Hey guys. This is my rewrite of Season Two of Supergirl. Mon-El doesn't exist, and it incorporates Pokemon into Earth-38. Earth-1 characters will also get them, when we get round to those characters. ;)

Each character has no more than two Pokemon, except for Kara's sister (For reasons you will come to learn ;)). And they will slowly be introduced.

There's also a crossover with a British children's show called M.I. High, but no prier knowledge of that show is needed, the characters will explain themselves over the course of the story. :)

Oh and I don't own Supergirl, Pokemon or M.I. High. :)

Supergirl: Sister's Welcome

Chapter One:

National City. A city slowly recovering from the Myriad attack a week ago. In the midst of that, Supergirl had been spotted more and more. No other aliens had chosen to attack, giving the city time to recover. It would be almost five months before anything happened, and Supergirl was ready.

Kara 'Supergirl' Danvers was flying above the city when she saw the strange portal open, followed by a girl with brown hair falling out of it. A Latias flew out of the portal, trying to reach the girl, and Kara could see a Pikachu in a pink dress with an orb filled with lightning around its neck alongside a Raichu, who had a magnet on a wire around it's neck. Kara quickly dove, picking up speed to try and reach the girl. She braced herself and managed to grab the girl in the air. Careful not to break her bones. She then heard a feminine voice say "Thank you." inside her head. At the exact same time as a tangle of wires in the vague shape of a person flew out of the portal. It glowed orange before firing a line of electricity. The Pikachu jumped to the back of the Latias, its tail held high. The electricity was absorbed into its tail, before it let out a cry of "Pika! Pikachu!" causing pink notes to appear, and fly into the strange creature, making it recoil nearer to the portal. The Latias spun around, and fired a black ball of energy at the creature, knocking it back into the portal. Which closed. Latias let out a "Lati!" before flying over to Kara. Nuzzling into the girl in her arms. Kara finally took a look at her, and almost dropped her in shock. The girl was a dead ringer for her, except with blonde hair. She looked at Latias and said "Are you her Pokemon?" Latias nodded before saying "She saved my life from bad people." Kara nodded, before saying "Follow me then." and flying off. Towards the D.E.O building in the middle of the city.

The Pikachu and Raichu jumped off the Latias back onto the balcony, with the Pikachu jumping onto the Raichu's head, to the Raichu's annoyance. He didn't try getting her off though, just resigned to it. A Sylveon ran up to Kara as soon as she landed on the balcony, followed by a Togekiss. Kara stroked the Sylveon before saying "Go and get Alex, Streaky." The Sylveon, Streaky, nodded before darting off, as Kara looked at the Togekiss. "Roh'Kar, go get J'onn."

"I'm right here, Ms. Danvers." came J'onn's voice, as he walked up to them. "Who are our guests?"

"We need to get her under the sunlamps you use for me." said Kara, ignoring the question. "She's my sister!" J'onn nodded, as Kara ran over to the med-bay. He began barking orders to the other agents nearby, as Streaky returned with Alex.

Meanwhile, in a secret bunker underneath a school in London, Rose Gupta was sat at the computer, watching the news from National City. Which was showing the fight between Latias, Pikachu and Raichu and the strange creature. As well as Supergirl catching the girl. The familiar girl. "Wig. Wigglytuff." said the Wigglytuff sat next to Rose, pointing at the Raichu with her very short arms. Rose smiled at her and said "I know, Carol, it's them." She stood up, grabbing her phone from the side. She pressed a button on it before putting it to her ear.

Back in the D.E.O building, Kara was sat in a chair next to the bed with her sister on, who was surrounded by sunlamps, with Streaky sat next to her, when an unfamiliar song started playing in the room. The Raichu, who was sat on the bed with the Pikachu, used its tail to open the watermelon bag that was on the table and reached into it to pull out a phone. Which was ringing. Without pausing, he pressed the answer button. "Rai! Raichu!" he said, talking into the phone. "'Chu." He tapped at it again, turning on speaker. Causing a female voice with an Estuary English accent to say "Faraday! Is that you?"

"Rai!" said Raichu, Faraday, with a smile. "Raichu!"

