I recently started to binge on the whole entire Red vs. Blue series and also started playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption after a long time. So I was like "Hey, since I love both Metroid and Red vs. Blue and never seen any crossovers around the web between those two, I shall make it a possibility one day". And so I did, thanks for the inspiration I had from Rockgod96's Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch crossover, "Don't You Dare Clock Out Early". You should check his fanfic out as it is one of the best ones I've ever read!

This is my very first fanfiction (and crossover) ever made so bear with me if you see any inconsistencies, bad grammar, or any other type of errors. I'll do my best to try and improve along as I go. I'm probably gonna have to rewatch some episodes of Red vs. Blue and replay through the whole entire game of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, since my knowledge on both of them are still limited and a bit blurred so I apologize if I don't seem to stay true to both series. The first couple of chapters are mainly going to be the introduction of the whole story, since I have quite a handful of ideas I wanna put in before I continue on with what will later be the most interesting part of the story. This is going to be a challenge for me, but I am ready to face it so let's get to it ;)

P.S. I am in no way affiliated to both parties nor own anything from them. All rights for Red vs. Blue goes to Rooster Teeth and all rights for Metroid goes to Nintendo.

Red vs. Blue: Corruption

Chapter 1: Someone Unfamiliar

"I'm here now!" Samus has joined the group just in time before the elevator was heading up to their destination.

"You're late!" Gandrayda exclaimed, before anyone could say a word. "We were about to leave you behind."

Samus turned to Gandrayda, showing the struggle on how she just fought something that got in her way. "Sorry about that. Had some little loose ends to take care of."

"You feeling okay, Samus?" Washington said, as he was showing concern on what type of struggle she went through before she reunited with them.

"Don't worry about her." Rundas answered to Wash in a reassuring manner. "She's fought worse and it'll take more than just a flying cybernetic-enhanced pirate to put her down, right Samus?"

"Yeah sure... thanks for the help back there anyway. I owe you double time."

"You mean, she fought that thing that was flying around the base complex?" Wash was looking surprised as he knew one ordinary-military trained person like him wouldn't stand a chance fighting it just by looking at it. "That thing looks a lot more menacing than one of our friend's old robotic mantis! Or even this guy here with the giant suit of armor!"

Ghor simply groaned and looked at Wash menacingly. Wash immediately turned his voice into a timid-like person, as he took notice on Ghor's reaction.

"Ok maybe I take that back on what I just said..."

"I'm pretty sure we still have a lot of learning to do on what we are up against, right Samus?" Carolina asked as she knew there was something more than just all of what she has just witnessed this past hour.

"That's right." Samus then noticed Carolina's irritated expression and quickly replied, "We barely had any time to cover on what's been going on in the past couple years. There's just too much that's happening to stop and explain everything to you, Wash, and the others who are with you."

"Everyone! Stop talking!" Ghor raised his voice in a harsh tone, due to his altered personality and behavior from the consequence of merging with his suit. "The meteor is approaching faster than you think!"

"If we don't make it to the top in time, we can kiss this planet good-bye," Gandrayda replied.

"Hey, relax!" Rundas countered. "We're the good guys. Justice will prevail and all that stuff... right Samus?"

"I wouldn't really count on it coming from own personal experience..." Washington said, as he was sure that wasn't always true, considering how he, Carolina, the Reds and Blues, and everyone back at Chorus brought justice at a high cost after the battle against Charon Industries and its mercenaries.

Just a few seconds later, the elevator suddenly stops as it just arrived at their destination to the control tower.

Everyone rushed out of the elevator and into the control tower as Samus and Rundas were ahead of the others, trying to take control of the defense system to destroy the meteor that was heading towards the planet. The others went to guard their surroundings as Samus tried to take control of the defense cannon.

"C'mon... you can do this." Samus told herself in her mind, as her adrenaline was rising throughout her body.

Just as Samus was about to confirm the activation of the defense cannon, a bright blue ball of light came in, bursting through the windows of the control tower with ease.

"What the hell!" Carolina exclaimed, just as she saw a huge bright blue-looking ball before them.

As soon as it started to dim and reveal what it was, it was no one other than Dark Samus herself.

"It's her!"

