To: Vincent Plum,

Vincent Plum Bail Bonds,

Trenton NJ

Re: Peace Offering

Dear Mr. Plum:

Thank you for allowing me to avail myself of your services during my visit to your fine city. I'm still boggled by your state's prohibition of self service at its filling stations, although when I mentioned it to my students afterwards, one of them mentioned hearing about it on Stossel. I heartily apologize for my possibly premature attempt to return to Lawndale to retain my own employment.

By way of a gesture of good will, I offer my recommendation of our newly graduated quarterback, Kevin Thompson, to work for your establishment. Logically speaking, football skills such as his can be somewhat useful in retrieving some of the miscreants who tend to misuse your industry.

Good luck,

Anthony DiMartino

History Teacher, Lawndale High School