Triwizard tournament 1977

1st of September

"Lily darling…wakeup honey it's school time." Said a soft voice. There was a rustle of bed sheets and Lily turned over, covering her ears with her quilt. "Oh come on now, it's school time! Hogwarts time!"

"Mhmm…" hummed Lily.

"Get up Miss Evans, or I'll push you out." The previous warm and soft voice had abruptly changed to become hard and stern.

"Do your best Mrs Evans," came a hoarse voice from the bed.

"Yes, well I don't think I'll need to. Just thought you ought to know, my sweet, that it is ten o'clock in the morning, and if I'm not mistaken, your train leaves at, ehem, 'precisely eleven o'clock'," mimicked Mrs Evans.

This sudden information had seemed to work in rousing Lily. She sat up hastily, her emerald eyes wide and alert. She turned to her analogue clock positioned on her tidy bedside table, next to a moving photo of her and Marlene waving admirably. It was in fact, ten o'clock. "Dear lord mum! Why didn't you wake me up earlier! Crap, what if I miss the train! Jesus Christ, shi-"

"I'll stop you right there young lady. I'll also have you know I tried waking you up several times but you seemed to be awfully reluctant to move," Mrs Evans bustled around the room picking up dirty clothing, "You have half an hour- forty-five minutes at the most to get ready Lily, you had better hurry up." With the blink of an eye, Mrs Evans had swiftly left the room and shut the door.

"Shit!" exclaimed Lily. She rubbed her eyes and balled up her fists.

"Crap, ok let's go." She said to herself. Lily emerged from her bed, swinging her legs over the edge and touching her toes to the cold wooden floor boards beneath. She winced at the rapid change of temperature. At least the floor boards in the dorms will be warm, she thought to herself whilst standing up.

Her room was small, but charming. A large book case lined the wall next to her bed, bridging over the top of the wooden door and stretching to the other side of the room. It was jammed with books from anything like 'One Hundred uses for Boomslang Skin' to Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'. However, places were sparse, due to the vast amount of school books she had packed in her trunk. Opposite was a beautiful cottage window, the latch lifted and opened just enough to let the crisp scent of Autumn in. Stained glass of red butterflies embellished the very top of the window. Her wardrobe and dressing table laid adjacent to it.

Lily scuffled to her dresser and sat down. Simple makeup, photos and hair trinkets were strewn on the surface. She grasped her hair brush and began to work at the tangled nots in her auburn curls. Half an hour, she thought to herself, Christ mum I'll be pushing it. Lily knotted her eyebrows a cursed at the bursts of pain that came from brushing her hair. After several minutes of swearing and detangling, Lily immediately got to her feet and started to search through her draws and wardrobe for clean clothes. They were, like her bookcase, seemingly sparse due to the action of packing for a new school year. Finally, she settled on some high waisted jeans and a bell sleeved maroon shirt.

"Lily! Come on darling, we need to get going! It's ten thirty!" came Mrs Evans voice from down stairs.

Lily grunted, "Coming!" she ran her fingers through her freshly brushed hair, grabbed her wand and shoved a pair of leather shoes on without any socks. Mrs Evans called up the stairs repeatedly as Lily fumbled down them. Once Lily had reached the bottom of the staircase she remembered something quite essential, "Bollocks- just a sec I have to get my trunk."

Before she could run back up the stairs, Mr Evans replied gruffly, "Your Majesty, your trunk is awaiting you in the car," he added, "along with a rather sulky sister." Mrs Evans glared at him pointedly.

Lily's face dropped, "Right…" every year Lily's sister, Petunia, had fought with her parents so as to not see her off at Kings Cross, and certainly not Platform Nine and Three-Quarters itself. Lily forced a smile, "I guess we had better get going then."

Mrs Evans put a warm arm around Lily. They walked to the door, Lily a little reluctantly. Mr Evans held the door open to let them through and subsequently locked it after them. They hurried to the green Austin Maxis waiting in the driveway. Mrs Evans let go of her daughter and went to sit in the front seat. Lily hesitated at the handle. She peered into the back seats and saw Petunia, determinedly glaring out the window away from her. Lily felt a lump in her throat but quickly swallowed it and pulled the door open.

"Hi Tunie." She said. Petunia merely huffed and stared even more compelling out the window. Mrs Evans pulled down her visor and peered through the mirror at Petunia, she pursed her lips. Nothing I wasn't expecting, thought Lily, but a pang of pain was still present. Mr Evans entered the car and turned the ignition.

