Lavender Scented Love

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Warnings: Slight Iemitsu bashing, spoilers, 10!YL KHR, post canon Ghost Hunt, Mai is Tsuna little sister

It had been about three weeks since Nau had gone back to England that Mai was acutely aware of the people following her. They wore black suits and were shifty looking in general. Her first thought was sex trafficking, but they weren't overbearing in the way those dangerous people were. Half the time they didn't pay attention to her.

Mai was being to get use to their presence when a new one showed up and he was dangerous. He was very dangerous. Something about the new comer made Mai want to run. The scent of deceit hung around him like moss on a tree. After two day the new comer approached Mai.

He was obviously a foreigner or at least half, with blond hair, tanned skin, and a stature that didn't match with a Japanese person Mai had ever met.

"You really do look like Nana." there was something almost wistful in the man's voice,"I don't suppose you could spare a moment for me?"

Mai didn't want to be rude, but she didn't want to talk to this man even more,"I'm sorry I have work and I don't want to be late.", she waved at the man as she turned around, but some thing stopped her.

"You job doesn't start for another hour. It takes fifteen minutes to get to the bookstore where you work, twenty if there's bad traffic. I'm sure you can spare five minutes." the man had a extremely strong grip on Mai, no matter how she pulled it only turned her wrist red.

Then Mai got angry; she stepped closer to the man and brought her elbow closer to his solar plexus. Out of instinct the man defended the area allowing Mai to pull her wrist up and out of the man's grip. "Touch me again and I'll break your arm." Mai ran quickly to the bookstore.

Nearly a month later a the group of slacking stalkers disappeared and Mai met another man at work. He was at least half the age of the previous one, he was noticable Japanese. Despite something inside her telling her this man was safe she was wary because Mai could tell that there were people watching her. It wasn't the normal stalkers. The eyes on her now would hurt her if she made the wrong move.

The Japanese man and had amazingly spiky brown hair, a cream suit, wide brown eyes that reminded Mai of her own, and a graceful air about him.

The man greeted her with a nod of his head, "I'm Sawada Tsunayoshi, please just call me Tsuna. After you're done with your shift, I would like to talk to you. If you let me." Tsuna placed the books he was buying on the counter.

Mai didn't say a word as she scanned them. What kind of books are these? Stuff on aliens, long lost siblings, and cooking? Well it really isn't my business. She carefully bagged them, "I'm Taniyama Mai, and it depends on where you want to meet."

"That's fair. How about you chose that way you're more comfortable." Tsuna grabbed his bag.

"Then," Mai brought her hand to her face in thought," there's a really nice tea shop not too far from here. Are your stalkers going to join us?"

"My…" Tsuna burst out laughing," Yeah," another train of laughter,"they will. My stalkers…" Tsuna shook his head, "Anyway the tea shop do you want to tell the name or should I wait her."

"Oh, um.." Mai looked Tsuna up and down; a devious smile spread across her face," It would be a big help if you stood outside and promoted the store. I'd only be for ten, maybe fifteen minutes at most."

"Um…" Tsuna carefully crafted facade of certainty was cracked for a moment,"Sure?"

As the two made their way over to the tea shop the walk was filled with a awkward silence. Until a little boy ran into them. They boy fell down and broke down crying; he couldn't be more than six.

Tsuna was about to help the boy up, but Mai beat him to it. She crouched down mindful of the skirt she was wearing.

"Hey, are you okay?" her gently tone seemed to sooth the boy slightly.

"N-no." he sniffled.

"No? Why? Are you hurt?" Mai whipped out a handkerchief and wiped at the boy's tears.

"No, I can't find my dad." the boy had stopped crying.

"Well, where did you last see him?" Mai wiped at the snot that was starting to trickle out of the boys nose.

He was by a coffee shop and said I could go next door to the bakery and pick something out and I found a cookie. But when I went to get him he was gone." the boy began to sniffle again.

"Can you tell me your dad's name?" Mai asked as she lifted the boy up in her arms.

"Tanaka Kenta." the boy mumbled.

Tsuna marveled at the strength the tiny sixteen year old had. The boy probably weighed at least fifty pounds. Tsuna was about to offer his help in locating the missing father when Mai closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Tanaka Kenta, I've found you." Mai began weaving expertly through the crowd only stopping once or twice to adjust the boy in her arms.

Before Tsuna knew it they were in front of a frantic looking man. Mai left the boy down and he ran to his father. Who looked overjoyed at seeing his son again.

