[You found a letter. Don't read it.] Read it. Don't read it.

« Dear reader,

I don't know who you are, and I'll never know, but welcome in this letter.

At the time you are reading this, I'm surely dead already.

Here's my suicide letter.

You are wondering who I am, but the only things you need to know is that I am the demon everyone is talking about.

How can I put it into words when it's too much for my own soul ?

The rage have taken my mind like a prisoner. Everytime I try to thinks straight I think about death.

Who am I to decide the faith of other ?

It's been 2 years now I left. I was hoping the anger goes away, but livin with them make me realize that they were the one who deserves to live.

How could the humans be so fool, yet so cruale ?

And how can I be the worse of them ?

They are the monsters and I am one of them, we all deserve to die.

The voices grows inside my head, I can't stop them.

They want blood, screams, terror.

They want humanity to die, I want it too.

I am the demon that come when it's name is called.

The one that will end humanity for the good of monsters. »

[You shouldn't have read it. You feel something bad inside you. A strange sensation of pain and anger]