Chapter 1, A stroll in Surrey.

"Word" – Speech.

'Word' – Thought.

"Word" – Slender Speech.

#word# - Texts, messages, phone calls and on-screen words.

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Author's note.

So here is chapter 1, the story is a basic one for these crossovers, Harry found by a CreepyPasta and taken to be raised with them. At this point, I'm still trying to figure out a name for this thing and what to call this chapter, but, I shouldn't ramble on too long at the start, save it for the end.

Oh, and a bit of info for this fic, kinda guess you need this.

In this, Harry is between 8 and 10, so a bit young, I do plan to do bits of his years in Hogwarts, but I won't go into too much detail about those, just for any things that may be different with Harry's new upbringing.

The only Ticci Toby themed CreepyPasta I've read, or rather listened to, is the one that Mr CreepyPasta read, so for this fic, he isn't going to have the gash in his face. I have no idea where that came from but if you know then feel free to message me about it. Also the one where Eyeless Jack loses his eyes, only heard of the one where he starts harvesting kidneys to eat when the shop has to recall them so I don't know how he lost them, but he is eyeless in this fic, you'll meet him and a few others later on, around chapter 3 I think.



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The old man sat behind his desk in the tall tower watching the flickering flames in the fireplace as he waited patiently, his Pheonix familiar trilling softly behind him, as he reflected on the events of years past.

He should have suspected this earlier in life. How the shining student of Tom Riddle would have turned out after his sixth year when the poor girl had turned up dead in the bathroom, with Tom claiming the culprit as the now groundskeeper Hagrid.

He steepled his long fingers as he thought of the countless deaths that had happened in recent years, how he had started to act in shadow to protect the wizarding world with his newly established Order.

Suddenly a number of small devices that lay across a desk to his left started ringing with a high pitch akin to that of a whistling kettle and the old man leapt from his chair to examine them, his blood running cold.

As he reached the desk one of the devices stopped spinning and another's lights had faded just before.

The first was part of a set of three with a name attached to the base of each that were monitoring whether the inhabitants at Godric's Hollow were alive or not, and the one reading James Potter was as still as the body that now lay on the floor of the house.

His eyes widening in dismay he moved to turn away from the desk when a second device stopped spinning. The one that was linked to Lily Potter.

Halted by this, he glanced to the third that bore the nameplate 'Harry Potter' and saw that it was still spinning as it had the past few weeks.

He was frozen in suspense and after five minutes of anxiety, he sent a messenger Patronus to Hagrid, asking him to conduct reconnaissance of the house.

He moved back to the sheaf of parchment on the desk and drew from it a letter that had been sent to him by the now late Mr Potter which gave him notice of how due to a last moment change in plan they had decided to switch from using Mr Black as their secret keeper to another trusted friend that would be less likely to be targeted, though they hadn't said the new secret keeper's name in case the letter was intercepted and that he was the only other to be told of this aside from Mr Black and their new secret keeper.

He thought of Sirius Black's actions over the past few years in the secret war that was held in shadows from the muggle populus, how he had shown efficiency in dispatching Death Eater after Death Eater in duels, regardless of whether they were to be captured or not. His mere presence to the Death Eater was becoming seen as an omen of death. Thinking of the connections his surname gave him he knew that when the war ended there would be many accusations of whether he was truly an agent of the light or a Death Eater spy deep in cover.

Moving to the fireplace he placed the parchment gently on top of the logs and watched as it shrivelled to ash. When the war was over Sirius would likely be placed in Azkaban for his actions, no matter how necessary they were, and of the fact that out of the four people who knew he hadn't been the secret keeper protecting the Potters only, two were still alive.

A tapping at the window told him that the messenger owl that Hagrid kept on his person had arrived with what Hagrid had observed at the residence.

Taking the letter he read it with mildly numb hands and blurred eyes as he read the confirmation of James and Lily's deaths. But he was shocked to read that Harry had been found in the wreckage, still alive and mostly unharmed save for a small cut on his forehead.

Sending Hagrid a second Patronus he told him to take Harry to his muggle relatives in Surrey.

He knew that Lily had placed a few secret wards around the house to protect her Sister and family during the war.

He thought of what best to do now. He needed Harry to be brought up safely from harm's way and out of the limelight for the most part. He knew that the Wizarding World would set Harry up as a thing of legend, from what he had read, due to him apparently surviving the killing curse and having rid the world of Voldemort.

