Author's note: Now that the series has ended, I didn't think I was going to write for the Teen Wolf fandom anymore. Yet, here I am with another Sciam fic. It was supposed to be a short, but somehow it ended up multi-chaptered, so bear with me. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy. Oh, and don't forget to let me know what you think. ;)

Pointless to say, it had been Lydia's idea. Of course it had been Lydia's idea. Lydia was the only one who could come up with these kind of ideas.

It had sparked during their last week at school. Her, Scott, Stiles and Malia were graduating, which meant they were leaving, which meant that this summer was probably the last time they would all see each other. At least for a while. At first, Liam had gone into denial, not really wanting to think about them all not being together anymore. It was a daunting prospect, which was why Lydia's idea had been met with so much eager excitement from the rest of them.

Her mom was going to be out of town for the next four weeks. Liam didn't know exactly why. He suspected a long holiday. It didn't matter either. What mattered was that Lydia had the house to herself for a whole month, which meant a very long holiday before half of them would go their separate ways.

Liam hadn't been able to decline the invitation for two reasons. One was that he was actually looking forward to spending time with his friends. The other was because one simply didn't decline Lydia Martin's invitation. She wouldn't have taken no for an answer. He would have had to explain why he wanted to pass up on an opportunity to spend their last summer together. Not to mention the grief he would have received from the others. It would have required an explanation and an explanation would have required Liam to acknowledge his feelings. And he wasn't ready to acknowledge his feelings, because these feelings revolved around a certain Scott McCall.

Ah, yes, Scott McCall, pure human being. Scott McCall, the one who showed up at your bedroom window in the middle night because you couldn't sleep. The one who would find you at lunchtime bearing chocolates, because he had found out your last grade for History wasn't that amazing. Scott McCall, Godsend angel, who had forgiveness at the top of his list. The one who had more sense of empathy than the mythological Atlas. Scott McCall, who immediately noticed it when someone triggered your IED. The one who would apologize even when he hadn't done something wrong. The one who gave out hugs like they were sponsored Facebook ads.

"Are you guys moving house?" Stiles joked after he had opened the trunk to Mason's car.

Mason chuckled. "Looks like it."

"No way!" Stiles exclaimed as he rummaged through the back of the car and took out the bags. "You brought Overwatch?"

"Of course I did," Mason answered matter-of-factly. "I'm not going without it for four weeks."

"Favorite character?"


"Defense," Stiles replied, shaking his head. "Why am I not surprised?"

Mason folded his arms in front of his chest. "Who do you like to play then?"


Mason laughed. "Of course you do."

"What?!" Stiles fired back. "Scott and I make a great team."

"Because he plays Mercy?" Corey chipped in.

Stiles gaped at him. "How did you-"

"Just a hunch," Corey smirked, glancing at Mason, who blew a kiss at him.

Liam snickered. Of course Scott preferred to play the healer who sucked at offense. That wasn't at all surprising.

"So how does it feel being a graduate?" Mason asked as he helped Stiles to take out the bags out of his car.

"Surprisingly normal."

Liam picked up some of the bags as they took them out. With everything splayed out, it started to dawn on him that his friends were really planning on staying for four weeks. He had thought they would leave at some point, you know? Or at least have some breaks. But then he realized Lydia's house probably had everything they needed.

A deep sigh slipped passed his lips. He wasn't going to be able to leave, not even for a day. It would immediately spark questions, which meant he would have to be creative if he wanted to get away from Scott.

"I'm so glad you guys are here!" Lydia exclaimed as the boys walked through the door. "Four weeks, can you believe it? It's perfect! We're going to have so much fun!"

Liam performed a mental eye roll, but couldn't stop a smile from breaking around his lips. Even if these next four weeks would completely suck for him, at least Lydia would be happy. And, to be honest, her excitement was kind of infectious. She could come across like an arrogant bitch at school, but when you were in her inner circle she would literally do anything for you. She was a lot like Scott in that sense, which was odd because they were also completely different people. Lydia was more of a planner; she would do anything to get the group together, whereas Scott was much closer on a personal level, then again, Liam also knew from experience that if you would tell Lydia something private, you would have her undivided attention and she would take the secret to her grave.

"Alright, so where are we going?" Mason asked, pulling the bag he was carrying further up his shoulder.

"Yes, sorry," Lydia answered, turning around. She pointed up the stairs. "You and Corey can have my bedroom, since you're a couple…" Her voice trailed off suggestively. "But I will let you know that I do have new satin sheets-"

"Oh, we're not doing any of that yet," Corey quickly explained.

