Random Story

This is a story about really random stuff.

As of now there is no final direction. Be warned. Also this is a crossover of anything I want it to be. Flame if you must

Robert Hamilton was a boring pleb. Nobody liked him because he was boring. One day he decided to not be boring anymore. He bought a T-Rex from Fred's Dino Shoppe downtown, and had it eat thousands of dogs. Because this was screwed up, he was put in jail, for doggocide.

When he got out, he found a sexy wife, who was a Pteranodon. They loved each other, very much, and wanted some kids. But then, his sexy Pteranodon wife, left him because she found his criminal record. "Hey stupid! Yur a doggocidest! I hope you die like Pope Oobert!" She yelled, as she walked out the door. Robert was sad. After 13 years in prison, he had learned not to murder animals. He hoped people wouldn't look at who he was, but who he is. He was wrong.

He decided to drown his tears in ice cream. The next day he was found dead.

This sucks. Hopefully next chptr will be better!