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Chapter 1: ones standing

On the last day of school right before summer break. A fairly pale skin, large jade green eyes, and long unkempt black hair that she wears down on her shoulders, often covering her right eye was walking home. It was Tomoko Kuroki the 'Werido of the class' nicknamed by her classmates.

"Seriously whats wrong with my life?" said the girl

" I just followed the leads of the many female characters the otome games that Akia- nee gave me. But how come everybody gave me looks as if I was a weirdo." The girl said as kick a can on the way home.

But then again what did you expect from this deranged girl. Believing by mastering the world of otome games she could become popular. But instead, she understood that she had become an outcast.

"What did you expect partner? The cringed smile and the intensive stare you gave to people would make them uncomfortable. " Said a voice deep within the girls head.

'oh great is my imaginary friend again.' Tomoko thought with annoyance.

"Really partner you still think that I am a figment of your imagination. I know you one crazy bitch but girl I am real." The inner voice said trying to convince his host.

'Ignore it Tomoko ignore it remember what the doctor said the voices in your head are not real. It is simply something that is born from my anxiety.' The girl said as she hastily walks home to take her medicine.

One year ago

The messy haired girl has been hearing these voices for a year now. At first, when she told her parents about it they simply dismiss it as her fatigue from studying too hard. After all, she was trying to enroll in Kuoh Academy the most prestigious school in town. But after a while, the voices became louder and harder to ignore.

Until finally she began to have very vivid dreams of two dragons fighting each other. The dreams were so strong that she was screaming and rampaging in her bed. So hard in fact that her parents had to wake her from those dreams. Once they knew her condition was serious, they took her to a Psychiatrists.

There the doctor then began to ask questions on who is the voice in her head. Here Tomoko explains that the voices name was Albion the white dragon emperor. And according to him he and another dragon named Draig were rivals. Both were destined to fight each other through the host they inhabit. And that's why she needs to train or she will die.

"I see that's a very interesting story that Albion was it.. told "as the Psychiatrists said while writing his notes.

"Doctor Azazel I am going crazy aren't I? " Tomoko ask worryingly.

"oh don't worry about that child. You're here know and you will get help. " said the black hair and black goatee doctor with a smile.

Tomoko became nervous as she saw that smile 'no don't think that smile was for you. he's good looking after all. there is no way he would be interested in me. Even if he was he probably only see me as a toy and toss me out when he is bored with me.'

Apone seeing the black haired girls nervous reaction the doctor asks 'What wrong Tomoko?'

The girl just shocked her head "no no nothing wrong."

Azazel raises an eyebrow "Tomoko it's ok to tell me I am here to help you after all."

'as if a could say that I am nervous because you're a hunk.' Tomoko thought as she avoids eye contact.

"I see you cant trust me completely, but this only the first session. There is no rush, after all, we will meet again" the doctor said as he leaves the room to meet Tomoko's Parents.

"so what wrong with her doctor?" Tomoko's mother said worried for her daughter

"it's too early to tell but she could be suffering from Schizophrenia." The doctor said bluntly.

"What is that doctor?" this time the Father asked.

"schizophrenia isn't known and is characterized by thoughts or experiences that seem out of touch with reality, disorganized speech or behavior, and decreased participation in daily activities. This condition is incurable." As the doctor explains both parents began to cry.

"doctor is there a cure for her condition?" the father asked.

"Treatment can help, but this condition can't be cured," Azazel said.

"does that mean our girl would never have a normal life." The mother said while crying her eyes out.

"no your wrong mam people can live happy lives even with this condition." These words brought hope to them.

"what can we do to help my daughter?" both parents ask pleading to the doctor.

"you guys can help by :

Make sure your daughter consumes the medication that I will prescribe.

'makes sure that she exercises daily.

That she comes here on a weekly basis for evaluation.

And finally, talk to your daughter she will need it. "

"So that means that they just need to spoil me more doctor," Tomoko said as she came into meet her parents.

"Tomoko," both parents said as they saw their cute daughter.

"Mother Father sorry for causing you so much trouble" as Tomoko bows to her parents.

At that moment Tomoko's mother embraces her while crying " don't say that my child you are my daughter. Your my child so please cause me as much trouble as you can."

"That's right we will get through this together " the father than join in on this hug fest.

Tomoko Home

After their first visit to the Tomoko began to exercises, that had many positive effects. As she was the fittest person in her class. Many clubs wanted to recruit her, as they saw her athletic skills during gym class. but her weird behavior on school grounds turned them off.

Tomoko couldn't join one anyway as she had a strict curfew, that she must be home as soon as school was over. This was not made by her doctor's orders but by her worried parents. As they wish to keep an eye on their sick daughter. It was a good thing that her school was 10 minutes away by foot.

