Lady Vader
Sinful By Nature
Chapter 2
The early morning breeze was light and cool. Imperial Center was alive and thriving with the duties of Imperial Life. The parties of freedom and gaiety were long gone. Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, walked through the corridors of his castle at an angry, fast pace. Several officers and secretaries were trying to keep up with him, while listening attentively to his orders. "-And I want ever bit of information on her fast, am I clear?" They replied hastily and stumbled out of his presence.

"She resisted me, damn!" He had just gotten back from his undercover mission to catch the under lady of the terrorist cell, Jeu périlleux. The citizens thought it to be new to Coruscant, but as it turned out it has existed since the Empire rose. Many cells were older, but the difference of this cell is what made it stand out. They weren't for the same cause as the others. Jeu périlleux was actually all about fun. An interesting concept and it puzzled Vader to no end. 'Why risk your life for something of such impertinence as recreation. Ignorance, perhaps?' But no, she and her cell weren't stupid. He was sure of it. The stunts, the thievery, and bombings were to brilliantly planned and executed. But they weren't the Empire, they did not have armies of millions, nor did they have the Dark Side.

He knew that to bring the cell's activities to an end, he would have to get rid of her or at least have her in custody. The operatives weren't so centered on a cause that they would fight back. They would run back into their dark holes, and never look back. But catching her would be the trick. He needed the information that was concealed in her mind. It infuriated him when he realized she didn't take well to mind reading. This was quite rare to find a non-sensitive to react badly. A true challenge for the dark lord; who had defeated his only challenges some time ago. He smiled darkly, her fun had caused him to have a little fun also and for that he was grateful. She was also very enticing; with thick, luscious brown hair and big, round eyes. She spoke with an accent that screamed exotic. He recognized it as the language of the planet L'eau. A far out world named after it's immense amount of water. Nothing like Kamino, but they didn't have any continents, just small islands everywhere. Yes, she was quite breathtaking. It wasn't his preference to keep woman as a mistress, but this time he might have to make exceptions. He breathed deeply, as his passion stirred and started to heat up. He needed a cold shower.

That Same Day…

"Hey! I heard about your little spell last night." Padmé had decided that a good little shopping spree would make her feel better. So she was looking around in her favorite shop, for her favorite design line. Zelig, was behind the register. "And?" she responded somewhat annoyed. "Well, what happened?" She could tell he was keen on getting the story out of her, so she gave in. Sighing, " It was just a bad reaction to a drink, okay?" She turned back to the designer's rack. But he continued, "One of Mika's drinks, you mean." She turned back around. "Look, Z, it wasn't her drink, just the fact that I don't take alcohol easily." It wasn't a lie; it was the slant truth. She didn't take alcohol lightly, but she was pretty sure that it wasn't what made her blackout.

He seemed to believe her. She could tell he was shocked at her weakness with alcohol.
She put her items on the checkout counter for him to scan. "Five-hundred and fifty credits," he finally said. Her mouth just about hit the floor, "Did the Imperials just raise the taxes again, or something?" She paid him, and he started putting her purchases in a bag. "Yup, just the other day, something about the Emperor's new private museum that was just built. She made a disgusted sound, "You know, with all those personal expenses he could've fed the center's population for a month!" He silently agreed. She decided with guilt that she wouldn't shop anymore and would head home. "Well, I'll see you around." She turned and walked out of the shop. Behind her she hear him reply, "Holla."

Outside she met the usual hustle and bustle of a psychotic, Imperial-controlled day. She had decided that a walk would be better than to ride in her sleek speeder. She needed the exercise and fresh air anyway. What fresh air Coruscant had, that is. As she walked she felt the un-usual pull of lazy muscles, and remembered her abused training schedule. She decided when she got home she needed to go through a double work-out, especially since she had mentally already started making plans for the Emperor's little museum. She smiled wickedly.

To Be Continued…
Authors Notes: *Stretches* Well, there you have it! As you can undoubtedly see, the romance…err…sensuality is coming much more quickly than with The Capture. So…what is going to happen to the Emperor's new museum? Will Vader make Padmé his mistress? And when in the world will I make a Capture post? *laugh* Soon, dear readers….very soon. On another note, Padme's home planet's (which I made up) name is French for "Water". Her cell, Jeu périlleux, is also French. It means "Perilous Game". And if you're curious about the "exotic" sounding language…It's French too. So, basically, L'eau's language is French. Hey, it sounded right…and was easy. *wink* Well…I hope y'all enjoyed it!