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Chapter 4

The three months that passed for the small family were great. After Abel got his mother back, he always visited the grave they made in front of the house. He never let the necklace out of his sight, wearing it every day.

Life was good for the little family and grew closer by the day. Velvet asked Celica about her feelings for Abel and she just giggled and said she was proud that she admitted that she had a crush on him. Whenever they hung out, it was still a little weird, but Velvet was getting better around him.

What they didn't know at the time, was those peaceful days were about to end for the happy family.


It seemed like the Gods had a twisted sense of humor and that humor was pointed right on Abel's life. Tears were streaming down his face as he ran through the forest of his new home with Arthur at point and Velvet, dragging Laphicet by the hand, behind him. "Why is this happening, Arthur!? Why is the town being attacked!?" Abel asked through pants and tears.

Arthur didn't say anything as he kept leading the way. even he didn't know why this was happening. All he did know was that he needed to get these kids to safety. 'Damn it! There are Daemons everywhere!' Arthur was gritting his teeth.

"Ah!" The sudden yelp of Velvet cried through the air. Turning around, both Arthur and Abel helped the girl and boy up. Now with them in his arms, Arthur looked around. "Abel. Follow me." Commanded the man as he ran to a hiding spot he found.

Setting them down, he looked at the two oldest. "Velvet, Abel, Laphicet. You hide here. I'll go back to help Celica." Arthur said in a hushed tone. "I'm so scared…Arthur, please…" Velvet was lightly sobbing in fright of what was happening.

Arthur just smiled before picking up the apple near them. Wiping it off with his shirt, he opened her hand. "You'll be just fine with these." He assured before opening her hand and putting it in her palm. "Celica enchanted them herself. They'll give you the courage you need to survive." The male had a little flashback to when he and his wife met.

"They will?" These were the first words Laphicet said after he was dragged out of bed in the middle of the night.

"Sure they will. Have I ever lied to you?" He asked after getting another apple for the youngest. Velvet shook her head. Abel kept quiet while Laphicet jumped into Arthur's arms, giving him a hug. "I'll come back when Celica is safe." He said gently, hiding his own fears. "I know it's scary, but don't give into fear. Don't despair…no matter what!" Arthur looked at Velvet and Abel while saying this.

"I won't. I promise. I'm Laphi's older sister and your student!" Velvet said with the best smile she could manage. Arthur smiled at her courage before getting up. This was when Abel decided to speak.

"Arthur. Let me come with you!" Standing, he yelled at the man who stopped and looked at him like he was crazy. Velvet and Laphicet did the same. "No. You aren't coming its too danger-." "I'm saving her like she saved me and there is nothing you're not gonna stop me!" Raising his voice for the first time he's ever been with them, he glared at the man taught him how to fight.

The small family of three were stunned by his voice and conviction. Arthur because the look in his eyes reminded him of a look he saw once with his master, right before he died for him to live. With great reluctance, he nodded. "…Fine. But stick close to me."

"What! No! Please, Abel. Don't leave us!" Velvet shouted, tears streaming down her face.

Abel turned to Velvet and gave her a smile. over these past six months, she had gotten him to open and he could say she was his best-friend. "Don't worry, Vel. I'll be fine with Arthur. We'll come back with big sis in no time." He promised before gently taking off his necklace and gently placing it around her neck. "Make sure to keep hold of that. This is my promise that I'll come back alive." Abel told the blushing nine year old who could only nod softly.

Giving Laphicet a quick hug, he told him to be the man and keep her safe until he and Arthur comes back. The boy managed to keep up with Arthur, thanking to the training he got from his own mother and the man he was following.

When they got to the village, Abel had a flashback to his first house burning as fire and smoke filled the once peaceful village along with screams. The thing that shocked and scared him the most was the fact that this large wolf-like man charging at them. "A-A-Arthur! What is that!?" He pointed as he asked.

