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"Ah!" Big blue eyes stared up at Heather as the small pup in human form gently pressed her stubby fingers into Heather's mouth. Smiling indulgently, she gently took the baby's hand and removed it from her mouth.

"Yes, December." She said. "My fangs are very sharp."

"You have a leaf in your hair." Tsume said, walking up to her in the river and plucking the bit of green foliage that had somehow remained in her soaking wet hair.

"Thanks." Heather said before she went back to washing the little pup.

The entire pack had gone to the largest river in the territory, the crystal river, to bathe. While they usually bathed on their own, they decided to all go together when Hige and Blue were going to go and bathe their pups. The water was pleasantly warm that summer afternoon. Their clothes were on the shore, Reika sitting on top, sunning herself while the wolves tended to themselves and each other. The sunlight shine through the green leaves and made the water of the river sparkle. The fish had been scared away due to the splashing but it wasn't of any consequence. Prey was pleantiful in the summer.

Heather couldn't help but wonder if any other humans bathed communally like wolves did. Shyness of the naked body was a human trait, one that Heather honestly found bizarre. Did humans find procreation embarrassing and that was why they hid their sexual organs? It couldn't be, humans bread like rabbits.

"And drop like flies." Kiba said, making Heather realize that she had spoken out loud.

"I never would have pegged humans as shy." Toboe said as he washed Tsume's back. The Beta of the pack chuckled.

"Especially at the rate they breed."

"I can't help but wonder." Heather said as she gently bounced December up and down, the young one's feet splashing the water, causing her to giggle. "Would I have single pups like human's do or would I have a litter?"

"Sometimes humans have litters." Blue said as she bathed her other pup, May.

"Didn't your red furred friend's mother have a litter, once?" Memphis asked as he sat behind Heather and began to comb through her hair with his claws.

"Yes, but apparently that's rare for humans." Heather said, handing December off to Hige. She didn't know why but out of all of the newborn pups, she liked December the best. Maybe it was because, like Heather, December was the runt of the litter.

"Maybe it just depends on if you'll take a human or a wolf as your mate." Memphis said.

Heather's eyes widened. She hadn't realized that her packmates thought she'd take a human as her mate. She had been raised as a wolf but she had to admit, there were many things in the human world that intrigued her such as the various competitions she heard of in the muggle world and the different dances and music. Of course she had made friends with other humans but connecting with the human world itself was something entirely different. As if sensing her distress, Blue changed the topic.

"You're too young to be thinking about pups." She drew May closer to her, kissing the pup's head of sandy brown hair. "I've heard some troubling news. When I was hunting by the border, I over heard some humans that were hiking, talking about how some Eurasian lynxes had escaped from a human zoo."

Eurasian lynxes had gone extinct in England, but they would be able to survive as it had once been their natural habitat.

"Did they say where specifically?" Kiba asked.

"Some area called Wiltshire." Blue said with a shrug.

"We should prepare for an attack." Kiba said with a frown, clearly already thinking about plans for any possible issues.

"Speaking of preparing for an attack, who's going with Heather to Hogwarts this year?" Hige asked.

"I'm going." Tsume said gruffly as Toboe finished washing his back. He then took up position behind the younger wolf and proceeded to do the same.

"Aw..." Heather cooed as Kingu sat in front of her for her to wash him. "You care enough to actually put yourself in the same space as Thinbloods? I knew you loved me." Tsume rolled his eyes and grumbled under his breath.

"I'm going too." Blaze said, floating on her back. "I'm curious to see if I can make magical remedies even though I don't have any magic. Severus says it's possible."

Heather raised an eyebrow. "A little familiar, aren't we?"

"We talked while you were at school." When the medicine wolf saw Heather's smirk she splashed her, getting Memphis and Kingu wet as well. "No." She then turned to Mary and began washing her hair. "Mary will take over as medicine wolf while I'm away. She taught me everything I know anyway."

"And I'm going too." Memphis said, moving Heather's hair out of the way to wash her back. "That's everyone then."

"And if I still almost die?" Heather asked.