Liam and Stiles snorted, hiding their laughter.

"Right," Lydia said, smacking her lips. "And I dye my hair. Anyway, moving on, Malia and I are sleeping in mom's room. Scott and Stiles have the guest bedroom. And for you, Liam, I have an airbed, so…"

Liam looked up.

"…I figured you'd want to stay with Mason and Corey, but I also wasn't sure, so I thought I'd let you decide for yourself. You can put it wherever you want."

That's when Scott and Malia appeared in the hallway. They greeted their friends and Liam did the same, averting his eyes when Scott looked at him. He turned to Mason and Corey.

"Do you guys mind?" he asked.

It was a little bit awkward, because Liam knew Mason well enough to know his friend would like to spend some time with his boyfriend, on the other hand, Liam wasn't feeling sharing a room with Lydia and Malia, since he didn't want to impose on their privacy and Scott and Stiles were off the table for obvious reasons. This made none of the options seem perfect.

"You can stay in our room," Stiles interrupted.

Liam's heart started sinking. He knew he couldn't decline now that the offer was on the table. Again, it would prompt questions, questions Liam didn't want to answer—or even think about, for that matter. That was the worst part about liking someone in a group of friends.

"Yeah, we don't mind," Scott added, showing a lopsided smile.

"Give those two lovebirds their privacy," Stiles said, wiggling his eyebrows.

Corey gave him a wide-eyed stare, completely horrified. Liam could tell the poor guy hadn't gotten quite used to Stiles' inappropriate and straight forward behavior just yet.

"Oh, okay…" Liam stammered. "Are you…? Is that okay?" he asked his best friend.

Mason grinned back at him. "Yup, fine with me, man."

Backed into a corner, Liam knew there was no way out. He tried to settle himself down by asking himself why he would mind sharing a room with Scott and Stiles so much. They were friends. Sleeping in the same room didn't mean anything.

Next thing he knew he was stood in the guest bedroom, putting down his stuff. Lydia had dragged in the deflated airbed and put it on the other side of the room, next to the plug. Fortunately it was electric, so Liam wouldn't have to blow it up himself. On the other side was a double bed and at first he was surprised when he realized Scott and Stiles were sharing a bed together. But then he remembered they had been friends for years, so it obviously wouldn't have been the first time.

Liam sighed, still a little bit disheartened by the sleeping arrangements. He tried to focus on the positive. At least the world didn't do three-person beds, because he definitely wouldn't have been able to cope with sleeping next to Scott. Thinking that, the situation didn't seem so bad after all. They would be spending time in the same room, but then again, how much time would they actually spend there? This holiday was focused around their time as a group, not as individuals. Liam could deal with having to sleep in the same room. He would be asleep anyway.

The first night meant introducing the rest of their vacation, which would happen by throwing a party. Even though none of them were old enough to drink, Lydia had decided to scratch all rules, at least for the first night. She had excused it by saying it would make everyone feel more comfortable. It was important to her that everyone felt like they were at home, instead of at a stranger's house. Having a drink would probably loosen everyone up.

Liam was quite grateful for the idea and, to be honest, and the others seemed to be as well. Probably not for the same reason as Liam, but still.

Lydia's house was huge. Truth be told, it was more like a mansion. To get to the front door you had to cross the yard, which entailed a small golden path across the grass. The hallway was more like a welcoming venue; the stone staircase was on the right and on the first floor you could find the master bedroom, Lydia's bedroom, the guest bedroom and a bathroom. Not to mention that the master bedroom had their own ensuite. On the ground floor, the hallway lead to the living room, which held three big sofas, a flat screen TV on the wall, a fireplace, and if you went around the corner you were stood in the open kitchen, where a cooking island was situated in the middle. Across the kitchen, on the other side of the living room, was the sliding door that lead to the garden, which was a completely distinct place by itself. There was grass at the back and a modest pool half the size of the one at school in front, surrounded by four deck chairs. On the far right corner of the pool, close to the backdoor porch, was a bubble bath.

The space of it all made Liam reconsider his first thoughts; maybe he would be able to spend four weeks here. It seemed like there were plenty of places to hide.

Drinking with the gang was a whole new experience altogether. Liam had drunk before during the bonfire night last year, but had never gone to a house party to get smashed with his friends. Dinner had been put on the sidelines. If anyone was hungry they could go into the kitchen and grab something – Lydia had stocked the fridge with enough for everyone. It was weird, there hung a celebratory atmosphere in the air and everyone was just feeling cheeky and excited to start drinking. They had never felt like that before. Maybe the fact that it was something new made them all even more curious.