Pulling a second piece of parchment from the pile on his desk he read the letter he had started to Petunia Dursley, Lily's sister, about what may have happened in the war.

Taking a quill from the desk he added and changed parts that explained what he had concluded from Hagrid's letter and his own suspicions.

Sealing it in an envelope he walked to the fireplace and threw in a small amount of a green powder that lay in a pot by the side and walked into the flames.

Deep inside a forest shrouded in mist, a tall figure tilted his head to the sky. It had been a long time since he had felt anything of this scale shift in the world, the ambient magic in the air seemingly vibrating around him as something changed in the world.

He knew that this meant something had happened in the 'Wizarding World' as they had dubbed it and that for a long time it would be too risky for members of his world to be left unsupervised for a while. It was now time to start gathering those that wished it to a safe haven he had set up once more, it would have to be expanded to fit more than just his own two Proxies, but that was no major feat as he had done it before.

Turning around, he stalked off deeper into the forest, in his mind he was already making plans on what he would need to do.

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It was a normal Sunday evening in Surrey, a few clouds dotted the sky, and the residents of Privet drive had all retreated indoors behind drawn blinds to settle for the night. The only person outside was walking down the road... and he was nowhere near normal. This person's name was Toby Rogers.

Toby walked along the darkening street, twitching slightly every so often.

The night was already on its way and soon the only light would be from the sparsely placed lamps standing on either side of the road.

He took in a deep breath and smelled the cool air that hung around the street.

He cast his thoughts back to before he had left, reminiscing on the day so far.

It hadn't been a fairly exciting day, by usual standards.

The only interesting thing to mark it was that it was the day of the month that he got to have an uncontracted day. They got them every so often so they could relax from having to kill only to keep their world secret and so they didn't go on killing sprees revealing their world themselves.

On this day they could either, kill a victim or a few of their choosing, or spend a few days terrorising them to keep the 'CreepyPasta' legends alive.

To some like Jeff, the day was therapeutic and he was able to have fun toying his victims around before finally killing them.

But today, today Toby got to choose who he would kill, and for some reason, he had decided to travel across the pond to the UK for it. He hadn't really known why...

"I dunno why Masky, I just feel like going there for a change,"

and he left a few days early to decide which unlucky house he would call upon.

And now, he was walking alongside the well kept suburban lawns for the fourth day in a row, towards a house near the end of the street.

*Flashback – 4 days ago*

Toby walked out of the treeline of a nearby forest, shaking his head slightly as using one of Slenderman's teleport points always left people feeling slightly disorientated.

You get used to it after a few times, but longer ones are always worse.

He looked out around the field that bordered the small forest. A nearby sign told him he was somewhere in Surrey on a very sunny day.

Smiling to himself, he pocketed his face mask, took off his jumper and tied it around his waist, before adjusting the translucent orange goggles that were pushed up on his forehead, picking up a rucksack and setting off.

Wandering around the street he passed many people bustling around, some giving him a second glance when they saw him tick and hear the pop that normally accompanied them but nobody bothered him about it and no one seemed fun to kill to him so he passed them by, not giving another thought.

After an hour or so he pulled back the sleeve of his shirt and looked at the battered watch on his wrist, noting the time he stepped into a nearby cafe to get a muffin or something to eat, before he had left the Mansion he had scrimped around his room and found enough to change into fifteen 'quid' as they called it here.

As he joined the end of the queue for those eating and going a mother and what looked like her two sons entered and took a table in the corner of the cafe.

Toby thought the trio looked rather odd, the woman was tall and thin, 'though nowhere near as such as Slendy' he thought and she had a rather horsey face, a row of perfectly straight and long teeth could be seen out of her mouth as she bent down smiling to ask the first child what he wanted.

Toby had to look away for a moment before he started giggling at the difference between her and the boy. Whereas she was tall and thin, the child was short, round and obtusely chubby.

After the child declared that he wanted what sounded like the most teeth rottening thing he had ever heard of he looked back at the woman as she turned to the last child, though the difference between him and the fat one was funny for another reason.

With the woman, he could at least see similarities between her and the fat one, their hair and ears looked similar, but that was all he could see of him due to his back being turned, with the other boy, he could see no such matching features between them.

