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"So tell me again, what exactly are we doing here that's related to training?" Naruto asked, looking around the hotel resort so placed on one of the islands of a tropical archipelago. Two weeks ago pervy sage got an invite for a free stay at said hotel resort, with an offering of bringing a guest along free of charge.

"Because brat, actually taking time to relax and have fun outside of training is good for the body and mind. Besides we only have a few weeks left before we should start heading back to Konoha anyway, once we get there the missions will likely be coming in hot and heavy so best to enjoy this time while you have it, since you won't know when you'll get it next." The toad sannin told his apprentice.

"Yeah yeah, I just want to be sure that I can get in as much training as I can." He stated and Jiraiya rolled his eyes.

"The use your shadow clones and study up on Fuinjutsu if you have to do something. I've been getting on to you about advancing your understanding of it and it's use and applications. I won't be doing any physical training while we're here, You need to relax and rest kid. Honestly." He stated, sighing as he knew there wasn't any wining this so he settled for a compromise he'd been pushing for as is.

"Fine..." The blonde Jinchuuriki stated, making a clone who went to the room to start studying as told. He could allow his clone to make more clones and just do the work as is. "How'd you get tickets for this anyway, I doubt they'd just send them to you free of charge like that without a reason." He asked.

"Caught on to that huh? Good, keep your eyes and ears open for things like that, though in this case it's simple. This hotel is having it's grand opening, and thus they invited people with a Name and reputation here to the Hotel to stay during it's grand opening and garner attention to bring in more customers. I'm very well known, so I'll draw a fair bit of attention, plus I'm strong so guests will fel safe coming to a hotel like this knowing strong ninja come here as well, despite the risk of pirates and other hostiles out on the waters or other islands not far off from here."

"I get the first part, but isn't the last bit what the guards disguised as staff meant for?" He asked, and Jiraiya grinned, happy to see his training was sticking.

"Good eye, yes that's what the guards are meant for, but we're here for public view to feel reassured, while the guards are disguised so the guest can feel safe and not be wary of people walking around looking for danger. A hotel like this is supposed to create an atmosphere of relaxation and fun. Understand?"

"Yeah I get it. So let me guess. You're off to do research right?" He asked, and Jiraiya grinned.

"What do you mean off? I'm already gone." He stated as he puffed away revealing it to be a shadow clone.

"Of course you are." He voiced to no one now. Naruto sighed as he walked out of the main lobby where they'd been talking before. Naruto was 16 now and filling out now for his frame thanks to healthy eating forced by jiraiya and proper work out and training schedule. Blonde hair was a bit shaggy with laid down spikes, he needed to cut t back to it's usual length before he got back to konoha. He would have been wearing his normal clothes, except since he was on a tropical resort, Ero-senni told him to dress the part. so he was in a pair of long trunks, black and burnt orange, a hooded sleeveless vest held together at the front by a single button over the abdomen, bare chested under that, and simple slip on sandals. Though like any good shinobi he had a weapon on him, a simple knife strapped to his thing under his shorts in a simple scabbard, a knife rather than a kunai so it could lay flat. Finally his headband, black fabric and folded, instead of on his head was tied around his waist as a belt. Thus he looked the part of a man on vacation.

Though he didn't feel like being on vacation and it showed on his face. He had promises to fullfill and being on vacation with no training wasn't going to help him. He was tense and on edge and it showed in his presence, to how he walked and his expression. He took a seat at a table in a cafe aroud the main hotel, thinking about a quick light meal, maybe a cold cut sandwich since the sun was hot. He was too worked up to enjoy a good bowl of ramen, he wanted to enjoy it, not just shovel it down, contrary to popular belief on what he did anyway. He simply enjoyed with speed.

"You Sir, look as stiff and tense as a board to be nailed to a run down house." A voice came from behind him, and he looked to see a rather attractive woman with long red hair with a light pink tinge down in a loose braid pulled over one shoulder, with loose brangs framing her eyes, which were a piercing crystal blue. She wore a red twist cloth top speckled with yellow and white flecks and three black diagonal stripes across the front. Below that she wore a sheer red and white sarong tied loosely at the waist and her bikini bottom could be seen through it to match her top, with only a slim sandal to cover the soles of her feet. Her skin was most fair with just a bit of a kiss from the sun in a slight tan. All in all, she was quite attractive, and had Naruto's attention.

