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Remnant Aurum

Silver Aurum/Schnee

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Chapter: 1 New world, same duty

Silver POW

"Remind me what we're doing again"-Ruby, my girlfriend said as we walked down the gold-laced corridors of the Aether royal castle. All of us were wearing our usual attires. Mine being a white trench-coat with a gray sleeved shirt, and a pair of blue jeans. My two single edged katana-pistols, Aurum and Argentum hanging by my hips. Weiss, my sister gave an amused snort.

"We are going to be visiting one of Silver's sister's worlds"-She answered (Silver has several blood-related families), looking to me for confirmation. I nodded.

"Yup, Naga said she had some problems with another god in her world. So, we're going to be doing what Huntsmen do best!"-I exclaimed with my chest out in pride. Ruby giggled at my antics while Weiss sighed.

"I hope they don't have alcohol there"-She prayed. I gave a mock gasp.

"Oh, you wound me so, Blizzy"-I taunted her. Yeah, the one drinking here was me…. What? I need it sometimes. At least I don't smoke… Anymore. That was for Ruby's sake. All knows what Tai-Yang or Qrow would have done to me otherwise.

"Oh yeah, I remember Winter almost tearing you up for drinking in-front of the General. Said you reminded her of my uncle"-Ruby said in a humored tone. I stumbled a bit in embarrassment over that particular event.

"Not exactly a good first impression on your big sister you know"-Weiss chimed in, smirking at my embarrassment.

"W-well, can we just, forget that ever happened? Please?"-I tried. The girls put their hands to their chins in thought.

"Nope!"-They both exclaimed at the same time. I hung my head in defeat. Ruby giggled again while Weiss snickered slightly. I'll get my revenge…. My head snapped up when I realized where we were.

"We're here"-I said as we stood in-front of the ginormous golden doors. I opened them up and all of us stepped inside. There, by some kind of pedestal, stood Remnant and Naga, probably discussing what was going to happen next.

"Ah, I see you have arrived"-Naga said with a smile. Remnant looked between me and Ruby, and gave me the look. You know, the one an annoying sister would when she found out you had a significant other. This, knowing smirk saying, "I knew it". I blushed a bit, and luckily no one seemed to notice.

"They seem ready"-Remnant stated, ignoring the glare I was sending her.

"That, they do. I must warn you children"-Naga began as the pedestal started to glow, and activated a portal that hung above it, "Once you step through the portal, you will be sent to the kingdom of Ylisse, where though, remains at random"-She said. We looked between each other, with an uncertain look. I steeled myself.

"We haven't changed our minds"-I assured. Naga smiled at my determination.

"Well then, come. Stand by the pedestal"-She instructed. We did as she said and walked up to the pedestal with the glowing, swirling purple portal.

"Before you go"-Remnant interjected. We looked at her, "This is for you"-She said as she handed a silver necklace, with a red gem in the middle, just like mine and Weiss' to Ruby, "Welcome to the family, Rosie"-Remnant taunted with her usual nickname for Ruby. Ruby blushed heavily as she understood what that meant, and accepted her gift. She put it around her neck, and managed a smile through her blush.

"Thank you"-She thanked. Remnant simply smiled in response. We turned back to a smiling Naga.

"Are you ready?"-She asked. We nodded.

"Good, your mission is to find and join up with a group known as the Shepherds, once you have done that, head to Ylisstol"-She informed. Then motioned for the portal, "Good luck". We gave different shows of appreciation as we stepped through the portal, waving good-bye to both Goddesses.

Ruby POW

When I woke up from the portal blackout, I noticed several things. One, we were in a forest. And two, that "we" only included me and Silver. Weiss was no-where to be seen.

"Ugh"-My boyfriend complained as he woke up. I quickly got up and sent a cheery smile his way.

"Wakey wakey lazy but!"-I chimed happily.

"For the love of All. Ruby, you have been spending too much time with Nora"-He said as he rubbed his head, and got up. He looked around and noticed the absence of a certain white-haired heiress.

"Where's Weiss?"-He asked. I shook my head.

"I don't know. She wasn't here when I woke up either"-I said, having a slightly worried expression.

"Hmm, this must be what Naga meant when she said we'd end up somewhere random in Ylisse"-He guessed.

"Yeah, I guess"-I agreed.