They sat down in the garden. Lydia had put down a few blankets on the grass with some of Malia's help, while the boys had settled in. Settling in included setting up Mason's Xbox in the living room and playing a few rounds of Overwatch. Liam had felt a little bad at first, because he wasn't helping out with anything, but that was partly because he expected his mother to come out at any moment and tell him to make himself useful. It was a new (and refreshing) experience to be completely responsible for themselves. It felt liberating and fun. It allowed them to see a different side of each other. Lydia was very motherly, she wanted to make everything perfect. Malia acted like she didn't care, but by the way she was participating in Lydia's domestic behavior made Liam think she secretly enjoyed it. Mason and Corey were being touchy-feely, but not in a bad way. Liam could tell they were comfortable in their environment, which probably sparked them to be a bit more daring—a bit more open about their relationship. It was nice to see. Stiles was his usual self. In the few hours he had spent in Lydia's house he had made it his own; one of his shoes was on the stairs while the other had been neglected next to the backdoor (how they had been separated was a mystery) and everywhere you looked there was something that was either his or had been touched by him. The only one that didn't seem that different was Scott. He was still humble and careful with Lydia's stuff and offered to help a few times. Liam imagined him to be like that at his own house as well, given it was just him and his mom. Scott had probably gotten used to having to fend for himself at times.

Scott McCall, considerate family man.

The only thing that was a little bit disappointing about the party was that the alcohol they had been so excited to drink consisted of wine. Unfortunately it would have to do, because it wasn't like they could get their hands on anything else. Lydia did have another something something, but kept it for the next day.

Before he had arrived, Stiles had considered sneaking one of his dad's whiskey bottles with him, but Scott had reminded him he would notice. Even though Stiles often prided himself with being sneaky, he was not sneaky enough to go around the sheriff.

Lydia opened a bottle of white—a Chardonnay, according to her a cheap wine that was thick, fruity and dry, but not as dry as Sauvignon Blanc.

"For middle aged people who pretend to know something about wine," she added as the cork popped from the bottle. She laughed at her own joke and everyone else politely snickered, even though they had no idea what she was on about.

Liam had to admit, there was something about holding a big wine glass that made him feel…classy. Lydia made them all swirl the liquid around in the glass.

"Let's do a little tasting," she said, spinning her wrist in gentle motions. "First we have to open up the wine, which is what we're doing now. The oxygen in the air allowed the wine to breathe and releases its scents and—Stiles, no! No drinking yet!"

The boy grimaced, the bottom half of his face magnified by the glass. "What?" he exclaimed. "Do you really think I like to taste itl? It's disgusting."

Lydia let out a sharp breath through her nose, but decided not to pay any more attention to him for the time being. "Okay, now, we're going to dip our noses into it. Make sure the whole glass is enveloping your nose. That's it, Corey. Now inhale." She followed her own instructions and sniffed a few times. "What do you smell?" She sniffed again. "I'm getting a glimpse of wood, a hint of citrus and…something sweet… Peaches. Yes, that's it. Peaches."

Liam choked out a laugh when he saw Malia's face. Her nose was scrunched and her eyebrows furrowed, displaying utter concentration and confusion as to what the hell Lydia was talking about. The wine blew up in his glass and a few drops hit his nose. He quickly put it down and wiped his face.

"Now swirl it around again and take a careful sip," Lydia instructed. "When the wine is in your mouth, swirl it around again. Let it hit every corner of your palette."

Liam did as she said, in the meantime keeping a close eye on the others.

"Now open your lips the tiniest little bit and suck in a little bit of air. This will open up the flavors even more."

Liam angled his head up and carefully sucked in a breath, but next to him Mason opened his mouth too far and Liam watched the wine seep across his chin. This elicited a laugh from Liam and Scott, but the former managed to keep his mouth shut while he giggled, whereas Scott had to quickly turn and spit.

Stiles laughed at his best friend, but Lydia gave him a disappointed look.


"I'm sorry!" Scott exclaimed. "I'm sorry, I'm really trying, but…"

"That's how the French drink it, actually," Corey said matter-of-factly, who had successfully swallowed.

Liam's stomach was hurting from laughing so much. He quickly sucked in a deep breath through his nose and swallowed, allowing him to finally go into full hysterics. Scott turned to him and ruffled his hair. Normally Liam would have jumped, but his amusement had taken the better of him.

