Hi. For those who don't know, I'm Jexi though you know me better as Jexi the Hunter. I lead the group known as the Dimensional Heroes. I fight alongside with my friends as well as alongside Hope the Victor, a boy born to a mafia family who also leads the Shining Hope Force. I also fight alongside another hero named David Ishihara, a half lunarian hero who has helped us stop incoming perils dozens of times and bested some himself. Anyway, it's been about a week since we stopped one of the biggest threats so far...the Elements. Dragon, their leader, planned to eliminate all human life and all other form of life except for him and the Emotionless. But, David stepped in with a party of his own and slayed him, stopping his plans for good. And now...to the present.

We now turn to Air Temple Island on Korra's world as the three groups had taken up a much needed vacation on as a job well done.

"I still can't believe how peaceful it's been. No activity in almost a week. Makes me wish something would just happen." Jexi said.

"Don't jinx it." David said.

"I kinda wish I did. I'm so bored just doing nothing." Jexi said. "Though...I guess I should just keep that feeling to myself."

"You should learn to relax, Jexi. Not think about the action all the time. Peace in the worlds is what I'm fighting for." Hope said.

"I know, I know. But I can't just keep waiting for something to happen." Jexi said. "Everyone else is able to relax right now, but not me."

"Just chill out man. Its peaceful now. No worries." Dan said as several figures zoomed by him. "Except for standing in the middle of a racetrack."

"Yeah. You're right. Dragon's gone, the Elements can live their lives...all I have to do is wait for my new recruits to come." Jexi said stretching.

"New recruits?" David asked.

"Well, I was gonna wait till they arrived to tell ya but...I may as well say it now. I've signed up to take in 12 students from UA as part of a International Study Abroad program." Jexi said.

"Whoa, really?" David asked.

"Yep. Hope isn't the only who has an eye for new people to take in. Though I pick mine carefully." Jexi said.

"I guess it's good to have an eye like that. My recruits usually come to me." David said.

"I'm still thinking about my choices. It's hard to figure out this program and who you want." Hope said.

"It's not that hard. You just fill out a form and send it...Oh you mean choosing students. Right." Jexi said.

"And with the Pro Hero recommendations for the internships, it's quite a list to narrow down." David said.

"I already knew who to pick when I filled out the forms. Izuku, Ochako, Iida, Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, Jirou, Kaminari, Tokoyami, Mineta, Tsuyu, Bakugo and Eijiro." Jexi said.

"Some of them will be a handful… But it's still a great lineup nonetheless." David said. "And by that, I mean Mineta and Bakugo, for...obvious reasons."

"I've prepared for that." Jexi said. "But given who I have with me on a daily basis, I can handle it."

"If you say so." David said.

"All i have is a student from Class 1-B so far. Itsuka Kendo's her name. She's sorta like Class 1-B's big sister. I chose her not because of power, but also personality. I still have to pick another student to go with her though, but i can't exactly decide on anyone else from Class 1-B. I mean, you have Monona there who's just himself." Hope said.

"No big deal, just pick someone from another class. No rule saying they have to be in the same class." Jexi said.

"Right. Sorry, I've been really frazzled since Kara left after what happened with Dragon." Hope said.

"Kara left?" David asked.

"Yeah. After what happened, she decided to return home and join the Justice League. Quick question, is it wrong to call these new members...replacements?" Hope asked.

"Yes. Yes it is." Jexi and David said.

"Then I won't do that." Hope said. "Call them replacements that is."

"Yeah. Sometimes you gotta remember, these aren't just toys you pick off a shelf, they're real living human beings." Jexi said as figures zoomed by them again. "How long is their race going to last?"

"Not long, I don't think. Then again, she did say it was a few laps." Hope said.

"And it looks like she just won." Jexi said as Korra rushed through the finish.

"The Avatar Wins!" Bumi, former general, said.

"Hey, no using avatar state to win." Sonic said.