"That's because I feel like it, to be honest." He stated, deciding honestly was the best route to speak rather than make any other comment and make a fool of himself. "My sensei wishes me to relax, but I'm not sure I know how considering the circumstances before coming here." He spoke, sighing as he remembered the very reasons.

"Mmm, that won't do. This is a resort, you need to relax, have some fun, mingle and interact, after all what's the point of doing anything if you forget the good things you want in the end or do them for? Moments like these can serve as reminders for why and help give perspective, and a flesh set of eyes to old problems. It's therapeutic in of itself."

"Hmm, you say that as if you know it." He spoke, his mind taking in what she was saying and honesty it made sense, though he couldn't help but heard experience in her words.

"Well this isn't my first time taking the same advice I'm giving you as it was given to me." She told him, and eased forward, softly touching her hands to her shoulders. "The new hotel opens up and it's just the pick me up I need, the small escape before going back with fresh eyes, clear mind and relaxed spirit, ready to tackle the world." She soothed into his ear as her hands worked the knots and kinks out of his shoulders and neck, helping him to relax.

"You make a convincing argument." He spoke mildly paying attention now as her hands worked magic in easing the tension he felt where she was massaging.

"The most convincing arguments are the ones that are true." Her hands worked but soon pulled away as his neck and shoulders were loosened up now. "For you to really start relaxing and enjoying yourself, I'd suggest going to see the masseuse for a massage. They'll work out all the tension and make your loose and limber like on your happiest days. A relaxed and loose body responds better than a tight and tense one. Just remember to have fun and enjoy yourself, resorts exist for a reason after all." She stated, before she made her way off, and Naruto was left to his own devices, feeling out his relaxed neck and shoulders. though it was only when his sandwich was brought out to him that he shook out of his daze and realized what just happened.

"Did a woman really just rub up on me like that? ...I didn't even get her name." He muttered, flabberghasted, but her words and now this realization set in. was he really so high strung that this little action alone had so much effect on him? That wouldn't do. Maybe her and Ero-sennin was right, he needed to relax. Taking his time with his sandwich and juice, he people watched for a while from the cafe' before he asked for directions for a massage, taking the woman' advice.

For the rest of the day Naruto really enjoyed himself, finding it actually to not be so bad not that he was. He got that massage, that was a new experience, mingled and talked, had some women flirting with him, though e either turned them down or escaped, enjoyed their buffet, though still no ramen, went for a swim, getting a few stares when he did. Though it wasn't until the end of the night that something peculiar happened. It was starting to get late, the colors of the sky were beginning to shift as the sun grew closer to setting. He had to admit, Sunset from a tropical island was something else entirely. He was walking slowly, not paying attention to where he was going, watching the sunset when he bumped into someone.

"Omph! Oh sorry!" He apologized when he bumped into the person, stumbling thought caught himself, though the other person fell. From the small surprised yelp, it was a woman, young ad when he got a look at the, that as not only confirmed, but shocked to see just which young woman that was. "Hinata-chan!?" He called out, surprised.

"n-Naruto-kun!?" Said woman called in return, going a bit scarlet. Naruto was still on the ground, though she wore a pair of leather tie sandals that crisscrossed from the sandals up her foot and legs to mid calf, tied off in a bow tie. She wore a large baggy though thing zip up hoody of lavender and white, that clung to her person, though she wore no obvious lower garments, figuring she was in a bathing suit under the hoody, though what kind he couldn't see. Her blue hair done in the same hime cut as before, though aside from the bangs, it was overall much longer and all perfectly straight. Though those traits didn't distract the teenage Naruto's eyes from catching the large swell of her chest, or the shapely form of her legs from under where they came from her hoody that draped down to just her thighs, not to even mention how beautiful she was, then to top if off the pupiless subtle lavender eyes she had that separated her from the standard white eyes all hyuuga had. "w-what are you doing here?" Se asked, trying to distract herself from, well, Naruto.

