She was dead.

And now he was the Alpha.

Power surged through his veins as Laura's body grew colder and colder, as all that was once hers became his. It seemed he'd torn her body apart in his frenzy, drunk on the Alpha power that had restored him to his full strength.

He prowled the woods on all fours, letting out a howl of victory.

Coming to a standstill he paused to admire his full wolf form in a nearby puddle. He was massive now, just like the werewolves of old that had depicted his kind with varying degrees of success. Bright red eyes glinted back at him, as one thought became clear.

He could finally have his revenge.




Beth opened her eyes blearily, finding the shadow of a face staring back at her as he hovered over her bed. Out of instinct she reached forward and smacked the intruder straight across the face, sending him flying and on to the floor in a massive heap. "OW!"

"Stiles?" She rubbed her eyes, finding her half-wit of a friend sprawled out on her bedroom floor. Stiles raised his hand in greeting, using his free one to rub his injured cheek. "Jeez I think I need a band aid." He complained.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Beth spared a glance at her bedside table as she sat up in bed, groaning as she realised the time. "Stiles it's a school night!" She cried.

"Who goes to bed at eight?"

Beth glared. "Someone who hasn't been sleeping well and happens to have a slap happy hand!" She waved the hand in question for emphasis, as Stiles gathered himself up from the floor. "How did you even get in here?"

"Well you weren't answering your phone, and I know your Aunt keeps her spare key under the mat." Stiles shrugged casually. Beth continued to glare at her cousin Lydia's future stalker, as flickers of the dream ran though her mind. Was her subconscious trying to tell her she was a werewolf? Beth shivered as she recalled the dead body. It had looked so real...

Beth shook herself out of her thoughts, returning her attention to Stiles. "What are you doing here anyway?" Stiles grinned excitedly as he hopped on to her bed, unnerving Beth as she realised what it meant. Oh god. One of these days he's gonna drag me and Scott into a bar fight for the adrenaline rush!

"My Dad got a report over the scanner-"

"I still find it weird that you do that."

"And they found a dead body out in the woods!"

Beth froze at his words, a chill running through her veins as the image of the dead girl flashed in her mind. It's just a coincidence. It's just a coincidence. "Seriously?" She stared, as Stiles waved his hands enthusiastically. "Yeah! And that's not even the best part!"


"They only found half!"

Beth gripped the bed sheets tightly, as she found herself struggling to breathe. "Half? Do they know who it is?" The name Laura lingered in her mind, as did the triumphal thoughts of the monster that had killed her. Stiles shook his head in response, shooting up from his spot to pace the room to burn off his built up energy. "No. They haven't identified her yet."

Beth shot up from her bed and grabbed a hold of Stiles, pushing him towards the door. "So does that mean you're coming?"

"Give me five minutes." She ordered, slamming the door shut.

"I'm telling you that's what I saw!"

As the pair made their way over to their friend Scott's house, Beth began to recount the dream to Stiles. "Let me get this straight, you think you had a dream about this girl?" Stiles questioned, in a tone that suggested he thought she was completely nuts. Despite his disbelief, Beth pressed forth. "No, I was the murderer!"

Stiles brought a hand to his mouth in mock surprise.

Beth rolled her eyes, giving her friend a shove for his antics. "I mean dummy, I was in his mind! I was seeing everything from his perspective."

"Beth," Stiles began slowly, "that's crazy." The girl in question sighed, giving up on trying to convince him. But if the body out in the woods was the girl she saw, what did that mean about the killer's reflection? Beth held her hands up in dismay. I swear if we don't die tonight, I'll be sure to kill Stiles myself!

"It doesn't matter anyway, Scott's not gonna wanna come!" Beth argued.

"Why not?"

"He's got more sense than us!" Beth grumbled, as she pulled her jacket closer to her body. He had to drag her out on one of the coldest nights of the year! "We shall see!" He declared, as they neared their friend's house. "I'll wait in the car." She sighed, already able to guess the outcome.

"I cannot believe you!"

Scott shrugged as Stiles drove the car to the Beacon Hills Preserve. "You're going." He pointed out. "To keep this one." Beth slapped Stiles's head, "from being murdered!"

"Your contribution is noted." Grinned Stiles. "By the way, did Beth tell you about her psychic dream?" Beth stared menacingly, folding her arms in discontent. One little dream and she was some sort of Oracle? No. Yet you're still going. A part of her whispered. You want to be sure.

