Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Chapter 1 : Introductions And What-Not

Now you may be asking what I'm doing writing another story, well, lemme just say that uh... There's a little something called motivation and ideas and frankly, I've run short on both of them for the last two stories. Disappointing right?


Cuz' I'm here to write a new one! It's a crossover (I know right? Another crossover?) between Nisekoi and Naruto because that department is severely lacking in stories. I'm not gonna say that they're good or bad, just that they need more of it. ANYWAYS, I'm going to stop talking now!

Enjoy the story!

Oh! By the way, I might be adding some elements if not the entire thing from Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism. Things such as characters, subtle references, OR THE ENTIRE FUCKING SCHOOL. So uh yeah, watch out. I'm only saying this because I write the little authors note before I write the actual story to pump myself up, y'know? SO ANYWAYS, I'll shut up now.

FINAL THING, I promise, I'm not very good at explaining stuff and don't know a lot about the story and its characters so I'm just going to be using the wiki as help, please point out anything that you may have noticed is wrong and I'll fix it up. I want to make these stories not only enjoyable to read for me, but also for you guys.

Disclaimer - I do not own anything from Nisekoi, Naruto or any other franchise that I just happen to include for shits and giggles.

In this distance on a green prairie by the mountains, two children could be seen playing together. One a blonde boy with piercing blue eyes and three whisker-like birthmarks on his cheeks, while the other a girl, brown long hair with matching eyes. In her hands, she held a key, whilst the boy, a pendant in the shape of a lock.

'You keep the lock,' She told the boy as he nodded wiping away the oncoming tears.

'And I'll keep the key...' The girl then proceeded to hold the key closer to her chest before continuing, 'Let's wear them always and treasure them forever, so that someday when we are all grown up and are reunited, we'll use this key to take out what's inside'.

'And then...' She continued wiping away her own tears, 'Let's get married!'




Amethyst purple eyes snap open to the sound of an alarm clock. The figure sits up slowly as he turns it off. Crimson hair in a mess and clothes dishevelled, the figure gets up out of the futon laid out in the centre of the room revealing the same boy from the dream except much older. He was quite tall at 6'1 and his body was well toned, similar to that of a swimmer. He quickly fixes the sheets before heading to his bathroom to take a quick bath before coming back out to get dressed in his school clothes.

A few minutes later he came out wearing black pants, with matching shoes and jacket. His white shirt was tucked into his pants and he had the top button undone. To finish it off, he wore a mask of a fox, his necklace he was entrusted with so long ago was hung loosely from his neck and finally a katana strapped at his side. The katana's blade was a metallic orange, with the blade being a more noticeable, lighter shade. The blade collar, handguard, which was in the shape of a lotus flower, and braiding was a steel grey and the spaces in between the braiding were wine red. Finally, the scabbard was steel grey and had an orange rope tied around it near the handguard to tie around his waist. On the scabbard, "Uzumaki No Ha", or "Maelstrom's Edge" was written (N/A I know this may not be completely correct or at least sound correct but it was the closest as I could get with my limited knowledge of Japanese and through a quick search on Google, without using Google Translate).

The young man walked down the hall, his hand on his blade, as men bowed to him in respect as he passed, saying their good mornings to him. He gave a silent nod to each and every one of them to show his equal respect for them before finally reaching the main building. The right-hand man of his clan's, The Namikaze Clan, leader, his Grandfather, Ryu.

"Ah! Naruto-Sama! Good morning!" Ryu said as the now named, Naruto, entered the room giving him a small nod as he passed him by. Ryu is a tall, muscular man with a large dragon tattoo on his exposed shoulder. He had a scar going down the middle of his face, in between his eyes, and had dark brown hair and moustache. He is wearing a light purple kimono, with a dark purple belt and finally, the sleeve on his right shoulder was exposed, showing off his tattoo.

"Where is Tsukuyo-Chan?" Naruto asked as he stopped and began looking around.

