A little girl was tiptoeing through the hall of giant castle. She was six years old, with pearly white hair and neon green eyes, gleaming with mischief. Her outfit was...unusual. She quietly got to the wooden door and opened it, sneaking inside. It was a big room, bedroom really. There was a wooden desk near one of the walls, and giant TV on the other. The girl's destination was a huge bed on the opposite side of the room. She floated to it, since the sleeping person has a very good hearing and a very sensitive sleep. There was a boy, about fourteen years, who looked just like the girl, with his white hair and facial features.

"BEWARE!" she shouted on top of her lungs. The boy's eyes rapidly opened and he got into fighting position immediately, earning a laugh from the girl. He glared at her playfully.

"Oh, I'm so scared!" He shouted in mock fear, and putting a hand on his forehead dramatically, "what is that you are wearing?"

"I'M BOX GHOST!" She shouted again. The term seemed very accurate, since she was wearing a box, with holes for legs, hands and head. Now Danny laughed as well.

"Great, I'm raising smarty pants," he said, tapping her nose and making her giggle, "now, Ellie, dress up and let's have breakfast"

She immediately ran away in a blink of an eye. Danny chuckled in amusement at his daughter's antics. He took on black T-shirt and trousers with white outlines. He went to the dining room, whistling a song on his way. He walked through the corridors, filled with different pictures and suits of armor, which bowed slightly as he went.

Dining room was big, just like it should be in a castle. Phantom went to a table in the middle of the room. Servant came close and poured some coffee in his cup. Danny helped himself some bacon, when Ellie opened the door, wearing red dress and clutching a green puppy. Phantom looked at her.

"If will you hold Cujo so tight, he wouldn't be able to breath," he said, she made an 'o' with her mouth and weakened the death grip. Ellie sat near Danny and put Cujo on a pile of books, lying on the chair next to her.

"What do you wanna do today?" She asked eagerly, eating her cereal.

"Hm, I don't know," Danny answered, making another sip of coffee, "there isn't any meeting tonight, how 'bout we go to the park?" He immediately put a hand on her shoulder and covered her mouth with another, so she wouldn't jump and cry 'Yuppie!'.

"Have some mercy, Ellie. You woke up me, now you want to wake up every person here?" He joked.


The park was always a peaceful place, now, at this time of the day there wasn't much people there. Phantom was walking behind Danielle, who was jumping from one red plate to another, avoiding yellow ones. He always loved moments like this, when there weren't any responsibilities, when there were only him and his little girl.

"Daddy," she said, tugging Danny's shirt, "let's play catch up!" He smirked.

"I'm counting till five!"

Ellie ran away, giggling like mad. Danny ran after her five seconds later, purposely not so fast. Soft grass wascrumpling, wet soil was slurping under his feet. After some time he smirked and became invisible. Ellie stopped, looking around. Suddenly, she was grabbed and lifted in the air.

"Hey, not fair!" Little princess exclaimed, trying to break out from her laughing father's grasp.

"Looks like you are having fun," they turned to the source of the voice. There was a man with blue skin and red eyes.

"Dad/Grandpa!" Danny and Ellie said. Clockwork chuckled.

"I don't wish to interrupt your bonding time, but I need to talk with you for a moment," Phantom put his daughter on the ground.

"What's wrong?"

"Everything is as it should be, Daniel. I just wanted to tell you something about...your other relatives," they blinked.

"We have relatives?" Danny asked.

"Let's talk on the way, that's the purpose of the park, right?" Family got back on stony path, "I haven't told you about the rest of our family, because...let's just say I wasn't on the good relations with them, when I left"

"Why did you leave?"

"Let's better start from the beginning. Do you remember anything from Greek Mythology?" Danny gave him a deadpanned look.

"You made me read that books since I was born. I can recite that myths in my sleep," Ellie snickered.

"I had reasons, Daniel. Because they are not just a mere stories, they are as real as we are," two Phantoms' eyes widened in shock, "I have a brother, he isn't the nicest person to have around. His name is Kronos," Clockwork said. His son stared at him.

"Wait...if your brother is Kronos...that will mean..."

"Greek Gods are your cousins, Daniel. Now let me tell you the full story. You know, that the war broke out between Gods and Titans long ago. I never take anybody's side, that wasn't an exception. Kronos didn't like it, which was the breaking point in our relations. When Gods won the war, they weren't much keen of me neither. They banished me, along with your mother, in Tartarus, where the rest of Titans lived"

"Tartarus? But..."

"Daniel, Infinite Realms ARE Tartarus," Danny looked at his father dumbfounded.

"I don't recall meeting any Hecatoncheires around here"

"There is an explanation. When me and your mother left, I created a special barrier. Even now, Titans live in the special part of your kingdom"

"Wow, it's...sure a lot to take in. But you didn't just tell me this only to have a conversation, right?" Clockwork chuckled.

"You are right, Daniel. I wanted you to look after someone. He is your nephew, the son of Poseidon"

"And what is his name?"

"Percy Jackson"

A.N. And now it begins! Not much but it's just a prologue.