Beth knew it was completely crazy, and yet her mind couldn't help but wander back to Grandma White's uncanny abilities. She always knew when someone was about to arrive at the house, meeting them at the door every time even when they hadn't called-fresh cookies in hand. Or when she'd mutter about the uses of sage, aconite or vervain. When she'd lived with the eccentric old lady, she'd made her memorise list after list of weird ingredients. She could still recall them now, ingrained forever in her mind. After she'd died her Aunt Natalie had been a welcome change from the school-like environment. Man. I haven't thought about Grandma White in years.

"Keep that under your pillow Bethie, or the wolves will get you!"

Poor Grandma. She'd never been the same after her Mom had died.

They were soon upon the Beacon Hills Preserve, with a clear sign warning them not to enter after dark. But with these boys, that's always an invitation for adventure! Beth snarked to herself, as Stiles pulled up in his Jeep.

"We're seriously doing this?" exclaimed Scott, as the three of them hopped out of the car. "You're the one who's always bitching that nothing happens in this town," retorted Stiles, as he rushed forth excitedly.

"We're dead." Deadpanned Beth.

"We're not dead Beth!" Scott denied. "Not yet at least." He added as an afterthought. Beth smacked Scott lightly on the arm, taking out her distress on him. Scott cried out in alarm, staring at her in disbelief. "What was that for?"

"Encouraging the little sociopath!" Beth shrieked, making noises of distress as they continued forth.

"You know, I was trying to get a good night's sleep before practice tomorrow." Stated Scott.

"And I just wanted sleep." Sighed Beth. "Simple, underrated sleep..." Stiles shook his head. "Beth with all the crap you do at school, you never get any sleep!"


"Live a little!" Encouraged Stiles. "Have a life!"

"I have a life!"

The boys stopped to stare at her. "Sometimes." Beth mumbled bitterly, fingering her red hair distractedly. "Besides Scott, it's not like sitting on the bench is such a gruelling effort." Stiles added. Beth snorted at the dig, holding it back for the sake of her other friend. "No because I'm playing this year," argued Scott. "In fact, I'm making first line."

"Hey that's the spirit, everyone should have a dream! Even a pathetically unrealistic one." Snarked Stiles.

Beth rolled her eyes, turning to Scott kindly. "Positivity is key!" She gave her friend the thumbs up. "You've been practicing right?" Scott nodded eagerly, a grin forming on his face. Reassured somewhat, Scott turned to Stiles for his next line of questioning. "Just out of curiosity, which half of the body are we looking for?"

"The top." Beth replied absentmindedly. Scott and Stiles turned to stare at her weirdly. "That's oddly specific. The psychic thing?"

"Oh forget it." She huffed, as the boys laughed to themselves. It was probably just a really freaky coincidence. Yeah, that was what it was.

"And what if whoever killed the body is still out here?" Wondered Scott. Oh god. Beth suddenly felt queasy, as the realisation hit her. "Stiles!" The boy gulped at her indignant shriek of distress. "Okay, I didn't think that one through."

"Ya think?" Hissed Beth, as the three of them climbed up a small hill. "It's comforting to know you've planned this out with your usual attention to detail." Huffed Scott, as they made it up to the top. Stiles in a nutshell.

"I know!" Laughed Stiles. Scott rested himself against a tree, trying to control his breathing. "Maybe the severe asthmatic should be the one holding the flashlight, huh?" He panted, bringing out his inhaler. "Crap!" Beth cursed. "Are you okay?" Scott gave a nod of confirmation, before setting off once more. Before she knew it they were scrambling to the ground, as police flashlights flooded through the wooded area.

"Come on!" Stiles urged. Beth and Scott followed after him as they raced through the woods, growing closer and closer to the scene. Beth caught up to Stiles, bringing him to a halt by grabbing his shoulder. "What the hell were you-"


Jumping out of their collective skins, Beth and Stiles collapsed to the ground in terror at the loud shout. Crap!

"Hang on! Hang on!" cried a familiar voice, as he made his way over to them. "This little delinquent here belongs to me." Sheriff Stilinski grumbled, as he took in the sight of the pair. "Hi Mr Stilinski!" Beth waved meekly, as she pulled herself and Stiles up from the ground. Well this is embarrassing... "Hey Dad, how're you doing?"

"Beth." He acknowledged with a nod, before turning to his son. "So do you listen in on all of my phone calls?" He questioned, his tone indicating that he clearly knew the answer. "No!" Denied Stiles. "Well not the boring ones!"

"Where's your other partner in crime?" He pondered, eyes searching wide for Scott's hidden figure. Stay incognito Scotty! "Who? Scott? Scott's home." Lied Stiles. Beth nodded along, trying her best to remain as un-panicky as possible. "He said he wanted a good night sleep for the first day back at school!" Beth chirped, attempting to look Stiles's Dad straight in the eye as she rambled along. "Good old Scotttty!"

