Finally, the weekend is here and the weather outside is gorgeous. Spike smelled the morning air from his bedroom window, stretched out his muscles, got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom to shower. After about 13 minutes, he went back to his room to change and walked downstairs towards the kitchen to make some cereal. Surely, nothing beats this cozy feeling he's experiencing right now.

After he just finished pouring the milk in the bowl, he heard some metal banging with a small scratching sound outside that sounds like it's coming from his driveway.

"Damn it, again?..." Spike grumbled. He decided to finish his breakfast faster and head outside to investigate. When he got to where the noise was coming from, it was two of his best friends, Max and Steve who were working on the truck with a bunch of tools laying around nearby. Spike almost doesn't have the energy to start an argument because it's so early and sometimes, he just can't handle situations when Max's involved. "What is going on out here? Fixing this thing?" Spike asked as he rubbed eyes and scratched his left arm.

Max looked up to see his friend and got right back up, as if he did something wrong. "Sup, Spike!... Uh... Yeah, we... Kinda want to use this space here to work on my Dad's truck. Where's your brother? I feel like he might enjoy helping me put this together." Max reluctantly asked.

Spike was then suddenly more awake about hearing his brother's whereabouts. "I'm not entirely sure, Max. I didn't even see him at all this morning." Spike told him. Max simply shrugged it off and asked if he has the day off to wanna maybe help him with the truck. Spike agreed and looked over at the tools.

Steve popped up from the opposite side of the hood, balancing a large key wrench on his nose. "Look! I'm one of the cavemen from an ancient, high-tech civilization!" Steve raised his voice. Spike chuckled while Max was giving him the Thousand-Yard Stare. "Ya know, that's supposed to go through your nose to be a real caveman, Steve." Max said.

Steve already knew, but after horsing around with the other tools and car parts, he got serious with the repairs. After 3 hours, they all went back into Spike's house for a snack and a break. Max said all that is left is to go buy some more parts downtown. However, They're going to need to call for someone to help them travel, since the truck is the only automobile present. Max and Spike have licenses, but no car to own. "Don't worry about it. I know who to call and Steve; I swear to God, if you bring up 'that' movie reference, I'll shove a glass cup down your throat!" Spike pointed a finger towards Steve, who seems like he's choking on his held-in laughs.

Author's Notes: Hello, guys! Long time, no see! I'm sorry for acting dead for months on end, but over time, I nearly lost all motivation to keep making stories here. My only true reason for coming back was for my own series which is what you're currently reading right now; Town Of RiverRacks! I'll continue on throughout the week and try to build this up more. All the while of making crossover stories too. Stay tuned!...