Their hair were polar opposites, his spiky, jet black hair contrasted her soft, brushed strawberry blonde locke's and since he was turned slightly Toby could see his emerald green eyes and they were totally different to the woman's muddy hazel.

Also, there was something off about the boy, his clothes for one, they hung off him like they were on a drying rack and his glasses had multiple layers of tape on the bridge and one of the arms behind his ear and he was pale, nowhere near as pale as Jeff or himself, but definitely noticeable.

"Now you sit in the corner and be still and quiet, no freakiness either, got that?" she said in a hushed voice, glaring at him.

She had talked quietly so no one in the cafe could hear but him, though Toby, with a few years of experience of being quiet on hunts, had helped him to hear things better than the average person, heard and stopped fidgeting with the cuff of his jumper and stood still, save for the occasional twitch.

The woman turned and joined the other queue for those sitting in, behind him and the chubby kid sat opposite the other at the table, smirking cruelly at him.

Meanwhile, Toby started to think this through carefully,

'The kid might not be in the clear here, maybe he likes to be weird and since their in public maybe 'horsemouth' wants him to keep it to a low, yeah maybe, though...'

Toby always had a bit of a sore spot for child abusers and drunkards because of his father, but whether or not the kid was being mistreated was sorted shortly before he bought his muffin when the chubby one called out suddenly,

"MUMM, he hit me!" he cried, ducking his head to cry, though Toby could tell that he wasn't really crying, just faking it and that the small boy hadn't hit him either.

"I-I-I-I d-didn't," the black haired boy stuttered out the words, and Toby noted that as well.

The mother, who was turning away with her coffee and what looked like condensed slab of chocolate and cream cake placed them back on the counter, excusing herself to the barista and walked over the to the table and took the small boy, who had stopped protesting as it was obvious it was falling on deaf ears, by the wrist and started to lead him out,

"He didn't hit him," Toby found himself saying, surprising himself as he turned to face the woman, who had stopped just before the door, the shop quiet.

"I don't believe that my Dudley would lie about anything, least alone, being hit," she said, with a forced smile and mildly cold voice, as she regarded the teen, seemingly looking down on him for the twitches she had seen since entering the shop.

"Really, I think having raised him and being his mother, I know when my child is lying. Especially in regards to this one," she tugged the arm holding the small boy, "Now, thank you for trying to be nice, you clearly must be a kind person," Toby tried to bit down on his tongue to stop the snort, though that did nothing and a snicker escaped his gritted teeth.

The saving grace there was his twitch,

At that moment a particularly violent one caused his neck to snap and an audible crack was heard in the quiet shop.

"Though, as it is, he is my responsibility, and I shall thank you to kindly keep out of other's business," she said, sneering slightly at him.

And with that, she left the shop pulling the small boy that was staring at Toby with mild shock.

She came back in shortly after, evidently forcing the child to sit outside and wait for her as Toby had finished paying for his muffin, as she passed him she gave him another cold look, before collecting her things and sitting down.

As Toby left the shop he knew that the woman was watching him,

'Her pencil neck being very helpful there...' he thought as he crossed the street and made sure he was well out of sight before doubling back, tearing a small chunk of his muffin out, making sure that there were a few pieces of blueberry in it when his phone buzzed.

He pulled it out and checking the message he saw it was from his gaming second, Ben,

#Remember to check for cameras, wafflebreath. I can't cover you all the time,#

He smirked at his message and continued walking.

As he approached the shop again he saw the boy sitting against the wall of the shop against the corner that leads into the shop.

Toby stopped before the signpost and leaned against it, nonchalantly, making sure that the woman wasn't looking before looking back to the kid.

He was small, he noted, smaller than he should be at that age,

'Wait, how old should he be? He looks around Ben and Sally's age, well... physical age, well... what they look like, I mean Ben's a possessed computer sprite and Sally's a ghost so they don't really age, do they...' before he could stop his ramblings the horsey woman and the other kid came out of the cafe and took him away.

When Toby noticed that they were leaving he cut his train of thought short and began to follow, eating the bit he had torn off for the boy as it was clear he wouldn't be able to give it to him now, walking on the other side of the street so it was less likely they would notice him.