"I wonder how she's doing"-Silver said, looking up at the sky.

"Weiss is a big girl, she can take care of herself"-I assured in a certain tone.

"I guess, can't blame a brother for worrying though"-He answered, smiling.

Weiss POW

'Oh god, oh god, oh god!'-I thought frantically as I ran from a pack of wolves.

"Leave me alone!"-I shouted. The wolves just growled and continued chasing me. This is not what I had in mind when travelling to a new world. And where was Silver and Ruby?!

"Ugh, I already hate this place"-I muttered. I used my Glyphs to elevate myself up into a tree. The wolves, noting that they couldn't get to me, walked off, snarling angrily after they realized climbing wasn't going to work. Once I was certain they were gone, I climbed down and exited the forest. A smell of smoke instantly assaulted my nose as I got out on an open road, and I looked further and saw a rising column of smoke.

"That, looks too big to be a campfire, so the only thing would be…"-I started, "By All"-I gasped, and quickly dashed off towards what I had the sinking feeling, was a burning settlement. Being a Huntress, it was my duty to protect the people, even if it was a different world. Once I arrived at a good look-out, I saw a burning village. I held my hand to my mouth in horror. Then held Myrtenaster tightly.

"Whoever did this…."-I left my anger hanging in the air as I continued to storm off towards the village.

Chrom POW

This, has been a rather tiring day. First, the stranger, Robin who somehow knows my name, but is an amnesiac. Then, this. A village, being burned and pillaged by some lowly barbarians. Me and Fredrick held the front line against the bandits as Robin and Lissa assisted us from behind. Both girls doing a very good job. Suddenly, a streak of, ice? Hit a few of the enemies, freezing them in place. We all stopped fighting and turned to look at the new arrival. A woman, quite formal looking, with white hair, ice-blue eyes. A white and light blue dress and skirt, with a very unique rapier in hand. The guard of the rapier seemed to be spinning. I also noticed the angry glare she was giving the bandits, promising a painful fate. She twirled her rapier, and sent another wave, though of fire this time. It hit the frozen combatants, breaking the ice and knocking the fools unconscious. The other bandits registered the moment, and the new arrival as hostile and started to act. They sent off several lancers to deal with her, as the rest stayed to fight us. A lance beats a sword after all. We focused on our own fight, but Fredrick sent the occasional suspicious glare towards the rapier wielder. Curious as I was about the woman, I didn't let that break my focus off the battle.

A war-cry was shouted from the horde of bandits, and a swordsman tried to rush me and Fredrick. Though, the knight easily speared him in the torso, killing him.

I heard another cry of pain, and also realized that the majority of bandits had opted to focus on the new threat. The young woman was graceful in her attacks, although never going for a killing strike. She seemed hellbent on keeping their blood from staining her blade.

No matter how many of the bandits that charged her, they were either frozen in place, or sent flying back, a few paces longer than they began. She was untouchable, and the unique rapier of hers was still stain free from blood, the blade shining in the sunlight.

Once the battle was done and over with, the woman sighed and sheathed her rapier. While Lissa was fangirling over Robin's abilities, me and Fredrick waved the woman over, who noticed and complied.

"Thank you for the aid, miss?"-I asked, wishing to know her name.

"Weiss, and no thanks required. They had it coming"-The now identified Weiss said as she, once again turned to glare at the now unconscious bandits.

"Well, you two certainly know how to fight"-I stated, looking at both Weiss and Robin.

"You are no helpless victim"-Fredrick said, looking at Robin. Before turning to Weiss, "And you are certainly no helpless traveler"-He finished suspiciously.

"And you all would be?"-Weiss questioned. Damn, had I really asked for a lady's name but not introduced my own?

"My apologies. My name is Chrom. The delicate one is my sister, Lissa"-I introduced myself and my sister.

"For the last time Chrom, I AM NOT DELICATE!"-Lissa complained. I just snickered at that.

"This is Robin. And the knight, is Fredrick the wary"-I said.

"A title I shall wear with pride. Naga knows one of us keeps enough caution these days"-Fredrick said. Weiss' eyebrow raised.

"So, are you some kind of mercenaries then?"-Weiss asked. Now it was Fredrick's turn to raise an eyebrow.

