Atheon really could have planned this out better...

Escaping the six things that could not be simulated had been rather easy, well thought out however it had not been. Sure sending its mind into the time stream had seemed like such a good idea to begin with, escape and start again remain connected to the full Vex collective. This plan however had back fired in the most spectacular fashion imaginable.

Atheon, instead of finding itself on the Centaur Nessus in a new body, was instead standing in the middle of a forest of rich green leaved trees, with the light of the mid morning sun beating down from above, not an unappealing place to find itself all things considered. What had been unexpected however was finding itself in the body of a petite human girl. Well Atheon theorised it was now a girl, based on previous observations, long flowing silvery loose hair that spilled far down her back ending just below her thigh.

The thin black one piece swimsuit cluing to her new form tightly highlighted by the glass like radiolarian armour sheets that covered her slender legs ending in a set of heels, bending down Atheon picked up the torch hammer she commonly used. Standing tall she threw her gaze around as an abrupt rustling caught her attention from behind, rising up to her full height Atheon turned around Torch Hammer held in her right hand thumbing the trigger gently.

Out of the trees burst several large black shapes with deep glowing red eyes behind white bone masked faces, they were clearly part of the local ecosystem predators if Atheon had to guess. Slowly the pack of Beowolfs began to circle Atheon, snarling as black saliva dripped from their open mouths, observing and waiting for her to act inside their simplistic minds they had marked her as a weak human. Quite a stupid mistake even for the Grimm.

Rolling her eyes, something else she'd have to get used to dual vision as opposed to a singular eye. Lowering the Torch Hammer Atheon waited for the Grimm to act, seeing as they were not worth the waist of void energy. Seeing their prey with lowered arms the pack of Beowolfs lunged for her roaring in anticipation of the kill, glancing around with a board look across her youthful features Atheon sighed raising the heel of her right foot off the ground.

Slamming her foot back down onto the ground Atheon unleashed a violent shockwave of temporal energy shattering the Beowolfs instantly, ashen clouds starting to drift before the first Grimm corpse had it the ground. Looking around Atheon closed her eyes as the odd head piece consisting of a large diamond like crystal with two antenna either side with smaller matching crystals began to glow, moving her head from left to right Atheon stopped her head now facing east, a single nod Atheon slowly began to walk in that general direction, no clear motive in mind something from the time nexus telling her that was to correct direction to travel.

Professor Ozpin stood atop the cliff overlooking the gently flicking threw the various camera feeds of the potential applicants this year, only half listening to what Glynda was saying about each student pairing. As he flicked the camera feed to the view of an area of the Emerald forest that should have been empty Ozpin arched an eye brow seeing a slender silver haired girl in no uncertain terms decimate a pack of no less than eight Beowolfs with the single stamp of a heeled foot onto the ground.

"Glynda?" Ozpin asked earning a huff from his female counterpart "who is the young lady on Camera feed fifty-six?"

"There shouldn't be anyone over there professor." Glynda huffed a little annoyed by his causal dismissal of her questioning and comments flicking threw the camera feeds her eyes widening as she spots the girl in question "Not someone who was in on the roster Professor, likely someone who got lost. Should I contact a second year team to retrieve her?"

Thinking briefly for a second Ozpin pondered Glynda's offer, if what Glynda had offered was true then she'd have appeared on the cameras further out yet she'd just shown up on camera fifty-six. "That won't be necessary Glynda, I feel our new first years will be more than enough she is close to them after all."

Shooting Ozpin a cold glare for his lax attitude Glynda strode up next to him "Sir Need I remind you they are in the middle of their entrance exam, such a thing would surely put them at much greater risk."

"It would only be a risk if the young lady was not combat capable Glynda." Ozpin paused taking a sip form his steaming mug of coffee.

With a resigned sigh Glynda nodded once accepting Ozpin's reasoning. "If you are sure Professor, but I am still having team CVFY ready just in case."

Turning on her heel Glynda stormed off leaving Ozpin alone to continue monitoring the students, with a soft chuckle at her actions Ozpin turned back to his scroll bringing up the feed of the silver haired girl again watching as she neared the clearing the rest of the first years had gathered in.