*Present day*

Toby came to a stop in the alley a few houses away from Number 4 Privet Drive, after three days of following the Dursleys, he found they were called, to learn their habits he had learned nearly all their names, the borderline obese child was apparently called Dudley, Toby was nearly spotted when he had audibly laughed and had to duck behind a few bushes near the local market to hide from the equally beef sized man, the boy's father Vernon and if Toby thought that Petunia, his wife and the boy's Aunt, was cruel to the child then Vernon was a 'Creep' like himself by comparison.

He would loudly fault the boy on many things, blaming things that could in no way fall onto the child constantly, spoiling his own son and treating the other like dirt, but that was just the tip of the axe.

The man would constantly keep the child in terror from his verbal threats and hit the child if he didn't work to his standards...

Which to him, he never did, and aside from using him to practice swatting away a fly the man would constantly starve the child.

Toby would have referred to him by his name, but not once had it been mentioned.

Not once in the entire time that he had been there was his real name said.

They would always call him 'Boy' or, in the case of his Uncle's favourite, 'Freak'. He had tried to go to the nearby school to try and get his name there, but the cameras made sure that he couldn't get closer than the other side of the street, where he would watch the small boy hiding from the small blimp of a child and his little gang he seemed to always be with to bully him constantly.

Something that had changed though was that the Uncle's equally rotund Sister Marge was visiting for the weekend.

She had arrived on a Friday evening, staying for the weekend and leaving on Monday morning, bringing with her a dog she had aptly named Ripper if the state of the Uncle's trousers on the first day were anything to go by.

She was more like Petunia in her way of treating the boy, making him accompany her and Dudley shopping for expensive treats and looking at the small child she dragged with them in a manner that suggested that she was daring the boy to complain.

He crouched down and undid the zip on the rucksack he brought with him and took out two axes; hooking them through a hoop on each leg; a key he had sneaked from the Uncle when he visited a local pub to drink and boast about a successful new contract for his company, which did something about drills, he wasn't really sure, and his facemask before zipping the bag back up.

He straightened up, pulling the facemask on and fixing his goggles before putting the rucksack back on and walking towards the house.

Pausing to send Masky a text, he had sent one earlier in the day to let him know the name of the family he would be visiting and the house number so that if it came up on the news they would know not to look into it if it seemed an unnatural death, to tell him that he was about to enter the house.

It was around half past nine, which meant that Dudley would have been put into bed, Petunia would be sitting in the living room probably gossiping to Marge and Vernon would be nursing a glass of brandy whilst the boy would be finishing any of the jobs that they had left before they put him in...

Actually, that was something he didn't know either, either the boy was forced to sleep on the couch, or it was in one of the rooms upstairs but he hadn't seen a light go on in any save for Dudley's room upstairs or his parent's, over the few days that would signify the boy slept there.

Crouching down he went around the back of the house, using bushes that he had once seen the boy cutting diligently when his Uncle came round and hit him in the legs with the broom he had to sweep the leaves afterwards because he hadn't finished, though he had started barely six minutes ago with only a small pair of shears. That had tested Toby's patience the most and he had almost gone over there and swung an axe into the man's moustached face there and then, but it was a busy evening though none of the neighbours commentated on the act they had seen.

The other thing that tried his patience to that extent was on the second night of the Sister's visit the dog had chased the boy up a tree in the garden and hadn't been called off until well past midnight. He thought that the boy might've gotten a glimpse of him then so he was more careful to avoid his gaze after that.

He had reached the garden gate and quietly slipped into the garden and looked through the windows of the glass conservatory.

Inside was pretty much as he had thought it to be, the adults were in the living room, reading a gossip magazine and nursing a rather large glass of brandy, and the boy was standing on a stool, scrubbing a large pan with a greasy rag covered in soap. Toby noted that he was missing his glasses and wondered what had happened to them.

He paused from his cleaning to wipe his forehead and his uncle barked at him.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? Do you think that all this is going to clean itself, or do you expect your poor Aunt to do all this work by herself, you ungrateful FREAK? And also, what's this we hear about you lollygagging in class, think it's funny that teachers have to be there and think you can have a little daydream out the window do you?"

Toby watched the small child stutter out an apology, before turning back to the sink, but his Uncle had gotten up and grabbed the boy by his neck and dragged him to the floor,

"You've taken long enough to do this already, you can finish it in the morning before you can eat, or else you won't till Tuesday.

Now, I have to quickly run to the office, so if I hear that you've given your Aunt or my Sister any grief you won't eat till Thursday!"