"Savages," Lydia commented, before taking another sip of her wine.

Surprisingly enough, getting through the first two bottles took them a fair amount of time. Everyone was happy chatting to each other and making jokes, but by the time the fourth bottled opened, they were all starting to feel quite merry. Admittedly, Liam started to enjoy the wine. He was holding his glass with one hand while the other supported his body, which was splayed out sideways. He was listening to Mason's story when Corey first met his parents. They had a little family dinner and, as Liam already knew, Mason's parents were very comfortable and loud people. Corey had apparently started off as a shy little wallflower, but by the time the night ended, blossomed into a talkative maniac, who couldn't stop telling stories of his own childhood.

"I don't see you like that at all," Lydia commented. "You're always so private."

"She means shy and quiet," Malia jumped in with a wink. Lydia gave her a look, but Corey blushed.

"I know, I just get a bit overwhelmed in big social interactions," he explained.

"I get that," Stiles said. "I get very overwhelmed when interacting with something big."

Everyone glared at him as his words sank in. His suggestive smirk helped and a second later the penny dropped and they all shouted "Stiles!" in unison.

Liam felt like he had lost the ability to breathe. His sides were tingly and his jaw hurt from laughing. He couldn't remember the last time he had this much fun. His head fell back against something and when he opened his eyes he looked into a pair of the friendliest brown eyes. He quickly sat up.

"You can lay your head down if you want," Scott offered.

Liam's mouth opened to say something, hurriedly glancing around if anyone else had heard, but they didn't seem they had, and then shook his head no.

"It's okay, thanks," he brushed it off, taking another sip from his glass.

His heart was instantly beating against his ribcage again. He hated how such a simple interaction could have that effect on him. He thought having been realistic and admit to himself that he wasn't going to be able to avoid Scott as much would have helped. But it turned out it hadn't. It seemed like he couldn't just shove his feelings down like that. He didn't have that control. They were going to bubble up whenever they wanted to and thinking that made Liam feel hopeless. He wasn't ready to acknowledge that he liked Scott. He didn't want to acknowledge it.

It may have sounded petty, but Liam didn't find he was much to blame. His experience with love thus far was one girlfriend, Hayden, who had literally left a week and a half ago. That was his only experience, but even if he looked at the people around him, none of them had a great track record when it came to love. His own mom and dad had separated, Scott had lost his first girlfriend, Allison, to a tragic accident, and his second girlfriend, Kira, had moved away, just like Hayden had done. Stiles had been in love with Derek, but, surprise surprise, he had moved away as well. The only successful relationship he had seen develop to date was between Mason and Corey.

The sun had started to go down, casting the famous 'golden glow'. This prompted Lydia to take some pictures. Everyone got up and crowded around her, showing their brightest smiles, their funniest faces.

"The lighting is so good," Lydia said, flicking through her phone. "You all look so pretty."

"You do too," Stiles said, who was looking over her shoulder.

Liam expected a sarcastic comment to follow, but it seemed like Stiles had actually given a genuine compliment.

"I know," Lydia replied.

Everyone looked up when they heard a loud sniff. Their eyes all drew into Scott's direction, who was wiping his eyes with the hem of his shirt. Part of his abdomen was exposed, Liam noticed.

"Scott?" Malia asked.

"You okay?" Mason wanted to know.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," the guy answered, showing a smile. His eyes had glazed over a little and Liam's heart clenched. "Honestly, guys, I'm fine."

The group exclaimed a loud "D'aww" and one by one started hugging Scott. Liam pretended like he had seen something in the grass and was digging the tip of his shoe into the ground. When he carefully looked up, he saw Mason looking at him. Liam swallowed and shuffled over, giving Scott a quick hug at well. He noticed the guy's cheek resting against his; warm and soft. Liam quickly pulled away, not daring to look at him. Instead, he picked up his wineglass and chugged it down, ignoring Scott's questioning look.

In the meantime, Stiles had switched on some music on his phone and placed it in the middle of the blankets. The beats of EDM filled the air, making some of them bounce and rock sideways ever so slightly. Lydia opened another bottle of wine. Everyone held up their glasses.

"Oh look at all of you now," she said, voice thick with judgment, before she started pouring. When it was empty, she added it to the pile of glass bottles, which had become an obscene representation of the states they were getting themselves in.