"He's right, No fair!" Ikki said as Korra just blew a raspberry.

"You did what?" a voice shouted as Tenzin came marching down.

"Uh oh. Here comes trouble." David said.

"Don't worry. Tenzin is a nice guy when you get to know him. He's just...strict about Korra's habits." Hope said.

"The Avatar State isn't supposed to be used as some sort of booster rocket." Tenzin said.

"Why not? It's the Avatar State and I'm the Avatar." Korra said.

"You know, Tenzin does have a point. Aang did tell me the Avatar State is pretty dangerous." Hope said.

"She needs more training to grasp her spiritual connections. And she still hasn't fully mastered airbending." Tenzin said.

"I have mastered airbending." Korra said launching air all around in bursts. "See?"

"That's Korra style. I mean real Airbending." Tenzin said. "Hopefully our trip to the air temples will get that through to her."

"Well yeah, but…" Hope said.

"I understand you came here to rest and recover after battling the Elements. I've known about the destruction Dragon caused, but this is important. The Avatar should represent the balance of all Universes, not just Standard." Tenzin said.

"It's a huge responsibility, to be sure." David said.

"Speaking of which, did you decide which UA students you want to sign up?" Hope asked.

"Hmm… It's a tough call. I was thinking Aoyama and Shiozaki. I was also tempted to sign Shinso up, but…" David said.

"I understand. Brainwashing is useful but Shinso doesn't have any fighting capabilities of his own." Jexi said.

"Yeah. I wanted to give him a chance to be the hero he so long dreamed to be, but I didn't want to take any chances because of his Quirk." David said.

"Id pay money to see these 'Quirks' you kids are talking about. I should probably tag along to see Vacation Tenzin." Bumi said.

"You're not invited." Tenzin said.

Korra then kneeled to Tenzin's kids and looked at the others. "But first, a stop in my home town for the Glacier Spirits festival for fun, games and fried food on sticks." Korra said.

"YAY!" Ikki, Jinora and Meeko said in excitement.

"And of course i'm coming. Mom already invited me." Bumi said much to tenzin's dismay.

On the boat to the South Pole…

"No way man, you said that?" Hope asked Mako alongside Korra as they laid against Naga.

"I'm serious. I stop the truck, go up to the guys and say… 'Looks like you have some car trouble. Good thing the police are here." Mako said. In the past six months, Mako had been working alongside the Police Force in Republic City, stopping crimes caused by gangs.

"Hah!" Hope said.

"Did you write that line down before hand or some thing?" Korra asked.

"Yeah, I had a few others. Like...Looks like you put the try in triads. Or...When you get to jail, tell em Mako sent ya." Mako said.

"Classic. Use that last one the next time you get a crime up." Hope said.

"Okay, i will. But in all fairness, the crimes i've put down… nothing compares to when you went toe to toe with Stain, of all people." Mako said.

"Even though his quirk pinned me instantly. You wanna talk defeating Stain, you gotta go to David, not me." Hope said.

'Right, him. He's the guy to talk to about Stain these days huh?" Mako said.

"Yeah. I couldn't do a thing thanks to his power. David, Izuku, Iida and Todoroki, those four were the real heroes but David took all the credit due to the police." Hope said.

"Speaking of police, Beifong says if i keep up the good pace I'm setting, i can make detective in no time." Makio said.

"No way, that's amazing. More than what i've been hearing lately, training this and that." Korra said. "Its like hes forgotten that we beat Amon already."

"Well, we did decide to come back here for our little vacation. How can Tenzin bring training up when you do come back?" Hope asked.

"Besides, he's just trying to look out for you." Mako said.

"Of course you'd take his side." Korra said storming off.

"I'm not on anyone's side!" he shouted. "I can bust triads but can't get through a conversation with my girlfriend."

"Relationships aren't that easy to smooth out the first time through, Mako. Just ask Gray." Hope said.

"Yeah. He and Juvia were on different wavelengths but after a year or so, they're into each other." Indigo said passing by.

