I want to be strong. I want to be feared. I want to be powerful.


Well, I guess I am now.

Cinder Fall stood over the lifeless body of her now former employer, the blood that was once inside it now dripping from her twin obsidian blades. Even though her swords were nothing new to her, she still had to admire their beauty, their efficiency... their brutality. The white-haired witch who thought she had power over Cinder had just learned a fatal lesson, a lesson that left a gaping, bloody hole in her chest. The weather had an excellent sense of dramatic timing, as a bolt of lightning tore its way across the sky and momentarily revealed the full extent of the damage that Cinder had dealt to the witch: lacerations that oozed a purple-black blood, skin that was once a ghostly white now charred and cracked, her black robe ripped and burnt at the edges...

The stupid bitch thought she could control me like the rest of her dogs. No one controls me. Except me, of course.

Now, to get rid of the evidence. Should I feed her to her own pets? Or should I burn her until there is nothing left? Or maybe... just maybe, I should leave it be.

Yes. Yes, I think I'll do that.

Cinder retrieved her scroll and took a picture of the ravaged corpse at her feet, her dark sense of humour making her act like a professional photographer that was trying to get the shot just right. A sly chuckle echoed through the expansive dining hall. She then switched the scroll to record audio, taking her place upon the grand chair that used to belong to the vile woman who made the mistake of attempting to pull on her reins.

"Professor Ozpin. You and I are not acquainted... not yet. You should not be expressing relief over the death of your long-standing nemesis. Instead, you should make peace with everyone and everything that you cherish so dearly while you still have time. Run and hide, my dear Professor, it makes no difference. Death is coming for you and everything you love..." Cinder looked at her reflection in the gigantic tall windows. "... and boy does Death look fine."

Cinder attached her threat to the image and sent the two off to their intended recipient, before placing her scroll on the floor and crushing it under her stiletto-clad foot. Her blades disintegrated into ashen particles which were carried off into the wind as she ventured back out into the realm that was now without an owner; Cinder was now the de facto ruler of this alien kingdom with its monumental mansion overlooking the vast number of black pools from which Salem's 'children' spawned.

With Salem now nothing more than a smouldering corpse, the Grimm would now see Cinder as the new queen bee. But she wasn't satisfied with this. An army of terrifying beasts with hearts of darkness (assuming they even had hearts) wasn't quite enough to quench her thirst, to scratch that itch of absolute power that had been bugging her for the longest of times. She needed more.

The new Fall Maiden looked up into the unnatural sky towards the shattered Moon. Or rather, a glimmering speck just to the left of it. Her fiery irises glowed with a yearning fire at the thought of her new prospect... a certain neighbouring planet.