Yoooo! Hello guys welcome to my first ever fanfic

And it's crossover and who wouldn't like crossovers now that's out of the way let's start what I hope to be a good fanfic enjoy. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxx. "Grrrrraaaaaaaaaaaa"the screaming of a dying merged Zamasu, after trunks cut merged into half Zamasu was consumed by the light energy of all the Humans on the planet. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx "grrrr" a certain Black Goku opened his eyes slowly waking up,"where am I ,I should be dead by now but I feel like normal "said black he got up wondring around him he thought he is dead after that spirit sword cut merged Zamasu, but he could feel that everything was normal, he looked around he saw trees and birds as if the whole zero mortals plan never happened."everything is fine as if the nothing happened,damn those mortals "said black in a very dark tone. Trying to sense the if the sayins are still around along with Zamasu but nothing he couldn't feel any of there ki's.This made black smile like miniac "this would be the perfect chance to get rid of the mortals without interference " he then sensed several power levels but they weren't as strong ak him not even a challenge to him but he wanted to see what they can do so he went behind a tree he saw a group of people that had some wired symbols around there body. It was crime sorcier and the fairy Tail mages ,"Zeref ?magic?what are these mortals talking about". Well if anything happens just tell us we will be waiting " said Jellal in a normal tone "don't worry If anything happens we'll deal with it " said Natsu firing his fist "aye sir" said happy. "Well I guess finishing these mortals would be good start but what is this Zeref they talk about?" Thought,"what is that I feel several ki aproching this mortals " said black then out of nowhere 50 demon like creatures appear , "what are these thing " exclamed gray "they magical demons carefull they can drain your magic power " said ultear , one of the demons snuck behind Wendy black didn't attack thinking that they noticed it but no the demon got Wendy , Wendy started screaming and crying while more demons started grabing her and draining her magic "WENDY " said Carla in horror BOOM "NO" the smoked cleared showing black holding a demon by his throat while the rest of the demons were dead on the ground and only wendy alive "so mortal not so tough are you " said black in the evilest tone ever black punched the demon right through his chest everyone was shocked Wendy was horrified backing up and running tword her friends "what did that sick basterd did" said Gray with horror in his eyes everything one was shocked "Hello mortal" said black with a sadistic smile.