(A.D. 1888, London)

19th Century, London. One of the most infamous age in the city of big ben where streets were usually crowded by seas of human, fell in sickening silence. As the news spreads across the city, even the bravest men didn't have enough courage to walks beneath thickest fog they have ever seen in centuries.

Beneath those fog of silence, lies an unseen horror which has been terrorizing the whole capital in past weeks. Several bodies of prostitutes were found dead in a horrifying state. Their belly is gutted open hideously, while their precious womanly treasure, a place which gives birth of a new life, was stolen.

Such a dreadful loss which drown many people in fear. Fear of their families, siblings, sisters, mothers, aunts life is extinguished upon their own very eyes.

The eerie atmosphere combined with haunting fears creates an invisible pressure which soon engulfed the whole city, turning the once lively place radiates with happiness into a silent, ominous dead town as the fog thickened.

Beneath that invisible terror which plagues heart of many people, one particular blonde haired man with emerald green eyes bore his eyes in the road covered by thick fog. An irritation crossed his facial expression, which soon formed into a series of curses which escapes from his mouth.

"Damn it! Why the hell I must be trapped in this fucking place filled by this god-forsaken fogs!"

Cursing rather loudly while stomping his feet, the man continues his trip to unknown direction. It has been ten days since he mysteriously appeared in this foggy town and had searched anything that he can use to survive. Sleeping was an easy matter for him due to his former experience in the wilderness. But finding some food is another matter. His money didn't have same currency with this country's and had to steal some food in the market, resulting in him always being chased by local polices like some plague.

Oh, he really wants to curse whomever responsible for all shit that happens to him. If he ever found the culprit that is.

Sighing rather loudly, he then dismissing that petty thought as he's reminiscing his current life, which is better than his previous life as a world-class criminal with some bounty that literally large enough to buy a small country. Having a small family which took care of him, life without fear and hatred to a certain green-haired bastard that supposedly already dead in their last confrontation.

He did have some regret for his previous life, remembering his past sometimes only brings painful memories for him. Thinking about his siblings that already forgotten him, his comrades which he secretly cares, or even his precious people which he failed to protect. But at the same time, he also understands to the weight of his previous action.

No way the world can forgive the infamous Grim-Reaper for his entire deed.

But there's no use to lamenting that. His foster mother would be upset if she caught him brooding in daylight. He always remembers her being strict, yet sometimes an air-headed woman that unable to make some decent food, even just a mere fried egg. He cannot help but laughed when he remembers what happened during one of his birthdays, where she was attempting to make him a breakfast to celebrate it. She ends up burning the whole kitchen and they have to eat on outside for two weeks. Something that upset her greatly since she could not eat any of his cooking.

He can still remember how embarrassed his mother was when he reminded her of that incident.

A reverberating sound snapped him from his daydreaming, as he turns his head and being flabbergasted of a thing that he just saw. White colored doll-like figure without eyes, nose, nor mouth suddenly appears from nowhere. His eyebrow further raised when the supposed inanimate object is walking towards him with sluggish movement. Without further warning, that damned thing suddenly leaping toward him while its left arm is spinning rapidly, forming like a makeshift drill. Alarmed by sudden danger, he frantically jumps backward to evade that dangerous thing while enacting a wheel kick instinctually.

The white doll figure is thrown with a sudden force that hits it, hitting the nearest wall with crackling sound echoed in the whole district.

"What the hell is that freak!? Goddamn, did it just move like an animated object and try to attack me with some kind of fricking drill!?" the man exclaims with incredulous look crossed his facial expression while still keeping his guard up, anticipating if that abomination is still able to move. His intuition is unfortunately right, as the white doll figure is slowly rose from the pile of rubble, once again approaching him even though some of its body structure has been damaged from earlier impact.

Cursing with various vocabulary that would make sailors proud, he took his stance once again when suddenly he heard a faint sound of footsteps. His whole body tensing for a sudden anxiety slowly creeps upon his heart. His heartbeat quickened and his breath labored, bracing himself for the impending threat.

His anxiety turned into dread as many of those white figures appeared from every direction, quickly surrounds him with numbers as they approached him with synchronous steps.

Fear slowly crept into his heart, as he unable to see any path to escape. If he still had his previous strength, this mere number would be no threat. But with his current strength right now running to fight another day was his only hope of surviving this encounter.

But as the supposed imminent dread approaches, a torrent of scorching flame suddenly rained down those white abomination, burning several of them into ashes. Shocked at the sudden turn of event, he barely reacted as another figure suddenly appears in front of him.

A pair of yellow orbs stares at him curiously. Two foxy ears twitching in a cute manner as a beaming smile radiated from the figure stood in front of him. Part of him cannot help but gaze on her daring outfit consisting of a blue shoulderless kimono, exposing her cream-colored skin for any wandering eyes to feast upon. The man could not help but lower his gaze towards her fine assets as they bounced with each and every movement of her body

Both of them fall into comfortable, awkward silence as both are stared to each other with her stares on him from above due to the man's awkward position on the ground.

"Uhm, well, how I am supposed to say this..? Ah! Maybe you would be so kind as to give me a word of gratitude?"

"... Huh?"

"Don't 'huh' me! Uhh... a thank you? Say 'thank you' for saving your life? Or something?~For this Foxy Shrine Maiden, Tamamo-no-Mae has come to the rescue!~"

"... Huh..."

"Uhm, young man, do you have a name or something? Calling you 'young man' kinda feels weird." ask the woman, while helping him to stand.

At her question, the man fixed his emerald eyes upon her face, as he unconsciously rubbed his spiky golden locks.

"Huh, oh yeah. Sorry… and thanks." He said, while still rather dazed "You can call me Ragna."

"Just Ragna? No last name?"

"Nah, just call me Ragna. No surname"

"Okay!~ For this Tamamo has acknowledged your request, therefore I will call you Ragna! And if there's an order, this dependable Fox Maiden will be at your service, mikoon!~"

"... What the hell?"


To be honest, I am still put this as a prototype for my idea for Blazblue x Fate/Grand Order fanfiction. The start is in the fourth dialogue where Ragna is thrown due to unknown circumstances and met with our lovely fox caster.

Anyway, My grammar sucks, I know it. Please bear it with me. I will find beta reader soon if this fanfiction would actually continue.

EDIT: Thanks to my newest beta bunny153539 for fixing my grammatical mistakes. I really need it for my shitty grammar xD