Bleach/RWBY challenge.

Summary: With the death of Yhwach Ichigo's Quincy powers faded away. Due to this his powers become unstable and start tearing his body apart. The Soul King foreseeing his saviors slow and painful death decided to give Ichigo a chance at a second life in a world in need of a hero.


- Ichigo is the older twin of Yang

- Ichigo regains his Shinigami/Hollow powers protecting Ruby and Yang from the beowolves in the flashback

- Ichigo dies a little after the Blood War

- The Soul King sends Ichigo to Remnant


-Ichigo is paired with female character

-Strong Ichigo

-Flirtatious Ichigo


-Ichigo uses a bow for long distance fighting (design is up to writer)

-If Ichigo is paired with a RWBY girl Yang and Ruby are options

AN: I am going to explain some of my rules so no one starts complaining. Now I haven't really watched Bleach past the Fullbring Arc. Mainly because I have been too busy to do so. However, I have been able to get the gist of what happened later in the show. Now the whole strong Ichigo thing, I'm not talking about him being able to fight a dragon grimm or a veteran huntsman as a preteen or something like that. I am thinking more along the lines of compared to other students he is considered OP. Whether by skill or just raw power is up to the writer. When it comes to him being flirtatious, I always thought it would be funny if he was more playful when some of the women he interacted with through the anime. As for him possibly being paired with Yang or Ruby, I know that people have issues with incest and honestly, I don't condone it in real life. Mainly from a biological standpoint. However, when it comes to fiction I am pretty much indifferent to it. I mainly just put them as an option nothing more.