"No no, we are more of a militia. Shepherds of Ylisse"-I corrected. Her eyes lit up in, err, something. I've never really been good at reading people with these sorts of things.

"Shepherds"-Weiss muttered.

"You, seem to have heard of us before"-Fredrick tried to push for more information.

"I have, a friend of mine told me"-She replied. Ah, so familiarity it was.

"Hmmm"-Fredrick fixed her with a suspicious glare.

"Anyways, as I said before. You both seem like very capable fighters. Would you like to join the Shepherds?"-I asked. Both Weiss and Robin looked surprised, while Fredrick was looking at me questioningly.

"Milord, are you certain they can be trusted?"-He asked.

"Peace Fredrick. They both fought to save Ylesean lives. My heart tells me that is enough"-I stated.

"And your mind, milord. What does it tell you"-He asked.

"The same"-I answered, "So, how about it, you two?"-I asked.

"I, would be honored"-Robin replied. Weiss looked rather uncertain.

"I would like some time to consider it. If that's alright"-She said. I smiled.

"That's fine. I don't expect you to answer immediately"-I answered.

"Milords! Milords! Please, you must stay the night. We are but simple folk but would gladly celebrate your victory with a feast!"-A villager exclaimed excitedly.

"A most generous offer. But I am afraid we must decline. We must make haste to Ylisstol"-Fredrick politely declined the request. Lissa, who had failed to hear what Fredrick said, went on to explain how she wanted her food.

"Dark meat for me! Medium cooked. I simply- Wait, what do you mean were not staying!?"-She complained when she caught on to what Fredrick had said. Said knight simply smirked.

"We must make haste to Ylisstol as I said. I believe you said you would be "Getting used to this"?"-He said with an amused tone. Me, Robin and Weiss snickered loudly at Lissa's expense.

"Not funny. Fredrick, sometimes I hate you"-She said with an attempted glare, which only ended up looking cute.

"Quite the stern lieutenant you have there"-Robin commented.

"Yes, quite"-I chuckled in agreeance.

"Stern is one word. I can think of a few others"-Lissa stated in an annoyed tone.

"Fredrick only smiles when he is about to bring an axe down on an enemy"-I said, amused. Weiss scowled.

"Not exactly an admirable trait, sir Fredrick"-She said with a pointed glare, which Fredrick returned in full.

Weiss POW

"So, lady Weiss. I would like to know what you are doing in Ylisse? You don't exactly look like you are from here"-Chrom asked. I sighed, knowing full and well it was only a matter of time before that question came up.

"Yes, you see, I was traveling with my brother and his significant other. We were heading for Ylisstol, as a friend recommended, but we got separated in the woods fending of a pack of wolves"-I explained, giving a half-truth. Fredrick raised an eyebrow.

"Then would it not be best to look for them?"-He asked. I shook my head.

"No, they are most likely already on their way to Ylisstol. We agreed upon that, in the event of getting separated, we would continue there to regroup"-I answered.

"That seems like a logical idea"-Robin agreed. Fredrick simply scowled.

'He is suspicious, too suspicious for his own good'-I thought.

With Silver and Ruby

We waved good-bye to the red-headed merchant, who happily did the same, and continued our way to Ylisstol.

"ACHOOO"-Silver sneezed suddenly. Ruby raised an eyebrow at him.

"What's wrong Silver?"-She asked.

"I don't know. Just got the feeling that Weiss is being a hypocrite right now"-Silver replied.

"Huh?"-Ruby asked in confusion.

Back with Weiss

'Eh, I'll get used to it'-I thought.

"And that, ice magic you used back in the village?"-Chrom asked.

"Yeah, that was so amazing! I've never seen ice magic before!"-Lissa added excitedly. I smiled at her.

'She reminds me so much of Ruby….'

"Well, it wasn't magic"-I said. The four others all raised their eyebrows at this.

"You see. Back home, we have this resource called, Dust, which has elemental uses and can be used for combat"-I explained. I took out a vial of ice-Dust to show them, "This, is a vial of ice-Dust. My weapon, Myrtenaster, is designed to use this to enhance itself"

"Oh, so cool"-Lissa said.

"A naturally elemental resource? Sounds immensely useful"-Chrom commented.

"And convenient"-Fredrick added with a scowl.

