The Infamous Inhuman

Having been born on the moon within the walls of the great city of Atillan how will Naruto cope with being friends with a member of the royal family and after going through Terrigenesis what changes shall occur.

The natives that lived on the Planet known as Earth some of the population were used as experiments for another Alien species that were often considered to be blue angels but after the survivors were being persecuted by average humans and were being treated inhumanly so they adopted that as their own name and became Inhumans. Afterwards most of the Inhumans bound together to form their own civilization but persecution still followed so then the current Inhumans decided to leave for the moon and to once time has moved on, return to their planet of origin when humanity had evolved from a simple and violent beast into a civilised being.

Many Generations Later

Standing in the middle of the room at the age of fourteen was a young man looking quite nervous at was about to happen. As the young man looked around he noticed his parents behind him giving him encouraging smiles, his baby sister Mito in his parent's arms not really understanding what was going on. As Naruto looked away from his family he made eye contact with his King who was entering the room with the rest of the royal family, As Naruto saw the royal family coming in gave a quick wave towards Crystal as he was a childhood friend of Crystal due his mother working as a member of the royal guard.

"I welcome you all to this terrigenesis ceremony, esteemed members of the royal family" said the head priest opening the ceremony, "and welcome to the genetic council, friends and guests".

As Naruto was looking around he noticed that a couple of more people came into the room carrying a large box, a stupid large box but hey that was his own opinion.

"Blessed are we to witness the terrigenesis of Naruto" said the head priest still not finished his talking segment part. Whilst this was going on Naruto thought back to last time he hung out with Crystal remembering that he had asked her about her terrigenesis due her being a year older than him and her reply "it will be fine it doesn't hurt and I'm sure you will get something awesome like me" as she created a bright flame in one hand showing off with a smug grin.

"The sacred touchstone of our civilisation" said the priest pointing to the stupidly large box "that elevates us above all others"

"oops that's what it is note to self not a stupidly oversized large arse box" Naruto muttered to himself not to quietly as he received several glares from around including the head priest the room and a giggle from Crystal.

As priest finished with his glaring continued, "and shall allow for their true nature to be revealed, this holy ceremony has been the touchstone of our society for countless generations and is what unites us and it is not to be taken lightly" the priest making sure to extra long look at Naruto mainly due to the pranks the has made Naruto infamous when he was but a child. "but this is a great thing both for our past and our future" as the priest paused and turned away from Naruto who was now pulling funny faces at Mito to try and keep her entertained.

"Your highness we are ready to proceed" which got Naruto to focus as the king nodded his head

As Naruto stepped up into the box and the priest loaded up the the terrigen crystal into the machine as if felt like awhile for smoke to envelop him as soon it he was thinking about his own parent's abilities instant teleportation and psionic constructs and how his best friend gained control of fire and ice which must be pretty sweet. Its was quickly had those thought had come the process was over.

"you may step out and fully reveal yourself" declared the priest

"weird I expected that to be longer and painful" said Naruto whilst looking over himself for any physical changes, while there was not physical changes until he his hand reached his cheeks which felt weird like they had three identical lines on each cheek, 'well that's definitely weird' Naruto thought before rushing towards a reflective surface to look at his face which had the same red hair he normally has from his mother blue eyes from his father but weird whisker like marks on his face. During Naruto frantic movement his body beginning to emit and be surrounded by a black and red mist which he finally noticed when his mother called his name.

"cool but err what does this mean" Naruto asked out loud as he took another step and then vanished only to appear face first smash against a wall.

"Oww well that's gonna need some practice what ever that is" Naruto said as he fell away from the wall landing on his back.

"Naruto!" several voices cried out in shock, seeing as crystal was the closest to him she went to help him to his feet and as Kushina came over with the toddler of two years Mito, Minato decided to hang back and speak to his colleagues on the genetic council and his King and Queen.

"If it will please you, your grace, I think we should start the genetic mapping of my son as soon as possible I shall bring him towards the chambers as soon as I am able" Minato asked his King who nodded his head allowing for that to happen.

3 hours later

"OK everyone are we ready to begin" Minato looked around the room it took the three hours to get Naruto away from his worrying and doting mother

"Yes sir" rang throughout the room.

There was a knock on the door and another scientist entered with a shocked look on his as he reaches over to Minato and quickly handed over the folder. Which led to him flicking through the folder his eyes widening with each page.