With that, he pulled the boy, who was trying to keep his balance from being pulled forcefully along, out into the hall where he, Toby tensed up for a moment, opened a small door to a cupboard and threw the child in.

Toby was slightly frozen in surprise as he watched the uncle pull a bolt across the door, locking it from the outside. He ducked back down under the windowsill and waited for the Uncle to leave the house, waiting for the telltale signs of a car leaving.

Oh, how he wished that the fat walrus of a man had to stay, he'd been looking forward to decorating the walls of the Aunt's 'lovely' wallpaper a new shade of red with his blood... if it was even blood at that point, and not liquid fat.

Moving back round to the front of the house, he checked the time again and saw that it was closing in on ten.

Which meant that a particularly loud show the Dursley's watched nightly would be on, under the noise of the shows live crowd Toby unlocked the front door and crept inside.

Closing the door and locking it behind him he broke off the key in the door so no one could get out that way. From the living room, he could hear Petunia mentioning to her Sister-in-law about the new, custom-made, knife set with their surname engraved in cursive on the blade and handle she had bought last week and arrived around lunch. As she gossiped about her day he moved silently towards the cupboard under the stairs, where he could hear muffled cries of pain.

He slid open the grate on the door and peered inside.

The boy was drawn in on himself and clutching his head. Toby realised that when his uncle had thrown him in he must have hit his head on the door, stair or something else in the small space, where a thin smear of blood could be seen under his hand.

It was at this point the child realised that he was being watched and started to shake,

"I'm s-s-sorry, I-I-I'll be quieter," he choked out between muffling his sobs.

When Toby unlocked the door he heard the child's breath speed up, obviously still thinking it was his family. But when Toby pulled the door open a fraction so he could better see the child he stopped breathing altogether for a few seconds as the locked eyes.

"W-w-who are you?" he asked, looking up at him.

Toby froze for a moment, he hadn't thought that the child would talk from the surprise of having a stranger break into his house.

"Hi... I'm Toby... what's your name?" he asked, eager to finally get the boy's name.

"Burden or Freak, that's what my Uncle calls me, but, the teachers call me Harry,"

"Well Harry, I'm going to need you to stay in here for a little bit longer, I'm not going to lock it or anything, but whatever you do, stay in here, no matter what you hear, you need to stay in here!"

Toby put emphasis on the last three words because even though he was a killer, even though Harry could probably guess what he was about to do, he didn't want him to see people being killed. There was something that sat wrong with Toby about letting little children see that sort of stuff.

Harry nodded and sat back from the door as Toby pushed it closed again.

He stood up, he was about to sneak into the living room when the door to the kitchen opened and the Aunt walked through. Toby moved over to the bottom of the stairs to hide as she walked into the toilet at the end of the hall from the sounds of scratching at a door upstairs he assumed that Ripper was closed in Marge's room.

Once Toby had heard her close the door he resumed his sneaking into the adjacent room.

The Uncle's sister was engrossed with the tv, muttering to herself about lazy no goods that wanted their 5 minutes of fame, so she didn't notice Toby creep behind her and draw his axes.

As the credits began to scroll down the screen she stretched out the remote and turned it off.

In the now blank screen, she saw the reflection of herself. At that point Toby had another loud twitch as his neck popped and the woman's pig-like eyes flicked up and she could see Toby standing behind him, axes raised, and even with his mask on, she could tell that he was smiling a sadistically wide smile.

Before she had time to act Toby brought the axes down on either side of her inflated neck and they became embedded within the rolls of fat.

Toby let go of the handles as he watched the woman grasp at her neck before her arms fell limply to her sides; her blood staining the couch with two streaks of crimson red. Toby turned to make sure that the blinds were still drawn and that no one could be peaking in and catch him in the act.

Whilst he was busy checking that nobody from the outside could see him he failed to notice Petunia standing just inside the kitchen, she had come back in time to see the masked intruder swing the axes into her now departed Sister-in-law's neck. Now she was slowly moving towards him, a knife was taken from the new set, and she was raising the blade to strike him down.

Toby turned back to the room as she brought the knife down at him.

Taken by surprise, he raised his arms to deflect the blow, but before she could drive the knife into him she seized up and the knife dropped to the floor. Her body following seconds later.

Protruding from her back, was the other five knives from the set.

Toby looked down at her body in surprise before looking up and seeing Harry standing in the frame between the hall and kitchen. He looked straight into the boy's eyes and his own widened in surprise.