'He can see Daemons!?' Arthur thought in amazement that the kid could see what they were but decided to put that to the back of his mind for now. Now, he had his wife and unborn child to save. Arthur made sure Abel was close to him as he killed the Daemon quickly before moving, killing them one after another.

After running with Arthur, cutting them down with his Naginata without hesitation, they reached where Celica was. The only problem was she was surrounded by more wolf-men with her backed up against the giant hole in the middle of the open ruins.

"Celica!" The men shouted. Celica just took a step back from the creature approaching her. "It's too late! Go back to Velvet and Laphicet! Keep them safe!" She begged.

"I can't do that!" Thrusting his blade into one of them, Arthur answered while getting closer and closer.

"You saved me! There is no way I'm letting you die!" Abel shouted as he used his smaller size to run past the Daemons and up to the creature pushing her back. Using all his strength, he tackled the wolf onto the ground, away from Celica.

"Abel!" both shouted in shock at what he had done. Before they could do anything, the worst happened. The Daemon grabbed the child's body before throwing him far away. "No!" Arthur watched in horror as the boy he had begun to see as a son being tossed over the cliff and into the waters. "YOU FOUL BEAST!" Roaring angrily, Arthur cut through the Daemon before holding his wife in his arm as she was stunned.

"Arthur. Arthur! You…You have to go save him!" She cried into his chest, not accepting the idea that he was dead. All he did was grit his teeth as he watched more Daemons stalk them. It pained his heart and he wouldn't let anyone die this night.

Those thoughts weren't meant to be as another Daemon snuck up on him. Before he was cleaved, Celica saw the attack and pushed him out of the way, taking the attack for him. "Celica!" He tried to reach for her but it was too late. The last words he heard from her lips was his name before she was swallowed by a large mouth with razor sharp teeth.

His hands trembled in shock as his wife, child, and adoptive child were dead all because he wasn't fast enough. "Just…Just like last time." Arthur whispered, flashing back to when his master died before his eyes. Retreating, he cried into the night as he held the remaining thing of his wife; her tribal necklace.

Seething with rage and grief, the swordsman did the only thing anyone would do in this situation. He killed every single beast before his eyes. The man felt someone behind him but he didn't care. All he wanted to do was cry for the people he couldn't save. "Why…why…? Why can't I protect my own family!?" He demanded from anything that could hear him as he looked at the sky before burying his head into the necklace.

An elder voice called out to the man. "Remember this moment well, Artorius. Humans are weak. Filled with sin." He said. Arthur knew the voice well and slowly brought his face up. "Melchior!?" He said in shock of seeing the man again after all this time.

"The people of this village offered you and your believed family up to the daemon brigands." The old man dressed weirdly dropped the bomb, his voice level even as Arthur turned to him in shock. "A sacrifice so that they could escape and hide." He rationalized, seeing why they would do that they did but didn't condone it.

"No…they wouldn't…" Arthur denied, not thinking it possible the people they've known for years would sell them out like this.

Melchior capitalized on the man's emotional state and continued. "It happens often. The 'reason' people act on is burdened by the weight of their sins. This is why your family was targeted and why that boy was killed. However…" He trailed off as giant yellow beam shot out of the hole that devoured Celica and the child. It was seen by all, even Laphicet and Velvet. "I have found a method to adjust their reason." He ended, looking happy.

Arthur was in awe at the power the beam held. "A domain…?! What is this incredible power!?" The man has never felt power like this in his entire life. His eyes widened as the realization hit him like a ton of bricks. "Don't tell me the Empyrean we've been searching for was here this whole time!"

Suddenly, two people appeared from out of nowhere right next to the downed man. Looking at them, his eyes widened at how similar they looked to two of the people he loved most. "T-These malakhim…" He trailed off.

"So they have been reborn." Melchior saw the similarities as well and added. "But be not deceived. They are not the same people you knew.

