it was a peaceful day in hope's peak academy

except it wasn't people were dying but this time rabbids were there for some reason

eventually everyone went missing except makoto because he was hiding in his room like a wimp while his friends all got eaten alive by memes

makoto naegi: why do i feel like my peepee's been touched

makoto woke up to see a rabbid was in his room nyooming at full speed everywhere and it touched makoto's peepee

but there was also a box in there with a note saying "from kyoko kirigiri", with a note on it

so makoto opened the box

note from kyoko: naegi you f wording p ussy we're all dying now cause of you but i left you this gun since i have a body pillow of you that i hump every night

makoto pulled out a gun

makoto: thanks kyoko i'll save you later but first

makoto naegi shot the rabbid in the face killing it brutally

makoto left his room only to see that his room was now in the middle of some random place because the rest of hope's peak academy was blown up, but suddenly a figure approached him

it was another rabbid

but half of it was black with a red eye

it looked like monokuma but not

monorabbid: upupupupu up upu tax evasion upup upu hello makoto

makoto: nani the heck

monorabbid: all your friends are dead again probably so good luck not dying

monorabbid flew away leaving makoto alone

makoto looked around to see he was now in the first of four worlds

green hill zone

i would specify but everyone knows what green hill zone looks like

pretend there were like five levels of makoto shooting rabbids in the face here

makoto was walking through green hill zone but then he saw something horrifying

it was a rabbid dressed as byakuya togami

makoto prepared his gun, ready to shoot, only for rabbid togami to turn around with a machine gun and shoot at him

makoto naegi nyoomed and hid behind some randomly placed small blocks which fit him perfectly because he is a small child

but the blocks exploded after being shot

makoto: have mercy please

rabbid togami: *unholy noises*

makoto: i'll give you a dollar

rabbid togami: *unholy but interested noises*

so rabbid togami joined makoto and they went off together to go shoot more rabbids in the face

monorabbid watched from afar, waiting for his next attack

to be continued