"Just us!" Stiles smiled, nudging Beth which earned him a shove back. "In the woods, all by ourselves."

"SCOTT YOU OUT THERE?" Stiles's Dad called, earning him no reply. "Scott?"

Score one for Scotty!

"Alright you two." Sheriff Stilinski started to pull Stiles along. "I'm gonna walk you back to the car."


Beth let out a nervous whimper, as she reluctantly followed Lydia to the car. The cousins stood at either side of the car, Lydia shaking her head in disbelief as Beth continued to stare at the drivers seat in apprehension. "Oh my god!"


"You're still afraid of cars?"

Beth folded her arms, matching her fellow red head with a glare. "There's nothing wrong with a light walk to school Lyd." She insisted, picking the nickname that she knew would irritate her the most. They weren't exactly what you would call close. It hadn't always been the case, but once they'd hit middle school things had changed. Lydia had drifted to the popular kids, and Beth the not so popular ones. They lived in the same house, but they may as well have been strangers.

"They're fickle." Beth shrugged, seating herself down in the passenger seat. "Besides, you're a much better driver!" Lydia rolled her eyes, slamming the door shut before starting the engine.

As the cousins made their way over to the school in damning silence, Beth was distracted once more by thoughts of the dream. Had Scott seen anything last night? She'd have to find him and Stiles at some point, the little ruts hadn't been answering her texts! Once Beth had strolled into campus, she began to find that her mind was slowly drifting away...


Their once grand family home had been reduced to charred wood and dust. He stepped silently around the perimeter of the ruined property, ears straining to hear the grunts of his nephew as he exercised. Typical.

He blinked in surprise as the morning rays hit his eyes, turning his attention away from the house.


Beth blinked wildly, as she regained herself. What the hell? Lydia stared in confusion, cocking a brow as she tilted her head to observe her cousin. "Are you okay?"

"Fine." Beth insisted sharply, her voice quivering. Beth began walking once more, ignoring the odd looks Lydia was throwing her way for her weird behaviour. But she couldn't focus on that, not when it had happened again. She hadn't even been asleep!

Where were Scott and Stiles?

Beth went on a prolonged search for the two boys across the courtyard, coming up empty until she spotted them chatting by the bus. "Unbelievable!" She muttered angrily to herself. "Fucking assholes. Scott could have been murdered for all I know, what kind of fucked up-" Beth ceased her angry rant with herself, as small snippets of the boys conversation could be heard as she drew closer to them.

"-no I can't tell her! She'll freak out and then she'll tell my Mom! Oh hey Beth!"

Both Scott and Stiles jumped as they took notice of her, scrambling to act casual serving to only fuel her suspicions further. What was up with them? Dismissing their odd behaviour, Beth instead pressed forth. "So what happened? Did you find the body?"

Was it the same girl?

Did she have claw marks on her?

"Yeah, Scott saw the thing that did it!"

Beth stared, willing her breathing to calm down. "You did?" Scott nodded as the three of them made their way over to the school building. "It was too dark to see much but I'm pretty sure it was a wolf." He answered. A wolf? "A wolf bit you?"

"It bit YOU?"

"Damnit Stiles!"

"Aw crap!"

Beth cringed as she looked over Scott. "Did you get it checked out? Were you badly hurt? Does your Mom know?" Scott held up his hands to quieten the girl, bringing her to a screeching halt. "No!" He hissed. "And you cannot tell anyone!"



"What if it's infected or something?" She argued. "What if you get rabies or something?" She stressed, eyes going wide at the thought. Scott and Stiles both rolled their eyes. "Fine." She gave in, holding up her hands in surrender. "Your funeral!"

"As you all know there indeed was a body found in the woods last night. And I am sure your eager little minds are coming up with various macabre scenarios as to what happened. But I am here to tell you that the police have a suspect in custody-"

Beth shot up in her seat. Is it him? Did they find him?

"-which means you can give your undivided attention to the syllabus, which is on your desk outlining this semester."

Beth sighed at the lack of detail, taking a hold of the paper as she read through it absentmindedly. Am I accepting whatever the hell happened? Beth wondered. Am I seriously dreaming about someone who's real? No, it didn't matter now. They had caught the guy, and that was that. Maybe she had inhaled some fumes from a nearby pot stash...

Oh god, what the hell was wrong with her?

Before she could answer the question the classroom door opened, revealing the Principal. A nervous looking girl appeared from behind him, taking in the class as the Principal introduced her. "Class this is our new student Allison Argent, please do your best to make her feel welcome."

