So I've started another story! I promise that I haven't abandoned Vetiti, but that one is hard to work on and needs a lot of editing. I apologize for any grammatical errors of plot holes. This wasn't meant to be a detailed fanfiction but it ran a lot longer than I thought it would. The story will be a Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Avengers crossover, mainly focusing on Peter and later Doctor Strange. I'm going to call this my MCAU (Marvel Cinematic Alternate Universe) because it is definitely an alternate universe, but there are some MCU aspects in here. At this point in time, Doctor Strange is pretty closely related to the MCU, but continued along the timeline a little farther. Spider-Man hasn't met the Avengers, but Age of Ultron has occurred. Thank you for looking at my story, and I hope that you enjoy!

A shadow developed into existence, and a dull hum joined it. With the wave of carefully constructed fingers, a light flicked across the air. The humming intensified. Darkness molded back into place after the absence of the fiery light. As the hum grew to a forte, the figure dissolved, and the hum morphed into a violet flare of energy that splintered the darkness. The dark violet energy shot toward the ground and dispersed with a resounding crack.

He stood from his chair with an inaudible groan as a bell's screech echoed through midtown high. A run in with a super earlier that morning on his patrol throughout the city left him with several lasting bruises, even considering his healing factor. Peter never enjoyed any visits with super villains, especially on school days.

"Mr. Parker! Your test," the man at the front of the room called. Peter took the paper from the dark hand and examined his results. He hadn't gotten any time to study for it because of a fight with a super who evaded the avengers' attention and was left for him to handle. This super villain called himself 'The Machine', and Peter had enjoyed the luxury of giving the person grief. 'The machine' did actually have a metal suit of armor that Peter accused him of being too much like Iron Man's, and too similar a name to War Machine. This suit didn't pull any punches though, and 'The Machine' managed to get a lick in. Peter stumbled home with a concussion and some bruised ribs on his left side that night.

He sucked in a breath. The test's grade would be hard to recover from. Peter haphazardly stuffed his paper into his backpack before leaving the classroom.

Senseless gossip filled the background like white noise in the hallway. Another inaudible groan escaped the teen's lips.

Once he left the school, he breathed in the spring air, smiling at how fresh the breeze felt. A boisterous voice broke off his enjoyment.

"Hey, Puny Parker! What are you smiling for? Are you looking forward to my fist?" Flash.

Peter felt the warmth of a hand on his shoulder. "No, he's excited that he doesn't have to see your face!" Mary-Jane defended. A rush of relief washed over him.

"MJ, we need to go. I don't want to have to nurture any more swollen bruises tonight," Peter muttered.

The redhead strode off with a shuffling Peter in tow. Flash attempted to follow, but they turned into an alleyway and effectively threw the stuck-up teenager off.

Peter thanked Mary-Jane before pulling out his phone and checking for any missed phone calls, specifically any from his aunt. When he saw a blank screen, he deemed the coast clear and escorted his girlfriend home.

At her door, he said another thank you and turned to the mob of people again. Peter pushed through the crowd effectively until a somber man clipped his shoulder. The teenager took a second glance at the man. An unpleasant face topped his strange clothes, and he took fierce, confident steps. This man, now that he focused on it, triggered his spider sense ever so slightly.

With a frown, Peter doubled back on the man. This lead him back down the street until the man entered a block of houses. About three houses down, the man's shoulders tensed faintly, and after a moment, the stranger veered off the corner of the block. Ever so slightly, the man's footsteps quickened. Peter barely noticed, but he left the man a few blocks down to circle his way back to the corner of the block.

Just like the other houses nearby, the one on the corner stood a three story house with a strange, arching window on the third floor. Peter frowned again and made a mental note to check back on the block in his patrols.

After observing all of the details from the surrounding houses, he left for the grocery store, planning to pick up a jug of milk. For once in his life, Peter succeeded. The teenager with a milk jug and some eggs blended with the street's people again, letting the current carry him back towards his neighborhood. A beaming smile lit up his face as he called out for his aunt at the door of his hometown . "Aunt May!"

"Peter, dear!" She returned his smile and took the eggs and milk from him. "Thank you for the milk. You were supposed to get it yesterday, but thank you nonetheless."

Peter got a wink from his aunt as she put the items away. "You missed the second half of seventh period yesterday. What happened?"

"Didn't feel too well," he rattled off as he ascended the stairs. Peter sat rather ungracefully on his bed, letting his head smack the pillow. After a moment, the boy sat up and unzipped his backpack to pull out due and overdue assignments. A pencil landed on his bed, and then Peter stood by the mirror, gently lifting up the side of his baggy shirt. A colorful bruise decorated his hidden muscles, spreading across the left side of his stomach in a tender circle. This was probably the result of the bruised ribs from his fight with 'The Machine'. Peter was used to pain, but it still wasn't comfortable.

The teenager decided to take the night off, keeping the man and the neighborhood in mind. By eleven, Peter managed to get most of his homework done so that his teachers didn't flay him. He was done resting mainly because he craved action. Spider-Man swung down the street towards the neighborhood from earlier. All of the houses sat exactly as before. The hero checked it out for a few moments before heading away to check on the rest of the city.

Spider-Man saved a few girls, knocked out a few men and women, and laughed at a mugger's terrified face. He called the night early, observing the glowing lights of the city from a building near Avenger's Tower. His main focus was trying to control the bruise's pain. Spider-Man laid down and blinked at the bright 'A' on the blazing tower.

The bell rang again. Mary-Jane made him smile again. Peter walked her home again. Spider-Man watched for the man from the day before. Aunt May smiled at him on his way in. Spider-Man swung through the city. Peter fell asleep.

A sneer flared out at anyone who looked at the hooded, somber man. It was dark and anyone who saw his face backed away. He knew they were afraid of being mugged. The thought made him laugh.

A low chuckle disturbed the air of the relatively calm side walk.

The man saw a slim figure on the top of a building staring down at the street dwellers below. He avoided the figure's gaze with a simple gesture. It wasn't needed because the shadow stood and ran off the side of the building before swinging off into the distance. Several cars screeched near an explosion. The man giggled.

Spider-Man abandoned his post over the street. His spider sense was the one to alert him this time. A quick web to secure his backpack, and he was heading towards the potential threat.

The superhero didn't have to search very hard. Fire shot from a building, creating a force that shoved him against a nearby building. He peeled himself off of the small crater in the wall. A blinding pain from him left ribs paralyzed the hero for a second, while a wolffish creature standing on two legs emerged. Spider-Man groaned, "Now we've got werewolves in New York?"

By the way, it is not an actual werewolf/wolf/dog, it just kind of looks like one. Updates will be weekly starting next Sunday, and they should be pretty on schedule because I have already finished the story. Thank you so much for reading! Follow/Love if you enjoyed it, and have a great day!