"That was clear when we fought against Invel at Ladylake." David said.

"Man, you guys have everything over in your teams huh? Too bad i can't come." Mako said. "I've got work."

"Don't take it too personally Mako. In all fairness, i feel bad for not letting you and your Brother come with us after, but you guys had your own agendas." Hope said.

"Im sure youre just fine with Korra. But hey, don't start anything with her alright? She kissed me first." Mako said.

"Hey, she and i are just friends. I know you and her are tight." Hope said.

"Uh...we didn't say anything like that." Indigo said.

"Right, I'm just being defensive about it and…" Hope began.

"Ugh, please stop talking, younger brother. You'll just dig yourself deeper." Daisy said as a figure passed by her as she looked around to see nothing.

"Something wrong?" Indigo asked.

"Its nothing. Thought I saw someone I knew." Daisy said.

At the Southern Water Tribe port…

"Gran-Gran!" Ikki, Jinora and Meelo said hugging Katara.

"Oh, it's good to see you kids." Katara said as Hope approached.

"Hey, Katara. Been a long time." Hope said.

"It certainly has. You've grown a little, old friend." Katara said.

"So this is the kid who pierced a living ball of fire." said a woman younger than Katara, but around Tenzin and Bumi's age.

"Yes, this is who i told you the stories of, Kaya." Katara said.

"So you must be related to Tenzin and Bumi." Hope said.

"Yep. He doesn't nearly bring these three to visit as often. Probably scared i'd beat him up like when we were kids." Kaya said pounding on Tenzin's shoulder a bit.

"Seems like us, huh sis?" Hope asked.

"Don't call me…" Daisy said.

"Hello...Daisy. " a voice said from behind as she turned to see a man in black with spired red hair. "It's been a long time."

"D-Diablo! W-What are you doing here?" Daisy said in shock.

"Come now, is that anyway to treat an old friend?" he asked. "I just came for the festival. Maybe I'll...collect...some good prizes at the games. Leave some of them in ...debt."

"Oh...oh boy." Daisy said stepping back a little.

"Uh… who's this?" Hope asked.

"Hope… um.. This is Diablo. He's…." Daisy began.

"An old friend come to wish her a fond hello. And you must be Hope. Why you're just as Daisy described you." Diablo said.

"I'm not gonna go into it." Hope said. "There's so many people here, coming to see us and the Avatar, huh?"

"Afraid not. Heroes and the Avatar has absolutely no interest to me whatsoever." Diablo said. "I'm just here on business. I own a large company in Central City and was hoping to find new talent here."

"Yeah. I've heard of it. You run Talent Corp, a talent promotion agency that promotes in every possible area of entertainment and competition." Titanica said.

"Yes. Seems I'm not an unfamiliar face here." Diablo said. "Well, we can catch up later at the banquet, dear Daisy. I'll leave you to enjoy the festival. Bon voyage." he said leaving.

"Just what was up with that guy?" David asked.

"I don't know. But I got this sick feeling just from being near him. Something is not right with that man." Sectonia said.

"Yeah. He's definitely got something in mind." David said. "Speaking of which, what's this festival about?"

"Well, it's a lot of history. Supposedly, this festival is like some sort of connection to the traditions of the Spirits." Hope said.

"Yes. But those times have long past. A shame that the Southerners have lost connection to the spirits, even during these hallowed times." said a man walking up to them.

"Wha…?" Hope asked.

"Oh, where are my Manners. I am the chief of the Northern Water Tribe, Unalaq, And you must be the legendary one who pierces even fire itself. I'm sorry that your name is so drowned in these times." he said.

"Thanks...I guess." Hope said as they continued walking.

"I don't see what's wrong with the festival right now. It's fun, isn't it?" Pinkie asked Unalaq.

"This used to be a time for fastening, meditation, getting closer to the spirits. Now it's a grotesque spectacle to see who can stuff an entire arctic hen in his mouth." Unalaq said pointing to Luffy who was doing just that.

