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In the 13th hierarchal city, Ragna the bloodedge, was fighting the 13th prime field Nu.

"Come on Ragna, Let's kill each other" said the crazy girl with a big smile.

"Killing is for people, you get broken" replied the grim reaper.

"Hahaha, Nu loves when you talk dirty Ragna" have said Nu with 4 of her swords ready to strike down Ragna.

Seeing the danger Ragna tried to activate his azure grimoire, but Nu impaled themselves and said with a smile "Don't worry Ragna, It always hurts the first time", Ragna only cursed her and said "You are insane you crazy bitch", she only said "I know you love it as well", then she hugs him and throws themselves in the cauldron.

When they arrive at the boundary, Nu began the operation to become the Black Beast, but Ragna snapped out and got away. Nu tried to reach him but they suddenly start to fall. Nu was yelling "RAGNAAAAAAAAAAA!" as for the grim reaper, he pass out from exhaustion.

Somewhere in Remnant a portal opened and the Murakumo Unit fell from it, she was able to pull herself together before touching the ground, she then proceed to analyze the area. "Scanning, scanning, scanning, unknown place, analyzing seither, analyze, analyze, analyze, analyze complete, seither inexistent, living creatures detected" as soon as she turns her head a bunch of wolf-like creatures surround her. "Analyze, analyze, analyze, treat level determined as level C, deploying petals" many swords began to fall on the Beowolfs, she then turns and face a group of teenagers, "analyze, analyze, analyze, analyze complete, targets show no hostility, dismissing the Murakumo".

One of the teenagers, with black hair and silver eyes, rushed toward the white haired girl and said quickly "who are you? What are doing here alone? How did you do to defeat those Beowolfs quickly? Is your semblance creating swords? Do you attend Beacon academy? Did you find a partner yet? What is this giant sword behind you? How did you make it disappear? What happened to your eye?" the questions continue and Nu only stares at her with a cold expression. Then the white girl of the group advanced and said "calm down Ruby. Firstly, we need to lead her to the professor Ozpin and-"

"Negative, voice unknown, if targets show signs of hostility, I will engage the targets until the total extermination of the enemies"

"Calm down, we just want to help" said the white haired teen

Nu only stares, then she said "voice still unknown, please introduce yourselves" the white haired teen smiled and said "my name is Weiss Schnee, and this girl who set the forest in fire is Ruby Rose we are-"

Ruby interrupted "I didn't set the forest in fire, YOU did!"

"Well, if YOU didn't rush in front of me I could-"

"What?! I was trying to help you!"

"What a joke, a savage like YOU? Helping ME?"

"I'm a well trained warrior, I'm not a-"

The Murakumo Unit interrupted them and said "a treat level B is detected"

"Where?!" asked Ruby

"This way" answered Nu while pointing her right, the two didn't have the time to look as they heard a "KAWWW" as the 'hill' they were on raised and spread wings, "this isn't good, this is truly bad…" said Ruby

"Oh really?" sarcastically replied Weiss, and the Nevermore flew.

Near a ruin, two girls come out of the forest one of them wears a brown jacket with a yellow crop, a brown belt covered by a pleated brown piece of material reaching from hip to hip around the back of her waist, a black skirt with a pair of high knee boots, and yellow gauntlets, with a golden mane and purple eyes. She was accompanied with a black haired girl with amber eyes, a black buttoned vest with coattails and a single silver button on the front. Underneath this is a white, sleeveless, high necked, crop undershirt and white shorts with a zipper on the front of each leg.

"Do you think this is the relics?" asked the yellow haired teen

"Maybe, who knows?" replied the black haired girl, they approached the ruin temple, and the golden haired girl asked "are these chess pieces? Look like some of them are missing"

"We aren't the first one here"

"Well, this isn't hard to find this place"

The two teens jumped in battle stance when they heard a roar, the roar of a grimm. When a bear-like burst out of the forest, he fell, and they saw a orange haired girl with turquoise eyes, a collared black vest that ends at her waist, under the vest are two layers of clothing, colored red and light-blue respectively, with a white sleeveless top that forms a tiny heart shape between her cleavage and collarbone, with a white detached sleeve on each arm. She wears matching fingerless gloves on each hand. She sports a pink skirt that starts at the waist and ends mid-thigh. Her shoes are a mix of pink, sitting on the top of it.

"Did she ride an Ursa?"

"Please don't do that again Nora" A young black haired boy with black eyes appeared exhausted behind her. He was wearing green traditional Chinese clothing with white pants and black battle shoes.

Nora rushed to the Rook piece, takes it, put it on her head and yelled "I'm the queen of the castle!"

The black haired boy approached the two girls and introduces himself "my name is Lie Ren, and this is my partner Nora Valkyrie. I'm sorry if she startled you."

"No worries, name's Yang Xiao Long" said the yellow haired teen.

"Blake Belladonna" said the black haired girl.

"Hey Blake, what do you thing about this poney?" asked freely Yang. Blake only nod in agreement, then she looked up in the sky and said "huh…Yang, isn't this your sister?"

"Ruby?" asked Yang looking in her falling sister

"YAAAAAAAAAAANNN-" then Ruby was hit by a blonde boy, the two of them crashed on a tree.

"Hi Ruby"

"Jaune?" asked the girl in shock

In the same time, a red haired girl in Spartan-like armor runs out of the forest with a scorpion-like monster

"Wow, does that mean she was chased by a Deathstalker?" commented Blake.

Ruby rushed toward her sister "YANG!"


"NORA!" said the orange haired girl by putting herself between the sisters.

"Ruby who is your partner?" asked Yang.

"Oh, that's right. Weiss are you ok?!" asked anxiously Ruby by looking in the sky.

"Yes, I'm fine Ruby, and it's not thanks to you" said the white haired teen standing next to her

"But-how did-you were-" Ruby was totally lost. Weiss who was riding the Nevermore with her was standing next to her, accompanied with the Murakumo Unit.

"Well, she helped me descending from this thing, by holding me in her arms like a princess" answered Weiss.

"By the way who is she?" asked Yang

"Yeah she didn't have given us her name yet, why?" asked Rose

"You didn't ask me. You were busy yelling. And you forgot about me" said coldly Nu

"Sorry about that" said the two girls at the same time

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!" said the red haired girl.

"Treat level B detected. Approaching quickly. Engaging the Murakumo" said the girl, and a big sword appeared behind her, before fusing with her "deploying petals" and swords began raining on the Deathstalker, "dismissing the Murakumo".

"Thanks" said the red haired girl "I'm Pyrrah Nikos, who are you?" asked the girl with a smile.

"Identification as: Dimensional Boundary Interface Prime Field Number 13, Anti-Sankishin core unit, Nu"

"Are you a robot?" asked Ruby.

"I'm a Murakumo unit. The 13th example. Call me Nu" answered the Murakumo unit.

"Murakumo unit? I never heard of it, what it is?" asked Weiss

"Voice unrecognized. Need permission from captain Hazama or Colonel Relius Clover" said the anti-Sankishin core unit

"Hey, guys, the Nevermone is going away" said the blonde boy who just get off the tree "by the way, my name is Jaune Arc. It's nice to meet you"

"Subject is showing a high concentration of hormones. If subject come near me I will destroy it" said Nu leaving Jaune red and the others looking at him with disgust.

"Great, this is going to be a great year" said sarcastically Jaune.

"What are we going to do with her?" asked Blake.

"Let's take her to Ozpin for now" answered Weiss "don't worry Nu, he will only help you, he won't hurt you"

"Accepted. I will go with you" said Nu