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San Francisco's evening sun cast a beautiful orange glow over the city. The setting sun however did nothing to dissuade the normal hustle and bustle that was the people of San Francisco. That being said however, it was relatively quiet inside of a quaint little ramen noodle stand in Japantown called Ichiraku's.

The small stand had one occupant sitting comfortably on one of the stools as they slurped happily from a large bowl of broth and noodles. The occupant was a tall male approx. 6'2 with a muscular athletic build. He had spiky blond hair with bright oceanic blue eyes and tan skin. He was dressed rather casually in a simple black t-shirt, dark grey track pants and simple pair of black and white converse. The most unique characteristic about this male was the 6 whisker-like marks on his face.

The man was mid slurp when his attention was drawn to his cell phone sitting on the counter next to him when it pinged. Wiping his face, he grabbed his phone and read the text he just received.


Yo Naruto, I think I found a way to solve our mutual problem.

Meet me later~

The now named Naruto smirked as he put his phone down before he quickly finished his bowl before leaning down and picking up the duffel bag at his feet before he promptly left the establishment.


Later that evening...

In the dark of night an individual hopped the fence into a Blume ctOS Server Farm. The figure was male, maybe 5'9 or 10 with dark skin dressed in a black sweater under a dark blue jacket, with dark pants and light boots, as well as a small shoulder bag. He also had a matching dark blue hat and wore glasses. The male also sported a soul patch with a light mustache hidden under a bandanna which covered his face.

The man put his earbuds in as a voice suddenly spoke."Consider this your Dedsec initiation, Retr0." A woman's voice said. "Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to Bypass Blume security doors and get inside, then find and erase your personal ctOS profile."

"Whatever they have on me... it's all bullshit; and I'm sick of being harassed for it." Retr0 replied.

"All the more reason for a purge. We'll be watching." The woman said before she signed off.

Retr0 looked at his phone and checked the time before looking around. 'Where is he?' He thought. Suddenly a quad-copter drone flew by him. It suddenly paused as it turned as if to regard him, before speeding off around the building. Recognizing the drone, Retr0 took off after it.

Coming to the front of the building, Retr0 paused when he saw a security officer knocked out on the ground hidden behind a van. Looking up toward the building, he saw another guard knocked out by the stairs of the building. It was however the figure sitting on the stairs messing with a cellphone that had his attention.

The figure looked up at his approach. "It's about time you got here Marcus. I've been waiting 10 minutes." The figure spoke with a distorted voice.

Retr0, or Marcus, shrugged. "How was I suppose to know you'd get here earlier. The original plan was to get here together Naruto... or am I suppose to call you Kitsune now?" Marcus asked.

The figure that was Naruto was dressed much differently compared to earlier. Naruto was wearing a black skin tight long sleeved shirt. Over that he wore a bullet-proof vest with a fox-like insignia on it, over which he wore a leather jacket with a hood. With it, he wore a pair of leather studded knuckle gloves. He also wore a pair of dark grey almost black cargo pants held up by a utility belt while being tucked into a pair of black steel toed combat boots. On his face he wore a high tech oval like reddish-orange helmet which allowed him access to both thermal and night visions along with radio which also distorted his voice. His hood was also up completely hiding his identity from view.

Attached to both his thighs were gun holsters which contained his specially modified Desert Eagle pistols. The modifications came in the form of the bullets it fired. Naruto had created special shock bullets that incapacitated someone for a few hours. While generally non-lethal, if fired at point blank range to the face, it was most certainly a fatal shot... don't ask how he knew that. Naruto also had a few shock grenades attached to his utility belt. He also had a combat trench knife hidden in his right boot.

When Naruto dressed this way, he became the vigilante most people had taken to calling the Kitsune, due mostly to the sneaky nature of his exploits... also because the Fox was taken. The first time Naruto debuted as the Kitsune, a child molester had escaped from the police and had almost got away until Naruto got ahold of him. The guy was found 2 days later hanging upside down from a traffic light stripped naked, beaten bloody with his mouth duck taped and castrated with Naruto's emblem branded on his chest. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the man's penis was shoved up his own ass and his testicles were in his mouth.