THe father turned to thank the two, but his smile fell short when he looked at their faces. The wore the same look a mixture of longing, disappointment, and jealousy.

When Tsuna and Mai finally made it to the tea shop two people were already waiting for them.A man and a woman both were Dangerous with a capital "D". However Mai was safe, for now.

The man was older than Tsuna, but younger than the other foreign man from a month. He had dark hair and eyes, a fedora, and a black suit without a single wrinkle. The most noticeable thing about him was his sideburns that curled in an impossible manner. He was definitely the more dangerous of the two although something told Mai that Tsuna was the most dangerous of them all.

The Japanese woman was stunningly beautiful with slightly spiky long purple hair, an eyepatch, and a suit just as tailored to her as it was to Tsuna and the other man. Mai could tell by her posture that at one point in the woman's life she had been a dancer. All in all she could have kicked Mai and Mai would've said 'thank you.'

The four order their drinks and sat down to talk, except no one did. Mai sat there uncomfortably until their order was called out.

"I'll get." Mai immediately jumped out of her seat, needing a break from the uncomfortable atmosphere. Unfortunately the counter was less than a minute walk from there table.

"A espresso, a cinnamon roll iced coffee, a cold brew, a cup of earl grey and lavender tea, an order of coffee biscuits, a slice of pound cake, three chocolate chip espresso cookies, and two lemon-basil tarts." the barista told Mai offering her a tray with the goodies.

After a thank you to the barista Mai brought the tray back. Not really sure who had ordered what she merely set the tray down in the middle of the table and took her seat again.

"You're probably wondering why I wanted to talk to you,"Tsuna began grabbing the cold brew,"Well to put it simply, you're my sister."

"I'm sorry I don't think I heard you correctly. I thought you said I'm your sister, but that can't be right." Mai smiled, carefully setting down her cup of tea.

"No, you heard correctly." Tsuna punctuated the statement with a bite of cookie.

"So if I am… why exactly wasn't I contacted sooner? Like oh… I don't know when my mother died." Mai comment was lighthearted in nature, but the was something dark in the tone she spoke with.

Tsuna dropped his calm neutrality and frowned,"I didn't know you existed. Our father… he isn't exactly the most thoughtful person around. When you were born he freaked out paid the doctors to say that you died and left you with a retired, ex-coworker of his. Unfortunately soon after the co worker died leaving you with only his wife, the person you know as your mother. Iemitsu, our father, didn't keep tabs on you and thus was unaware of what happened. Only recently has he tried to make contact with you. I believe it was a month ago. As for me I was eight when you were born and all I was told is that my little sibling had become a star. I was very sheltered and I didn't understand that you were supposedly dead, but I accepted the answer"

"Wait, wait a minute was he that really creepy, pushy, foreigner? Blond with a weird beard, suit, because that guy gave me a bruise on my wrist that didn't go away for like... two weeks." Mai scoffed at the idea that such a person could be her father.

The man in the fedora snorted into his espresso causing Mai to look up at him. The man raised an eyebrow at her. Mai sent a glare that could rival sixteen year old Hibari.

"Yeah," Tsuna muttered drawing Mai's attention back to him,"he's like that. Once when I was seventeen he punched me in the face and it was swollen for a month."

"I'm not saying I don't believe you, but I do have a few questions and a request." Mai took a sip of her tea which was luke-warm.

Tsuna nodded his head in acceptance.

"First of all, who are these people?" Mai jestered to the man and woman with her head.

Tsuna blushed slightly at forgetting his manners,"This," Tsuna gestured to the man, "is Reborn. He a family friend and my father figure." Tsuna's blush grew brighter at the statement, "This is Dokuro Chrome," Tsuna gestured to the woman.

Mai nodded and took a moment to digest the information. "Why was he scared? Iemitsu, I mean, what made him so nervous about my birth? As far as I know, I was a very healthy baby."

"We are related to a noble family; if people found out that you were born, they'd jump at the chance to marry into our family. Iemitsu didn't want you to live the life of a doll only to become a broodmare to have as many children of our blood line as possible. At least that's how he explained it." Tsuna nibbled on a cookie as he explained.

"So… He thought that giving me up was the best way to protect me. He's trying I guess that counts for something, not very much, mind you" Mai finished her tea,"If that's the case… then why is it okay to approach me now?"

Tsuna and Reborn shared a look. Tsuna looked away with red covering the tips of his ears and sipped his could brew. Reborn sighed, shaking his head.