"Oh! Tsukuyo-Sama has already departed for school, but your father did want me to tell you this," Ryu stopped as his eyes narrowed and his voice lowered, "There have been reports of another gang in the area... I would like you to keep an ear out and stay safe in the meantime because there might be a possible gang war soon. Other than that I wish you luck on your day, Naruto-Sama!" He finished off as he bowed, watching Naruto slowly walk off.

10 minutes later...

Naruto has finally arrived at school. As he walked in through the front gates everyone noticed him and began to shoot him uncomfortable looks. He could understand, it was the first day of school and he had a sword and a mask, not to mention he was quite tall and he radiated a sort of untouchable and dangerous vibe. He eventually shrugged it off as he began to walk alongside the fence of the school pondering about his own social life. As he did a girl approached him. She had brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. She was around 5'2 meaning that when she approached Naruto, he had to look down quite a bit. The girl was wearing the female school uniform which consisted of a white top with a baby-amethyst purple collar with matching skirt and orange pinned tie.

"Uh... Um... Excuse me?" She stuttered, but still gaining Naruto's attention.

"Yes?" Naruto asked, being drawn out of his thoughts as he looked down to look at the girl. The girl visibly flinched as his piercing amethyst purple eyes gleamed through the slits of his mask.

"I was wondering if you knew the way to classroom 1-A?" She responded trying to avoid making eye contact.

"What a coincidence, that is where I am going right now," He said as he continued to look down at her, "Would you like to go together?"

"Huh? Oh! U-uh sure! Why not?" She responded, dumbfound and slightly fearful.

"Come along now then," Naruto urged as continued on his way, with the girl now following in toe, "Say, I didn't quite catch your name..."

"O-oh! It's Kosaki Onodera..." The now named Kosaki stated.

"Kosaki Onodera..." Naruto responded as he began to ponder on that name, it seemed somewhat familiar to him, like a distant memory that he was trying to remember but couldn't, "A beautiful name for a beautiful girl, I guess. Anyways, I'm Naruto Uzumaki".

A small blush made its way onto her face as she looked away. Naruto took notice of this and chose to ask her what was wrong.

"I-It's nothing! L-Let's just get going!" She responded as she began to walk in the opposite direction of the classroom.

"Excuse me, Onodera-San, Class 1-A is that way," The masked Naruto told her as she stopped before turning around and began marching awkwardly towards the direction. Seeing this, he sighs in amusement before following without a word.

A few minutes later...

A few minutes later, Naruto and Kosaki finally arrived at classroom 1-A. The door was wide open and from outside they could hear their soon to be new classmates talking to each other and socialising. Topics such as favourite foods, new games and sports teams were brought up as they stood outside the door.

"Well, here we are," Naruto began, "After you".

He quietly ushered Kosaki inside as they began to walk in, with the class instantly falling deathly quiet upon the two new arrivals. The sight of a cute girl, to the boys, accompanied by a dangerous looking, armed and masked, boy with crimson hair got the entire class to go silent. There were varying emotions in the class, but there was one that was certain... A slight fear. A fear of the unknown as his mask and stiff posture made it impossible to read him. Also, there was also the extremely dangerous aura that he gave off.

The air was tense, even Kosaki had lost fallen quiet and lost her blush.

Then all of a sudden the sound of the bell rung through the quiet classroom. Cutting away any tension that had been previously present. The teacher walked in noticing the extremely tense situation and armed and masked Naruto standing at the front with Kosaki.

"U-Um... Excuse me," Everyone turned to stare at her as she made her presence known, with Naruto's eyes once again becoming visible through the slits of his mask giving him an extremely intimidating look, "B-But may everybody please go to take a seat now?"

The class silently as Naruto nodded towards Onodera ushering her to go and sit somewhere before taking a seat at the back left corner near the window, sitting up straight paying attention directly to the teacher. However, still noticing all the stares he was getting from his fellow classmates.