The girl also had a weekly visit to her local doctor Azazel. She hated to visit him as he could read her like an open book. Azazel would always call her out when she lied or hides anything from him. Not only that the pills that he would prescribed felt off the to Tomoko. Sure it stopped the intense dreams she got and suppress the voices that she heard. But those pills also took something from her, something important. But she didn't understand what did those pills actually do.

Understandingly the girl was frustrated at her condition. But decided to bear it in as she didn't want to worried her parents. Tomoko now entered her house and announce that she was home. Normally either her father or mother would great her home. But not this time there was no response.

'something wrong they would always answer my call' Is what the girl thought. She then called out again but the response she got was not something that she would expect.

"if you are looking for your parent's child they are not here I sent them away" said by a young woman's voice.

Tomoko was cautious and decided to walk backward slowly. But as she reaches for the front door an invisible force prevented her from leaving.

"There is no escape for you kid, come here I want to great my rival in person." Said the mysterious voice again.

Tomoko confused decided to follow the voice all the way to her living room. There she saw the intruders sitting comfortably on the couch holding a medicine vial. The intruder was indeed young like her voice implies she looked as she was the same age as Tomoko but her composure and aura seem to imply that she was older than she looks. she had long red hair tied as a pigtail with a very cute and frilly pink bow with deep blue eyes. And with the outfit, she wore a cute frilly pink dress makes her look as cute as a doll.

'Great a cute girl, why did this bitch come here. And damn girl I know that you looked young but isn't that frilly dress a bit much for your age. She probably wears that just to get spoiled. ' Tomoko said as she evaluated the intruder of the house.

The intruder made an irritated face "you thought of something really disrespectful didn't you brat."

Tomoko just scowls " well, of course, an intruder came into my house, acts of she was a queen, dressed up like a kid and plays with my medicine. Of course, I would think of something disrespectful. "

The intruder burst out laughing "good, good my rival has a backbone. I was worried that was some sheltered princess after being spoiled rotten. "

'like you wouldn't know anything about that. As you wardrobe speaks as you wish to be spoiled yourself. But what did she mean that I was her rival' Tomoko than stared daggers at her intruder"Ok bub who the hell are you, why did you call me your rival and why do you have my meds?"

The red just smiled "oh where are my manners my name is Alexa the current red dragon empresses. And for why do I have your meds." Alexa than destroyed the vile with something that looks like magic as fire suddenly appeared on her hand burning the medicine.

Tomoko screams as the medicine she depended on was destroyed right before her eyes "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING BITCH!"

The messy haired girl then tried to tackle the intruder but was outmaneuver and overpowered as she was pinned on top of the sofa.

Tomoko now realizing that her so-called rival had forced her into a position where both bodies were touching each other and her face was just breath length away. Began to look away nervously and blush slightly.

Alexa noticing this made a mischievous grin a began to whisper in her ear." now-now don't get too excited, the only reason I came was too great you and stop that foolish Azazel plan."

'damn it this bitch stop whispering into my ear' as Tomoko began to struggle.

Though The mention of her doctor's name caught the messy haired girl by surprise "What does my doctor have to do with anything?"

"*giggle* simple really my rival that doctor you believe in has been deceiving you. The medicine that you took was not or any disease it was to suppress your partner Albion from appearing. " said the redhead as she moved away from Tomoko body.

'wait, Albion? how did she know the name of one of my voices? isn't she just sick like me. But then again I did see her conjure up fire like it was nothing.' After much thought, Tomoko just laugh.

"that's it there is only one explanation. I finally gone crazy everything that happens here is just an illusion. Man, I know my condition would make me lost touch with reality but not this much. Well better call Azazel that I finally lost my marbles ." she than pull out her cell phone and called her emergency number.

Seeing Tomoko's reaction Alexa summons a red scaly gauntlet decorated with a green jewel and points it at the girl. "*Sigh* guess I need to get rough with you after all Tomoko Kuroki."

"Boost Boost" were the sounds made as the jewels glow and right before the redhead touch Tomoko with that gauntlet it mad another sound "Transfer" and this had an effect on Tomoko.

The messy haired girl just collapses on the ground. Her bodyfelt hot and felt something was going to be released. Then suddenly from her back, A pair of white Dragon wings appeared. Blue glitter was poring out from it and slowly the hot sensation began to fade from Tomoko's body.

"So what do you think of your wings my rival? They are beautiful aren't they." Alexa said while smirking.

"waharethiswings?" Tomoko said so fast as she was shocked and convinced that she had gone bonkers.

"What are they you say? That is your Sacred Gear Devine Dividing proof of your status as The white empress dragon. "

Hope you guys enjoy the idea of somebody that was already crazy like Tomoko being the white dragon empress.

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