"Then the whole pack is going with you for fourth year." Kiba said before diving underneath the surface of the water.

While the majority of the pack had been silent for the entire conversation, they did nod in affirmation to Kiba's statement. When they were all done they stepped out of the river and shook themselves dry. Reika hissed in irritation that she got wet but was placated when one of the wolves later offered her a mouse as an apology.

When they got back to the mansion, they saw Dobby dusting the stair railing. Due to the fact that the pack caught their own food, there was no need for Dobby to cook or wash dishes. His main jobs were sweeping, dusting and laundry. For the most part he stayed out of everyone's way, especially Tsume. To be perfectly honest, Heather was surprised that he hadn't eaten the elf yet.

Dobby mostly stuck to Heather or 'Mistress Potter' as he was intent on calling her. He was very pleased to work at the mansion and serve Heather, though she mostly took care of herself. While Heather still found it a little odd to have a servant, she wouldn't deny him the joy he found in serving. Besides, he wasn't a wolf or a human, he was a House Elf. He had his own set of beliefs and philosophies. She made it clear that he didn't have to do anything he didn't want to but he said he wanted to serve.

"Okay there, Dobby?" Heather asked, playing with the end of Reika's tail.

"Oh! Dobby is quite well, mistress. Thank you for asking." Dobby said, nodding his large head. "Dobby enjoys this much more than Malfoy Mannor."

The mention of the Malfoy's made Heather remember the prize she had received from her schoolmate, Draco Malfoy. The option to take him out into the Muggle world for a day. It was probably a spur of the moment decision when he chose that as her prize for saving him but she wasn't going to let him back out no matter how much he complained. Heather smiled to herself.

"Thanks for your help, Dobby." Heather said, before walking off to her room, but not before she heard Tsume mutter about 'magic human pets'.

Heather went up to her room in the tower and opened the window. A fresh summer breeze caressed her cheeks. She had been listening to Slytherin's words and always took time to experience the wind and the weather. She took in the scents that the breeze carried but focused on how it felt. What direction it came from, the temperature and how strong it was. She felt it displace a few strands of hair but didn't make a move to put them back into place.

Reika let out a sigh-like hiss. She had grown a great deal since they'd first met. Originally only a foot long, Reika now topped out at three feet. She'd told Heather that she could get as big as eighteen feet by the time she fully matured in five years. When Heather asked how long King Cobras lived, Reika had said that as a familiar, unless she was killed, Reika would only die when Heather herself died.

"You can feel it too, can't you?" Heather hissed to Reika.

"I am your familiar." Reika said. "We are magically connected. If you bothered to bring me into a magic duel, you could draw upon me for more energy or more powerful spells."

"For the last time I didn't even use magic to beat Tom. The basilisk was more than happy to get rid of him once she was made aware that he was using her to harm the students instead of protecting them." Heather said, running a soothing finger down Reika's hood. "Tell you what, when I eventually have my epic showdown with Tom you'll be right there with me."

"I always knew his real name wasn't Voldemort." Reika said.

Heather laughed. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure his mother didn't give birth and go 'I shall call him Voldemort,' pretty much guaranteeing that he'd be a villain." She breathed in when a slightly stronger gust of wind hit her. "Can't wait to learn about my air powers."

"Perhaps Ravenclaw will help tutor you as well." Reika said, shifting her coils around Heather's shoulders.

The two of them looked up to see Cheza returning from a hunt. She had three mice with her, one in each talon and one in her beak. She let the two in her talons go and Heather caught them. When the snowy owl landed, she tilted her head back and at the third mouse while Heather handed one to Reika.

"Thank you, Cheza." Heather said, petting the owl on the head. Cheza hooted before returning to her perch in Heather's room.

As the girl munched in her mouse, she started to think about where she would take Malfoy in the muggle world. Did he have any muggle clothes? Would their first trip of the day have to be a shopping trip? Heather spent the rest of her free time that day bouncing around ideas with Reika. At the end of the day she decided that she'd like to catch Malfoy off guard and cash in that prize tomorrow.