"Is there a problem?" He asked. They all flinched when they noticed that he noticed them looking at him before quickly snapping back around to look at their homeroom teacher.

"I-It seems that everyone here seems a little... Tense, at the moment," She began, "So why don't we uh... Introduce ourselves! Yeah...".

"Who wants to go first?" No one put their hands up, "W-What about you?" She pointed at Naruto who silently nodded before standing up straight.

"Greetings, I am Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. I am the next in line to become head of the Uzumaki Clan and like you, am 16 years old. I like ramen, training and reading. I dislike the scum of society. My hobbies include training, reading and when I have time, napping. Finally, my dream is to one day find the girl who gave me my necklace and marry her," Naruto introduced before sitting back down.

"O-Okay... Uh, can the next person please introduce themselves..?"

Upon seeing the necklace, a look of shock made its way onto Onodera's face as she saw the key-shaped locket, 'N-No... Could it be? Could he be it?'. While Onodera began pondering to herself about it, Naruto took note of this and decided to confront her about it before shifting his attention to the student who was introducing himself.

"Hi, I'm Shuu Maiko! I like glasses, girls and fooling around! I don't dislike a lot of things. My hobbies include photography and hanging out with my friends! Finally my dream... Well, I'll find out soon enough!" The now introduced Shuu announced before sitting back down. Shuu has dirty, blonde hair and golden brown eyes. He wears a pair of circular glasses and the normal school uniform with white and brown slip-on shoes. He appeared unfazed by the situation and current tension which in turn led people to calm down as well after seeing his happy and go-lucky attitude.

"Okay then. How about you next please!" The homeroom teacher asked, pointing at a girl with brown hair and glasses.

"Okay, My name is Ruri Miyamoto. I like my friends, swimming and doing martial arts. I dislike incredibly dense people and perverts. My hobbies include being with my friends, swimming and doing martial arts. My dream is to one day find the right person and settle down," Ruri announced emotionlessly before sitting back down. Ruri has straight brown hair that was kept in a high ponytail and her bangs were cut hime-style leaving two long fringes to frame her face. She, like many of the other girls, wore the standard school female uniform but had black, knee-length socks and brown slip-on shoes.

After her Kosaki stood up.

"H-Hello, my name is Koskai Onodera. I like animals, pastry designing and candied sweet potato. I do not dislike a lot of things, but I do not, however, like konjac. In my spare time, I like to make sweets and play with animals. My dream is... Is... Is to find the right person and have a family," She introduced before sitting back down.

Then it went on like that, each and every person introduced themselves to everyone. However, in reality, the Author just really didn't want to have to write that much because of pure laziness.

Before anyone noticed, the bell had rung, meaning homeroom was over and everyone had begun to head towards their second class for the day as homeroom was extended to go over period one and straight into period two.

As they all piled out of the room, chatting with each other everyone kept their distance from Naruto, except for Kosaki, Ruri and Shuu. Onodera because she already met him and deemed him to not be such a bad guy, whilst Ruri because she just really didn't care and Shuu because he was being friendly and wanted to know the dude with the sword.

Shuu snuck up behind him before launching himself at him in attempts to hang his arm around his shoulders in a friendly manner. However, the key word was 'attempts', meaning he missed as Naruto side-stepped out of reflex causing Shuu to trip himself and launch forward straight onto Ruri who was walking in front of them with Kosaki. It turned out they were close friends by the way, which didn't really shock Naruto at all.

"Ow... All I wanted was to get to know you, man... Plus what's up with this floor, it's unusually soft" Shuu grumbled as he lay on what he thought was the floor.

"Sorry, reflex," Naruto apologised as he and Onodera stopped to help them, "However, I believe the situation you are in is something to be more worried about".

Shuu in confusion, looked down to see that Ruri was underneath him and he was gripping her left breast and in an instant, a look of shock replaced his confused face as he was frozen in place.