"Ugh, um...j-jiraiya got a free invitation with a plus one guest come to stay...You?" He asked in return, taking a minute to process what he was seeing and the immediate effect it had on him. He recomposed himself and held ut a hand, which she took to stand back up, though shakily. She didn't let go for a moment, but releasing his hand soon after.

"t-The same, though Kurenai Sensei g-got the invite, and brought me." She spoke, keeping her stuttering to a minimal. Kurenai sensei had been working with her hard on that, he only hoped it worked now that she was suddenly in front of Naruto.

"Looks like the invited a good deal of ninja huh?" He asked, trying t make light conversation, though she just nodded. There was an awkward silence, one Naruto quickly got uncomfortable and fed up with as he spoke up again. "So I was about to go find a spot to watch the sunset before heading in...would you like to join me?" He asked,. This was good right, Hinata was a friend, still dense as ever, this was a good way to be friendly and casual around a female friend right?

"Yes! oh-um I mean...Yes, n-Naruto-kun. I-I'd love to." She spoke a shaky smile as she jumped on any chance she had of sticking close with Naruto. She certainly hadn't been expecting Naruto to be here, but she couldn't say she disliked it. Smiling, Naruto turned and led the way, going ver to a rock outcropping on the beach that was too step for anyone to climb. Well, any civilians to climp. they took to it with wall walking easily and at the top, took a seat and watched as the sun slowly drifted toward the horizon, the colors shifting vibrantly and reflecting off the tide controlled ocean.

They were silent from the start of when they sat down, right to the end, a moment of darkness before torches lit along the pathways illuminating in a theatrical fire light the paths to take. "That was something else... I've never seen a sunset like that before." Naruto spoke, in awe of the display.

"Yes. It was quite something...though I prefer sunrise." She spoke softly on the last part, a glance at Naruto when she spoke. However she didn't expect Naruto to heard it.

"Then we can watch that one too. Tomorrow Morning right? What's your room number so I can pick you up." He asked, now turing to her and she colored that she'd been caught, though only her words.

"y-yes, we can... Um, 116." She stated, embarrassed, but happy. "I-i think we should get back. Our sensei will be looking for us no doubt for the special banquet they're having for all the guests." She suggested and Naruto nodded.

"Yeah your right. Hang on!" He spoke with a grin, confusing Hinata before she squealed lightly as she was suddenly picked up bridal style and Naruto jumped, rushing towards the ground before he landed easily. Hinata was holding on to him, not prepared for the leap or the fall and with lack of control she just reached out for something to hold on to, happening to be Naruto. "Hehe, wasn't that fun?" He asked, setting her to her feel while she was still stunned at being so close to Naruto, touching him even.

However Kurenai's words mule kicked her brain back to reality to prevent her from fainting and she weakly nodded. "y-yes, it was." She agreed, but for different reasons as she smiled to herself.

"Well, let's go, if I know Ero-sennin, he'll be at the dining hall already. so we can go there first." He spoke, getting a good heading on where to go first. Hinata agreed, seeing as how they likely knew where one was, they could meet and search for Kurenai if she wasn't waiting for them too. Heading for the main dining hall, it was separate from the main hotel. It was actually some kind of entertainment hall or auditorium, meant for events from what they could gather, but given the amount of people and a grand open, it was a banquet to celebrate.

Passing through the main doors, the waiters welcomed them in and passed them a tray of drink, though Naruto declined as did Hinata, neither caring for alcohol despite the headband allowing them to drink in spite of age. Thankfully they weren't the only ones coming from the beach still in their beach wear, it was actually quite casual event. Once inside though, Hinata activated her Byakugan for a quick moment before smiling. "I see them. This way." She spoke, deactivating her eyes and showing the way.

They walked through the thickening crowd to see both Jiraiya and Kurenai sitting at the same table, the pair spotting them and Jiraiya smiling, while Kurenai shook her head in amusement, though a proud smile on her lips as she looked to hinata with Naruto, flushing a bit at the intended praise the gesture gave.

"You made it brat and brought a special someone with you huh?" He asked with a grin, making Naruto cough a bit, not lking too much what he was trying to insinuate.

"It's good you two made it, we were about to go looking for you." Kurenai stated.