Snapping the branch blocking her path Atheon slowly stepped into a large clearing filled with ancient ruins of what she judged to be a temple of some description, watching with only the mildest of interest as a red cloaked child shot forth from the group clustered around the ruins towards a giant black scorpion that had just back handed a girl in stylish bronze armour away. Tilting her head Atheon watched the child fail to damage the scorpion and if anything merely irritate it.

Slowly the girl began to back up the large scythe in her hands shifting and compacting itself down as she holstered it on her back as she broke into a sprint back towards the gathered group, causing the scorpion to give chase. Slowly events began to unfold before her as a large flying bird, in a move that could only be described as illogical, launched a series of large feathers ground side pinning the cloak of the young girl in place allowing the scorpion to close the distance.

Two creatures of different origin working in tandem, to Atheon this was a major shock perhaps there was some evolutionary link between the two creatures but that was a line of investigation for another day. Now however Atheon had to figure out the best course of action to get off this world and rejoin the Vex of Sol Primeval, one option was to simply slaughter everything in front of her but the time that would take and with this new organic body the risks and limitations left this as an undesirable option. Well option B at any rate.

A much more beneficial if degrading option would be not only seek the aid of these clearly humans but offer it in return, and there was no better moment then now. Thrusting her left hand up towards the Death Stalker class Grimm, Atheon held the open palm outwards it before closing it into a tight fist, a Detainment bubble ripping its way into existence around the Death Stalker slowing its entire body down to a crawl. Now just to deal with the bird, priming the Torch Hammer Atheon slowly stepped out from the tree line tracking its movements, sighting her target Atheon fired streams of void energy rocketing towards the giant bird.

"You are so childish!"

Those four words from her partner echoed inside Ruby's head as she slowly opened her eyes and was shocked to find that she had not been run threw by the Death stalkers stinger, instead she was shocked to see the stinger and the entire Grimm trapped behind a red and blue flickering barrier that encircled its entire form.

"Weiss...?" She asked hesitantly looking from the entrapped Death Stalker than to her partner standing next to her.

Cutting Ruby off Weiss continued to speak her icy glare never breaking. "And dim-witted, and hyperactive, and don't even get me started on your fighting style. And I suppose I can be a bit... difficult... but if we're going to do this, we're going to have to do this together. So if you quit trying to show off, I'll be... nicer."

Pouting Ruby slowly rose to her feet. "I'm not trying to show off. I want you to know I can do this.

"You're fine." Weiss responded and started to walk away back towards the ruins.

Breathing a sigh of relief Ruby clasps her hands to steady herself before opening them again and smiling. "Thanks for saving me Weiss!"

Stopping dead in her tracks Weiss slowly turns around confusion etched on her face. "That wasn't me."

"Then who was it?" Ruby asked before being scooped in a bone crushing hug causing the poor girl to gasp in surprise.

"I'm so happy you're okay!" Her older sister Yang exclaimed again hugging Ruby close to her chest in a tight hug. After several long minutes Ruby eventually managed to escape Yang's grip.

Shaking her head at the sight of the two sisters Weiss coughed once getting their attention. "Probably her from the looks of it."

Following her finger Both ruby and Yang took in the sight of a tall slender girl standing close to the tree line her right arm stretched out holding what could only be described as a rifle out firing off shots towards the circling Nevermore.

Standing there shocked at the sight Ruby was astounded, she'd not seen this girl at any point during the induction the night nor when they started the trail at the launch platforms, this strange girl had saved her and was now busy dealing or at least attempting to shoot down the Nevermore. Though these thoughts were not at the top of Ruby's mind, she was more focused on the strange weapon she was wielding it stretched far up her lower arm and with each shot it fire the weapon parts would shift and glow. Ruby had to know what type of Dust shells it used and what its alternate mode was.

Ruby however was broken from her thoughts by the enraged screech of the Death Stalker as it slammed its bulk into the barrier containing it, with a sputter of computerised noise the barrier failed and fazed from existence. Now free the Death Stalker reared up hurling its glance across the area sighting the group off near the ruins, Ruby her sister and Weiss close by before finally settling its gaze upon Atheon. Screaming in Incandescent rage the Death Stalker bull rushed towards its target, body lower its claws curled close ready to lash out and stinger primed for the killing blow.