"Traditions change. It's not the end of the world." Korra's father, Tonraq, said.

"Tell that to the ships being attacked by angry spirits in Southern waters. Some traditions have purpose." Unalaq said.

"Wait, what?" Korra said.

"Korra, we only just got here a few days ago. It's not like we knew it right away." Sunset said before seeing the Yo-kai members exchange looks.

"Uh… something wrong Jibanyan? You guys look a little antsy." Starlight said.

"Thing is….we knew." Jibanyan said.

"All this time and you didn't tell me?" Korra asked.

"I'm surprised the Avatar didn't know about this. Granted, you and your cohorts were saving the Universes from the crisis of Dragon and the Elements, but it feels as though Tenzin didn't give you all the information you need. It would be my honor to instruct you in the spiritual ways of the water tribe." Unalaq said.

"Would be nice getting lessons about spirits. Airbendings getting pretty boring." Korra said.

"Tenzin is Korra's instructor, and she is already with one Avatar Aang trusted with his life. She has the training she needs." Tonraq said.

"So you say." Unalaq said before turning to Hope. " A word of advice, Hope, was it? There are things in this world you cannot comprehend, spirits being one of them. Especially...the Yo-kai." he said leaving them.

"What did he mean by that?" Hope asked looking at the Yokai members.

"Speaking of spirits… Jude, do you still have the spirit fossils from Hyrule?" David asked.

"The one from the former Champions? Sure do. Luckily, I didn't send them to Balan yet." Jude said.

"Right. Those things the Champions left behind before they moved on." Lacy said.

"Yeah. Jude believes that they'll be able to live in his world once he perfects spyrite technology." David said. "Although, since this festival is about connecting with spirits, I kind of figured that they deserve a bit of a celebration for their efforts. Not sure if it actually works like that."

"Yeah…" Hope said "If it weren't for them and the Divine Beasts, Calamity Ganon would have destroyed us all."

"And I would've been a bloody smear on the ground by Vincent." David said.

"It's all behind us now. I'm past the gang wars, so let's just enjoy our time here." Hope said.

After Asami, with the Help of Bolin, successfully made a deal with Verrik, shipping pioneer, the heroes attended the royal feast. It was after some time that Unalaq decided to speak while Daisy ate with Hope.

"Ah, lovely Daisy. So glad we could eat together." Diablo said arriving and sitting beside her.

"This table's taken. What's your beef with my sister anyway?" Hope asked. "In case you haven't noticed… I'm done with the Mafia."

"I think you are mistaken. I'm just spending time with an old friend. We have so much to catch up on, after all." Diablo said.

"Please, just leave, Diablo." Daisy said.

"I'm sorry. But I can't do that. I do have business here." Diablo said. "And you do have to pay back your debt."

"Debt?" Hope asked. "What is this i hear about a debt to pay?"

"Hope, it's not what you think…" Daisy said.

"You mean you never told your dear brother, he who means everything to you?" Diablo asked.

"Shut up. Quit using my words against me." Daisy said.

"Okay, can i interject here before this gets out of hand? Whats this about a debt my sis has to pay?" Hope asked.

"Haaa. I didn't want to tell you cause I didn't want you to feel guilty but...the time when I thought you had died was rough for me. I was lost without my younger brother. Diablo ran a small miracle cooperation back in those days. I made a deal with him to...bring you back to life." Daisy said.

"What? But i was alive…" Hope said. "Are you a miracle worker.. Or did my sister make a deal with the devil?"

"Could be either or depending." Diablo said. "But you being alive makes no difference. The deal was written...the moment that Daisy were to see a living you, she would come work for me at my company...for life."

"What?! Daisy, you can't be serious, why didn't you tell me?!" Hope blurted out grabbing the attention of the others.

"I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to feel guilty about it." Daisy said.