"Is Ana with you?" came the girl's voice, making Raichu frown. Before saying "Raichu."

"Who are you?" asked Kara, looking at the phone, scooping it up. The voice turned cold as she asked "Who are you? How do you have Faraday? Is Linda with you?"

"Who's Linda?" asked Kara, confused. "My sister's called Ana."

"Kara? Kara Zor-El?" asked the voice, surprised. "You're in National City? Where's Ana? Is she alright?"

"I'm with her." said Kara, sitting back down. "Who are you?"

"My name's Rose, I'm Ana's girlfriend." came the voice's answer, with a small smile. "I'm on my way to National. We'll be there in twelve hours. Tell Faraday I'm bringing Carol." Faraday started jumping in joy as he said "Rai! Raichu!" with a smile. Kara let out a small smile before saying "He heard. Why is he so happy?"

"He and Carol are together." said Rose, making Kara nod. With a smile. "If she wakes up before I get there, tell her to contact me. She'll know how." The phone call ended, causing Kara to frown slightly. As Alex said "Who was that?" from where she was stood in the doorway. Kara looked at her and said "Ana's been here a lot longer than I thought. She has a girlfriend who is on her way here. She's going to be here in twelve hours."

"Ah." said Alex, nodding. "I don't think J'onn's going to be happy with that." Kara nodded, as she looked over at the bed. At the sleeping Ana. Faraday had calmed down, and was nuzzling into Ana again, with Pikachu. "She looks like you did a few years after you arrived." said Alex, with a smile. "She's definitely your sister." She sat down on the other chair next to Kara. "Mom will be happy to take her in, if you want."

"Eliza is great, but I've been away from Ana for too long, I'm not letting her out of my sight again." said Kara, looking at Alex. "And I have that spare room. She can have that." She let out a smile, as Alex said "You know, she might not want to live with us. She has a girlfriend, who is taking a twelve hour flight to get here." Kara nodded, with a sigh. Before saying "I know. She probably has a life in England. A girl can dream right?"

Across town, a man with mane-like orange hair in a black suit was sat in an office, watching the reruns of the battle on the news. He stroked his male Pyroar as he said "It would seem an old friend has joined us, Pyroar." with a French accent. "Our plans will have to adapted somehow. But I'm sure our new friends will help us even the playing field."

"Roar. Pyroar." said Pyroar, as the man stood up and walked over to the window. "I'm aware, Pyroar. These idiots don't have a clue what's coming. They won't till it's too late." He fingered the Key Stone in his ring and smirked.

The next day, Alex walked into the medroom with a slight smile. Kara was sat in the same chair as she had been the night before was Streaky was lying next to her with his ribbons around her wrists. "I brought breakfast." said Alex, looking at Kara with a smile. Kara gave her a grateful smile, as Alex said "J'onn said you've not left all night. Other than for doing your thing as Supergirl." Kara nodded, before saying "I don't want her to wake up alone."

"What time is her girlfriend getting in?" asked Alex, nodding and changing the subject as she sat in the spare chair. Kara smiled at her before saying "According to the text she sent me on Ana's phone, she managed to get a ride on some private jet, she's already arrived. I'm meeting her in a few hours."

"Ro… Rose is coming?" came a female voice, with an Estuary English accent, from the bed. Kara and Alex turned to see Ana trying to sit up. "I… I'm home?" She blinked a few times, before noticing Kara and Alex. "K… Kara?"

"Hey Ana." said Kara, with a smile. "It's really me." She stood up, swapping the chair for the edge of the bed. "I guess this really makes me the big sister now." Ana let out a small chuckle, before wincing. "Can't laugh. Hurts."

"What happened to you?" asked Alex, looking at Ana. "Kara caught you when you fall from a portal in the sky." Ana took a deep breath, wincing again, before saying "Ultra-Space. How long was I out?"

"Ten hours, give or take." said Kara, with a smile. "Stay in the lamps, they give off the radiation we need to recharge." Ana just nodded, as the Pikachu climbed onto her lap. Faraday sat at her side, as she absentmindedly stroked the two. "Where am I?" she asked, looking at Kara. "Who's your friend?"