Beth watched as Allison sat herself down, and Scott wordlessly offered her a pen. Shaking her head, she turned her attention back to her work. "That boy gets weirder and weirder."

"Scooch over."

"Hello to you too cousin." Beth greeted, moving along for Lydia as she urged Allison to join them. "Allison this is my cousin Beth," Lydia introduced, "Beth, Allison." Allison smiled politely as she shook Beth's outstretched hand, settling herself down next to them.

"Oh no." Beth buried her face in her hands as Scott made his way over to the goalpost, lacrosse stick in hand. "He's playing."

"Why? Isn't that good?" Allison frowned. Beth shook her head grimly, as thoughts of the various injuries Scott would accumulate began to fill her mind. "Who is that anyway?" Beth suppressed a smile, as she glanced between Allison and Scott. Was she interested in him? Deciding to take the lead, Beth dived in. "That's Scott. Good friend, baaaad player."

Her point was proven as the first shot was taken, leading to Scott falling backwards on to the ground. "I can't look!" Beth exclaimed.

He couldn't look.

Was this what his beta did in his free time? If it was a real sport he could have understood, but lacrosse? Soccer with sticks. He thought condemningly, as Scott began to display his new abilities, catching ball after ball. Did people actually get enjoyment out of this?

It seemed someone shared his opinion.

Sat in the stands was a dark haired red head sporting a blue beanie cap, eyes glazed over as she stared into nothing. She looked as bored as he was he thought appraisingly.

Well, that was enough for today. He turned back around, and set off into the woods.

Beth was startled back into consciousness as the sounds of cheering drew her back from the void. The memory still sharp in her mind, she glanced behind at the wooded area behind the field, finding nothing there. She turned back around, heart racing as a damning realization swept over her.

He was still out there.

"I can't believe you're not coming down."

Beth shrugged in response, without looking away from her laptop. "And take away all the fun groping time between you and Jackson? I wouldn't dare."

"It's your house too!" Lydia protested, as she flitted around Beth's room. "What am I supposed to say to people?" Beth span around in her chair, finding Lydia rifling through her makeup drawer. She opened up a mascara, groaning at the sight. "When was this last used?" Beth strained to remember, but came up empty.

"First thing Saturday morning I'm buying you new makeup." She decided, setting the ruined object down. "What are you working on?" She asked, strolling over to look over Beth's shoulder. "Why are you googling werewolves?"

"I'm writing a book."

"You hate writing."

"People can change cousin." She smiled innocently. Lydia rolled her eyes, handing back Beth's makeup bag. "Well if you change your mind, come down."

"Really?" Beth stared.

"Yeah." Beth found herself unsure as to how to feel about the unusually kind gesture. "Anyway, duty calls!" The moment came and went as Lydia perked herself up once more, shutting Beth's door as she slipped out.


Beth span back around to her laptop, looking over the rather unhelpful contents. Nowhere did it say anything about sharing a headspace with werewolves, nor did it hold any explanation -fiction or otherwise- as to why that was the case. I'm going insane. Beth determined, slamming her head on her desk. I'm gonna end up like Grandma White, going senile as I rant about wolves trying to eat me.

Beth's head shot up.

Grandma White! Why hadn't this occurred to her before?

"But why Grandma?" Beth sighed tiredly, as she set all of the objects back into the box. "Why do you need me to remember this stuff?" Object after object, ingredient after ingredient, the list never stopped. "Why's it so important?" She never managed to get a straight answer from the woman. Her Grandma turned away from her spot by the window, fidgeting nervously with her fingers.

"I told you Bethie, you'll need this."

"When?" She huffed frustratedly, holding up a sprig of lavender. "When am I gonna need to know the use for this?"

"You'll know when the time comes." She replied patiently, settling down across from her. "And when you do, you'll know to use this." Her Grandma explained, tapping the book she carried in her lap. She took it everywhere with her, and Beth found herself struggling to recall a time she'd seen her without it.

Beth paused thoughtfully. Grandma White had died only a two months after, her old age finally catching up with her. She'd loved the old lady, but she'd seemed to be scared of something for all the time she'd known her after her Mom's death.

And that had scared her.

The last time she'd seen her, her Aunt Natalie had taken her and Lydia to see the woman in the nursing home.

"Don't let one in Bethie!" Her Grandmother whispered, as the various family members began to pour in to see her. "What?" She frowned, whispering back to her Grandmother. "What do you mean?"

"Don't let one of them in Bethie!" Her Grandma urged once more.


"Or your father could find you."