"Look out!" Ruby yelled trying to warn the girl whose entire attention was focused upon the Nevermore. Watching with mounting horror as the Death Stalker closed the gap with its Target Ruby was unprepared for what happened.

With preternatural swiftness Atheon spun on her heel and slammed her right foot down hard into the ground, the shockwave generated from the impact launching the Death Stalker back into the tree line. The Death Stalker currently no longer a threat Atheon turned back to face the Nevermore, only to find it had moved back out of her Torch Hammers weapon range.

Stepping away from the forests edge Atheon soon found herself stopped by the sudden appearance of a small girl standing directly in front of her, the girl barely reached were Atheon 's chest. Looking down at the girl Atheon instinctively took a step back the expression on this girls face did not fill Atheon with anything close to understanding.

Beaming up at Atheon with large eyes and a wide grin Ruby was giving off the image of sometime star struck. Glancing around Atheon noticed almost everyone in the clearing were unlike Ruby wearing expressions of intrigue over her, all apart from Yang who form what Atheon could guess had 'face palmed' at Ruby's actions.

"That was awesome!" Ruby squeal in excitement, causing Atheon to take another step back the smaller girls excitement getting the better of her. "You were all like pew pew pew at the Nevermore, I mean your weapon is amazing! And then when the Death Stalker charged you, you just sent it flying with a single kick!" With each word Ruby mimed the action Atheon had taken, "What type of dust does it use to shoot those energy blasts? What's its alternate form?" On and one Ruby went with rambling questions about the Torch Hammer before abruptly stopping and looking rather sheepish. "I'm Ruby Rose and thanks for saving me."

Blinking to clear her mind form the influx of questions Atheon kept her face neutral, every question Ruby had just asked was irrelevant to the current situation. Taking a deep breath Atheon kept her gaze solidly on Ruby causing the young girl to squirm.

"You will cease with your innate ramblings." Stopping Atheon was mildly surprised that her voice was not only soft and angelic in quality but that she was speaking in something beside Vex Binary. "Your questions touch upon strands of information you could not grasp, nor comprehend. The conflux of time is not something you can underst..."

"Um Guys?" The blonde haired Jaune interrupted loud enough for everyone to hear. "That thing's circling back! What are we gonna do?" His hand gesturing towards the Nevermore, while at the same time the screech of a Death Stalker echoes from the forest.

Looking down at the relics Weiss rolled her eyes, "Look, there's no sense in dilly-dallying. Our objective is right in front of us."

Turning to look at the relics sitting on the plinths the students of beacon come to the same realisation, Atheon however stares blankly unable to grasp the significance of the chess pieces sitting on pedestals.

"She's right. Our mission is to grab an artefact and make it back to the cliffs." Ruby reasons shooting Weiss and large toothy grin, "There is no point in fighting these things."

"Run and live?" Jaune briefly rubs his chin before nodding and smiling "That's an idea I can get behind!"

Standing off to the side Atheon watched as the various student pairs grabbed artefacts before moving off, They were acting smart complete the objective and disengage such a rare sight.

"Aren't you going to grab one?" Yang asked having walked up behind Atheon, while she was busy watching everyone else claim an artefact, and slap her playfully on the back causing Atheon to stumble forward slightly.

Turning to glare at Yang, Atheon stood tall and shook her head. "They are insignificant trinkets with no connection to the paradoxical nature of existence, or the interwoven flow of time."

"So that's a no then?" Yang asked confused by Atheon's answer.

"That is a no." Atheon sighed.

With a shrug Yang moved off to follow the rest as they made their way back towards the cliff. Atheon rubber her eyes, this was going to be more Vexing and wasteful of her mind and time then dealing with anyone or thing that had dared set foot in her vault before. Slowly Atheon made to follow the larger group not out of concern for them or herself but more of hopefully finding a way off this planet.

Atheon Times Conflux really should have thought her plan to use this children for information better...