"That's Alex, my sister." said Kara, looking at Ana. Ana tilted her head, before saying "I don't remember an Alex… Did Mom and Dad have another kid without telling us?" Alex let out a small smile, before saying "I'm her adopted sister. My mom adopted Kara when she arrived on Earth." Ana nodded, with a smile, before saying "OK." She then looked at Kara. "Where are we? What is this place? It reminds me of the M.I. HQ."

"M.I. HQ?" asked Alex, standing up. Ana let out a small smile, before saying "I don't think I should really tell you this, but since you're both family I'm sure it's alright, I work for M.I.5 and M.I.6. Under the M. program." She reached over for her bag, only to find it slightly out of reach. Faraday noticed and hooked it with his tail, placing it in front of her. "Thanks Faraday." said Ana, with a smile. Before looking through it. She smiled when she found what she was looking for, a black wallet. "My M.I.5 I.D." she said, before pulling out a second identical wallet. "And my M.I.6 I.D." She handed both of them to Kara. Who looked at both of them. "Why do they say your name is Linda Connors?"

"Because they couldn't put it down as Linda Lee." said Ana, shrugging. Before gasping. She immediately reached for her phone, which Kara had placed in front of her, and started tapping away. She frowned and said "Damn. I've been considered M.I.A since September of last year… Damn, it's been nearly a year." She took a deep breath. "I am so in trouble when Rose gets here."

"I think she'll be glad to see you." said Alex, with a smile. Ana took a deep breath, before saying "Do you have a mirror? Do I look bad?" Before either of the two adults could answer, they heard a "'Tuff!" from outside the room, and turned to the doorway in time to see a Wigglytuff bounce her way into the room. "'Chu!" said Faraday, jumping off the bed and running over to the Wigglytuff. "Raichu!"

"Wigglytuff!" said the Wigglytuff, as the two embraced. Ana let out a small smile, before saying "Carol, where's Rose?"

"I'm right here." came a female voice, with another Estuary English accent, from the doorway. "You look good, by the way." Ana blushed, as the British-Indian teenage girl with black hair stepped into the room. "Rose." said Ana, breathlessly. "You… How'd you find me?"

"You didn't turn the GPS off on your 'phone'." said Rose, with a smile. "Rookie error, Zor-El." She had a teasing smile, causing Ana to laugh. "It's good to see you again, Guppy." she said, with a smile. "I'd stand up but my sister has me on bed rest." There was no annoyance in her voice though. "These lamps are recharging me. I can feel it."

"They're modified sunlamps." said Alex, smiling at Rose. "May I ask how you got in here? This is a secure building."

"I flashed my M.I.6 I.D at the man on the desk, he let me straight up." said Rose, with a shrug. Alex nodded before saying "Sure." just as J'onn walked in, with Roh'Kar behind him, disguised as a Metagross. "I just had an interesting call from the head of M.I.6." he said, looking at Rose and Ana. Ana let out a small smile before saying "And M.I.5. M's the head of both M.I.5 and M.I.6. Despite what people actually think." J'onn just nodded, before saying "She wants to speak both of you. Apparently, Agent Gupta, you forgot to mention you were taking the Starr Jet." Rose blushed slightly, as Ana said "You took my jet?"

"Technically, since you were missing, it's my jet." said Rose, looking at her. "I temporally took over the company, but I'd be happy to hand it back over."

"You own a company?" asked Kara, looking at Ana. Ana let out a small smile before saying "Starrware Industries, yeah. We're bigger than Apple in England."

"You're Karen Starr?" asked Alex, looking at her. "Aren't you a little young?" Ana smiled and said "It's amazing what a different accent can do for ya." with an excellent RP English accent. "It took me weeks to learn, but now I can do it perfectly. And some people don't really care about age, most people think I'm eighteen. And I ain't correcting them." She reverted to her natural accent with "How did M sound, sir?"