"Well it's like this… Tsuna here is the head of Vongola. That means he's got political power by heaps and bounds and he's more than willing to protect you with that power. He's the one that pushed Iemitsu to talk to you after he learned of your existance. With how well that turned out we should've just come first." Reborn leaned back in his chair.

"I see… Not to be rude, but I'd be more comfortable if we had a DNA test done." Mai stared into her empty teacup, biting her lip, Mai began to zone out completely focused on her thoughts

She jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Dokuro.

"It's okay to cry. I know that the information can be overwhelming." Dokuro smiled softly, Mai had a feeling she really did understand.

Mai's eyes did water, but no tears fell,"Thank you Dokuro-san. I think I'll be okay. I think in terms of shocks in my life this doesn't even make top three"

"What… kind of life have you had?" Tsuna asked, voice laced with concern.

"Oh.. you know, normal... orphan shocks" Mai replied uneasily.

Tsuna raised an eyebrow, but Mai didn't say anymore on the subject.

"You know, I got these lemon-basil tarts for you." Tsuna said causally.

Mai eyes brightened and her smiled widened"Really?' then Mai cheeks flushed, "You didn't have too."

"I wanted to. After all don't you think a big brother should be able to spoil his little sister." Tsuna grinned at Mai.

The comment mix with Tsuna's smile caused the poor girl to turn completely red, but she looked down and hide a smile behind a tart.

The DNA test came back positive as everyone expected it to. Of course the results meant that Mai and Tsuna needed to have another talk. This time Tsuna picked where they were meeting. He pick a very spiffy restaurant which meant Mai didn't have anything to wear to such place. Tsuna offered to buy her a dress and Mai was hesitant to accept. However, Tsuna was her brother and if she ever needed to go to an establishment like the one they were going to she would have something to wear.

There was a pile a different dress. Mai wasn't even looking; she had no idea what looked good on her. So she allowed her brother and the attendants to work together and try and find something that was befitting of her. Dess after dress was added to the pile until it was almost as tall as Mai.

"Am I going to have to try all of these on?" Mai nudged the pile that looked like it could fall over a minute.

"Only if you want to."

"Please do."

The responses came at the same time and Mai wasn't sure who said what, but resigned herself to hours of dress shopping.

It took three hours, but they finally narrowed it down to two dressed. The was a soft pink dress with off the shoulder sleeves, a florally embroidered bodice with lacing up the back, and a tulle skirt that ended just above the knee.

There also was a baby blue dress. The bodice had a conservative neck line, lacing in the back, tulle flowers in a slightly darker shade blooming along the waistline and up on the right side stopping just before the breast. The skirt was ruffled and was a high-low cut with the front stopping at mid thigh while the back ended below the knee.

Mai liked the blue one better and Tsuna declared that they would buy that one.

"Does this man we're done?" Mai asked while Tsuna paid for the dress.

Tsuna let out a snort of laughter."Not by a long shot. We still have to get shoes, accessories, and your hair and nails done."

The two siblings exited the shop and walked for a block or so.

"You aren't doing this because you feel guilty about what happened, are you?" Mai bit her lip nervously when the entered the shoe store.

"No, not at all." Tsuna had the attendants for the shoe store bring out tan, nude, silver, and baby blue heels,"What do you think?" Tsuna asked referring to the shoes.

"Not blue or tan. Then why are you doing it?" Mai responded pointing at the heels.

"Well, two main reasons. One, I've always wanted to do this: help someone pick out what to wear. Two, you're going to be meeting my closest friends and I want the to be in awe of you." Tsuna smiled sheepishly.

"Oh…" Mai blushed and looked down. Her eyes widened,"These." She proclaimed holding up a pair of silver heels that would cover her toes and the criss-cross across her ankle. They were prefect.

Tsuna paid for a pair in Mai size and headed to a nail salon. Mai got fake nails the color of her dress with tiny bundles of silver flowers painted on. Next was jewerly; Mai chose a simple white lace choker. Then it was time for hair. The underside of Mai's hair was braided and held in place with miniscule silver flower clips. Finally Mai had her makeup done which lead to a silvery smoky eye and a natural lip color with a slight pink tint to it.

It was time for dinner and Mai was trembling in her heels. What if Tsuna friends don't like me? Will I not be allowed to stay with them? Ugh! MAI! What are you thinking? Tsuna is you family. But aren't I really just a stranger to him. Would he bother hunting you down if he didn't want to bond with you? Would he drop close to 500,000 ¥ on someone he wasn't going to continue talking to? I don't know he doesn't seem like the type but-

Mai's thoughts were cut short.

"Mai it's time." Tsuna called over to her.

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