Hi! I have my laptop back, so I can 1- Write at school and 2- Write a lot easier. So this chapter and the next two will be kind of all over the place. So this will be all Zoe's POV, the next when will be all Alana's POV and the next ones be in Evan and Jarred's POV. I'm chopping this chapter in half because it'll be way to long otherwise. Does that make sense? You'll get it once the next chapter is up. And I'm sorry for not updating again. So with all that being said, let's get on with the story.


"What class do you have next?" Alana asks. "I don't know but I know I'm in the same class as Jarred" I say. "Have fun with that" Alana jokes. "Yeah. I can usually deal with it but after all that, I'm not so sure" I say. "You'll be fine Z. If he gets to annoying, which is highly likely, just remember that your coming home with me tonight!" Alana says happily. "True. It'll be fun. Thanks again for letting me come over" I say. "Well it's not like I wasn't going to. You and Evan just had your first fight. If we were back home you would be living with me for at least two days!" Alana laughs. "You didn't stay at mine after your and Connor's first fight" I point out. "You live with Connor!" Alana laughs. "Oh yeah. I do, don't I" I laugh. "And you came to my place for two days after that fight" Alana reminds me. "Oh yeah, and on the first night we watched every single Bring It On movie" I say. "And over the two days we made basically every recipe in the cookbook you brought over" Alana says just as the bell rings.

"There's the bell" Alana says. "Yeah" I sigh sadly. "You'll be fine Z" Alana reminds me. "If you say so. Where do you want to meet after school?" I ask. "Out the front?" Alana suggests. "What if I see Evan?" I ask. "Ignore him and if you really want to, give him a death glare" Alana says. "Do you think I'd be able to pull off a death glare?" I ask. "Nope, but you can still try" Alana says. "I'm insulted. Anyway I should probably go. See you after school" I say, standing up. "See you after school" Alana repeats. We quickly hug and go our separate ways.

"Zoe, over here" Jarred calls as I walk into the science room. I walk over to him and sit down. "Hey Jarred" I say quietly. "Hey Zoe. Are you ok?" Jarred asks. "What do you think?" I snap. "I was just asking, no need to get snappy" Jarred says. "Sorry. I'm just not feeling amazing" I say. "What a way to state the obvious. Anyway, although I'll probably be really bad at it, I'm here if you need any umm moral support" Jarred say awkwardly. "Thanks Jarred" I laugh. "So you're going to Alana's place after school?" Jarred asks. "Yeah, it'll be fun" I say. "Look Zoe. I'm really sorry for stressing you out before. I didn't mean too" Jarred confesses. "It's ok. I've felt shitty all day, I was bound to breakdown eventually." I shrug. "Hey you two, be quiet and focus" The teacher yells. "Sorry" We say in unison, opening our books and starting to read.

"Can't this class go any faster" I mutter to Jarred, who laughs in return. "There's only about five minutes left. I'm sure you'll survive Zoe" Jarred says. "No I won't" I pout jokingly. "Yes you will. I'm pretty sure the teacher is going to start talking about something we probably already know and by the time he's done, the bell would of gone" Jarred says. Sure enough, the teacher starts talking about something I learnt two years ago. In the middle of whatever he was saying my mind started to wander and typically, my mind wandered to Evan. I wonder if he is still mad? This is my own fault, if I hadn't of lied we wouldn't be in this mess. God if only I was normal.

"Hey Zoe, class is over" Jarred says, snapping me out of my trance. "Finally" I mutter. "You seemed a million miles away, what were you thinking about?" Jarred asks, "What do you think I was thinking about?" I ask. "Ok, yeah I should've known the answer to that question. Come on lets go" Jarred says. We walk out the science room and into the hallway. "Hey can you do me a favor?" I ask. "Depends" Jarred replies. "Can you put my book away. Evan will probably be there and I really don't want to see him right now" I say. "Yeah, of course. Have fun with Alana" Jarred says. "Bye" I say. He smiles and walks down the hall. I walk down the hall and out the door.