After that the Kitsune was dubbed a extremely dangerous vigilante.

Hovering just over his head was the Quad-copter which actually housed an A.I. Naruto had developed to help him when needed. The drone was also specially modified and equipped with a gun that could shoot those specially made bullets of his. It also had it's own voice and quite the... colorful personality.

It was Naruto's turn to shrug. "I got bored. I figured I take care of the guards. These two down here, and the third on the roof." He explained.

Marcus nodded. "And I'm guessing the cameras won't be a problem." He said, more than familiar with how Naruto worked.

Naruto motion toward the drone. "Kurama already took care of that. The footage is on loop. We should have plenty of time to get in and out before anyone notices it's yesterdays footage."

"Nice job Kurama." Marcus said.

"Whatever meatbag." The A.I. replied.

Naruto chuckled before he stood and put his phone away. "Alright you two lets hurry this along. I don't want to linger here. Kurama, your our Birdseye. You see anything in our blind spot, let us know." He said as he, Marcus and Kurama snuck inside.


"Your wasting your time." A woman said as she and her two companions looked at the camera's looking for Retr0. "He's not in." She said.

One of her companions was going through camera's until he finally saw Retr0 with another man. "Gotcha." He said rather emotionlessly.

"Wait..." the woman said. "Who's that with him." She said as she looked at the man knealed next to Retr0. "Is that... is that the Kitsune?" She said looking closer.

"What! The Kitsune!" Her other companion said with a distorted voice as he rushed to see. "Holy Shit it is him!" Excitement in his distorted voice.

"Isn't he the vigilante that targets gang members, rapist and child molesters." The other male said.

"Among other things." The female said, shock heavy in her voice. "How does Retr0 know him?" She said. "This could be problematic."

"Problems are what you keep me around for right." The other man said.

They continued to watch as the men came to a computer locked door. "Time them, I'm curious."

The guy at the controls was just about to until they saw the two men had just opened the door. "Too late, they're in."

"Already?" She said shocked once again.

They watched the office section of the building as two security officers were chatting and walking before suddenly their phones began acting up. Distracted, they didn't notice the falling figure until it was to late. Falling from the ceiling, Kitsune dropped down right on top of one of the guards, smashing his face into the ground. Not giving the other guard a chance to do anything, he delivered an uppercut from his kneeled position right into the seconds guard's testicles. As soon as the guard doubled over, Kitsune delivered a devastating uplifting knee to his chin, sending him back and knocking him out.

"Holy shit! That was awesome!" The distorted voiced one exclaimed.

"He's quite violent." The emotionless one said.

"True, but he's efficient and despite everything, he hasn't killed anyone." The female said.

The three continued to watch as the two men snuck through the data cluster before they reached the main power terminal. The watched as Retr0 initiated a blackout before the two made it to the top of the data cluster in the dark. Kitsune opened a hatch that revealed the computer servers. Retr0 handed him a laptop as Kitsune pressed a button under his helmet and went to pull it off.

"Hey he's taking his helmet off! Switch cameras! Switch cameras!" The distorted voiced male exclaimed.

"There's no other camera angle there." The emotionless one said.

When Kitsune got his helmet off, all the three saw through the camera was mass of blonde hair before he sat it down and went down into the servers. "No wonder he took his helmet off, he's going into the hot aisle."

"It's at least 120 degrees in there." The emotionless one said.

It was maybe 20 seconds later when the man crawled back out. After shutting the hatch, he placed his helmet back on. "Dammit, I didn't see him."

"Isn't that the whole point of him wearing a helmet, something I think you could agree on." The female said.


They went back to watching the screen as the two moved on.


Naruto choked out a guard into unconsciousness as Marcus hacked open the door to the main terminal. Once both men were inside, Naruto electronically locked the door. "Okay, lets do this. Quickly." Naruto said as he approached Marcus at the terminal.

