Far away while our favorite Disney princesses were living the lives of luxury.

Our not so lucky female disney villains were all hanging out together. Every other weekend, Ursula, Cruela, Queen Grimhilde (snow whites stepmother) and Maleficent. Would get together to have some girl time and plot evil scheme's.

Each time they hung out, they would chose a different location. Sometimes at Ursula's beach house, Grimhildes Castle, or Cruelas fancy fur coated house. Tonight they decided to hang at Maleficents castle ontop of the forbidden mountains.

"Isn't this nice darling's? Just us girls enjoying a perfectly horrid afternoon" Said Cruela as she puffed out a cloud of green smoke from her cigarette holder.

"Honestly cruela put that thing out! You're going to get premature wrinckles at this rate" Sanpped Grimhilde fanning away the smoke.

"Of course only you would say that Ms.Im so obsessed with looking at myself in the mirror" Said Ursula with a smirk.

While the two vilians constantly argued with each other and insulted each other's looks. Cruela noticed that Maleficent hadn't spoken very much to any of them.

She just sat there with her staff in hand, staring into its green glowing light.

"Mal darling, why so quiet? You seem a little distant today."

Maleficent shook her head, "I just cant believe how I still managed to get diffeated. That damn prince Phillip ruined everything!"

"Oh no, not this again she's never gonna let this go" whispered Ursula to Grimhilde.

"Can you blame her? You were defeated too.. actually all of ua we're."

"Mal how could you beat them? Dont you know that the act of true love is more powerful than all of us" said Ursula.

Maleficent slammed her staff down, making an echo sound throughout the room.

"I will not be defeated by something as insignificant as Love!"

Before her friends could say anything else, she disappeared in a cloud of green smoke and vanished from the room.