"You know what?"-I suddenly asked angrily, having had enough with this knight, "You have full right to be suspicious of me. But do you really have to make such remarks all the time?"-I asked, annoyed.

"I am merely securing the safety of milord and milady"-Fredrick defended.

"Enough!"-Chrom interrupted. Both me and the knight turned to him.

"While both me and Lissa are thankful for your protection, Lady Weiss has a point. You need not be so hostile when she hasn't done anything to earn such behavior from us"-He explained. Fredrick sighed.

"Very well. I apologize, Lady Weiss"-He said in a not so enthusiastic tone. I simply nodded. And we walked in a rather tense silence until nightfall.

"My feet are hurting!"-Lissa complained, "And now the bugs are out! Noisy, nasty crawling all over -yo-"-She got one in her mouth, "Agh, blegh. I gob on I my mout. Blech, Ptooey"-She complained and tried to spit out the bug.

'Yup, definitely Ruby'-I thought, amused. Though I did feel a little bad for her.

Ruby POW

"ACHOO"-I sneezed.

"You too?"-Silver asked.

"I feel like Weiss is making fun of me"-I said.

"Huh, this is getting weird"-Silver said.

"Yeah"-I agreed.

Weiss POW

"Well, it is getting dark. I would suggest we set up camp for the night"-Fredrick said.

"Good idea"-I agreed. Even though I was still pissed at him, I was trying to be, nicer…. Damn this brought back memories.

"I'll gather firewood. Who would like to set up the tents?"-Chrom asked. Robin raised her hand.

"I could do that"-She said.

"Lissa, care to join me?"-Chrom asked with an amused smile.

"Hmph, no thanks. I think I have had enough for one day"-Lissa said, matter of factly.

"I'll go and hunt for some food"-Fredrick said.

"I suppose, I'll join Chrom gathering firewood"-I said, very much noting the fact that Fredrick wasn't glaring at me. Huh, it seems like he was willing to try and be nice too. How, nice.

"Well then, let's get to it"-Chrom said, and we all got to work. Gathering firewood wasn't too eventful, and it went by in relative silence. After a little while, we found ourselves sitting by the open fire, eating the food that Fredrick had dragged back and fixed. Well, some of us anyways.

"What's wrong Lissa? Dig in"-Chrom said.

"Ugh, no thanks. I'd rather not eat meat that smells like old boots. Wait, I take that back. Old boots smell better!"-Lissa exclaimed in disgust. Fredrick snorted in amusement.

"Every hardship builds character, milady"-He said. Lissa glared at him.

"Well then, why don't I see you eating any, Fredrick?"-She asked with a smirk. Fredrick was suddenly sweating.

"Um, err, I had quite a large lunch. Yes! Quite"-He said.

"Not buying that"-I deadpanned. I was actually eating my own share. Even though, I'd never really found myself even thinking of eating something like this before. Well, before I met Silver, that is.

"Anyways, we shouldn't eat bear meat. It's messing with the food chain. Right Robin? Eh, Robin?"-She asked. Said woman was gulping down her share of food with gusto. I shriveled up my face in slight disdain, over how she was eating. Chunks of it going everywhere. Gross.

"Well, how about you Weiss?"-Lissa asked, looking at me. I laughed, though holding a hand to cover my mouth, in response.

"If you would have asked me to eat this a year ago, I would have yelled out bloody murder. But, after my brother lectured me over how important it is to learn to eat what you find, I won't complain"-I explained. Lissa sighed exaggeratedly in defeat.

"About your brother, how is he anyways?"-Chrom asked, interested.

"Silver is a very, different kind of person. Nevertheless, he is kind, very much so. And an incredibly skilled swordsman and marksman. He is also, rather, overprotective. Especially over me and Ruby"-I said, explaining my brother.

"Who is Ruby?"-Lissa asked, intrigued by my story.

"Ruby is his significant other"-I answered.

"Oh, how is she like?"-Lissa asked.

"Well, Ruby, before we came here, was my team leader back at Beacon. She was a very good leader, even though I doubted her at first. She is actually, a lot like you Lissa. With the addition of a severe weapon fetish"-I said.

"Oh?"-Lissa replied.

"Team leader? Beacon?"-Robin asked, not knowing what I meant.