"Excuse me, Shuu-San, but would you kindly remove your hand from my breast and get off of me?" She asked blankly as if the situation didn't affect her at all, but that was all betrayed by a small blush that appeared on her face as she looked away, "You're knee is... Touching me... Down there...".

Shuu quickly got off in embarrassment as he stood up and helped Ruri get up, both of them blushing and looking away.

Naruto and Onodera giggle at the sight before ushering all of them to their class, which was Japanese History.

An hour or so later...

Time sure flew by as before Naruto knew it, it was home time. The four new friends just happened to have the same classes up until the end of the day on their timetables. So when the bell for home rang everyone flooded out of their classrooms and headed towards the exit. Kosaki, Ruri and Shuu, who had now calmed down, were currently heading towards the exit as well when they noticed Naruto heading in a different direction towards the roof.

"Naruto-San where are you going? The exit is that way?" Onodera asked him as he stopped.

"To the roof, to think," He said, not turning around before continuing on.

"Quite mysterious isn't he? But I guess that's one of his charms," Shuu shrugged as they watched him walk off a before turning to give Onodera a sly look, "Ain't that right Onodera-Chan?".

"W-What! N-No! W-What do you mean?!" She stuttered as she flailed her arms in front of her in embarrassment as Shuu laughed at her.

"It's obvious that you like him Onodera! I mean, it's hard not to notice when you keep looking at him in class," He told her before he began pushing her towards the direction Naruto disappeared to.

"N-No... I-I don't like him like that..." Shuu gave her a questioning look as she stared at the ground in embarrassment.

"Kosaki-Chan," Ruri began, as her friend looked up at her, "Go to him, you can do it".

'Oh no...' Onodera thought as she was eventually pushed to the door that led to the roof. It was obvious that they weren't going to give up so with a sigh of defeat, she gave up and began heading up to the roof.

There, sitting on a bench, sword placed down next to him, was Naruto. His mask was shifted upwards on his face so as to allow him to eat.

"E-Excuse me? Naruto-San?" Upon hearing her, he turned towards the source of the sound.

"Oh, Onodera-San, what was it that you wanted?" He asked.

"Uh... Um..." Kosaki began to look at the ground and fidgeted with the hem of her skirt, "I just wanted to ask you some questions, if that was alright?"

"Questions? Why not? Shall we take a seat?" He motioned towards the bench as he took a seat and motioned for her to sit next to him, "So... What was it that you wanted to ask?"

"W-Well..." 'Come on Kosaki! Think! This wasn't supposed to happen!' She thought to herself as she panicked inwardly, "Can you tell me the story behind your mask?"

A gasp could be heard escaping from his lips before he looked down.

"Y-You don't have to if you don't want to!" She told him as she waved her arms frantically.

"No, it's okay, because if I was going to tell anyone, it would be at least be you," He sighed as he straightened his back, "However, do not tell this to anyone".

She nodded quickly in response as she began to listen intently.

"It happened when I was seven..."


Here we see a young Naruto playing in the park. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and a happy look on his face as he ran around with a just as blonde and blue-eyed girl with a cherry red bow holding up her hair. As they played, four adults watched on from a bench in the park. There were two men and two women but they were all dressed one pair were dressed casually while the other pair were dressed in expensive clothes. Both men had blonde hair but were done in different styles but were both shoulder length. The extravagantly dressed man wore a white suit with a charcoal undershirt and purple tie and his hair was in no particular style but was instead just made to be kept out of his face. The more casually dressed man had spiky, untamed blonde hair and was wearing a simple blue t-shirt and tan pants with a pair of black open-toed sandals.

The more extravagantly dressed woman had dark hair that was done up in a ponytail and was wearing a white fur coat around her neck, over a jet-black jacket with a white undershirt underneath. She had on a black short skirt, held up by a belt with a circular buckle, stockings with flower patterns on them and zippered boots to finish it off. Whilst the other woman had crimson, long flowing hair with blue eyes. She wore a sleeveless white blouse underneath a green apron and light purple sandals.