"We stopped to watch the sunset, it's way different seeing it on an island than it is on the mainland." Naruto spoke, unaware of the twinkle in the sannin's eyes as he did a super fast note in his notebook and put it away before he was caught. Kurenai on the other hand raised an eyebrow, lookng to Hinata who smiled shyly and nodded, Kurenai smiling softly at he girl who for so long was practically a surrogate daughter to her.

"Well it's good you enjoyed yourselves, though take a seat, it's about to start." Kurenai stated, and the two took seats at the table. Looking across, Jiraiya and Kurenai weren't in beach wear anymore, rather they were in casual garb with a few extras, no doubt packing a few weapons on them as any god ninja would- Naruto turned to hinata on that thought, looking at her hoodie. Was she hiding a weapon too? Had to be, she was trained to...but if she were t take off the hoodie, then where?

"It's a mystery that will never be solved." Jiraiya cut in on his thoughts who grinned at his students. "The conundrum of where a woman hides weapons despite some clothes right?" He asked and Naruto nodded guardedly.

"It was just a passing thought. But that doesn't matter, what'd you d all day, research?" He asked and Jiraiya just grinned.

"Why of course, a tropical resort is a hot spot for research of all kinds. I got a whole bunch of material waiting to be compiled with a idea for a new book." He stated with a grin. Unknowingly his student had also provided him with a lot of material, never knowing he'd been spied on for most of the day.

"Yeah yeah, whatever old pervert, just keep it quiet, I get enough of that on the road with you." He told him, scooting his chair closer to Hinata now, something the other members of the table didn't miss. "So what have you and Kurenai been up to since Ero-sennin and I left for training? Kiba and shino doing alright?" He asked, figuring he'd get some small talk in while they waited for the Banquet to begin.

"Oh, we've been well, the team all together. We've gotten stronger and all risen in rank." Hinata replied with a soft smile, remembering her team. She really couldn't ask for a better team. "I think you'll be surprised how much stronger we've gotten." She stated, her confidence better in the relaxed environment an Kurenai by her side.

"Can't wait to see it when we get the chance." He said with a bright smile, enthused on seeing how one of his friends improved, making Hinata blush a bit.

"Well...what about you, Naruto-kun? You've been away for three years, surely you've gotten stronger too." She spoke and Naruto smiled.

"Of course, Been training my whiskers off to get as strong as I can." He said, even remembering how he had clones at his room studying fuinjutsu as of this moment, the only thing he was really allowed to do. He wasn't looking forward to when they dispelled with a full day of half his chakra dedicated to clones and fuinjutsu study. "Maybe after our vacation is over I can show ya." He told her, thanks to that woman before and now Hinata, he was intent on actually enjoying this vacation.

"I'd like that."

"Hey, they're starting." Jiraiya called out, pointing to a raised platform, where a man in a very expensive dark suit, foll ensemble from the tie, to vest, coat, cufflinks, tie clip, everything it spoke money, including a Cane he was leaning on looked to be as expensive as it was well made to do it's job. The man himself was well groomed with black hair streaked with gray, combed back and a full trimmed beard of faded black. Green intense eyes showed a cunning man under his age, and despite a seeming handicap in his left leg, he held himself with discipline. This man was a far cry from Gato in everywhere to Naruto's memory, this is what a businessman should look like.

"Hello everyone and welcome to the Grand opening of my Resort. A multi-week retreat for the weary souls to rest and enjoy the better things of life for a while and heal from our daily stresses. This first round of guests is now our Maiden voyage for a project that started 15 years ago and has finally come to it's final stages, the first round of guests, for we have yet to pass the most important test of all. Yours." He spoke, with a wave of his hand to everyone present in the crowd, getting a round of claps at his impressive stage presence.

"My name is Kelim Yagyu, and this resort originally started not as a dream, but as an Escape." He stated, making everyone in attendance confused. "You see our world is not a kind one, we suffer tragedies, some naturals, most orchestrated by the hands of man himself to inflict on his fellow man. Our world is full of strife and after having suffered the same a long time ago, I thought why not to do something about it. Thus my escape was born. Build an island Paradise where such things does not exist, where you can come for peace, relaxation and healing, things we all want as human beings." He went on, using mnay gestures of his arms, stance, eve the cane to sweep and catch the eye, his stage presence and ability to speak was enthralling.