As the sun went down, so did the wine in their bodies. By then everyone had started dancing and was having fun. Mason and Corey were grinding their hips against each other and when the song told them all to get low, it automatically became a competition as to who could perform the best slut drop. Liam laughed, watching Lydia get down while swaying her hips. Her hair was half folded over her face and she pouted her lips at him. Behind her, Malia was following suit. Liam laughed louder and lost his balance, toppling backwards onto the grass. When he turned to the right, he saw Scott dancing, which looked more like a scarecrow trying to break free from its stick. Every move his arms and legs made looked awkward and Liam had to try his hardest not to laugh at him.

Two bottles later it had gotten dark and Stiles announced he had a brilliant idea. He launched himself down onto the blankets and picked up one of the empty wine bottles. He barked at everyone to sit their asses down and when Liam's brain had almost put two and two together-

"Spin the bottle!"


The others cheered, which they wouldn't have done if they hadn't been so intoxicated. Liam's mouth felt weird and dry, so he picked up his glass. Putting it to his face, he tilted it to his lips too early and almost spilled half of it down his shirt. He managed to save himself at the last moment. Mason saw and grinned at him. Liam put his finger in front of his mouth as to shush him.

"God," Malia said as Stiles flung the bottle in the middle. "I feel like I'm twelve years old again."

"You played spin the bottle when you were twelve?" Stiles asked with an astonished look.

The girl shrugged, sipping her wine. "No big deal."

Liam watched the bottle spin, his brain half-registering that this was actually happening. It hadn't made the connection yet as to what it might result in—the possibilities it opened up. The spinning stopped and the bottle pointed at Mason. Stiles grinned smugly and crawled over.

When he was close enough, Mason quickly turned to Corey and pressed their lips together instead. The group cooed, but Stiles looked offended. He pouted and fell back into his earlier position, folding his arms in front of his chest.

"If you want to kiss someone, just ask," Malia told him. "No one cares. Spin the bottle is so old-school."

"Yeah, if you played it when you were twelve."

"Salty bitch."

Stiles stuck his tongue out and Malia did the same. Lydia giggled.

"It's alright man," Scott said, swinging an arm around Stiles' shoulders. His voice was sounding a bit slurred. "You can kiss me if you want."

Liam's eyes flicked up.

Stiles grimaced. "Nah, once was enough."

Liam's jaw dropped an inch. Wait, what? Had he heard that correctly? Scott and Stiles had kissed once? Liam's heart clenched. He looked around, but no one else seemed surprised by that little piece of information.

"Are you saying I'm a bad kisser?" Scott asked.

Stiles shrugged.

"You're one to talk, Mr. Sloppy," Malia said, giving Stiles a shove.

"Me? Sloppy?" Stiles repeated incredulously. "Only because you kiss like a wild animal. It's like snogging a coyote."

"I think her kisses are quite nice," Lydia mentioned.

"Corey's are the best," Mason added. "Really gentle, you know? Just the tip…"

"…of the tongue!" Lydia finished his sentence with him. "Yes!" They high fived each other. "Those are the best." She shivered, her hands folded around her wineglass.

By then everyone was talking about kissing, even Corey had chimed in. Liam picked up a few sentences here and there every once in a while, mostly because he was switching between conversations, but also because his ears were feeling hot, which was weird because normally he couldn't feel his ears.

"So is no one going to comment on my kissing abilities?" Scott tried to participate in their discussion.

"I don't think they are," Liam answered him when no one replied. He was surprised at how foreign his own voice sounded. "They're not listening."

Scott laughed and shook his head, moving his foot under him. He looked at Liam as he took another swig from his glass. Liam watched, noticing how dark and mysterious Scott's eyes were, which was funny, because there wasn't any mystery to Scott. Scott was just Scott. Big friendly Scott. Scott McCall, personal teddy bear. Scott McCall, who gave out hugs like they were fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Then Liam noticed something different. It seemed like Scott's eyes had glazed over again, but before Liam realized what was happening, Scott broke their gaze and turned back to his friends. His thumbnail was scratching the wineglass rhythmically.

Liam blinked. It felt like someone had slapped him in the face and pulled him back to Earth. He cocked his head and looked intently at his friend. There was something going on with Scott, he could clearly tell. For a second Liam wanted to reach out and ask Scott what was wrong, but then he remembered he shouldn't get too close. He put down his glass and quickly scurried to his feet.

He stumbled a bit when he got up, hurrying himself to get away. He tripped on the doorstep of sliding door and jogged into the living room. It was probably a little dramatic, but he didn't want to take any risks. The alcohol probably didn't help his paranoia either. When he neared the hallway, he heard another pair of footsteps hastily follow him, but Liam didn't have to look around to know who it was.