Even through the goggles, he could see that Harry's eyes were a misted blood red with the pale green from his normal colour shining through between the swirling mist.

As his eyes began to return to normal he swayed and Toby leapt over the fallen body of the boy's aunt and caught him before he hit the floor.

He sat him upright behind the counter, facing away from the living room, and took a step back, still crouched, to observe the small figure in front of him. He didn't look like anything out of the ordinary, his messy black hair was matted slightly from the blood where he had hit his head, but other than that, Toby could see nothing that would have signified anything other than a small, abused child.

Contemplating what to do for a few moments he sat watching him before he heard heavy footsteps coming along the upstairs landing. In the aftermath of what he had seen Harry do, he had forgotten about his cousin.

Quickly, he stood up and went back into the living room. He tugged, it took him a couple of tries, he'd really got it stuck in there, one of the axes from Marge's neck and stood in the doorway.

When the rotund child came to the bottom of the stairs he walked into the foyer and staring down the child who had frozen at the sight of the shadowy figure and, if the smell meant anything, had wet himself.

Raising the axe and pointing it at the child he said the first thing that came to his mind,

"Go to SLEEP, little piggy!" he growled out and the now ashen-faced boy half ran, half waddled, up the stairs, his face one of pure frozen terror, and barricaded himself in the upstairs toilet.

Turning back into the kitchen Toby saw that Harry was slowly stirring awake. Moving over to him he pushed his goggles up onto his forehead and held him still as he woke up, squirming slightly as he gazed bleary-eyed up at him.

"Hey, hey, hey, shhhh... It's ok, I'm not gonna hurt you," Toby tried to reaffirm the child as he didn't want to end up on the receiving end of whatever he did to his Aunt.

"W-w-what happened?" he seemed to remember Toby and didn't look like he would move so Toby let go of the boy's shoulders.

"Don't worry about that right now," Toby quickly said, "What does matter is that it's time to go, you need me to grab anything? Like your glasses, where are they at?" Toby queried trying to keep his mind from the fact he had just killed his Aunt, a child freaking out would be no help in this situation.

"Uncle Vernon put them on the fireplace, he said I could have them back when I finished hoovering the living room tomorrow," he said, shivering slightly from the cold floor and drawing his knees to his chest.

"Well I'll go get them, then we can blow this joint and be on our way," Toby said, patting the kid on the unhurt side of his head and standing up.

"Like the big, bad wolf does?" Harry asked, peering up curiously at Toby as he moved around the counter to get Harry's glasses.

"Yeah. No. Well, sorta. I mean, we can't blow this house down, kinda hard to do that and it would be the brick house, and we can't blow it up either, though if I'd grabbed my other bag then we might've had enough C4 to turn this place to rubble... but that one's back at my place, so we're just gonna have to leave this place standing," Toby rambled as he came back around, spectacles in hand, "Right, got those, you need anything else, how about shoes, I'll get your shoes," Toby walked back round to the foyer and picked up the scruffy pair of trainers he had seen Harry wearing from when he had first seen him in the cafe.

Ducking his head in the cupboard he saw a small bundle of old, should have been thrown out ages ago, clothes and picked up the jacket that lay on top of them. Also lying around the place, aside from what would normally be stored in such a cupboard, were a ratted blanket or two that was formed to be a type of bed in a corner; a few scribbled drawings, though it was too dark to make out what these were; an empty reel of tape, 'probably from fixing his glasses' he thought, and what looked like a smudged, torn, and clumsily fixed photo of a man, woman and small child. It was too dark to make out who was who in the picture but Toby pocketed it, 'Maybe Harry would want to keep it,' he thought.

Looking around the small cupboard some more he couldn't see anything else that looked like it would be special to Harry, except for what looked like a small music box in the corner so he grabbed that too.

Moving back into the kitchen he stalled for a moment when he saw that Harry had moved around the counter and was staring at the body of his Aunt. He walked past Harry and removed the other axe from the body on the couch.

Moving back towards him Toby placed a hand on his shoulder and gently steered him towards the back door, where he could no longer see into the kitchen. Bending down to put the jacket on Harry's shoulders he could see that he was trying hard to keep his face neutral, but fear could be seen out of his eyes.