"This Man is good. He touches upon base desires and old wounds no matter how small or forgotten and bring them out to what he offers. The man knows how to sell it and keep you in the reach of his verbal influence. It's almost like casting a genjutsu without actually doing it. Enrapturing the mind in the oldest of methods." Kurenai spoke, and Jiraiya nodded. Naruto and Hinata rolled that throught around a moment, before they too had to agree, especially Naruto seeing as how he preferred to talk to his opponents half the time to try and reason with them plus his actions and word.

"But then I thought, why should it only be my escape, I can't be the only one feeling this way in the world, and 15 years ago te thought struck me to share this escape, now forming into a dream. It was grueling hard work not just on myself to get such an ambitious project started, but on all of my supportive staff and employee's who have worked for me in the past or have stuck with me right up to this very moment, each putting in a great deal of hours, even moving to this very island to form a community to make this all possible." He stated, giving credit to where it was due. The staff clapping and the guests who were perplexed to see a owner so curtious to his employees. Soon waiters came from the front around Kelim with carts and trays holding platters, no doubt being the food of this banquet, as they lined up near Kelim to wait for his say.

"How my escape turned dream was just that, a dream. A pleasant transient episode of joy before I must return to reality where I suffered. So it come to pass that I realized that, if I wanted to share my desire for such things, an escape." He stated, reaching to his neck as his tone turned more seriou and he slipped a black bar like metal into his mouth and fitted up into his nose. "That you must remove that which causes the need for an escape to begin with." He stated through the mouth piece, everyone on alert now, thugh too late as the waiters pulled open the platters and grabbed cylinder and threw them, which began to smoke and fill the room, and soon, coughing.

"This world is plagued by those that wield chakra as a weapon, the ninja and the samurai, their wars between hidden villages and the wars between daimyo doesn't just harm those who fight, but those that jus happen to be in the middle. But war has only been something a chakra user was capable of. Till now." He stated, his voice gaining a metallic edge. The people were ow all coughing and trying to escape, only to find the doors were locked and the windows reinforced.

"I invited a mass of chakra wielders, shinobi and samurai, many of your of renown, along with influential persons to begin the final stages of my plan. Don't worry, we won't kill you, we're not monsters like that, but you won't be fighting. As that gas your breathing in is a biological based auto-immune chakra suppressant. Essentially it filters through your respiratory system, which then leeches onto your immune system and suppresses your chakra and physical capabilities since. It's not a jutsu, nor something you just purge from your system, it's lasting chakra suppression that works on the cellular level. The civilians should be knocked out by know and the rest of you chakra wielders, well your helpless as of right now, and in a few more minutes at most, Unconscious." He finished, standing there impassive.

Just before the gas went off, Naruto had the sudden feeling something wasn't right. However he was too late to act on it when Kelim made his move and the room was suddenly filling with gass. Civilians dropped left and right and staff wearing those mouth guards rushed through the smoke with oddly shaped weapons. However the chakra users, most trained fighters, pulled the weapon they had hidden on them and began fightig back, but soon realized their chakra was dwindling and fast.

Jiraiya gritted his teeth not what he was expecting, he tightened his fist and bashed it into a waiter's skull. "Naruto! Get out of here!" He hollared, going int a coughing fit, feeling the gases effects on him now as the man was descring. Shit.

"Hell no. I'm not leaving you!" The boy hollared, producing several clones, surprisingly. But hewas breathing hard.

"Naruto! Don't argue with me boy and go! You're a jinchuuriki, you'll heal from this and have the best chance of getting information off the Island and getting help. You can still use chakra, I can't already! Now for once don't fucking argue with me and go!" He shouted despite the coughing he had to hold back to do it, breathing in more gas. He placed his toad contract o Naruto's back to ensure it stayed safe, along with giving him his large knife he carried, he won't be needing it much longer.

Naruto was torn, not wanting to leave his sensei, his godfather to this. "Naruto! He's right. You have the ability to make it out more than the rest of us. You have to get help!" Kurenai spoke, though her focus turned to hinata who was swaying. "You have to take Hinata Naruto. If she passes out here...there's not telling what the men will do to her. Not killing us leaves things better left unsaid." She said, trying to convey what Hinata could suffer, she needed Naruto to get her away.