"Just one sec..." Marcus trailed off as he hacked into the system. "Bypassing the network an~d... got it!" He exclaimed. Typing in his name, Marcus pulled up his profile. "What the fuck? 82%, why's my threat level so high!" He said as he and Naruto looked at the threat list.

"Wow, hardcore purple haired anime elf porn. Weirdly specific choice Marcus. You think you know someone." Naruto said, amusement heavy is his distorted voice.

"Shut up!" Marcus said as he looked up his criminal record and saw a bunch of crimes he supposedly committed. "Oh this is bullshit!" He said as he read off the files. "Okay fuck this." He said as he deleted his criminal record. They watched as his threat level dropped 40%. "Damn, 42% still pretty high."

"Well what do you expect from this bias system. You're a young black man whose unemployed and a registered gun owner. I'm more surprised possible gang affiliation wasn't listed." Naruto said. Marcus was inclined to agree as he proceeded to delete his entire profile.

"Your turn." Marcus said moving over.

Naruto took over and accessed his own profile. "Damn, 73%. For what!?" Naruto said as he looked up his criminal record.

"Damn dawg. Aggravated assault and attempted murder. What the fuck did you do without your helmet on?" Marcus asked.

Naruto looked at the date of when this charge was suppose to be and scowled behind his helmet. "2006 when I was in high school? Must've been when I was on the track and field team and beamed one of my teammate with a discus." Naruto said. He saw Marcus' look and continued. "It was an accident, he walked right in the path of my throw and had to go to the hospital. This is bull!" He said as he deleted his criminal record and his profile. "Alright let's get the fuck out of here." Naruto said making for the exit.

"Hang on. I'm gonna drop a backdoor into the system so I can get back in later. Sorry Blume, we've got unfinished business."


The three watchers saw Retr0 and Kitsune beginning to head out. "They're leaving. Bag 'em." The female told the male with the distorted voice.

"Got it. Hey give me a hand. I don't know if I can get them both." He said. The woman nodded and picked up a taser and she put a scarf over her head.

"Be careful." The second man said.


Both hackers had successfully vacated the Server farm and were across the street. "Well I call that a successful outing." Naruto said as he looked up and could make out Kurama over head.

"Fuck yeah!" Marcus exclaimed as he turned back toward the Server farm and flipped them off. "Fuck you Blume!"

Naruto shook his head amused before Kurama alerted him via a beeping in his mask. Whirling around and grabbing his guns, he pointed them at the two individuals sneaking up on them from behind. "Whoa, whoa whoa!" The female of the pair said as they both put their hands up.

"Drop it." He growled. The distortion in his mask making his growl all the more menacing. The female dropped the taser in her hand while the male in the mask dropped the bag he was carrying. "Who're you."

"We're with Dedsec." The guy in the mask said.

"Wait, you guys are the ones that let me know about this place." Marcus said as he pat Naruto on the shoulder. Seeing Marcus knew them, he holstered his guns. With the guns no longer pointed their way, the two Dedsec members lowered their hands. The female lowered the scarf from her head, revealing her tanned face. "I'm Sitara and this weirdo's Wrench. We had an induction ceremony we were going to use on you but given the circumstance..." She said glancing to Naruto. "I'm pretty sure we can scrap that." She said as she approached Marcus with her hand out. "Welcome to Dedsec." She said. Marcus smirked as he shook her hand.

Wrench walked right up to Naruto. "Dude, I can't tell you how awesome it is to meet you." Wrench said grabbing Naruto's hand and shaking it profusely.

"Ehehehehe. Nice to meet you too." Naruto laughed at the guy who was wearing a leather studded mask with what looked like an LED visor for eyes.

Sitara walked up Naruto next. "So, Kitsune. I'll admit, I didn't expect you be here. But regardless, I'm extending you an invitation as well, if your interested." She said and she looked at him expectingly."

Naruto looked her up and down behind his helmet, giving her an appreciative once over before taking her proposition into consideration. He looked at Marcus who shrugged at him. Looking back to Sitara, he reached up and pressed a button under his helmet. An unlatching sound went off as he pulled off his helmet, revealing his face to the two. "The names Naruto. I'm in."


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