"Well, back home, we fought creatures known as Grimm. Beacon is an academy that trains fighters, Huntsmen and Huntresses for that task. And me, Ruby, another girl named Blake, and Ruby's sister, Yang, along with Silver formed team RWBYS of Beacon academy"-I explained.

"So, you were trained to fight monsters?"-Chrom asked.

"Yes. And our team was at the top of the first-years, along with our sister team, JNPR. Silver though, he was, still is, in a league of his own. Let's just say, you don't want to piss him off. Last time, some guy tried to hit on Ruby. He was sent flying through two solid stone walls"-I said, and winced at that memory. The others seemed to have a similar reaction.

"Jeez, remind me not to get on his bad side if we meet him"-Robin said.

"And you said Ruby was your team leader, why did you doubt her though?"-Chrom asked. I sighed.

"Back then, I was a stuck up noble girl. Born and raised in one of our homes richest families. I had studied to become a leader. And Ruby, was, in my opinion childish"-I explained, "But, as time went by, I learned to be a better person. And to accept Ruby as my leader. Even though she was admitted to Beacon two years early, being 15 years old"-I said.

"Wow, so you're a noble?"-Robin asked. I shuffled in place, slightly uncomfortable.

"Wish I wasn't"-I admitted, "Our family business was dirty and foul. Using Faunus, humans with some animal features, practically as slaves. My father is still one of the most hated, and rightfully so"-I explained.

"Slavery huh? Disgusting"-Lissa said with a scowl. I nodded, agreeing fully.

"It is getting late, we should get some rest"-Chrom suggested. We all gave different signs of agreeing.

Lissa POW

It had been a while since we all went to sleep after Weiss explaining her home, friends and family. I still didn't understand how her father could be so terrible. Hope he got what was coming to him. I noticed Chrom woke up, and was trying to walk off. NOT ON MY WATCH YOU DON'T!

"Chrom?"-I asked. He turned, a surprised look on his face.

"Lissa? Sorry, did I wake you?"-He asked in an apologetic tone. I just shook my head.

"Something wrong?"-I asked.

"I just, feel like yes, something is wrong"-Chrom admitted, "I'm going to go find out"-He said.

"Not alone you're not"-I said as I followed him.

"Heh, thanks Lissa"-He said and we started to walk through the forest. After a while.

"It's too quiet. No birds or bugs. Nothing"-Chrom said.

"M-maybe we should turn back"-I suggested as I held my brothers arm tightly. Chrom nodded.

"Agreed"-He said. But just as we were about to turn back, the ground shook, and seemed to open up, lava being spat out from underneath.

"RUN!"-Chrom yelled. I didn't need to be told twice as we ran through the now burning chaos that was the forest. We stopped a bit to catch our breath. Chrom looked up.

"Lissa, run"-He said.

"Huh?"-I questioned.

"I mean it, go!"-He repeated. I ran off and saw Chrom follow me behind, running away from a weird portal in the sky.

Fredrick POW

I woke up with a start, at a loud explosion. And instantly noticed that both Chrom and Lissa were gone. I looked over to the other two, to see that Weiss was already up, Myrtenaster, her weapon in hand. While Robin was groggily looking around.

"What happened!? And where are the other two?"-Weiss asked, alarmed.

"That is what I am wondering as-well"-I said, glaring at the two females. Robin shrunk under the glare, but Weiss returned it.

"Now is not the time to-"

"AHHHHHH"-She was cut off by a scream, that I clearly recognized as Lissa's.

"Lissa"-I muttered.

"She's in trouble! Let's go!"-Weiss shouted. Both me and Robin ran off after her towards the direction of the scream.

"Lissa!"-We heard Chrom shout. At the edge of my vision, I could see some kind of bright ice-blue light. I turned my head, and my eyes widened. Weiss had a blue glyph underneath her, and one behind her seemingly charging up. Suddenly, she took off at an impossible speed towards them. And I suddenly regretted getting on her bad side. With such power, who is she?

Weiss POW

When I heard Chrom shout desperately after Lissa, I knew I had to do something. I charged up my semblance, taking off at immense speed, Myrtenaster raised high to end whatever monster that dared try to hurt my friend. I had already lost one, Pyrrha…... And Yang was nearly lost too.


