Popo and Nana were climbing some snowy mountains as usual when the mallet wielding, parka wearing duo stopped to see several Forza themed cars zip by, all of them having XBox Ones attached to their roofs as they were zipping through the freezing tundra.

"Wow! XBox One! I don't think we managed to get one for ourselves!" Popo exclaimed as the Ice Climber was getting excited, bouncing up and down joyfully.

"Gee bro, I dunno..." Nana interjected as she touched her fingertips together. "You really think we'll be able to get an XBone for ourselves?"

"Only one way to find out!" Popo laughed as he wrapped his arm around Nana, spinning around as he knocked the pink shorts wearing polar bears with sunglasses, small beaked white feathered yetis, and blue seals out of their path, eventually crashing into one of the cars, which smashed into an igloo that caused snow to fall on all of them. Popo and Nana entered the car and hijacked it, taking off with the vehicle as Nana had the XBox One home console in her gloved hands while Popo was steering, who proved that even someone like him could learn on the spot.

"Neat! Now that we got the XBone, we'lll be able to make it home free!" Popo exclaimed as he was trying his best to drive, ramming into everything that was in his pathway.

"But what about all these cops that are on your trail now?" Nana gulped as she could spy the police cars all popping up, following their trail.