"But you?" He spoke and she smirked.

"I have a few surprises for anyone that tries. Now go!" SH coughed out. Naruto set his mouth into a hard line before nodding and having a clone pick up Hinata who was already ready to fall.

"Here take these. Use everything you can, got it?" Jiraiya spoke, grabbing the gear from the guard he had managed to kill, that mouthpiece, the barrel weapon with a handle, that had a crossbow handle, and his vest. Naruto took them and stuffed them into his belt. Naruto nodded to his sensei, taking Hinata from the clone now.

"Rasengan, window. Then dispel to alert the other clones to grab everything they can and meet out in the woods." He stated, now he was coughing too. The clones nodded, performing a rasengan and barreling through the reinforced window like it wasn't nothing, though the clones dispelled as soon as it was finished. the gas affects the clones too. Jumping through with Hinata in his arms, Naruto ran, ducking out of sight immediately through the resort and disappearing right into the underbrush, trying to restrain his coughing as he felt weakness set into his body, his breathing labored. A few tried to follow him out the window, but they passed out soon after on the grass and concrete outside the auditorium among glass shards.

Jiraiya and Kurenai smiled, happy their effectively surrogate children were away and safe. "I'm as dry as a bone. You?" Kurenai asked, feeling her chakra completely if they dd escape, they'd pass out sooner after, dead weight, and Naruto already have dead weight in his arms to look after till she recovered.

"Dry as prohibition." He muttered. This gas was frightening, to the sick mind who developed it, he wanted to both congratulate them on a impressive invention and then strangle hm for what it implies. It was a shinobi-killer. Through and through. "They'll be alright. Whatever this is can't stay in their system forever, just hde out long enough to get back to fighting shape and they'll get the word out." He muttered.

"And while that's happening, we have this to face." Kurenai followed up and Jraiya chuckled weakly between coughs.

"Kurenai, you know as well as I do there aren't any seals or delayed jutsu that can work without chakra right?" He asked, and Kurenai sighed.

"I know. It was just something to get Naruto moving. I'm better prepared and trained to handle that than hinata is, I couldn't let her go through that." She stated, feeling her mind starting to go. Damn guards, now they were just waiting for them to knock out in this gas.

"yeah, can't imagine what'd they do to Naruto if they learned he was jinchuuriki. even a failed extraction will kill him, and that's being kind." He stated, knowing the complexity of seals and just what naruto could suffer between the kyuubi and his seal if it was screwed with.

"We'll they're out now, and it's up to them. I'm heading out first." Kurenai called, before dropping like a lead weight.

"Ladies first then." He said mirthlessly before he took a knee. "Up to you now brat. If you're the child of prophecy like I think you are, then show me what you can do." He coughed out last, before his world went dark.

The guards closed in now, wielding their strange barrel like weapons, though never needing to fire them. "Looks like a few had enough to break a window, though they didn't get far." One commented.

"Used up all they had for a failed escape. Well, rope'em up and the truck will be by soon to pick them all up." Another spoke as they got to work. They had a few dead from lucky shots mostly, other than that, a room full of shinobi and samurai knocked out with gas cans. Kelim was right, it was easy with the right tools.


Naruto huffed and coughed as he ran harder than he ever remembered running before. That gas while it took longer to affect him, he'd been working hard with heavy breath before he got clear of the gas and now it was running through his system, doing it's intended function. He could feel his chakra fading from his senses on using it. It was like losing a vital sense, like his hearing or vision as his chakra was being suppressed.

He kept running through the underbrush as the foilage of the tropical island got denser, heading deeper into the jungle of the island. That guard's equipment hastily secured to his body, he could begin to feel it's weight more acutely, not to mention the unconscious Hinata in his arms. But he didn't quit as he ran. He got a little boost in chakra when a clone dispelled, sending him it's memories. He stumbled as knowledge of fuinjutsu entered his mind, they studied a lot, but he got information he needed and altered his course with the new knowledge.