"Relieved to hear you were alright." said J'onn, looking at Ana. "And please, call me J'onn." Ana nodded, before saying "We will call her in a bit, promise." As soon as she finished, both she and Kara turned their heads to the balcony. At the same time, they said "Plane explosion." Ana went to get out of bed, but Rose stopped her, as Kara sped off. "Bed rest, A, we need you at full strength. Besides, there are two Supers in this country that can handle it." Ana sighed, but nodded before saying "Yeah, about that, where exactly am I? I haven't actually been told."

"This is National City, in America." said Rose, looking at her. Ana nodded, before saying "Well, that explains all the American accents." with a smile. She looked at Rose. "You know how I get when I'm cooped up."

"I'm not being unreasonable, A." said Rose, looking at her. "Once we're certain you're perfectly healthy you can get out of the bed." Ana crossed her arms as she lay back in the bed, pouting. Rose shook her head before saying "You haven't changed a bit. And that still doesn't work on me." Ana pouted again, as Rose leaned in to kiss her. And whisper something into her ear. Ana blushed, before saying "You promise?"

"I promise." said Rose, with a smile. "And unlike you, I don't break my promises." She bopped Ana on the nose, playfully. As Ana said "I didn't break it intentionally, Guppy. That portal opened before Faraday and I could get away." Rose just smiled and said "I know, A. I'm just teasing you." Ana let out a small smile, before saying "Gods, I've missed you." Rose smiled back, before saying "Missed you too."

Ten minutes later, Rose and Ana were lay together the bed, with the Pikachu in the middle of them. Alex had left to give them privacy, asking J'onn about some mission. After they had left, Ana had pulled out a laptop from her bag, and the two of them were talking to two teenagers, a boy and a girl, on the screen. "I'm so glad you're alive, Linda." said the girl, with a smile. As a Rockruff jumped into shot. "Rocky, get down." said the boy, looking at the Rockruff. "You can see Lee later."

"Oh let him be, Cole." said Ana, with a smile. "I love the little fella. He's adorable."

"He's been getting more aggressive lately." said the boy, Cole, looking at the screen. "He spends the whole night howling at the moon. I don't know what's gotten into him."

"He's probably close to evolving." said Ana, with a shrug. "I heard from Professor Kukui they start getting aggressive when they're close to evolving. He's gonna disappear to do so, so don't be surprised if he wanders off and you can't find him." Cole tilted his head, before saying "How do you know that? Who's this Professor Ku… this Professor?"

"Kukui. He's Alola's Professor." said Ana, like it was obvious. "I wasn't doing nothing during my absence. I had my own journey. Across three Regions of a parallel world." Cole rolled his eyes, as Rose said "We all know you missed her too, Oscar." Cole shook his head, as Rocky headbutted him. "I think it's time for your walk, Rocky. Come on." he said, talking to Rocky. Before saying "Carrie and I will be there tomorrow. We're taking the ten o'clock flight."

"See you in the morning then, Cole." said Ana, with a smile. Cole nodded before walking off screen, with Rocky running after him. Leaving just the girl, Carrie. "So, what have I missed?"

"Oh, there's a lot." said Carrie, with a grin. "To start with, Oscar's Dad is alive." Ana's eyes went wide, before saying "Seriously?"

"Yeah, he did what Halliday did except for the other way round." said Rose, with a smile. "He infiltrated SKUL and fed information back to M." Ana smiled, before saying "Good for Oscar. Where is his father now?"

"That's something we should talk about in person." said Carrie, with a smile. "Rose can tell you when we get off this video chat." Ana nodded, with her own smile. "So, regale me with stories of missions you've been on since I went missing."

"Seriously? He thought becoming Prime Minister would work?" said Ana, shaking her head, almost twenty minutes later. "Damn, I thought he was smart."

"He had some sort of hypnotizing device." said Carrie, looking at her. "And besides, we all know the ol' GM isn't that smart, he keeps getting outsmarted by four teenagers." Ana chuckled, before saying "Touche." Just as she and Rose heard clapping. Both of them turned their heads to see Kara and a man in the same outfit (Except it was a full bodysuit instead of a skirted one) landing. "Carrie, we've got to go." said Ana, with a smile. "My cousin just arrived."