I noticed that another swordsman, with a very similar blade to Chrom's, had already stopped the incoming axe from harming Lissa. But He/She was struggling with holding it back.

"Help"-He/She meekly pleaded. I responded by cutting the Grimm looking Zombie in half with Myrtenaster, then positioned myself protectively in front of the swordsman and Lissa.

"Weiss!"-Said girl shouted happily.

"Quite the entrance"-Chrom said, referring to the new guy/girl. I didn't know, couldn't tell, "What's your name?"-He asked. Then, Fredrick and Robin arrived.

"Milord, Milady are you alright!?"-He asked worriedly.

"Fredrick, Robin!"-Lissa shouted, relief rushing through her features.

"We're fine, for now"-Chrom assured as the other two joined us in a position against the Grimm-like zombies.

"Are such creatures common place here?"-Robin asked.

"They are not from Ylisse, if that is what you are asking"-Chrom replied.

"They look a lot like Grimm. But humanoid"-I stated. Chrom looked to me, then back to the monsters who screeched and continued to approach us.

*BANG* A thunderous sound went off, killing four monsters in one. My eyes went wide. That sounded like Crescent Rose…

*bang* *bang* Two more, less loud shots, and four more down.

'There's Argentum and Aurum'-I thought.

Chrom POW

What, was that? The loud sound had hurt my ears and I was holding my hands towards them to cover up the sound.

*Swish Slash Shink* Metal meeting flesh at a rapid pace was heard, and a red blur turned into a figure that stood beside Weiss.

"Ruby!?"-Weiss yelled out in relief. And another mass of monsters was slain. A second figure now stood beside her, this one in white and blue.

"Silver? You're here too?"-She asked. What? Oh, these were the two she had been speaking about? So far, it certainly didn't seem like she'd exaggerated her stories.

"A single day sis, and you've already gotten yourself in trouble"-Silver joked as he twirled one of his blades expertly. Weiss just stared dumbly at him.

Ruby suddenly hit her in the head.

"Ow! What was that for?"-Weiss asked indignantly.

"That was for making fun of me earlier"-The small girl huffed. And Weiss treated her to the same reaction as Silver.

"Yeah, it was a bit weird. You sure you didn't make fun of me too?"-Silver asked.

"Let's just focus on the baddies ahead!"-Ruby suggested. Weiss suddenly smirked.

"Like old times?"-She asked. Both Ruby and Silver turned to smirk back.

"Like old times"-They both confirmed. Weiss activated, Glyphs? Underneath her and behind her, as Silver did the same. Ruby, twirled her piece of metal into a giant SCYTHE? That small contraption, whatever it was, could contain that giant scythe? I, don't even question it anymore with these three. *sigh*.

"Let's get these Grimm-zombie wannabees!"-Silver exclaimed as they went off to massacre the creatures.

All me, Fredrick, Lissa and the new arrival could do, was watch slack-jawed at the three Huntsmen's performance. Ruby, was cutting down creatures left and right with her scythe. Weiss was engulfing them with flames and ice. Silver, Silver's blades were crackling with thunder and burning with fire, each sword respectively. He cut down creature after creature in nothing but a blur. And in a moment, they were done. The field was swept clear of the creatures, even the bigger one that we barely noticed due to Ruby somehow beheading it with her scythe that caused a loud boom. They all stood with their weapons in different positions, smirking victoriously at their deeds.

"Lord Chrom!"-A female voice rung out.

"I heard fighting"-The female knight, that I recognized as Sully stated.

"Ah please milady, must you be so fast?"-An unknown voice complained.

"Stuff it, Ruffles"-Sully shot back. She then looked at the three Huntsmen, "Who are they"-She asked wearily.

"They are friendlies. You need not worry Sully"-I reassured. At-least, I hope they were. The way they so nonchalantly took out those creatures… We'd stand no chance…

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"My name, is Remnant Aurum. I wish to ask for your assistance"

"There is no "Silver" in the Schnee family"

"Wait, who are you?"

"Figured it out already, didn't you?"

'This is not my best day'

"Ready to face the music?"


'Where, am I?'

"Welcome, to my world"

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Teaser for, don't mess with a Huntsman…

"A different world you say?"

"So, this is Ylisstol?"

"Come on girlie, I'll show ye a good teim"

"Don't mess with a Huntsman"

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