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Summery: After Harry's fourth year, his uncle starts to abuse him. From emotional stress harry is transported to another universe! Won't tell you ne more!
Silent Tears.
Chapter 1: Missing

Breathing. A technique every living being is cursed with. The intake of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide. Why is this so important? The theory that without air we would die. I didn't trust it. I didn't trust the fact that we relied on something we couldn't see hear or smell. How do we know it's really there? Just because some people said it was? Well, I didn't believe it. I wished I could prove everyone wrong. Make the air fade away. Make breathing a myth. I wanted that more than anything at this moment. It was because I knew. Knew my loud uneven breathing would give my away. It was like I was calling him. Calling the hunter to its prey. That's what I felt like: prey. Like a small mouse hiding in the corner begging the cat to walk past, not notice it curled up shaking from fear. But also knowing there was no escaping death.

So like the mouse, I prayed from the small space under the dining table, that it would just go away. No such luck. The pounding footsteps drew closer and closer shacking the ground like an earthquake. Then they stopped and a jeering face appeared covering my vision of the dining room. Of the door, my only escape.

Looking into those cruel laughing eyes I let out the oxygen I had been holding inside my lungs without realising. I hit my already bruised head as I was roughly pulled from my hiding place. Nothing was said as I stood in the middle of what could become my death bed, while he went and locked the door. My gateway out of this hell. He came back across the room cracking his knuckles a few times, showing his weapons. He expected me to cower away in fear. But I stood my ground, looking up with determination into the eyes of my guardian, my uncle, my death. (Dramatic pause!)

At first the blows were quite sort, only leaving behind purple bruises, but they soon progressed to hard bone cracking punches and kicks. I didn't fight back. I had learnt my lesson. As I lay on the cold hard floor in a pool of my own blood, I thought back to the day he had first raised his hand to me.

It was a couple of days into the summer holidays, and I could tell the atmosphere was already tense in the Dursley household. While I had been at Hogwarts, Aunt Petunia had been diagnosed with brain cancer. It was very serious so Uncle Vernon had to retire early to look after his wife. She was delusional most of the time and had to take all sorts of tablets. The doctors said she didn't have long to live. After a couple of months, the Dursleys went bankrupt from the expensive hospital bills, and with no money coming into the house, they fell deep into dept. Uncle Vernon had panicked. For the first time in his life he wasn't in control.

The first thing he had done was to send Dudley to live with Aunt Marge. Now he had less mouths to feed and no more expensive toys to buy. His next step was to start selling furniture like carpets, tables and chairs, televisions and anything else that would go. This was when I came into the equation. When Uncle Vernon had brought me 'home' I had found the house in disarray. There were no carpets on the floors, the doorframes were bare and a thick layer of dust seemed to cover everything that was left. Only Aunt Petunias room lay untouched.

Uncle Vernon had decided that since I had to stay in his house, I would work for food and other essentials. He blamed me for his wife's condition and wanted me punished. First, he made me do jobs for the neighbours. Painting fences, mowing lawns, cutting hedges, and doing their shopping were among the tasks I was set. I had little rest and even less food for my hard work. After a couple of days I decided I'd had enough of being the 'Slave boy' and I told my uncle I wouldn't work unless I got more food, sleep and free time.

He threatened me, so I did the only thing I thought would put him off the idea. I told him Sirius wouldn't be at all happy with the arrangement. The moment the words had left my mouth I knew I had made a mistake.

The blow had come quickly and because I wasn't expecting it, the force had knocked me to the ground. He continued to beat me until I could no longer stand, ignoring my feeble attempts to defend myself. All the time shouting insults that stung more than his vicious smacks.

"Call your Godfather! I don't care! He's just a pathetic traitorous murderer! Just like you!"

Dumbledore had obviously written to him, explaining about the death of Cedric. Perhaps he thought they'd be kinder to me, if they knew the truth. Everyone makes mistakes.

"Your worthless! Just like your parents. You'll come to the same end as they did, lying in a pit somewhere!"

His burned and twisted my soul, like he had stabbed me through my heart with a white hot poker. But he hadn't finished yet.

" I almost feel sorry for all them freaks you go off with each year. They're all dying because of you! You selfish bastard! You don't deserve to live!"

Those words hit me with more force than a cruitous curse. He was right. All the people in the wizarding world were fighting and dying, just because Voldemort wanted me so badly. And here I was hiding away like a baby. I deserved every blow.

From that day on I became a shadow of my former self. My life consisted of regular beatings, little food or sleep and of course, the harsh tone of my uncle's voice.

I had tried to owl Sirius for help, but uncle Vernon had caught me. I haven't seen Hedwig since. I have given up. Now I just accept the beatings.