"Well sir if you don't mind me saying your son is definitely unpredictable, wouldn't you agree?" the scientist who raced over with the results chuckled

"Yes I would," Minato responded with a large smile as he read the results showing as high degree of what looks like dark matter being absorbed into his son body. What made this such a big deal was that Minato was working proving that dark matter existed and the results from his son have the same results as his research.

Earlier Naruto waiting in a room with another doctor who was drawing soon blood from his arm. Afterwards the doctor escorted him into a larger room. As Naruto was looking around in wonder of how massive this place was it looked like a gym combined with an obstacle course combined

"Cool" Naruto said aloud with a whistle.

"Ok, son I am currently on the observation deck and what I want you to do and listen very carefully ok, from studying your bloodwork I want you to not hold back on the obstacle course ok and you can use your abilities to aid you.

"Sweet, ok old man I am not gonna let you down, dattebayo" Naruto shouted excitedly not noticing his verbal tick slipping out.

As he began his run at the course the first obstacle looked rather plain a three foot wall, with a frown on his he shouted out "Come on old man where is the challenge" when suddenly the wall shot up reaching eight foot. "That's more like it as Naruto subconsciously began to leak the dark and red mist from his body as he reached the base of the wall he jumped with jumping being and understatement as he managed to launch himself twenty feet high than than initial wall.

"WOOHOOO!" Naruto exclaimed as he came down covered in the dark mist which looked like it slowed the fall allowing for Naruto to land with no problem at all. Still leaking the dark mist three turrets popped from in front which led Naruto taking a step forward disappearing and reappearing behind the turrets and as Naruto turned to face the back of the turrets almost on instinct swung his arms at the turrets which led to being sliced.

"Whoa I. AM. AWESOME." Naruto exclaimed once more before continuing to basically destroy the and wreck the obstacle course all the while letting off a maniacal laugh given the impression he was some mad evil villain and acted as if the word finesse had never existed.

From the observation room Minato face went through many emotions starting with joy from Naruto help prove his theory but more importantly due to him being healthy, then came shock at the height of his son leap, which led to worry due not being sure if would injure himself and if Kushina baby boy got injured due to his testing she would kill him, and it was when he disappeared and reappeared behind the turrets he noticed it was similar to his teleportation and made not of that. Then the look of shock returned when saw the turrets sliced by an invisible force and then the shock left as he just face palmed as his son let off a maniacal laugh and just continued to wreck the obstacle course.

Later on

In the waiting room Naruto was chilling his family and with Crystal as they waited on results. After playing with Mito and Lockjaw for over an hour whilst Crystal talked about girl stuff with his mother, his father and another his dads boss Kitang came into the room with a folder.

"May I sir" Minato asked permission from his boss to explain to his family what had happened to his son.

"Of course you may, I am only here as a formality" replied Kitang with a smile.

"well Kushina, Naruto aside from gaining those odd whiskers like marks on your cheeks your body seems to absorb dark matter naturally from the environment which allows for many things such as increased reflexes, speed and strength, while you wont be no Gorgon you will definitely be a powerhouse in the future son" Minato paused looking towards his audience noticing the proud look in Kushina's face and with Naruto and Crystal their jaws had dropped.

"If you are shocked now you haven't heard nothing yet, you have two prominent abilities which are full body displacement which is similar to my teleporting making some of your movements appear instantaneous, which means your body becomes a more physical form of dark matter which we at the council have named shadow matter and almost invisible blade constructs that you seem to be able to cut through almost anything. We also predict with practice your potential with these abilities is to be considered off the charts." Minato finished looking down at his son directly "so kiddo what do you think"

"What do I think old man I said it earlier I am gonna be a badass- OWWW!"

"No swearing in front Mito Naruto, Dattebane !" Kushina quickly disciplined he son with slap to the back of the head.

"Err honey your verbal tick came through"

"My what Minato" Kushina replied in an eerie tone but with smile on her face but Minato definitely new better.

"Nothing honey" Minato nervously replied hoping that she lets this one go.

Lets just all go home and well get ready to go out to eat as a celebration" before Minato looked directly at Crystal "will you be joining us Lady Crystal?"

"Not tonight my Sister wants me back to continue with my studies but Naruto and I will catch up tomorrow, so I am going to head off now by everyone" as she waved goodbye "come on lockjaw the large came over to her "oh and congrats Naru told ya you would be fine" Crystal shouted out whilst throwing Naruto a cheeky wink before disappearing leaving a light pink dusting on the cheeks of Naruto which both parents noticed but decided to save that information for later date of teasing, was all about celebration.



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