He ran, using the small burst of returned chakra to fuel his sprint. He was really feeling the drain now before he saw familiar orange and black clothes. "Boss!" One of the clones called out, waving them over. Naruto carrying hinata slowed as they approached. "We got everything out of our room and went to hinata's to grab her stuff, though we couldn't tell who's was who's so we grabbed everything. Managed t grab some food too." The clone spoke, showing he and the other clones had packs of stuff with them.

"Good work guys. But we need to find somewhere to bed down. Hinata's in no condition and that gas is playing havoc with my system." The original spoke, suppressing a mild cough. The clones nodded as they followed the original, heading down a game trail before diverging off and into the wild brush again. It was a sweaty trek for the original with his stamina being sapped with his chakra, but he came to a small cave eventually, where he set hinata down, using a clothes bag for a pillow while he set back against the cave wall.

"Go on and get some rest boss, we can keep watch till we dispel so you can rest and recover. Hinata-chan's going to need you awake and alert as soon as possible." The clone spoke and the original wasn't going to argue that point. Easing down against the cave wall, he tilted his head back and closed his eyes, allowing the new sense of fatigue to take him as he passed out, their next course of action in this chaos sure to be as extreme as what led them to it.

[Hours Later]

Naruto Stirred from his sleep looking around, he was greeted to the small cave he lodged up in, though he felt a warmth and looked down to see Hinata snuggled into his, shivering slightly. Realizing what happened, he reached for a clothing bag and pulled out something to lay over her, not a blanket but it was something and he didn't want to disturb her.

Sighing, he looked around to see his clones were gone, driven home by his new found understanding for another layer of fuinjutsu theory and application. Though admittedly it was pretty low level despite how easy it came to him. Fuinjutsu just didn't interest him but ero-sennin kept insisting he learned it, so he did, though only the bare minimal.

It was still dark outside, the sun hadn't risen yet. Forming a cross seal, he tried to make a kagebunshin, but it failed, not even a failure really, he couldn't draw on his chakra at all. Totally suppressed. "Well this is new." He spoke, even when he had the chakra draining device doto put on him during that land of snow mission he didn't feel this powerless. He only had his physical ability now.

Talking out loud apparently disturbed Hinata as she woke up from her rest, groggy and confused. "What?" She spoke, looking around.

"Hinata-chan." Naruto spoke, getting her attention. She seemed out of it, quite dazed actually and color forming on her cheeks asher eyes focused on Naruto. "What's the last thing you remember?" He asked, trying to see what effects the gas has had on her. Hinata was confused a moment before she narrowed her eyes in thought, then realization coming to her.

"The man, Kelim Yagyu, he turned on everyone and gased the room...I couldn't draw on my chakra, and everything started to go black." She spoke. "Where's Kurenai Sensei, and where are we?" She asked.

Naruto sighed, not really going to enjoy this. "When the room was being gased, Our sensei told me to leave and take you with me since I'm the only one who could stand the gas long enough to get out. As far as I know, we were the only ones to make it out. They told me we needed to get the information out of what happened to get rescue." He told Hinata, who sat up and stretched out her groans. "As for where we are, it's a cave on the island, far into the Jungle. When everything happened, I had the clones that were studying in my room gather up our stuff and went to your room to grab yours, but they ended up grabbing everything." He said, referring to the pile of tuff gathered up in the cave. "But Hinata, how is your chakra?" He asked, concerned.

Hinata took in all the information, thinking of what the options were and their sensei was right, they had to get the information out to get rescue. However when asked, she tried to activate her byakugan, and failing that, she tried the simplest enhancement she could think of, but nothing. "Totally suppressed." She spoke, now feeling out her body t see what she had left, and like Naruto, only her physical capabilities were intact. It was very different, though since she relied on taijutsu, it was less of a loss to her than to Naruto.

"Mine too... Which means we're left with pure muscle to get things done until we recover." He stated and Hinata nodded.

"First, we need to get information and then find a means of getting what we learn off the island. Without Jutsu or chakra, this will be difficult." She spoke, going mission mode as it were. This was a real challenge now, how to do all of this without any use of chakra.

"Maybe we wait it out? This can't last forever, can it?" He asked.

