Theme: Imagine anime demons angels exorosists and all in between growing up together as children. More will be added as I get farther into certain anime's but for now here's the list.

Natsu Dragneel-fairy tail

Shiro (Aciel) Emi, Lucifer, Sariel, Suzuno, and Sadao (Satan)-the devil is a part timer

Naruto and Gaara-Naruto

Rin and Yukio Okurama-Blue Exorcist

Rokuro, Benin, Yuto, Shimon and Mayura- Twin Star Exorcists

Some will follow a main adventure line some will be side stories and sometimes nonpermanent characters will make appearances.

Look forward to sporadic updates.

️ Peace ️

Ps. If u have a character u think should be in this put the name and anime in a review and I'll watch the series and decide... maybe.