"Where is she?" I mutter to myself. I look around the courtyard. Do people of colour have to go out another way? Surely this place can't be that prejudice can it? As I begin to walk to the other side of the building to check whether there was another door Evan appears randomly in the distance. He turns around and looks at me and as Alana suggested, I glare at him. He kinda just stares back, looking like he just kicked a puppy. I nearly crack and go over to him but luckily Alana appears next to me. "Hey Z. Nice stare. I'm proud of you" Alana says. "You shouldn't be. I nearly caved and went over" I say. "Of course I'm still proud of you. You're standing next to me, not Evan, and you were giving him a death stare" Alana says. "Yeah I guess" I say, looking down.

"Anyway, Zoe this is Seaweed, Seaweed this is Zoe" Alana says. "Hi" I whisper. "Hello" He waves. "So we have to pick up Inez from school and then we will go home ok" Alana says. "Who's Inez?" I whisper to Alana. "Seaweed's sister. She's in 7th grade" Alana whispers back. "Oh Zoe. You'll probably get stared at for being next with us, being in our neighborhood, being in a two metre radius of us, you get the point" Seaweed says. "That's alright. I'm stared at at school so it can't be much different" I mumble. "Why are you stared at at your school?" Seaweed asks. "For a lot of things" I say. "Ok moving on, we better get walking otherwise we won't make it in time" Alana says. Seaweed nods and we begin walking.

"So how's Baltimore been treating you?" Seaweed asks. "Nicely. The people are pretty cool" I say. "That's good to hear" Seaweed says. "Yeah. The Turnblads, the people Jarred, Evan and I are staying with, are super nice" I say. "So what are your interests?" Seaweed asks. "Well I play guitar in jazz band, I sing occasionally and I'm a dancer. I do competitions sometimes" I say. "Oh cool. I dance on The Corny Collins Show" Seaweed says. "I didn't see you yesterday" I say. "Oh I'm only allowed to dance on Negro Day which only happens once a month. It's on late night t.v" Seaweed says. "Oh cool. I'll have to watch it one night" I say.

"How long do you think you're going to be stuck here for?" Seaweed asks. "I don't know. Jarred, who created the time machine, predicts at least another two months. It could take up too a year though" I sigh. "Wow. Does he have the right materials?" Seaweed asks. "He claims he does but I don't believe him" I say. "Why?" Seaweed asks. "Because you never believe anything Jarred tells you" Alana pipes up. "Why?" Seaweed asks. "Because Jarred likes to lie, like a lot" Alana says as we reach the middle school.

"What time does the middle school finish?" I ask. "In five minutes" Seaweed says. "Ok" I say. "So, do you guys ever have like dances here?" Alana asks. "Yeah, why?" Seaweed asks. "Oh no reason, I was just thinking about the school dance coming up at our school back home" Alana says. "Oh yeah," I say "I forgot about that". I'm really excited for that dance. Alana and I have been talking about it for weeks. "Well we probably should go a bit closer to the door" Seaweed says. "Is that where you meet after school?" I ask. "Not usually but on Friday last week I forgot to pick her up and she was stuck at school for thrity minutes after the bell went" Seaweed says. "You forgot to pick up your sister?" I ask, laughing a bit. "Yep" Seaweed says. "Did you get in trouble with your mother?" I ask. "Yes. A lot of trouble actually" Seaweed says. "I'm glad Connor has never forgotten me" I say. "I'm pretty sure it would be impossible for Connor to forget you. You're the same age. You're in the same class for like ninety percent of your classes" Alana says. "Good point" I say just as the middle school bell goes.

"People are staring at us" Seaweed hisses to Alana and I as we wait for Inez to come out of the school. "Why?" I ask. "Well for a start, 'white' people hate coloured people and secondly, there are two 'coloured' people are standing with a 'white' person" Seaweed says. "Wow this place is prejudice. What's the problem with having dark skin?" I ask. "I don't know but this is how it is" Seaweed sighs. "Come on Z, we know why people didn't, well don't in this decade, like people of colour. We learnt it in history remember?" Alana says. "Woah, you guys learn about the 60's in your history classes?' Seaweed asks. "Yeah" I say. "That's actually really cool. Kinda weird but really cool" Seaweed says. "I know, and that's why it's so weird being here" Alana says.