"That's the problem. I'm only an initiate med-nin, but from what the man said, it's auto-immune, meaning as he put, it circulates through the rspiratory system to get to the immune ystem, and from there to the chakra coils. Anything that attacks the immune system is virulent and typically long lasting. So we may not have access to our chakra for quite some time." She spoke, the reality of their situation coming to light.

"So physical skills only..." He spoke, not liking these odds. if he had his chakra, he could swarm the resort with clones. Now though...

"Yes, we'll have to adapt. Our mission is clear though." She spoke, seeing some light in this situation. "We better get dressed and take stock of everything we have Nauto-kun. We need to know what we have to wrk with and what we can store for later use." She stated and Naruto nodded. Naruto stepped out of the cave to let her get dressed, and oddly enough it wan't a light purple jacket, but a black one.

"You don't wear the light colored jackets anymore?" He asked, and he smiled, opening the jacket a little bit and flippng the collar, t show the light purple lavender she preferred on the inside.

"Reversible clothes for when the situation calls for it. Kurenai sensei had all of us wear them." She stated, and it made sense, guess he couldn't be wearing his orange out here in the jungle then. "Your turn." She spoke, still focuse on her task as she pulled out hers and kurenai's belonging out t sort through everything.

Naruto changed, this time wearing black as well to match Hinata, it was a t-shirt and black mesh, with long pants, black bandages wrapped around the arms from the elbows to the palms, headband in place on his forehead, shaggy hair covering it up a little bit. Nodding to her, they both set to work on knolling everything out for them to see with a glow stick naruto produced from his gear, of which he had several.

"So between us, we have several knives, Several sets of kunai and shuriken, explosive notes we don't have the chakra to use, standard two sets of slightly worn mision gear in belt pouches and two newly stocked pouches, plus a few extra surprises. A few soldier pills, bt I do not wish to try them with the gas still affecting us, who knows what might happen then. Blood pills, ration pills, a few days of food and water. Several puches, empty and full, four thigh holsters, your sensei's summoning scroll, and a few odd things here and there." She spoke, before looking to Naruto.

"Sensei shoved these on me before we escaped. A tactical vest full of pockets and some gear, a mouth piece used against the gas, and some kind o odd weapon." He stated. "The vest has some of the same standard gear our pouches, like trap and first aid materials. Not much else worth speaking of- Oh, Lucky! A radio." He spoke, pening a pocket to reveal it. Pulling it out he twisted the knob and tried to find a station, hearing static for several channel before cycling through everything.

"They may not be using the radios right now, it has been some hours." She stated, and Naruto sighed, she was probably right, he put it back to the channel he found it on and left it on for now, pulling on the vest since it fit him. He pulled on his own knife and Jiraiya's larger knife he carried, giving him two, while putting on his and his sensei' pouches and thigh holsters, gearing up and Hinata doing the same. He passed the mouthpiece to Hinata, letting her take it, and insisting she did.

Looking to the weapon though now getting a chance to look it over. "Kinda reminds me of a crossbow, so does it fire something like a crossbow?" He asked, looking from the handle and trigger to the barrel. "I'm assuming so, but what does it fire?" He asked alo,ud, getting a measure of it's size and weight. It was bigger than a hand crossbow and longer, almost requiring two hands to hold on handle and barrel. It was fairly heavy, being made of metal and the barrel was longer than his hand with a slanted handle. There was some kind of underbarrel on it, but it was closed at the end, and a ring on a lever over the handle. "Should we try it?" He asked her.

"Maybe not, there's no telling what it shots and we might need to save it for when we need it. So just hold on to it." She stated and Naruto nodded. Putting the weapon in his belt for now. "We should probably eat and then pack up everything we don't need to store and come back for later, we can use this place as a base while we work."

"Right. You're on fire HInata!" He spoke with a smile, he knew Hinata was a good kunoichi she just needed to see it for herself.

"t-thanks. It was all kurenai sensei's training though." She spoke, and naruto shook his head.

"Nah you been like that for years, you just needed someone to help show it properly, that's all." He told her. "Well, let's see what we have to eat." He stated, and they both sat down to go through their food and eat. Just because they didn't have their chakra was any excuse to lose their minds. Right now they had a mission and they would complete it. It was time to see if they were still Ninja or not even without their chakra.