"Open fire!" Ghor ordered as soon as he realized what it was.

Everyone immediately opened fire at her, but to no avail. Any type of projectile hitting directly at the dark entity was either dissolving through her phazon shield, or ricocheting elsewhere.

"Why isn't it doing anything to her!" Wash, frustrated at this, took out his rocket launcher and shot her on sight, but the impact on the dark creature would do little to no damage as Dark Samus began to taunt at Wash.

"You think even one of your biggest toys can hurt me?" Dark Samus then turned to Samus, standing straight in front of her. "I learned and acquired a few tricks thanks to you inevitably, inferior twin."

The dark creature then gave a chuckle and, then fired back at each of them. Rundas, Gandrayda, Ghor, and Washington were hit, but not enough to leave any major injury, while Carolina and Samus quickly dodged, barely having minor hits of phazon on their armor. As soon as everybody else got up their feet, they formed a stance, trying to protect the control system to the defense cannon as they did and prepared for anything the dark entity had in store for them.

What the bounty hunters and the dual freelancers didn't know, however, was that Dark Samus was already in motion as she begun using a variant version of Samus' charge beam at them, hurling huge amounts of phazon energy towards every single one of them, seemingly rendering them unconscious. Just as Dark Samus overlooks at their downed bodies, she gives out a maniacal laughter, before flying away, outside to an unknown location...

48 hours earlier on an isolated moon...

"Geez I feel like there hasn't been any war or battle for years!" Sarge has been losing his mind without having anything to fight for. As he was standing, facing the big scenery next to where Tucker was sitting on a pair of big rocks, he began to holler loudly, annoying Tucker in the process.

"When shall there be a good day to die in bat-!"

He was immediately cut off as Tucker finally got irritated by the same phrase over and over again. "For the love of God, Sarge! You've been saying that pretty much everyday after your robotic army started malfunctioning and got into a war between the now-extinct dinosaurs who inhabited this isolated moon. I mean, I know it was weird, fun to watch and all, but please! It's been enough!"

"You know what, son?" Sarge turned his whining tone into a more calm demeanor one. "Living this boring life without doing anything can get to you ya' know. One day you'll understand when you get to my age."

Tucker knew he wouldn't go anywhere in an arguement like this, but he didn't care. "Look Sarge..." Tucker gave an annoyed look to him and replied, "No offense, but if I didn't know you all that well or never fought alongside with you multiple times, I would have stabbed you with my sword multiple times already." He stood up from where he was sitting, jumped down and walked somewhere else, away from Sarge. The rest of the Reds, Blues and freelancers weren't also too keen in having to hear Sarge like this, with the exception of Simmons, who would almost agree with everything he would say and sometimes, Grif who would only go along with it out of boredom.

Even when most of the Reds and Blues decided to be noisy at night time, whether it would be Donut singing one of his jams, Caboose rolling down the hills as he yells how much fun it is to do so, Sarge going around and about with different warthogs, much to the annoyance of Lopez, or Simmons having loud conversations with Grif, to the point of heavy arguing, everyone, including the freelancers, were pretty much used to it, as they already spent enough time to bear each and every one of each others' quirks, with the exception of Lopez, incapable of understanding why almost everyone are a whole bunch of idiots most of the time. Since he had nowhere else to go, his only option was to stay with the group, even though sometimes, he'd show some concern for them.

Carolina however, unlike Washington, who has spent more time with them than she ever did, had some trouble trying to fully adapt with their daily living at first, until she decided to try something new by singing in a band Tucker, Grif, and Caboose made, but mainly to watch their reaction towards her singing, since she knew how flirty they would get about it. At some point, she also wanted to know how to be a true lazy person, just like Grif and even asked for his help about it, much to Grif's surprise.

"Hey Tucker!" Caboose hollered at a distance as he was seemingly enjoying himself watching the scenery on the other side of their main base.

"I'm coming, Caboose!"

Tucker made his way towards him. At this point, he didn't mind Caboose anymore, because as time passed, he got used to living with him and even supported him emotionally whenever he would feel alone and sad about the loss of Church back on Chorus. Sometimes, he felt like a big brother for the poor guy and it was a great feeling for him. "Yeah, what's up?"