She needed to find that book.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Beth sighed frustratedly as she poured through the boxes, brushing away a stray spider web as she searched through the attic's contents. She was certain this was where Aunt Natalie had stored the majority of Grandma White's things, unable to part with them but having no use for them either. It had to be here, there was no where else!

Junk, Junk, Junk.

Hey presto!

Beth smiled delightedly as she pulled the familiar book out from the box it had been stashed in, brushing off the dust it had managed to accumulate over the years. It's still the same. She smiled fondly, grateful to have a piece of her Grandmother back with her. And now it's mine. The loud shouts and the blast of music jolted Beth into action once more. She settled down on the attic floor, pulling open the book to read.

The Cartwright Family Grimore

"What the fuck?"

Beth blinked rapidly in an attempt to clear her vision, certain she had read the opening line wrong. Nope. It blinked back at her as clear as day, challenging her to go further. This is crazy. But her Grandma had thought so, right? That she was witch. That was what making her learn all that stuff had been about. She realized, palming the book thoughtfully. She had even ran a Wicca Shop in the days before her Mom had died, before shutting it up and becoming a recluse.

Beth couldn't believe she was even considering the idea. It was crazy!

No crazier then dreaming about a werewolf who you've been mind hopping into.

She took a steadying breath, and flipped the page. Scrawled on what once was a blank page was a piece of writing, that was in her Grandmother's writing. Beth's eyes trailed over the writing eagerly.

Hello Bethie,

If you're reading this, it means I'm gone. For that I'm sorry. You should have had someone to guide you through this, whether it was me or your Mom-

"Mom?" Beth stared.

-but there's no changing things now. You're a witch sweetheart, and that puts you in more danger than you know. Beth's eyes wandered over the text, searching for any clues regarding her father.

Our family the Cartwrights -now White thanks to your Grandpa- have been in Beacon Hills since the beginning. We fled from the hunters, and made our home here years ago. Now you're the last of us and unfortunately you're untrained. Which means by now or soon enough, you let one of them in.

Beth gulped as she looked at the rest of the message, as it grew more and more intelligible with time. Some lines had been scribbled out beyond reach, and some stretched down right to the end of the page.

Don't let it in!

Run away!

Kill it!

Kill it!

Kill it!

Kill it!

They're going to get me!

Beth blinked back her tears as she ripped the page from the book, tossing it to the side of her. Once she had collected herself, Beth began to flip through the pages, eyes landing on the titles as she searched it's contents. How to find a lost object, Blood Magic, Potions, Vampires, Werewolves! Beth stopped, pulling open the page. It had once been double sided, but the first half had been ripped out, probably by her Grandma. She flipped her attention to the remaining page.

-to this day retain the ability to see into the mind of those we are bonded to. Death is the only way to break the connection, and various records over the centuries have detailed the psychological effects on those that have lost their bonded, whether it be werewolf or witch.

Is that what he is?

The primary ability to this day remains the same, where in which a bonded may see into their partner's mind. This was intended as a failsafe, should any harm befall one, the other would be able to bring them back from the brink of danger-

Beth flipped the page over, finding that that had been torn out as well. Great. Thanks Grams.

Would he be able to see into her mind? God that was a scary thought. She hoped not.

Besides, he doesn't seem like the helpful type. That much she could make of him. Beth tucked the book under her shoulder, preparing to make her way back down and into her room. She had work to do.

Once Beth had settled back into her room, she pulled out her notebook and began to jot down all she knew about the Alpha. That's what I'll call him. She thought as she jotted the title down, recalling the feeling of pride that had swelled within him when he had murdered Laura. Fucking sicko. Sociopath. She wrote down. What else?

The obvious. Werewolf.

Beth recalled his thoughts as he had watched the lacrosse game. Narcissistic. Arrogant. Beth thought back further. Has a nephew. House burned down. Looks creepy as shit. But she had no idea where that house was, or even if it was in Beacon Hills. Great. Thanks to Stiles, she knew there had been dozens of house fires in the state, and any one of them could have been the house she saw.

I'm not giving up.

She was gonna find that creepy were-dude, and give him a piece of her mind. Beth thought back to her Grandmother's words, as she told Beth to kill ''it.'' Whoever the Alpha was was certainly dangerous, and needed to be stopped period. Bonded or no. That of course made her wonder. Did he have any idea about this? He hadn't seemed to know who she was when he'd seen her on the field, but still, if she could find him...

Beth scribbled something else down. Has a beta. Weren't they one below Alphas on the werewolf totem pole? She'd been researching them enough all night to know. That was it then. Find the Beta, find the Alpha.