These people were the parents of the two children. The extravagantly dressed couple were Adelt Wogner Kirisaki and his wife, Hana Kirisaki. The more casually dressed couple was Minato Namikaze and his wife, Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze.

"What a bright spirited boy your son is Minato," Adelt complimented as he watched his daughter and best friend's son play with each other.

"Ha ha ha! So is your daughter! Also as cute as she is now, I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't have to beat boys back with a stick when she's older," Minato told him as they laughed.

"I think I'll have to agree with my husband, Hana-Chan, because Chitoge will become quite the looker in the future," Kushina agreed as Hana nodded in agreement.

However, as the adults busily chatted with each other, the two children were playing, they did not notice the dark figure approach them from the bush and in a split second, they were gone.

"Hey! What's the big idea?!" Naruto asked/yelled as his mouth was clamped shut by a large man. He wore dark clothes and had a balaclava over his face.

"Shut it, Kid! Or the girl gets it!" He threatened him.

"No! Chitoge-Chan!" He looked for her and found her in a similar situation.

"Naruto-Kun!" She yelled as they were dragged away from the park.

"Put the bloody bags on their head already!" A voice called to the two men.

"Gotcha boss!"

And with that, Naruto saw nothing but black, but he could still feel... And hear... And taste... And smell.

He could feel himself being shoved into some kind of vehicle and he could hear Chitoge being tossed in with him. He could hear the door shut and the men get into the vehicle before driving off. He could smell the floor him and Chitoge were on and the bag that was put over their heads. He must have hit the floor pretty hard because he was still a bit dazed.

Around ten or so minutes later he felt the car come to an abrupt halt before all he felt, saw, taste, hear and smell was nothingness.

Then there was a light.

It wasn't bright, in fact, it was quite dim. it barely lit up the room around him.

In a daze, he noticed the bag was off his head and he could see only a few meters in front of him because of the dim light that had been hung over his head.

'Where... Am... I..?' He thought to himself as his head spun. His arms were tied behind him and his feet were bound. He was sitting on what he assumed was an old, wooden chair.

He tried to shout, but his mouth was gagged. The taste of an old t-shirt flooded his taste buds and the aching of his jaw from being kept open for too long began to become more noticeable.

He heard nothing but his own pain filled moans and the creaking of the old chair underneath him.

"You awake, Brat? Good..." A man dressed in a black suit with a blood red undershirt underneath and black tie walked in, in his hands was a briefcase. Which he then placed down on the floor next to the poor child as he removed the gag, "Now... You're gonna tell me where your family keeps your money or..." He opened up the briefcase and showed an assortment of knives. Ranging from the common kitchen knife to a large butcher knife.

"N-Never..." Naruto told them as he gazed down.

"You just dug your own grave kid..." He then proceeded to pick up one of the knives in his briefcase before stuffing the gag back in his mouth. He then proceeded to push Naruto back, exposing his torso before taking a knife and cutting down the middle. The man then began to draw patterns on the young boy's chest before groaning. All the while Naruto gave out loud agony filled screams that were muffled by the t-shirt.

"You going to tell me now?" Naruto just shook his head, determined, "That ain't going to budge you? How about this... Show him the girl!"

In an instant the light above him turned off and overhead, bright lights began to turn on, flooding his vision white. The sudden brightness stung him as his eyes began to adjust to the new light. However, he wished he never even opened them.

He was in a large room. Probably underground from the lack of windows. Cement lined every single corner he could see and wires hung above him connected to the lights. It was empty except for one important detail. There, in front of him was Chitoge, a terrified look on her face and her bow missing. She was bound like him, but there was a man behind her that was forcing her to watch the entire thing.

Naruto began to scream through the fabric and the man saw this.

"Got something to say?" He asked tauntingly, "No? Okay then let's keep going!".

'Tou-Chan... Kaa-Chan... Save us...'

With the parents...