On his hands and knees, he buried his face back into the necklace. "Why…why must fate be so cruel…?" He cried.

Melchior seemed a little sympathetic so he stopped talking for a moment. "It appears that Innominat's resurrection is incomplete." But he decided to be a dick and continued after that moment ended. "We must guide him until we understand why." He then turned to the beings. "I'll be taking these malakhim." "Wait!" It was good his back was to Arthur or he would have seen the stopped man smirk.

Making himself stand up, he stared at the resurrection of his wife and gave her the necklace. "I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise." He said but was disinherited when she didn't accept it. looking down for a second he continued. "I'll make things right. I'll abandon who I am." Taking a breath, he pulled his head back to stare at the red-haired woman. "Nameless malak. I will forge a pact with you." His voice changed from its once filled with compassion to almost emotionless. "I will put an end…to all the pain in this world." It sounded like he said that more to himself than her.

"Do you have it in you?" Melchior decided to speak as he watched the man with his single eye. "You, who abandoned my friend's ideals and fled?" There was some resentment in his voice that Arthur caught.

A flash of anger passed over him before he controlled it. "On the souls of my dead master, wife, child, and child I saw as my own. This, I swear." He said. "My name is Artorius Collbrande. I have inherited the will and the strength of Claudin Asgard, former head of the exorcists." He then raised his hand to the woman's forehead.

"Very well." The elder seemed to be pleased. "Let tonight's tragedy change fate, and birth salvation." Melchior said with restrained glee as a magical circle appeared over Artorius and the malak.

He didn't know how true he was nor that the winds of change and fate having been stirred six months ago. Nor did they take note that once Abel's body crashed into the ocean, it glowed slightly and changed currents.


'Wh-Where am I?' It was Abel's first groggy thoughts as his silver eyes met the clear blue sky. 'Celica!' Those eyes shot open and any amount of sleep or aches in his body disappeared before he threw himself up and looked around frantically. The sight he came to see wasn't what he was expecting. Instead of seeing an alive Celica trying to make Velvet stop picking on Laphicet while Arthur is smiling, he's on a small island, with the endless sea surrounding him and face to face with an unknown man. "Hey. Hey. Where's the fire, kiddo!?" The man teased.

Pulling himself away, he got a good look at the man he ran into. He was a dark-skinned man who looked to be in his early thirties. He had a long scar that started on his eyebrow and ended near his cheek with another small scar at the bottom of his lip. He wore a long purple coat over top a white shirt with a brown vest. He had on long black pants, which was held by a red sash, that led to brown boots and a dark grey waistcoat.

Silver eyes saw another person sitting with his back against the lone tree. He was male appearing to be in his mid-twenties with blue eyes and short blonde hair that gently swaying with the wind. He had rather pale skin, telling Abel that he wasn't much for being outside. He wore a pair of tailored trousers tightened with two belts and brown boots. On top, he wore an orange shirt covered by a loose white shirt that was underneath a tight-black jacket and finished the look off with a black waistcoat. Overall, he looked like someone you didn't want to fuck with.

"W-Who are you guys? Wh-Where am I?" Abel asked the two as he shook a little.

The blonde-haired male turned to the kid with somewhat wide eyes. "You can see me too?" He asked in surprise. "Well, how couldn't I? You're as clear as day." Abel said in some confusion as to why he was shocked that he could see him.

"Haha! We can get to that later, Kiddo." The scarred man began. "To answer your question from before, we found you washed up against the shore a few days ago. You've been out ever since." He informed the child.

Abel flashed back to when he was thrown off the cliff and plunged into the sea. "Oh no!" Jumping up, he went to run but the blonde male stopped him with a hand to the shoulder. "Let go of me! I must get back to Aball! My family is in trouble!" Try as he might, he couldn't get out of the hold.

"Calm down kid." Turning him around, he advised him while looking him dead in the eye. "Look where you are. You're stranded like us." He told the boy who seemed to get it.

