sibling. Sure it will be a half sibling but she didn't care one bit. She had someone that will be there for her no matter what.

Naruto felt so good. After claiming Kuernai as his own, he moved through the village once more. Like a predator on the hunt, he scoped out his prey.

But he couldn't do that at the moment as Tsunade told him he should go see Shizune. Something about his medical checkup to see if he was still fit to do missions.

He wished Tsunade would take it. But he knew why she wouldn't. He would end up having sex with her way before they got to the first part of the checkup.

Walking to the hospital, he couldn't shake this feeling he was having. His mind kept telling him that something was going to happen. But he didn't know what. It wasn't regarding sex. Shizune was a very serious woman. She'd never do something immoral as sleeping with a man younger than her.

Finally making it to the hospital, he walked to the receptionist and asked for Shizune's office. he soon got the directions needed and was already at Shizune's office.

Bringing up a hand, he knocked on the door. A few seconds later, it opened to reveal Shizune. A lab coat resting over her shoulders as she looked to Naruto with a face of sterness.

"Inside now and take off your shirt." barked the black haired woman.

Doing as she told him, Naruto removed his shirt and sat on the table. Shizune closed the door and placed a silencing seal on the door. Naruto raised an eyebrow at why she'd place a seal on the door for the room. But he dismissed it as Shizune walked to him and began to check on his body conditions.

She kept making this gesture as she took down the notes. A small scowl here and there as she scribbled on the notepad. Thinking it was done, Naruto slowly put his top back on only to have a ruler slapped on his hands.

"Who said you could put that back on?" barked Shizune.

"But I thought we were done?" stated Naruto.

"But I thought we were done. He says. We're not even close to being done. For the next test, I need you to be fully nude." she hissed.

Gulping down as he did so, he sripped all the way and soon noticed Shizune also taking off her clothes.

Stopping suddenly when his eyes took in the woman before him. Her curves were a feast to his eyes. Her plump rear, her slender legs that seemed to go on forever. Her wide hips, her D-cup tits, her smooth arms.

He was soon brought out of his daze when he soon felt something warm encomppass his crotch. Looking down he saw a head of black hair moving back and forth. Sucking his cock like candy would come out of it.

His mind soon clicked and he instantly pulled himself out of her mouth.

Shizune let out a hushed whine at how her treat was taken from her.

"What the fuck?" asked Naruto confused like.

"What do you mean?" asked Shizune taking Naruto's cock into her hand and stroking it.

"This. Why were you sucking my dick?" asked Naruto raising his eyebrow along with his voice.

"Oh that. Well..." began Shizune.


Shizune was seen walking to Tsunade's office. She had received reports that Tsume's cold and harsh nature had subsided. Like it was an overnight thing. Not only that but both Tsume and Hana had fallen pregnant.

Things were also beginning to look for the Inuzuka as their clan was starting to perform much like it had done many years ago. Shizune was also holding some documents in her hand and ready to tell Tsunade the good news.

But when she got to Tsunade's office, the cries of pleasure pierced her ear. Thinking her master was in pain, she reached for a kunai and got ready to break down the door.

But the aroma of pheremones reached and tickled her nose. Curiosity getting the better of her, she decided to peek in through the keyhole of the door.

There she found Naruto nailing Tsunade on the desk Tsunade used for her work.

The various documents scattered across the room as the two blondes rutted like bunnies in heat. Seeing her master so turned on while her eyes were rolled into the back of her head was a sight to see.

So much that Shizune began to rub her wettening pussy as she watched the scene before her.

Flashback end.

Naruto couldn't believe what he had just heard. Shizune had literally spied on Naruto and Tsunade while they were having sex like there was no tomorrow. And here was someone new.

Waiting...no...begging to have his king sized cock inside her.

Seeing Shizune look at him, lust hazing her eyes and she licked her lips at the hard tool before her. Naruto felt that this was going to be good. But if she wanted it, she'd have to work for it.

Grabbing the chair in the room, Naruto sat down on it and smiled evil like at Shizune before making a come here motion before stopping her when she got close.

"You want my dick that badly?" asked Naruto stroking himself while looking at Shizune.

"I do." answered Shizune licking her lips. "Oh it aches. I want that cock buried deep inside me and reshaping my pussy. Please, let me have it."

"First you have to work for it." said Naruto cocky like. "Give me a lap dance."

Pouting at how he didn't give what she wanted, she smiled sultry like as she nodded her head and walked to Naruto. Ensuring that her hips had the right amount of sway as she walked to him.

Once she was standing over him, she placed her hands on either side of his chest and began to give him a nice dance. Her eyes locked with his, half lidded as her lips tugged into a very sexy smile as she occasionally licked her lips.

Her body contorted and bent as she moved her amazing hips over Naruto's pelvis. Sometimes the shaft of his cock brushing against her pussy, sending her body into a shaking frenzy as the hot rod kissed her folds.

Switching positions, she placed her body in a twerking position and began to grind her rear against his crotch. Shizune never felt this much pleasure before. And she was only doing this to to have this godly tool inside her.