They had finally noticed that the kids were gone and were searching for them.



It was all for nought as they received no answer. They then caught sight of something red in the bushes...

It was Chitoge's bow.

Panicked they ran to investigate and saw signs of a struggle as parts of the bush were trampled and signs of someone being dragged were seen.

The two men nodded to each other and motioned for their wives to follow them. They called their gangs, the BeeHive and Namikaze Clan respectively.

"Ryuu we have a situation-" Minato began.

"Chitoge / Naruto has been-" Adelt Continued.

"Kidnapped" They both finished.

An hour later they managed to track down the location of Naruto and Chitoge using a tracker that Kushina had sown into Naruto's shirt as she was an extremely over-protective mother. The four of them were armed and had half of the gang and clan with them. They were quite well-known and if whoever kidnapped those two must have quite the force if they managed to do it and know what they've just done.

They sped to the location with their fellow gang and clan members in pursuit where they then found a bunker in which they proceeded to break into guns brandished and swords ready.

There was no one.

They then noticed a door that went deeper into the bunker.

With the children...

"Goddamn it! Tell me already!" The man yelled as he backhanded Naruto who now had an emotionless look. His eyes were dull and he was caked with his own blood.

"Never..." Naruto, still resisting, barely managed to get out, this only served to anger the man even more as he took out the butcher knife.

Naruto's eyes widened, he was covered in cuts and his shirt, which was now nothing more than rags had been tossed aside and disposed of. He then tossed him to the floor and exposed his back as he raised his arm.

"I want you to remember this... For this... This is what happens when little brats like you don't tell the truth..."

His arms began to fall, aiming to make a large gash on Naruto's back.

Chitoge looked on, tears streaming from her face as she watched with bloodshot eyes and tear-stained face, in terror as her friend was tortured. How she hadn't broken yet was beyond anyone.

She screamed his name, but it was muffled by the gag.


The man suddenly stopped as he looked up in shock as in the doorway were Minato, Kushina, Hana and Adelt with their fellow gang and clan members.

"How?!" He turned to the men present in the room and motioned for them to call for back up.

"Sir! We aren't getting a response!" The grunt told the man.

"AGH! Then what are you waiting for! Attack them! I'll get these two out of here!" He then proceeded to untie both Naruto and Chitoge before picking them up as he ran out through a secret exit in the wall, not bothering to shut it behind him, as he yelled into a walkie-talkie "I need back up immediately!".

"They're getting away!" Hana yelled as they finished off the last grunt.

"We'll go! You guys go around to the back, that's most likely where he's heading," Minato suggested as he grabbed Kushina and began to chase after the man their clan members following in toe.

"Got it! You guys know what to do!" As Adelt and Hana began running towards the exit with the rest of the BeeHive gang.

With Minato and Kushina...

"Stop!" Minato yelled with a familiar sword in his hand, next to him was Kushina with a similar looking sword, but the colours reversed.

"You'll have to catch me first" The man yelled back as he opened a door and ran through it.

That happened to be Kushina and Minato's biggest mistake because as soon as they ran through that door they were greeted with guns. There had to be twenty men there, with a firearm aimed in their direction. Their eyes widened.

"Oh my, didn't you know the saying?" He taunted," Never bring a sword to a gunfight..."


The sound of gunfire filled the air as Naruto and Chitoge watched in shock.

"KAA-CHAN! TOU-CHAN!" Naruto yelled as hard as he could as he watched the bodies of his family members and parents get littered with holes.

The gunfire stopped and Naruto broke free of the man's grip as he ran towards his parent's dead bodies.

"Stop, don't do it," The man didn't say anything as he could somewhat sympathise with the now orphaned child.

"Kaa-Chan! Tou-Chan!" Naruto shook their bodies hoping that they would wake up, "Kaa-Chan?" Tou-Chan?" Tears streamed down his face like a never-ending river as he held onto their dead bodies.

Chitoge look on in sadness as she watched her friend's parents die in front of him.

