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When James Potter walked through the doors to Saint Mungos, he was still somewhat shocked, of course for a soon to be father the news that his wife had gone into labor while he was at work would send any male into shock, especially if the husband was not with the wife when she was admitted into the Wizarding Hospitable.

James still remembered the quick and rushed conversation he had with his Second Best Friend, Remus Lupin, He remembered how Sirius, who was with him at the time going over a drunken brawl report, had acted, which had led to the entirety of the Auror Department to give woops of joy for James.

So when James had managed to get away from the Excitement for the new addition to the Potter Family, he had rushed straight to Saint Mungos.

The moment he stepped through the entrance he was guided by a face he recognized instantly. The Hogwarts School Nurse, Poppy.

"Hurry up Mr Potter, i'm sure your wife will be thrilled to tear your arm off while giving birth to your son" Poppy said in humor, while quickly guiding James to the room his wife was in, Poppy saw in the corner of her eye the sheer terror that showed on the mans face when she mentioned his arm being torn off. She snorted in amusement

"Poppy, she won't really tear my arm off will she ... will she Poppy" James begged her to answer, but the only reply he got was being shoved through a door and hearing the pained gasping and occasional scream of pain that came from his wife.

It didn't help that when Poppy shoved James througb the door, he was positioned in such a position that when he looked to his wife all he saw was between her legs and everything else that came with pregnancy (1) Suffice to say, James fainted into a rather undignified position on the floor.

Everyone in the room either gave a snort of amusement or in lily's case a pained chuckle.

"Oh honestly, men these days" Was all Poppy said before using spells to move the unconcious man to an out of the way position within the room.

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