But she was caught off guard when Naruto grabbed her hips and speared himself into her hungry pussy. Shizune's head flew back with her body bending at an unnatural angle.

"Time for your reward." said Naruto as he got off the chair and began to thrust into her doggystyle.

Shizune placed her hands on the desk as her body rocked back and forth. Her breasts swaying as she was fucked hard from behind. Moans and pants of pleasure flowed from her mouth as she felt the head of his cock kiss her cervix with every strike of his hips.

She soon gasped when Naruto's hand came screaming across her left butt cheek. Creating a red hand print as a reminder as Shizune felt dirty the way Naruto was treating her. And she was loving it. Believe it or not, but Shizune was a slight masochist at heart.

"You dirty bitch. You deserve to be punished. Hungry for another man's cock." grunted Naruto as he fucked Shizune harder.

"AH! Yes. I am a bitch. I've wanted your cock in me ever since that day. Please. Give me it. Give me your cum." moaned Shizune only to find her hands being pulled back to give Naruto better support as he railed her harder.

"Take it all. Shizune!" climaxed Naruto as his cock swelled up and fired his load into Shizune's waiting womb.

Shizune's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she opened her mouth and let her tongue fall out. Feeling the hotness of Naruto's cum flood her womb was something she wanted for so long. And now her wish had just come true.

But Shizune was far from done. When Naruto pulled out of her, Shizune pushed Naruto to the bed and got onto the bed as well. Her face inches from Naruto's cock.

Giving the tip a lick, she tasted and savoured the taste of Naruto's cum along with her own juices. It tasted salty yet sweet at the same time. It was delicious. And also quite additctive to her. A new form of heroine from her to enjoy.

She soon took the head into her mouth and began to suck on it while she pumped the rest. Naruto meerly watched as Shizune sucked him off. Her slender fingers running along the veiny sides of his shaft. Her tongue lashed and slathered the head of his cock. It felt good. But before he could force her to take it all into her mouth, Shizune beat Naruto to it.

Pulling her hand away and resting it on his thigh, she took all inches into her mouth in one go. It was extrememly impressive. Naruto had oftten found that the women who blew him had gag reflexes. But Shizune had no gag reflex whatsoever. It was amazing.

So as a reward, he let her take this one instead of him dominating her. That would come later.

Shizune was in forbidden heaven right now. She was originally going out with Iruka. But that had clearly gone out the door since she did this. She'd be ending that relationship very soon. Oh well.

Shizune began to pick up her paces as she felt him slowly become even harder along with the heat of his cock rising even further. She knew what was coming. He was about to cum. She was planning on doing what she did with Iruka and that was pull the cock out her mouth but not the head and let her drink the cum.

But Naruto surprised her beyond anything as he grabbed her head and slammed himself into her mouth and fired away. The cock lodged down her throat and unloading load after load of cum down her hroat to her stomach. Shizune sighed in happiness. Iruka had never been this rough with her. Making the switch was certainly a good call on her part. Not only was Naruto bigger than Iruka, but more dominating than he was.

Iruka was gentle sure which was nice when he took her first time. But after a few more sexing, she began to feel that certain spice missing. And she had just found it. And it's name was Naruto Uzumaki.

Pulling him out her mouth and licking the head for the last drops of cum, she looked him dead in the eyes.

"Thank you, Naruto-sama." she purred as she got up and readied her pussy.

Squatting over him, she inserted him into her a second time. Her back arched as she felt him stretch her again. Placing her hands on his chest she raised her hips only to crash them back down.

Her moans soon turned into cries and then became screams as Shizune picked up the pace of her tempo of riding her blonde lover. Her juices and some of his cum leaking from her pussy was seen as she slid up and down the now slimy shaft as she threw her body in every position ever imagined as she rode Naruto.

"Can you feel it?" moaned Shizune locking eyes with Naruto. "You're kissing my womb. I can feel it."

"I can feel it. You feel so good. I could fuck you all day." grunted Naruto as he soon felt her walls clamp down onto his cock while his cock expanded and got ready to fire.

"Cum, cum inside me. I don't care if you got me pregnant. I don't care. All that matters now is you fucking me hard and long." moaned Shizune as she threw her head back as a mind shaking orgasm ripped through her body with Naruto's seed flooding her a second time.

Collapsing onto him as she panted, she felt Naruto's cock fall out her pussy with some of his cum flowing out her slit. Moaning as she brought a hand to her dripping snatch, she licked her fingers while looking at Naruto.

"Such a shame to waste such good cum." she mewed as she winked at him.

"You belong to me now." said Naruto giving her ass another smack with Shizune gasping in shock and pleasure.

"I do. I belong to you and only you. I am your loyal cumdump." said Shizune as she felt him go hard again.

"Another round it would seem." purred Shizune only to find herself on the bed, with Naruto ontop of her.

"Guess so." said Naruto as he entered her again. "Best checkup ever!"

And scene.

So Naruto has claimed another woman in the form of Shizune. But it also seems that Shizune has been going out with Iruka. What will the man say to Shizune should he finds out she had an affair against him with Naruto?

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