"Hey. Listen, it's ok, nothing bad is gonna happen to you. I know it was a bit scary in there, but you don't have to worry about them anymore, got it," Toby tried to keep him calm, if he started freaking out it would be a lot harder to get back to the Mansion with him in tow.

"I used my freakiness, they're going to kill me now," Harry said, quietly as he stared at the floor between Toby's feet.

This sentence confused Toby for a few reasons. Number one, his Aunt and Uncle's Sister had just been killed, so he couldn't be talking about them, maybe he was talking about his Uncle but then he would have been specific. Two, Harry was aware that he could do stuff like that, but why hadn't he done so before now. Three, he didn't seem to be afraid of him or overly concerned that his relatives were dead.

Toby filed away those last ones to be brought up later when they were out of the house but he was more confused about what he thought would kill him.

"What do you mean‚ 'They're going to kill me'?" he asked, putting the trainers on the ground for Harry to put on.

"The monsters in the shadows. I killed Aunt Petunia With my freakiness. Uncle Vernon said that if I kept using my freakiness they would give me to the monsters in the shadows and they would drag me to hell and cut me up into pieces with knives and axes," when he finished telling Toby this realisation started to dawn on his face as he looked between Toby and the axes he was putting back into the rucksack, and whatever blood was left in his face quickly drained out.

Toby, not missing this look, crouched back down to around Harry's height,

"Oh no, no, no, no," he quickly rattled off, "I ain't gonna hurt you. I promise. I'm a bit of a freak myself so it would be pretty rude for me to kill you. Wouldn't it?" he said, giving Harry a little poke under the shoulders where it apparently tickled, he had never felt the sensation himself but according to L.J it would.

And it did, Harry let out a little giggle and smiled slightly from the sensation.

'There we go' Toby thought to himself as he ruffled Harry's hair as he slipped on his shoes.

He realised that he'd have to make a call to tell the others about this as he took off his face mask, throwing that in the rucksack as well.

While Harry was crouching down to put the shoes on, Toby unlocked the door and mentioned to harry that he needed to make a quick call. Fishing his phone out he went through his contacts and found Masky's number. Dialling it up he waited as Harry finished putting on his jacket and waited patiently for Toby to make his call.

#"What is it, Toby? I'm busy,"# Masky answered, mildly annoyed.

#"Yeah, yeah I know, you and Hoodie are busy playing Hollywood with the camera guy but listen, something happened over here,"# Toby told him, glancing at Harry out the corner of his eye.

#"What did you do? If you've been spotted on a camera you know Ben will mess up the footage... Did you let someone get away after seeing what you look like because I can't come over there and clean up your mess,"# Masky sounded annoyed, he often did dealing with Toby.

#"No. Not that, well kinda but that doesn't matter right now, that was ok. Listen, how quickly can you get to the Mansion?"# Toby asked, trying to get to his point.

#"What did you do Ticci?"# Masky asked again, definitely annoyed now, he always called him by that name when he was.

#"I found someone. I think they might be one of us. No, I'm sure of it,"# Toby said before Masky could cut him off.

Silence rung for a few moments between the two before Masky spoke again.

#"Ok, Hoodie can manage a few minutes without me, what do you want me to do?"# he asked, sounding tired, but the fact he wasn't arguing further surprised Toby.

#"Tell E.J I'm going to need him to have a look at who I'm bringing back. Also, could you see if any of the spare rooms are clear for him and tell Slendy what I'm doing?"# Toby waited for his reply. Casting Harry a few glances every so often as he spoke.

#"Ok, but Toby, if this turns out to be nothing, you realise that Slendy will be majorly, don't you dare salute that, pissed off at you,"# he told Toby, who had his hand half raised to his head in a mock salute.

#"I'm sure about this Masky,"# Toby replied before hanging up and motioning for Harry to follow him.

"Where are we going?" Harry asked, moving to Toby's side, holding onto the empty loop where he usually kept one of the axes so Toby could guide him through the dark, as the two left the garden as Toby led him to the forest where he had first arrived in Surrey.

"We're going to where I live. It's a mansion in a forest, we call it The Mansion, I know, real original name huh, but it's also called 'The Ark' by a couple of my friends. I said that it was in a big forest, right? Well for a bit don't recommend wandering around the place by yourself, it's easy to get lost there and if my boss finds you before he's met you he..." Toby paused for a few moments to think of the right words,"... can get a bit scary," He finished hesitantly.