"It's been ten minutes since the bell has gone, where is she?" Seaweed asks. I shrug my shoulders. "Are you allowed to go in there and check?" Alana asks. "I don't see why I wouldn't be. Lets go to the front office" Seaweed says. We walk into the school and go to the front desk. "How may I help you?" The woman behind the desk asks, in a slightly annoyed tone and a barely concealed disgusted look on her face. I roll my eyes. I'm really glad people don't care what colour your skin is back home. "Umm my sister hasn't come out yet. Do you know where she is?" Seaweed asks. "What's your sister's name?" The woman asks, rolling her eyes. "Inez Stubbs" Seaweed says. The woman looks through a note book and looks at us. "She was given a detention" The woman says. "What for?" Seaweed asks. "Crossing over to the white kids side of the cafeteria" The woman says. You can tell Seaweed was really angry. "Ok," Seaweed says, taking a deep breath "When will she be out?" Seaweed asks. "In twenty minutes or so" The woman says. "We'll wait outside for her then" Seaweed says, leading Alana and I outside.

"You should probably call your mother, so she doesn't think you forgot Inez again" Alana says. She pulls herself up onto a stone garden bed wall out the front of the school. I jump up next to her, though it's a little bit harder to me to get up, since Alana is a bit taller then me. "Yeah, I probably should. You girls stay here in case she comes out early" Seaweed says. He walks over to the telephone booth, leaving Alana and I out front of the school.

"How are you going?" Alana asks. "I don't know" I sigh. "What do you mean?" Alana asks. "I just, I just don't feel anything" I say. "Zoe..." Alana sighs. "What?" I ask. "Nothing, I'll tell you later" Alana says. "Evan looked really guilty" I say quietly. "Zoe, don't think about him ok. At least not until I drop you home. It'll just make you feel bad" Alana says. "Yeah I guess you're right" I say. "Oh you know I'm right" Alana jokes. "Do I now?" I ask. "You sure do Z" Alana laughs just as Seaweed comes back. "Ok so, mum knows and she's mad" Seaweed says. "Mad at Inez or mad at the school?" Alana asks. "The school" Seaweed says. "I can imagine. I know I've said this a heap of times but this place is super prejudice" I say. "You've only said that once" Seaweed says. "Oh, I've said it to Connor, Jarred and Evan a heap of times" I say and Seaweed nods his head. "There's Inez" Alana pipes up. We look towards the door and sure enough, there's Seaweed's sister, walking with her head down.

"Inez" Seaweed says. "I didn't even do anything wrong, I was trying to go to the bin because our side's one was crowded" Inez grumbles. "I knew you wouldn't of done anything wrong. I called mum" Seaweed says. "Is she mad at me?" Inez asks. "Nope. She's mad at the school though" Seaweed says. "At least she isn't mad at me" Inez says, looking up. Her eyes go wide when she looks at me. "Who are you?" Inez asks. "I'm Zoe. I'm Alana's best friend" I say. "Oh cool. I'm Inez, Seaweed's sister" Inez says and we shake hands. "How long does it take to walk back to your place?" I ask Seaweed. "Not long, twenty minutes" Seaweed says. "Ok" I say.

"So Inez are you in any clubs at school?" I ask. "Yeah, I'm in the coloured band. I play clarinet" Inez says. "Oh that's awesome. I'm in the jazz band back home and I play guitar" I say. "Awesome" Inez says. "So I'm guessing you're into performing like your brother" I guess. "Yep, our whole family loves performing. Mum is the host on Nergo Day for The Corny Collins Show and mum owns the record store" Inez says. "That's cool" I say. "So Inez other then getting a detention that wasn't your fault, what did you do at school today?" Seaweed asks. "We learnt more on the American Revolution and we learnt about forces in Science" Inez explains. "That sounds cool" Seaweed says. "Yeah. Ellen invited Cindy and I over for a sleepover on the weekend, so I'll have to ask mum whether I can go when we get home" Inez says. "That's nice of them. Why didn't she invite Mary?" Seaweed asks. "She's camping on the weekend" Inez says. "Oh ok" Seaweed says.

After another ten minutes of walking and talking we reach Seaweed and Inez's house. "Well this is it" Seaweed says to me. "It's nice" I say. His house is a bit like Tracy's. A shop on the bottom with a house on top. "There will probably be customers, so be warned" Seaweed says. "Why should I be warned?" I ask. "Because most of them wouldn't expect to see a 'white' girl in the shop" Seaweed says. I nod. "Alright then, let's go inside" Seaweed says.