"Tucker... I-" He paused for a moment, unsure of what to say to him.

"Yeah...?" Tucker's tone suddenly became sounding more concerned. "Are you okay buddy?"

After a brief silence, Caboose finally spoke, with enlightenment.

"I've just been thinking... about how uh... you've been really nice to me. And um... I'm really glad I have you as my best friend!"

Tucker, as shocked as he looked in hearing Caboose say that he was like a best friend to him, he didn't say a word, but instead, gave him a hug. For a brief moment, he was tearing apart as to how much sympathy he has for the blue guy. He knew the type of struggles Caboose has been through and it hurts to also realize how much of a jerk he was to him at times before. All Caboose needed was someone to support him emotionally and rarely, Epsilon was there to do just that, until his sacrifice, which cost him his existence, but saved everyone's lives.

A couple minutes later, Grif showed up next to them, just as they finished their hug.

"Aww... aren't you guys a cute little couple?"

"Dude, seriously?" Tucker became furious about the comment and then immediately almost lashed out at him.

"Do you even have any idea on what Caboose has been through!? Nobody has helped him as much as I have, other than Wash maybe, but you are not helping at all!"

"Calm down, man! I was just kidding. Gosh what's with the attitude?"

"Hey, just stop it will you?"

Grif just wanted to joke around at least for a little, but he decides to do it some other time, just to not have to deal with anyone's attitude, since he just wanted to quickly take a nap.

"Alright fine. Anyway, just came by to ask if you have ever seen my pillow that I use to take naps?"

"Not at all," Tucker replied. "But don't you always keep it to your side at all times? Who would wanna steal something that's right next to your smelly ass, anyway?"

"I don't know!" Grif exclaimed. "Why do you think I'm asking around? Sarge doesn't need it as he's always sleeping on the bench we made near the edge of this hill. Pretty sure Simmons already has one of his own. And Donut, I don't know where he's-"

Just as he was about to finish his sentence, Donut started calling out to Grif.

"Hey, Grif!" Donut was holding what it seemingly looked like a pillow on his hand, waving it at Grif.

"Wait, you took my pillow?!" Grif yelled. "Why?!"

Tucker took advantage of the situation and tried to irk him a bit, giving a little chuckle at the end.

"I guess Donut really likes that pillow haha!"

"Shut up, Tucker!"

"Your fault that you started it," Tucker countered, and moved on to have some small talks with Caboose.

Grif immediately ran towards Donut and demanded an explanation. "Now tell me. Why did you steal it?! You know I don't like it when people take my stuff without my permission, even though if I might as well say no to them anyway."

"Oh, sorry about that." Donut gave a small worried expression. "I didn't know it was yours. I just wanted to take a small nap with this pillow and gosh this memory foam material is sooo comfy!"

Grif then snatched the pillow from his hand and warned him afterwards.

"If you ever go through my stuff again, I'm hitting you with a shovel next time."

"Okay, okay! Geez you don't have to be so rude and violent."

After the conversation between Grif and Donut, they both parted ways.

Along the way, Grif bumped into someone in an orange-greenish like armor. It didn't look like someone from the UNSC, Project Freelancer, or even from around UNSC space. They looked human though, but with alien type of tech, not known anywhere else. Grif was greatly confused.

"Hey, you must be one of the Reds and Blues right? One of the most greatest galactic warriors or something?" The person behind the alien-looking suit asked.

"I'm sorry, who the heck are you?"

To be continued...

So this is it. My very first chapter of the story! As you can see, I started off with a flash-forward to make things a little bit more interesting later on in the story. My first mistake was probably make it longer than it should've been, but oh well. The reason why is because I chose to put everything that I can think about and edit everything as I go along.

I can't promise you anything, but in later chapters, I'm planning to do some more hurt/comfort friendship stuff going on, similar to what I did with Tucker and Caboose in this chapter so get ready when it comes to that. Also, there will be more action later on too so be on the lookout. Since I don't have that much spare time to sit on my computer and think everything thoroughly, the next chapter might take a while so pardon me if it takes too much time to be put up. Oh and PLEASE leave reviews! It'll help me get better and see how many people end up liking this too!