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Well, here I go, my first piece of Fanfiction ever written, should I start with something easy as a one-shot, naah, let's go right in with a crossover, Yay.

There isn't much going to be in here, it's only the Prologue, though I am going to be uploading the first chapter either tomorrow or the day after.

All I'm using this for is to set up what's happened in this world, in terms of what's different from the original Harry Potter canon.

Feel free to message me about anything in the fic in the future, or ways you think I could improve my writing.



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The old man sat behind his desk in the tall tower watching the flickering flames in the fireplace as he waited patiently, his Pheonix familiar trilling softly behind him, as he reflected on the events of years past.

He should have suspected this earlier in life. How the shining student of Tom Riddle would have turned out after his sixth year when the poor girl had turned up dead in the bathroom, with Tom claiming the culprit as the now groundskeeper Hagrid.

He steepled his long fingers as he thought of the countless deaths that had happened in recent years, how he had started to act in shadow to protect the wizarding world with his newly established Order.

Suddenly a number of small devices that lay across a desk to his left started ringing with a high pitch akin to that of a whistling kettle and the old man leapt from his chair to examine them, his blood running cold.

As he reached the desk one of the devices stopped spinning and another's lights had faded just before.

The first was part of a set of three with a name attached to the base of each that were monitoring whether the inhabitants at Godric's Hollow were alive or not, and the one reading James Potter was as still as the body that now lay on the floor of the house.

His eyes widening in dismay he moved to turn away from the desk when a second device stopped spinning. The one that was linked to Lily Potter.

Halted by this, he glanced to the third that bore the nameplate 'Harry Potter' and saw that it was still spinning as it had the past few weeks.

He was frozen in suspense and after five minutes of anxiety, he sent a messenger Patronus to Hagrid, asking him to conduct reconnaissance of the house.

He moved back to the sheaf of parchment on the desk and drew from it a letter that had been sent to him by the now late Mr Potter which gave him notice of how due to a last moment change in plan they had decided to switch from using Mr Black as their secret keeper to another trusted friend that would be less likely to be targeted, though they hadn't said the new secret keeper's name incase the letter was intercepted and that he was the only other to be told of this aside from Mr Black and their new secret keeper.

He thought of Sirius Black's actions over the past few years in the secret war that was held in shadows from the muggle populus, how he had shown efficiency in dispatching Death Eater after Death Eater in duels, regardless of whether they were to be captured or not. His mere presence to the Death Eater was becoming seen as an omen of death. Thinking of the connections his surname gave him he knew that when the war ended there would be many accusations of whether he was truly an agent of the light or a Death Eater spy deep in cover.

Moving to the fireplace he placed the parchment gently on top of the logs and watched as it shriveled to ash. When the war was over Sirius would likely be placed in Azkaban for his actions, no matter how necessary they were, and of the fact that out of the four people who knew he hadn't been the secret keeper protecting the Potters only, two were still alive.

A tapping at the window told him that the messenger owl that Hagrid kept on his person had arrived with what Hagrid had observed at the residence.

Taking the letter he read it with mildly numb hands and blurred eyes as he read the confirmation of James and Lily's deaths. But he was shocked to read that Harry had been found in the wreckage, still alive and mostly unharmed save for a small cut on his forehead.

Sending Hagrid a second Patronus he told him to take Harry to his muggle relatives in Surrey.

He knew that Lily had placed a few secret wards around the house to protect her Sister and family during the war.

He thought of what best to do now. He needed Harry to be brought up safely from harm's way and out of the limelight for the most part. He knew that the Wizarding World would set Harry up as a thing of legend, from what he had read, due to him apparently surviving the killing curse and having rid the world of Voldemort.

Pulling a second piece of parchment from the pile on his desk he read the letter he had started to Petunia Dursley, Lily's sister, about what may have happened in the war.

Taking a quill from the desk he added and changed parts that explained what he had concluded from Hagrid's letter and his own suspicions.

Sealing it in an envelope he walked to the fireplace and threw in a small amount of a green powder that lay in a pot by the side and walked into the flames.

Deep inside a forest shrouded in mist, a tall figure tilted his head to the sky. It had been a long time since he had felt anything of this scale shift in the world, the ambient magic in the air seemingly vibrating around him as something changed in the world.

He knew that this meant something had happened in the 'Wizarding World' as they had dubbed it and that for a long time it would be too risky for members of his world to be left unsupervised for a while. It was now time to start gathering those that wished to a safe haven he had set up, it would have to be expanded to fit more than just his two Proxies, but that was no major feat.

Turning around, he stalked off deeper into the forest, in his mind he was already making plans on what he would need to do.

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Author notes.

So, this was the prologue for my first fic.

Hope it gives you a sense of what is going to happen in this fic.

I will have an actual chapter up either tomorrow or the next day, like I

said, then I'm going to try and keep to the schedule of one a week, but that might change depending on stuff like homework and college revision.

I do have a plan on what to do when Sirius escapes and how he will react, this will be part of my own canon regarding the happenings of the Creepypasta world.

Oh and a p.s. to a friend that really, really, likes it when fanfic chapters match the page number.


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