"TIMMY TIMMY TIMMY TIMMY TIMMY TIMMY TIMMYTIMMYTIMMYTIMMYTIMMY" Spoiler chanted maniacally in her cage, her eyes rotating crazily as the residents of the JLA House tried coping with their former comrade's severe case of lunacy

"I give up. Theres nothing left. She's completely off the charts" Dr. Hamilton sighed, massaging his temples as Stephanie hooted like a monkey in the background

"Emil, we've been having this for years! For 5 years!Please theres got to be somethingwe can do to bring her back!" Roman begged, Emil gathering his equipment and hurriedly walking toward the door

"Youare the ones who are to blame for Miss Brown's condition. Now I have been patient and I have tolerated you and your colleagues but this ends now. I am hereby resigning from my position and I am officially giving you a restraining
order forbidding all of you to enter Star Labs!" Hamilton roared angrily, giving Roman the middle finger as he drove off in a rage