Both men saw as the kid slumped down into his knees and let out soft sobs. "Wh-Why did this happen? My-My family needs me. Ho-How can I possibly get back to them?" Abel asked aloud, hoping to get some answer.

Abel flinched a little as a comforting hand rested on his shoulder. Looking up, he saw the brown-haired male looking at him with a soft smile. "Hey, don't worry Kiddo. We'll be fine." He reassured the kid and helped him stand. "What's your name, Kid? Mines Aifread. The blondie over there is called Eizen." The now named Aifread introduced himself and Eizen.

Wiping the tears from his eyes, he answered. "My name is Abel. It's nice to meet you both. And, thanks for saving me." Abel thanked the two men.

"No problem, kid." Eizen said as he crossed his arms. "But, how did you end up in the sea? If you don't mind me asking." The blonde added as he saw a flash of pain in those silver orbs.

Looking at the ground for a moment, Abel contemplated on if he should tell them anything. 'They saved me.' That was all the convincing he needed. Staring at the men, he began to talk about how he landed here. How his mother died, meeting the Crowe family, spending time with them, and the attack on Aball where he fell into the ocean. All through the story, neither men spoke and gave away no emotions. "…And you know the rest." Abel finished his story.

After some silence, Aifread was the one to speak. "Damn. That's one hell of a story you got, Abel." The man stated while looking at the nine-year-old. Sighing, the boy looked down at the sand. "Yeah. And now I'm lost, and my family is probably dead." Abel said, feeling his heart breaking the longer he thought about it.

Glancing at one another, the two nodded before Aifread placed his hand on Abel's shoulder. "Don't worry about it, kid. We'll get you out of here." He reassured. "How?" Abel was quick to ask as he didn't see getting off this island possible seeing as they had nothing to sail on.

Thinking for a second, the older male shrugged. "Got me." Abel's eyebrow twitched at the response. "But, don't worry. Everything will work out. I know it." Aifread said with great confidence.

~In Aball~

The once happy home of the Crowe family was broken. It had been one week since the rad on the village and them beginning to see what were known as Daemons. Velvet and Laphicet would have been killed by a stray Daemon if the man hadn't arrived just in time.

While happy to see him, they noticed that two people were missing. "Arthur, where are Celica and Abel?" Velvet had asked her big brother who stared just stared at her, not saying a word. It unnerved her. That was when he told her.

"I am sorry, Velvet, Laphicet. They…are gone." Arthur let some emotion slip past his voice as he was still hurting inside. All the man could do now was hug the crying children and try to get the village under control. "But...he promised." Velvet sobbed.

Velvet and Laphicet had thrown themselves into their rooms, after Arthur had killed all the Daemons and made sure they were safe, and cried for the past week. Laphicet because he lost his big sister and someone he saw as a cool big brother.

The now eldest of the Crowe children was the same way for her big sister. With Abel though, she was more heart-broken as she had a crush on the boy who appeared so suddenly six months ago. And now, after he promised he'd come back, he was gone…forever. Abel was someone she could depend on when Celica or Arthur were away and took the load off on being an older sibling to the sick Laphicet.

A sudden knock on her door and voice knocked her from her crying. "Velvet. It's Arthur. Can I come in?" He asked. "N-No! Go away! I want to be alone!" Velvet's muffled voice cried out between sobs.

Sighing to himself, Arthur let himself rest against the door and spoke. "I know it is hard, Velvet, but this isn't what they would have wanted. Even if they are gone, it doesn't mean they are gone from your heart. They would want you to live your life and always remember the good times you've had together." Arthur comforted Velvet and himself, even though he wouldn't admit it aloud.

His words just made her cry harder into the pillow. She knew that but…it still didn't dull the pain. Knowing how stubborn the girl was, Arthur decided to give her more time. After all, he had a world to save. 'I promise, master, I will save the world you died for.' The changed man promised his long passed teacher.


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