"You made a deal with the devil because i was presumed dead. No one should have to accept those terms. Working for life somewhere… that's hell." Hope said.

"Yet she accepted the contract and signed." Diablo said. "What I did was completely legitimate."

"That is a deal only the Devil makes. I can get why you have the name Diablo." Hope said. "I'm not handing my sister to hell."

"Hope, please… don't make this harder. You don't know who you're dealing with." Daisy said.

"So...you intend to try and break a legitimate deal? Flattering, but you have no say. Only Daisy and I have say in it since we made the deal." Diablo said.

"I guess. I don't want to cause a scene, so i'll back out." Hope said. "But since you brought it up, I'm worried."

"Seriously, Daisy. Your brother needs to learn not to stick his nose where it doesn't belong." Diablo said. "But...now I have seen the kind of person he is. Now Daisy...I'll be on this world for a short time so I'll give you time to think. But just a word to the wise...you know what happens to those who break my deals." Diablo said getting up and moving to another seat.

"What did that mean?" Hope asked.

"It's nothing! Drop it!" Daisy shouted before seeing people staring. "Sorry."

"That Diablo guy… Just what's his game here?" David asked.

Later on in the night, the Heroes enjoyed the games and rides. It was a night of festivities and great relaxation as it lasted well into the night. It was outside the fairgrounds that a familiar guy with a bandaged sword got some fresh air.

"Aaaah… coming here was the right idea. I could do without the blizzards though…" he said before hearing Naga's howl something Dark and misty manifest up in the cliffs. "Huh?"

The shadow took on a humanoid shape as it dashed to Korra, who was outside with Naga as it hit Korra, blasting her back into an ice floe. On instinct, the boy dashed to the spirit as the others heard the commotion as they took action to combat the Shadowy figure, but it was easily able to overpower them.

"Hey! Beady!" the boy said as the dark creature, who was holding Korra in its grasp, turned to the new face. "That any way to treat someone around here? Come at…" he began before a second figure jumped at him and clashed their blade with his. "Whoa!" he said being pushed away. "Hey, what's the big idea, man? She needs my help!""

"The spirit is for the Avatar….not for some human." the figure said.

"Spirit?" He asked. "So you wanna get in my way? Who are you? Whatever." he said swinging his sword at the figure's neck. "Yes. Right in...what the?" he said seeing the head just float.

"If you were planning to decapitate me, it won't work. I can separate my head from my body at will." he said as his body continued to fight.

"Whoa!" He said" jumping away. "I gotta get away. Hyah!" he said hitting the snow as he ran.

"Who was that kid?" Pit asked.

"Someone unimportant I guess." Lacy said.

"That other figure...I think I saw something similar to it before." Sunset said as the figure vanished as Sunset was looking through. "Ah! It's a Yo-kai. A Classic one called Yagyou."

"Yagyou? Why would he help this thing?" Jexi wondered as Korra was faring badly to the spirit before Unalaq arrived, waterbending around the spirit as it and the water was glowing with light until it was completely lit.

"Go in peace." Unalaq said before the spirit vanished.

"How'd you do that?" Hope asked.

"Like I've said, I have spent my life studying the ways of the spirits. I could teach the Avatar more than anyone here ever could." Unalaq said.

"And what about Yagyou? Why was he here?" Sunset asked.

"That does not matter. What is important is me instructing the Avatar." Unalaq said.

"I told you, Tenzin is her instructor." Tanloq said.

"Hey, anyone wanna ask me what I think? All you guys do is keep me locked up but everyone here was powerless in the attack. Unalaq has proven he's what I need. I have to go with him." Korra said.

"Korra.." Hope said.

"Hope, you were the only one who understood how I felt. I'm more free when I'm with you, but you have to understand that I need this." Korra said. "This is as far as we go."

"What…?" Hope asked.

"I'm saying...I quit." Korra said. "You can still help me but that is all."

Korrra then left as hope was left in the snow. "So much for a relaxing Vacation." He said.