"Oh, I can't wait to meet him." said Carrie, with a smile. "He's so dreamy." Ana rolled her eyes and said "We all know how you feel about Superman, Stewart. See you tomorrow." They said their goodbyes before Ana turned the video off. "Alright, A, I think you've spent enough under these lamps." said Rose, sitting up. "Come on, let's go meet your cousin." Ana grinned and sped off the bed, appearing at the foot of it in her normal clothes. A red leather jacket, a white blouse and a pair of jeans. As well as a black wig with a pair of blue glasses. And a ring with a Key Stone in it sat on her right hand. "Come on, slowpoke!" she said, heading for the door. Rose chuckled, before slipping off the bed, as the Pikachu ran after Ana.

Kara smiled as she watched Ana and their cousin, Clark, meet. Rose stood to the side, with the Pikachu on her shoulder. "So I have another cousin." said Clark, looking at Kara. "Why didn't you mention her?"

"Honestly? I… I thought she didn't make it off the planet." said Kara, looking at him. "It turns out she was living in London." Clark nodded, as Ana said "I was actually thinking about introducing myself to you, but my team and I never came to Metropolis." She smiled. "It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm a big fan of yours. Though not as big as my teammate… She kinda has a crush on you. She'll probably ask you to sign her poster of you when she arrives, if you're still here tomorrow." Clark chuckled, before saying "I plan to stay for a good week, Ana. Or is it Linda?"

"It's either." said Ana, with a smile. "Linda Lee was the name I was given by Mike when I first got placed at Elmtree." She looked at Kara. "Though I might change my name to Ana Danvers, if I can. I don't care if M wants me back in England, I'm not leaving my family." Kara pulled her into a hug almost instantly, making Ana smile. "Of course, I have a spare room at my apartment and Eliza will no doubt be happy to adopt you!" she said, with a grin. Ana looked at her and said "Eliza?"

"Alex's mom." said Kara, with a smile. "And my foster mom."

"She's a good person." said Clark, with a smile. "Always invites me for Thanksgiving and Christmas, especially since my ma and pa passed…" Ana gave him a soft smile, before saying "I won't have to live with her, right? I don't want to. I want to live with you, Kara."

"I'm sure that can be arranged." came a female voice, from behind them. Ana turned with Kara, to see Eliza walking towards them, with a Persian next to her. "Hey there, I'm Eliza. And if you want to live with Kara, I won't argue. I'm sure J'onn can help us with the paperwork."

"Yes, I will have somebody start on it right away." said J'onn, from where he had been stood by Alex. "It should be ready by the end of the day. Why don't you and Alex show Clark, Ana and Rose around the city? I need to talk to Eliza." Kara nodded, as Ana said "Really? You're letting us go out? Sweet! Last one outside is a rotten egg!" She sped off, causing Rose to chuckle, before saying "Same ol' Ana." She looked in the direction Ana had disappeared. "Get back here, now." As she said that, Ana reappeared. "Right. I forgot." said Ana, blushing. "I didn't have to hide my powers on Pokearth. They didn't care and I didn't have anybody to protect." Rose took her hand, before saying "I think we have some work to do, but we can do it later." She led Ana away, with Alex not far behind. Faraday and Carol also followed. Clark smiled and said "Are you sure you two are the same age?" with a smirk. Kara hit him on the arm and said "Not anymore we're not." before running after them. Clark chuckled, before following.

After Clark and Kara had changed into their civilian clothing, Alex excused herself while Rose was keeping Ana from running off. Ana had the Pikachu on her shoulder, and Faraday and Carol were holding hands as they stood in front of their Trainers. "Finally!" said Ana, with a smile, as she saw Kara and Clark walk out of the building. Kara smiled and said "Where's Alex?"

"She said she had to grab something from her apartment." said Rose, looking at Kara. "I doubt she's coming back though, even if she said she would." Kara sighed but nodded, before saying "Of course. In that case, why don't I introduce you to Cat? You'll probably be meeting her at some point anyway." Ana smiled and nodded, as Clark said "Ooo, that sounds like fun. She and I did some work together back when she was still working for the Daily Planet." Ana smiled, before saying "Let's go then! I can't wait to meet her."

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