Ok so first things first. This is my first fanfiction so be nice. Also I'm an Aussie so mum will be spelt with a u.

Things to know

~ This is a Dear Evan Hansen and Hairspray crossover.

~ Connor doesn't die.

~ Connor and Zoe are twins.

~ Zoe and Evan are dating.

~ Alana and Connor are dating (because why not).

~ The normal Hairspray ships are together ( Trink and Penweed).

~ The story is mostly in Zoe and Evan's POV

DISCLAIMER- I obviously own nothing but the story line.With all that being said, let's begin the story

Zoe's POV

"Guys you have to come see my new invention!" Jarred yells as he runs into the library which we where were all sitting in. "Shhh!" the old librarian screeches. I giggle. Jarred has always had a thing for inventing. "What is it now dork?" Connor asks. "You don't have to be so mean Connor," I say. "It's not mean Zoe. I just gave him a nickname," Connor replies. I roll my eyes. "Anyway what's your invention?" Evan asks. "Follow me!" Jarred tells us as he runs out the door. We all jump up and follow him. After running for a couple of minutes we reach the science room. Jarred opens the door to reveal a large object covered by a sheet. We all enter and stand around whatever is under the sheet. "Taadaa!" Jarred says as he pulls the sheet off his invention. "What is it?" Alana asks. "It's a time machine" Jarred announces proudly. "A time machine?" Connor asks in disbelief. "Yep. And I'm pretty sure it works too," Jarred says. "Cool!" I say. "Come on Zoe. You don't honestly believe him do you?" Alana asks me. "Of course I do!" I reply. "Hey what does this do?" Connor asks as he starts to turn a dial on the side of the machine. "Connor! Don't touch that?" Jarred yells but it's too late, the machine lights up, starts flashing and makes continuous beeping noises. "Now look what you've done!" I yell to Connor. "Shut up Zoe! I'm trying to fix it!" Connor yells back, pushing every button on the machine. "Connor stop! You're making it worse!" Evan, who hadn't said anything in awhile, yelled suddenly. "Well I'm trying!" Connor yells, still pushing buttons. Suddenly we hear Alana squeal. We all turn our heads to see her being sucked into the machine. " Alana!" Connor yells as he stops pushing the buttons. "Holy crap," Evan mutters. I grab onto his hand, worried that either me or him will be taken next. Then Connor was sucked into the machine, shortly followed by Jarred. "I guess we're next," Evan tells me. I just nod, too afraid to speak. The machine had just taken my two best friends and my twin brother and it's about to take us. I feel myself lift off the floor. I tighten my grip on Evan's hand. I don't care if the machie takes us. As long as I'm with him I'm happy. Suddenly the world around starts spinning. I begin feel very queasy so I shut my eyes. Suddenly we hit the ground. "Ow!" I mutter against the concrete. I slowly stand and look around. There's people with old fashioned clothing and bee-hive hairstyles littering the streets. " Oh my gosh! Zoe, Evan! I thought you weren't going to come!" Alana yells as she pulls us into a tight hug. Once she let's go Connor pulls me into his arms. We may not see eye to eye all the time but he's still my brother and I'm his baby sister, despite the fact that I'm only younger by a minute and a half. He is very protective. "You ok Little Sister?" Connor asks. "I'm fine Big Brother," I tell him. We hug for another couple of minutes and I don't think he wants to let go of me. "Not to interrupt this adorable sibling moment but we really need to work out where the hell we are!" Jarred laughs. We pull away and Connor coughs awkwardly. "Umm yeah. Of course," he says. I can't help but laugh. "There's a newspaper stand over there. A newspaper will have the town and date on it," Alana says as she walks over to it. "On the plus side, your inveinvention works," I say to Jarred. "Oh my god Zoe!" Evan and Connor say at the same time and start laughing. "Umm guys we have a problem," Alana says as she walks over to us. We stand around her since she has the paper and read the title. "Baltimore 1962," Evan reads aloud. We all look at each other. "Ok we definitely have a problem," Jarred sighs