"Kaa-Chan... Tou-Chan..." Naruto was nothing but a whisper now.

"Take care of them once he's finished, I'm going now," The man announced as he began to walk off.

Naruto was in a daze as he stared at the dead bodies of his parents.

Kaa-Chan... Tou-Chan...

Kaa-Chan... Tou-Chan...

Kaa-Chan... Tou-Chan...

He looked towards the blade his father used it was in pristine condition, whilst his mother's seemed to have been destroyed in the fire.

Kaa-Chan, Tou-Chan

Kaa-Chan, Tou-Chan

Kaa-Chan, Tou-Chan

He gripped his now deceased father's sword tightly as he looked at their dead bodies blankly.

Kaa-Chan. Tou-Chan

Kaa-Chan. Tou-Chan

Kaa-Chan. Tou-Chan

He stood up the blade in hand as all the men around him began to take aim.

Kaa-Chan, Tou-Chan, I just learnt something very important today.


Life is born, life dies.

With the grace of a ballerina, Naruto adopted a stance he had seen his mother and father use countless of times and began running towards the goons. There was little space between them and before they could even begin firing, Naruto struck them down.

Life is born, life dies...

Naruto ducked underneath a strike from one of the goons as he disembowels the man with a quick swipe of his sword, before continuing to strike down the next of the men.

Life is born, life dies...

Naruto's face began to get caked with blood as his once blonde hair became crimson in colour and the iris of his eyes turned a deep amethyst purple. He struck down each of the men with a ferocity never seen before. A cold look etched on his face as he continued to cut them down.

Life is born, life dies...

With each person he killed, their cries were etched into his mind. The amount of agony that he heard as he struck them down was but a small price for what they did to him and Chitoge. It was unacceptable.

Life is born, life dies...

There were three of the goons left. He struck down two of them as he continued to look at the remaining one.

Life is born, life dies...

He cowered in fear as he struggled to crawl away.

"P-Please don't do it! I have a wife and kids!" The goon told him in hopes that this would save him.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked, "So did they". And with that, the man's head came off.

"N-Naruto..." He heard a familiar voice whisper.

"Chitoge?" He responded calmly.

"A-Are you alright?"

"Yeah, just a little... Tired..." And with that Naruto passed out.

End of Flashback...

"W-What happened afterwards?" Kosaki asked, tears openly flowing.

"They told me everything that happened, up until the moment of me passing out," He told her, "They said that my hair was from the people I killed, their blood forever staining it and my eyes... It was something even they couldn't explain. I started wearing this mask because it acts as both a literal and metaphorical mask. It represents who I once was... A playful and sly kid, but also hides what I am now... A monster who kills without remorse".

Slowly Naruto removed the mask to show her his cold amethyst purple eyes and emotionless face.


"W-What?" Naruto held his cheek in shock at her actions.

"Don't call yourself that!"

"C-Call myself what?" He asked in confusion.

"A monster!"

"But that's what I am... A mon-"


Once again Kosaki slapped him.

"Stop! You're not a monster!"

"But I am-"


"Why do you keep doing that?" He asked.

"I hate it when I see those close to me hurt themselves!"

"Someone close? But I just-" Naruto stopped mid-sentence as he stared at her holding an oddly familiar key.

"You said your dream was to find the girl who gave you this locket and marry her, right? Well, here I am!" She then proceeded to grab the locket and unlock it with the key.

"Onodera... You're the Promise Girl..!"

"Yes! So please..." She began to cry as she gripped onto her shirt, "Please stop calling yourself a monster because there are still people who care about you..."

"O-Okay..." He responded as he hugged her back.

The bell rang but they did not care, they just stayed in each other's arms until Kosaki fell asleep of exhaustion and he ended up carrying her to his home, because of his lack of knowing where she lives.

He had his mask tied to his sword which was still strapped to his side as he carried her home, pondering about what was going to happen now and what was going to change.


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