At the bottom of the staircase, he turned. His breath was coming out in quick puffs and his vision was still a little blurred. Mason closed the living room door behind him and stepped towards his friend, examining him with a small smile. A silence was shared between them, one that apparently said everything, because Mason broke it by saying,

"It's not going to be any easier if you push him away, you know."

Liam pursed his lips into a thin line. He showed a faint shrug, not really knowing what to say to that.

Mason stepped closer and laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey," he whispered.

"Why didn't you let me share your room?"

Taken aback, Mason's hand slipped down a little. "What do you mean?"

"Earlier," Liam answered. His voice sounded normal to him again. "Why didn't you say I could sleep in you and Corey's room? I get that you want privacy, but…"

"It's not about that," Mason interrupted him, waving his accusation away. "Corey and I will have plenty of opportunities to spend time together."

"Then why?"

Mason sighed, walking around Liam. He sat down onto the bottom step of the staircase and pulled his friend down with him. Liam let him, drawing up his knees and folding his arms around his shins. Another silence.

"I'm trying to avoid him," Liam admitted softly. A part of him couldn't believe he was saying it out loud, but on the other Mason was his best friend and he always told him everything.

"Because he's leaving?"

Liam shrugged. "It's… It's okay," he said, toying with a blade of grass he had found on his jeans. "Everyone leaves. It just makes it easier."

His friend wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pulled him close. Liam rested his head in the nape of Mason's neck, staring at their feet and at the wooden floor beneath them.

"He'll notice, you know," Mason said. "He'll notice that you're pulling away from him."

"So?" It sounded bitterer than Liam had intended.

"It will hurt him."

"And it will hurt me if I don't."

"So you're going to be selfish?"

"Is there another way?"

Mason hugged his friend a little closer. "You could tell him."

"Tell him what?" Liam asked. "That I don't want him to leave?"

"No, that you like him," Mason answered. "It might change things."

Liam sighed, licking his lips. He could smell the wine on his own breath. Mason's hand was rubbing his shoulder.

"He's having a hard time as well, you know," Mason added. "You saw it."

Liam pulled away a little so that he could look up. He didn't think that Mason had witnessed exactly what had happened.

"I saw it too," Mason admitted. "That's why you ran away, wasn't it? Because you knew you had to bring it up if you didn't."

Liam nodded slowly, embarrassed by the way Mason was putting it. Regardless, he was right.

"I think you should tell him," Mason said again.

Liam scoffed. "But then what? What good will it do? It's not like Scott's going to give up his dream to become a veterinarian only to be with me."

Mason snorted. "Maybe he won't, but it might make things better. You two could actually enjoy your time together, here, now, and maybe work something out. Maybe that way it won't hurt that much in the end. I think Scott's struggling with the same feelings, you know."

Liam bit his lip. Even talking about it, about the inevitable prospect that someone was going to step out of his life again frightened him, hurt him. He wondered why it always had to be this way, had often wondered that. He hated how talking about it made him feel small and vulnerable.

"Is it okay if I don't want to take that risk?" he asked quietly.

He could see the hesitation in Mason's eyes, because, no, it wasn't okay. Liam knew that. He knew it was unfair to ask, knew he was being selfish for wanting to pull away from Scott without explaining to him why. He was taking the easy way out and at the same time he was being a horrible friend, because he was going to leave Scott to deal with his own stuff. Then again, Scott did have the others he could talk to.

"Yeah, it's okay."

Liam let out a deep breath he didn't know he had been holding, this time wrapping his arms around Mason and hugging him back.

He would do it gently, make sure Scott wouldn't notice as much. He would try to act normal around him and talk to him, instead of running away, but when things would start to get too personal, Liam would try to avoid the topic. After all, it was emotional distance that he needed, not physical distance. He just needed for his feelings to fizzle out. He didn't have to be a dick around Scott, because the opposite of love wasn't hate. It was indifference. So that was what he needed to be: indifferent, and he couldn't act indifferent if he was going to run away every time.

"Come on, let's go back," Mason said, letting go of Liam.

Both boys got up and once on his feet, Liam noticed he was still a bit tipsy. Talking to Mason had sobered him up ever so slightly, but the world was still moving a little slower than his mind. Or maybe it was the other way around.

"That wine sure does the trick, doesn't it?" Mason giggled.

Author's note: Curious what inspired this story? Look up the next song (also works as a little sneak peak):
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