In a nearby Forrest Maleficent was walking alone, lost in thought about what she said earlier.

Sure she didn't want to be defeated by two lovers, but truth be told she didnt know the first thing about love to begin with.

She didn't exactly grow up normal.


Her mother was a witch/Fairy and her father was half wizard and half dragon. Neither one of them was in love with the other. They were forced into an arrangement marriage.

Not wanting to go through the pains or changes that labor brings. Maleficents mothet used her magic to bring her to life.

Once she was born, her parents tried so desperately to get along with each other and be a real family for her sake.

But neither one of them knew how to be a parent.

Her father hardly spent any time with her, and even though her mother was very strict and hard on her. Maleficent felt a somewhat strong bond to her, and hoped to be a great powerful fairy/witch like her.

But around the time she was 13 years old, her parents fighting continued to get worse. Every night she would sit in her room alone, with only her pet crow Diablo to keep her company.

But on this particular night, she noticed that the fighting seemed to have died down.

Letting curiosity get the best of her, she used her abilites to teleport into her parents bedroom. There before her eyes was a site she would never forget.

There layed her mother's dead body, burned and covered in scratches. Maleficents father glared at her and said if she ever told anyone what she had see, he would kill her. She ran away that very night, spent many years in the forbidden mountains practicing magic and becoming the mistress of all evil that she is today.


"Ugh! Damn memories, leave me be!!...I know ill go for a swim in the river. That will help me clear my mind."

With that said she made her way twards the river unaware of what waa about to happen.