Ever wonder about what could happen if someone new was added to an equation, an equation that deals with assassins in a classroom against an un-killable target well this is one such story

The class of 3-E had just meet there new homeroom teacher, the very same one that permanently made the moon into a crescent shape, he looked like a giant yellow octopus standing upright wearing a black graduation robe with a yellow crescent moon on a black tie.

It was when the crates were being brought in that they heard someone out in the hall, 2 people in fact. When they got to the door the class and guests could see an adult and a kid that could be around 12-14 years old. "Hello, I am Mitsuo Yamaki right now that is all you need to know about me. I am here to bring you a new student; there were some problems that occurred a while back that…*sight*" Yamki sighed at the end thinking about what just happened back in Shinjuku, what with the whole D-Reaper appearing and destroying quite a few places.

When those in the class looked at the kid, they saw that he had brown hair, crimson eyes that looked dead and was wearing the grey slacks and white shirt of the uniform but over that he had on a black vest with a dull blood red hazard symbol on the back of it. Yamaki gently nudged Takato in the side for him so he could talk, which he did but in a somewhat dead sounding voice.

"My name is Takato Matsuki, I used to live in Shinjuku but now I will be staying here (while saying this he gestures to the school itself), you will have to excuse if I don't care about what you are doing here." This got a reaction from the class, most specifically Tadaomi Karasuma who was staring at both Yamaki and Takato, "How is it that you were able to enroll into this class of the school?" Karasuma demanded the 2 of them.

"That is quite simple really, I just called the school and told them his grades and they sent him here" Yamaki answered in his usual way of talking. At this Nagisa raised his(her) hand to ask a question, Koro-sensei was the one that called for him(her) to ask "sir, why are you against him from coming to this class, we are still here to learn aren't we?" at the question Takato focused more on her and could tell that she was hiding who she was, like a redhead that he knew, and answered instead "snake-eyes is paranoid about who gets to know about the yellow octopus over behind the desk" Karasuma's eyes twitch at what he was just called while the others had their mouths dropped at him answering instead and what he called Karasuma.

'I do believe I am going to like it here, these people will be fun to play with til the end of the school year' thought Takato and Koro-sensei.

I do not know how far I will be going with this, and do not know that much of Assassination Classroom. So if you have ideas on how to continue with this or know you can do a better job, be my guest and take over, if you wish