It had been a couple of hours since Vernon had left me on the dining room floor. I hadn't slept; the pain had driven me away from the world of dreams. The pain, and also the need to be strong. To prove I was a fighter, that I could take everything the world threw at me. That I wasn't having a life of luxury away from the wizarding world where chaos and death fed upon the souls of my friends. That I was suffering, just like them.

I listened for any signs of life before I attempted to move. Eerie silence met my ears. Good, Vernon was asleep. Slowly, I moved my aching limbs, forcing my muscles to obey my command. With a huge effect I was swaying gently on my feet, while holding onto the nearest object, which happened to be an old wooden chair. Looking around I noticed the room was covered in a thick layer of dried blood.

Vernon must have been really angry this time. Slowly I stumbled over to the blood covered door. Reaching for the handle I pulled it open, letting the fresh air wash over me. I walked along the corridor silently, wincing with every step. When I reached the kitchen, I didn't believe my eyes. I blinked. No, I hadn't been mistaken.

Hedwig was back, looking very tired and also afraid. Clutched in her sharp claws was a copy of the Daily Pophet. A confused look came across my face. Although I was happy to see Hedwig, I didn't understand why she would risk her life to bring me a newspaper.

I removed myself from the doorframe which I had been leaning against and unsteadily walked over to the kitchen table. Hedwig, upon noticing me hooted lightly. My eyes widened. Had she awoken Vernon. I strained my hearing and felt what little colour I had left in my face drain away. He had heard.

I could hear his bedroom door opening and slamming loudly behind him. Looking back at Hedwig, I grabbed to newspaper from her claws. My uncles pounding footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs. I started to panic; he would kill me this time. Thinking fast I shooed Hedwig out of the back door. She was reluctant to leave but she followed her master's orders and flew off into the night sky.

The footsteps were closer now, like he was running along the corridor. I had to hide the newspaper. Glancing down at it the first thing I saw was a wizard picture of Remus and a large black dog. Above them in bold black writing it read: Missing. My heart stopped. In my shocked state noticed my uncle enter the kitchen. I watched him as his small blazing eyes saw the wizarding paper. With a roar he leaped forward toward me, but I was too fast. Dodging him around the table, I saw his eyes fill with anger, then glee. He reached onto the kitchen side and grabbed the long black handle of hid favourite kitchen knife. The one he used to cut up pieces of meat.

My eyes widened as I saw an insane look cross his face from the shiny side of the knife. No, I couldn't die here, not now! I had to help Remus and Sirius.

He charged towards me, knife raised as I stood still like a statue. I was too shocked to move. The knife entered my gut with a force that made me stumble uneasily backwards. Looking down, I saw the once black handle positioned in my stomach, with dark red blood oozing from the wound flowing down to the floor. I brought one hand down to the gaping hole and felt the warm blood engulf my hand. I looked up at my uncle. He had a satisfied look on his face matched with his familiar insane smile.

He marched forward again, and yanked the blade from my stomach causing my to yell. Again he stabbed forward this time catching my right shoulder. I fell to the floor bringing him with me. His weight wedged the knife in deeper making blood explode from my sore throat. My screaming intensified as he twisted the once shiny blade. Pain a boy my age should never experience attacked my body.

Then suddenly the pain lessoned and a white light blinded me. I felt my uncles body lift off of me as I was pulled from the kitchen floor. I closed my eyes willing the flying sensation I felt go on forever. As soon as these thoughts left my brain I felt my body hit the ground.

I slowing opened my eyes to see the white light fading away leaving behind the smell of freshly cut grass and a blur of green in front of me. I blinked. Slowing I raised my body of the ground biting back a scream. I stumbled to my feet, fully aware of the blood gushing out of my body and hundreds of pairs of eyes on me. Looking around I saw something I was beginning to think I'd dreamed. There in front of me was Hogwarts and the grassy area I was standing in was the quidditch pitch. It had appeared there was a game being played. Or there was. Every eye was now one me. I sighed in relief. I was home.

A growl from behind me woke me up. I turned around to see my worst nightmare had followed me . his face showed true hatred as he came at me, but this time I was ready. My reflexes kicked in and I started to run. Run as fast as I could. My wounds slowed me down dramatically, so me would- be killer caught my quickly. Within seconds the knife was at my throat.

"Come a step closer and the boy gets it!" growled his booming voice.

As I stood there in his iron like grip, my body was over come with violent coughs. My head rolled onto his shoulders as blood flew from my mouth and hit the grass at my feet. I gulped down the remaining blood and looked up with my eyes. There stood Dumbledore looking as powerful as ever. Behind him were more figures but because of my injuries my vision was blurred making them into figure like shapes. I was starting the feel dizzy and weak. My knees buckled and I fell making the man holding me drop the knife. Within seconds uncle Vernon was unconscious on the floor. Looking up one last time, I saw Dumbledores worried face appear next to mine as I was surrounded by darkness.


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