Harry's eyes widened a bit at this but he didn't say anything else, his face staying in the same neutrality as it had previously. He kept pace with Toby for the walk out of Privet drive and the surrounding streets for the most part, though Toby had given him a hand in getting over a waist-high stone wall that bordered the field he had first came through and then they continued through the field to the tree line.

Once they got to the edge of the forest Toby stopped the now droopy-eyed and tired Harry and sat him down on an old stump just inside the forest.

"Listen, you know how I said that my boss could be a bit scary earlier?" Toby asked. it would be better to give Harry a heads up now instead of later at the Mansion, surrounded by everyone else.

Harry nodded, drawing in on himself to guard against the cold air of the night.

"Well, there are a few others staying at the Mansion as well and they can be a bit..."

"Scary too?" Harry asked when Toby trailed off, thinking about the right words again.

"Yeah, but they also look a bit scary too. So, for a while, don't go wandering off by yourself, if you want to go somewhere you ask me or some of my friends, I'll point out who to ask ok. You can probably go from your room to the living room and dining room by yourself but don't go wandering. Got it? Not until you get used to being there,"

Toby wanted to make sure that nothing too bad would happen to the kid before he could explain a few things, L.J and Jeff would scare the kid to death if they saw him, E.J might try and grab a few organs unless Masky told him about what he had told him.

Masky and Hoodie would probably not be too bad as Masky would have told Hoodie about Toby bringing someone new to the Mansion. Ben wouldn't care as long as the kid didn't deliberately pick a fight with him and Sally only had to be told not to play any games with him that would kill him and she would be ok.

There were a couple of others away when he had left so he didn't know if they were back yet.

His main worry would be if Slendy disagreed with him and said that Harry was just a normal human, that he hadn't seen what he thought he had. If it did turn out that Harry was a normal human then Slendy would probably tear Harry in two and impale him up a tree somewhere for an hour or two.

But Toby was sure of this, there was something... abnormal about the boy, maybe on par with what he dealt with at the Mansion, and if there was the worst that could happen is that the kid was brought up at the Mansion.

Harry nodded to show that he understood what he had said and stood up to follow Toby as they walked just a bit deeper into the forest.

Toby stopped them in a small cluster of tree's and told Harry to wait there. He walked over to one of the trees and looked for something around the trunk.

'Where is it? Where is it?' he thought to himself as he searched for the symbol of 'The Operator'.

Finding the small circle and cross was very difficult for those who hadn't spent a lot of time at the Mansion, but the longer you were there, the easier it got when trying to find Slendy's teleport points. After a minute or so of looking, he found the small insignia and pressed his hand gently over it.

A thin fog started to roll through the forest and he walked back to where Harry was watching with curious interest. He motioned for Harry to come for him and he took Harry's hand and led him between two trees that had grown close together and seemed to have formed a type of tall archway with their branches.

Pulling Harry gently along he walked through the archway into the mist. He walked with hardly any trouble as the ground seemed to spin slightly underfoot. He kept a good hold on Harry as the small boy stumbled wildly, unable to keep his on footing he caught the small boy and hoisted him onto his back as he passed out from the spinning and carried him through the remainder of the fog, which was starting to thin out and clear.

Soon they had left the mist behind and Toby carried Harry for the rest of the way, his face was screwed up in the same way that a small child would have if they were spun around too fast and were trying not to throw up.

A short walk later and the two came to a clearing in which a large, white, building stood in the middle. Its board were ivy-strewn and very weathered, the paint scratched and peeling in many places. A patio stretched around the side of the house, with equally withered planks and ivy growing on the beams. The windows looked grey but the light shone through a few of them and a masked figure watched the approaching Proxy and child with interest as they came to the cobbled path that led to the door.

Shifting Harry slightly Toby opened the door and walked into the foyer, closing the door with his foot and letting the rucksack fall off his arm onto the ground next to the door.

Looking around Toby saw that there was no one loitering around, which meant that nobody had found out about Harry yet. That worked for him, gave him time to get his story about what had happened straight and easier to explain what happened.

Walking to the end of the short corridor he tried to think where E.J would be, on the kitchen snacking on a kidney, or in the living room waiting for him. He decided to try the living room first, then the kitchen.

Turning left through the empty frame he came to a halt as each seat was filled, and every seeable eye was trained on him, and Slenderman standing in the middle of the room.

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