One afternoon in the hakurei shrine. Reimu hakurei is drinking tea and eating some crackers, all of sudden marisa opens the sliding door and she walk to reimu, and show wooden puzzle box gold ornate with intricate pattern and with some circle and diamond inside the puzzle box.

"Reimu look at this strange box I purchase from Rinnosuke he says that box is a puzzle box from the outside world". Marisa with big smile on her face

While reimu with board expression on her face. "Marisa why hell you me this box puzzle and how the hell get some money". Ask with serious tone," don't be mad reimu I kinda take your money from your donation box". Marisa pointed at the donation box which now empty, Reimu no was pissed, as reimu about to summon a spell card then suddenly an evil aura come out the puzzle box. She stop and look at puzzle box. She tells marisa go to patchouli and the two fly over the scarlet devil mansion they landed and went to the library were patchouli is reading some books

Reimu ask Marisa show to the puzzle box to patchouli, and patchouli was shock and terrified look on face she the box. "Marisa where did you find the Lament Configuration" with worried look

"Lame what?". Marisa with confusion look

"Marisa she means the puzzle box where did you find it". Pointed the box

"Well find it in the Kourindou on the top of the shelves behind the counter". Robbing back of her head

"Ok then marisa whatever you do don't solve the puzzle you open the portal to he-". As patchouli about to tell marisa that never solved the puzzle. Marisa solved it and then suddenly the box begin to change shapes with clicking noise


Marisa what the hell you just do


I got board reimu


Reimu Marisa once the box is solved the portal in hell


What happens next?


The cenobites I will come and take you to The Labyrinth

The final click


And they appear out nowhere the cenobites and their pinheadAnd then koukuma drops the book. Marisa tries to fire the master spark on pinhead but to no avail

Marisa: What the hell are you

Pinhead: Explorers in the further regions of experience. Demons to some. Angels to others.

Chatterer toke Marisa to pinhead, patchouli and reimu tried to stop them but it was too late marisa taken by the cenobite to hell left is the accursed box toke the box. Reimu toke the box and give to patchouli, and so reimu walk out the mansion terrified and she never sow marisa ever again. Many weeks has pass hakurei shrine is leave in ruined the incident left reimu Traumatized. And then while yukari is look for reimu, yukari sow hanged her neck is broken, yukari sow her friend died for second time.

The end