He coughed into his hanky and said chiefly, "Off we go again, another year for Lily flower." Petunia rolled her eyes. The car engine purred and began to move out the driveway. Like every year, it was a slow 15-minute trip that felt like hours to Lily. The silence was deafening, and the only noise were Petunia's incessant huffs and puffs. Finally, Mr Evans parked the car outside of Kings Cross and everyone piled out of the car eagerly. Lily strode to the boot of the car and Mr Evans popped it open. Her trunk lay there bulging. Lily grabbed one side while her father grabbed the other and heaved. With a loud thud, the trunk hit the ground.

"God dad! How on earth did you get this down the stairs?" gasped Lily.

"One might think it a feat Lily flower," said Mr Evans placing a kiss on her forehead, "But I just have immeasurable strength see," He held up a bicep. Laughing, Lily slapped it away.

"Oh come on dad", she glanced at her watch, "We have fifteen minutes, better get going." Lily and her mother grabbed the handle to her trunk and rolled it into Kings Cross. They all paced to the brick wall which concealed Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. Mr Evans put an arm around Lily and Mrs Evans took hold of Lily's hand. Petunia stood back. Mr Evans craned his neck to look at her.

"Not coming Tunie?" he asked.

Petunia tapped her foot, "Of course I'm not coming." She spat sourly. Mr Evans raised his eyebrows and looked back at the brick wall. Mrs Evans, turned around.

"Come now Tunie, we all have to see your sister off." She said lovingly.

"And why is that mother?" she hissed.

"Because she is your sister, I am not having this argument with you now Petunia, we are all going through and that is that." Said Mrs Evans sternly. It was enough for Petunia to walk forward and stand behind them.

Lily creased her forehead said over her shoulder, "Petunia, you know m…muggles can't go through the gate themselves." Petunia raised an eyebrow and scrutinized her sister.

"Petunia!" exclaimed Mrs Evans. Petunia scrunched up her face and grudgingly put a hand on Lily's shoulder. Lily could feel her sisters glare but set off through the brick wall anyway.

Platform Nine and Three-Quarters materialized around them. The steam emitting for the Hogwarts express wafted throughout the station. Lily glanced at her watch again, "Good golly gosh, I have ten minutes. Just let me load my trunk onto the train and I'll come back out to say goodbye." Her parents smiled whilst her sister brooded and gazed around the station. Lily hitched her trunk onto the train and scurried down the narrow hall to find a cabin. Everything was seemingly full apart from one which had two other trunks lying on each seat. Lily didn't bother checking whom they belonged to and chucked her trunk on top of one. She figured she could pick it up and move it somewhere else once the train had left.

She reached the door of the train and hopped down from it. Then scampered back to her parents. Her mother immediately enclosed Lily within her arms.

"Oh I'm going to miss you!" she squeaked. Lily squeezed her mother back.

"I'll be back for Christmas, that's only a couple of months away." Replied Lily.

"I know I know, but still," she wiped some tears from her eyes, "I'm going to miss you." Lily smiled and gave her mum another hug then turned to her father.

"Come here you rascal." He said, pulling her into a tight hug.

"Urghh," Lily grumbled. Mr Evans released her and she took a deep breath.

"Now I need to see one of these Quidditch games sometime soon Lily, I'm sure you can wiggle me in, especially since you're a woman in a position of power now." Smiled Mr Evans. Lily pondered on the 'in a position of power' notion for a moment and then realised.

"Damn! Dad thanks for reminding me! I'm a prefect! I need to help the first years. God I forgot!" Mrs Evans chuckled, "Ok well, mwah-see-mwah-you soon!" Lily said, kissing her parents on the cheek, she peered at Petunia. "…See you Tunie." Lily didn't bother to listen for a reply, she waved and jogged over to a bunch of first years whom looked rather confused and stunned.

By the time Lily had finished shepherding, directing and helping first years with their trunks, the train was already up and moving. It had been for the past 20 minutes. Lily walked down the length of the train, searching for the cabin she had left her trunk in. She walked past a rather sparse one with two boys but didn't think much of it. Then realised there was an extra trunk on the floor being used as a foot rest.

She wrenched open the door and declared rather annoyedly that that was her trunk. The boys looked at her and grinned.

"Evans! How wonderful to see you." Announced non- other than James Potter.