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Silent Tears

Chapter 7 - Not Ours

If I asked you if you believed in magic, pure magic what would you say? This is the question I find being asked to myself. Is magic real? Or is it just a sad excuse to make us feel special? The answer is difficult and one I cannot answer today. Not today, but maybe tomorrow. When my body returns to health, my mind isn't a jumble of confused thoughts and images. But not now. Now I need to rest. Let darkness take over, consume my body and mind.


Peter Pettigrew shivered.

Tap. Tap. Tap. It was raining again, but then again it was always raining here. Peter didnt like the rain, it made him cold and he didnt like being cold. But he was always cold. It was always cold here. And dark. Peter had always been afraid of the dark. They used to tease him about it they did. But they couldn't see the mean things that lurked in the dark. Peter did. And it scared him. Once when he was little he'd fallen down into a hole. He remembered it being very dark. Very dark and cold. Peter hadn't liked it. His Father, he remembered had shouted at him, dont be such a wimp he had said. But Peter was. He couldn't help it. He had cried for his mummy, but she didnt come. She was scared too. But not scared of the dark like Peter, she was scared of Father. Peter remembered how mummy was always scared. Sometimes she would play hide and seek with Peter when he was small. Then Father caught us. Mummy had been scared then, but Peter didnt understand. It was just a game. He remembered how Father had given mummy ten seconds to hide. Mummy had shrieked and ran. She must have found a good hiding place because Father said he couldn't find her. Peter had tried too, but he couldn't find her either.

When Peter had got older he had understood. Mummy wasn't coming back. Peter had cried.

Peter was crying now. He didnt like crying. But he was always crying, or shrieking like mummy used too. Father hadnt liked crying. Crying is for girls and weaklings he had said. Then Father must have been weak Peter thought. Peter remembered how Father had cried and shrieked just like mummy had and just like Peter was now. Peter had laughed. Father had shrieked. Dont be such a wimp Peter had said, but Father didnt hear. Father was playing hide and seek with mummy.

Peter laughed.


"Sirius Black?"


"That's Sirius Black?"

"Yeah." Remus repeated himself.

"Good Lord."

"Are you sure?"

"For Christs sake James! Of course he's sure!"

"...You know you didnt have to be so rude Lily. I was just checking. It's a bit of a shock you see."

"Tell me about it! I mean, look at the state of my hair!"

"Sirius, the mans been tortured. Im sure he had other more important things to worry about than his hair."

"No, I agree with Sirius. Hair must be kept in good condition at all times."

"What's your excuse then James?"

"You know im starting to think you dont love me anymore Lily dearest..."

"Dont be ridiculus. Im still married to you arent I?" Lily walked over to the bed containing a small boy. "Anyway, no offense to you Sirius but I think the main issue here is this boy. Or Harry." She paused to catch her breath, looking down at the sleeping form that was her son. No, not her son, just someone who shared his name and body.

"Lily, I dont think we should really look too much into this. I mean, yeah he's our son, but he's not our son if you know what I mean." James paused, studying his wife. "Our Harry is gone. He's been gone a long while Lily. This boy, Harry, is just another version. But not ours. Just like that Sirius over there. They're not ours. We can't become attached."

"You're right. But still, maybe it wouldn't hurt just to get to know them a bit. I mean, look at the state they're both in. I can't begin to imagine what they must have been through."

"That's why its even more important to stay away. We dont know these people. They could be dangerous. Or even unstable. After what they've been through I'd be surprised if they didnt have some sort of mental problems and becoming attached to them could hurt them more than us. It's for the best."

Lily sighed. James was right of course. Building a relationship with Harry and Sirius could have drastic effects on both them and her friends when it came to the time to say goodbye. They needed to keep away.

It had been two days since Sirius had arrived and although he was still in a coma he appeared to be making progress. Harry too was beggining to heal, but he like his Godfather had yet to awake again. The portal between the two worlds still stood open next the his bed, surrounded by magical sheilds. After mainly tests performed by Dumbledore, it had been declared safe for use. However, it was still cautioned off, like the two travellers from all without special authorisation. Dumbledore had deemed this necessary as he didnt want any stare students wondering between worlds. Especially students like the Weasley twins. Two were enough to get track of, but four, now that would be impossible and downright dangerous.

Many meetings had taken place already between the two worlds, and Lily had the general gist of what had happened in the other world and what was different. The only thing still to be discovered was what had happened to Sirius and how exactly this whole shinanagan had happened. Unfortunity, the people with that information seemed to be catching up on their beauty sleep. Lily tutted. Patience wasn't one of her strong points.

She was brought out of her thoughts by a series of small explosions. Sirius seemed to have changed James back into a five year old again, he had a talent for doing that. Both boys were fishing through the medical cupboard, trying to force varies potions down each others throats. Small explosions erupted as someof the potions mixed. Remus watched frowning. Lily sighed again.

Unnoticed by all, a girl with bushy hair and large front teeth peered into the hospital wing, scribbling notes down on a piece of parchment.


Dumbledore paced in his office, frowning. A man identical to him sat in his large chair, a frown also clothed his face.

"Voldemort is still alive?"


"Then our worlds are more different then I first thought." The seated man's frown deepened. "What happened then? Im my world Voldemort was defeated thirteen years ago by Neville Longbottom."

"Yes, thats is where our worlds are different. Fourteen years ago, Voldemort arrived at Godric's Hollow on Halloween. He killed Lily and James but was unable to kill Harry. His curse rebounded, but did not kill him, simply ripped him of his powers. He gained them back this summer jsut gone."

"That is the same in my world except Voldemort only wanted Harry, Lily and James were spared. Voldemort perhaps thought that he could convince them to be Death Eaters. Harry was killed. A year later the Longbottoms were attacked. Neville was the only survior. Somehow the Longbottoms must have found a way to kill Voldemort, but after immense research and study I still do not konw how they did it. Voldemorts body was burnt, so much so that it was impossible to discover any answers from it."

"Interesting. Did Neville receive any scars from that night?"

"No, the boy was checked. There was none."



Silence reigned over the room as both men thought, their frowns deepening.


End of Chapter.